10 Insane Attractions You’re Better off Not Knowing About…

10 Insane Attractions You’re Better off Not Knowing About…

Most people like to do at least some traveling,
and while for some a day by the pool is the ideal vacation, others like a little more
adrenaline and thrill to the mix. If you think you’re brave enough to handle
even the most extreme of rides, then you’ve come to the right place, because today, we’re
going to take a look at some of the most insane, and truthfully quite terrifying in some cases,
tourist attractions made exclusively for some of the bravest people around. For those travellers who need to test their
nerves, I’ve got you covered. Here are the worlds most brutal tests to the
nervous system. Think you can handle them? Well then, Let’s get it on! CN Tower Edge Walk! For 32 years the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada
was the tallest structure on the planet, only surpassed by the colossal Burj Khalifa building
in Dubai in 2007. Still, runner up in this case is still very
high up. At the massive radio tower serious adrenaline
junkies can take a wall on the wild side with the CN Tower edge walk. A
completely open platform 1168 feet in the sky. No guardrails, no walls, just a bungee cord
attached to a security rail connecting visitors to the building, and a whole lot of nothing
between you and the ground. I don’t know about you, but I get vertigo
from the inside of tall buildings, so the CN TowerEdge walk is not exactly on my bucket
list. Cage of Death! Anyone with an insane hunger for danger should
head straight to Darwin, Australia, where I assure you, your appetite will be satisfied. However, if you’re a little more… how should
I say…sane, you’ll definitely wanna stay as far away from this crazy place down under
as possible. Darwin is home to what’s known as the Cage
of Death, which is certainly an inviting name. In this underwater acrylic enclosure which
forms part of the Crocosaurus Cove aquarium, visitors can take a dip in a small pool with
man eating crocodiles surrounding you at all times. Australian crocodiles can grow to sizes between
15 and 20 feet long, and in the Cage of Death, adrenaline junkies can watch these reptilian
apex predators feed, swim, and even snap their massive jaws from an arms length away. The crocodiles sure aren’t shy, and often
pass by with a toothy smile. If they weren’t underwater, you could probably
see their mouths watering at the sight of a tasty human snack. Visitors go through a brief safety course
before taking the big plunge, but otherwise, as one online review claims, all you can do
is cower in fear, and pray that the acrylic walls do their job. Nevis Catapult! If somehow bungee jumping, skydiving and ziplining
just aren’t terrifying enough for you, then you’ll enjoy being slung out of a medieval
siege weapon better. In Nevis Valley in New Zealand, that scary
dream can become a reality for those brave enough to attempt it. Here the Nevis catapult literally slings humans
like a cannonball across massive mountain valleys while connected to what I sure hope
is a very strong Bungee cord. The catapult launches riders 492 feet up in
the air, making their free falling bodies accelerate to speeds faster than 60 miles
per hour, or as fast as a car on the highway in as little as 1.5 seconds! That’s about how long it takes to hit that
subscribe button by the way. Here I’ll prove it to you, give it a shot. Terrifying Glass Bridge! Those with a fear of heights might wanna look
away right about…now! Welcome to the Grand Canyon. Not the one in America but the one in China,
located in the province of Hunan. Here at the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, architects
and engineers were inspired by the James Cameron movie Avatar and wanted to bring a little
Pandora to Earth by building the largest fully glass bottom bridge the planet has ever seen. This terrifying 1410 foot long bridge is built
at an altitude of 980 feet, with the floor of the bridge which lies between you and certain
doom consisting of 99 transparent plates made of 3 layer glass. The bridge has already claimed 10 world records,
and is sure to attract wilder and wilder ones once the massive adrenaline junkie community
can get their hands on it, or maybe their feet off it is more appropriate. If you do happen to be one of the brave individuals
who thinks they can take on crossing this insane bridge, just remember, don’t look down. Like seriously, it’s terrifying… Zip World Velocity
Wales isn’t exactly a place most people think of as thrilling. But what if I were to tell you that Wales
is home to one of the craziest and most incredible extreme attractions in the world. Enter the Velocity 2 Zip Line, also known
as The Fastest Zipline on Earth. This specially positioned zipline was designed
with speed in mind, accelerating those brave enough to ride it from 0 to 60 miles per hour
in just ten seconds, and it doesn’t stop there. The steep rideable wire zooms guests along
its length at up to 125 miles per hour which, for reference is the legal speed limit for
trains in all of England. If you manage to keep your eyes open during
the trip, the ground-way below will look like nothing more than a blur, and the wind in
your ears might be able to drown out how loud your heart is beating from all the adrenaline. The Tilt! Do you ever get that feeling when you look
out a window in a tall building? Well multiply that by about a thousand and
you might have an idea of what The Tilt in Chicago’s John Hancock building is all about. This truly unique attraction actually manages
to make money from people who want be scared! The Tilt is an 8-station hydraulic experience
where visitors are placed against a slightly tilted window overlooking Chicago from 1128
feet in the sky. While the see-through glass does provide a
majestic view of the windy city, sometimes letting people see as far as 50 miles away,
the feeling of awe quickly turns to terror as they crank up the fear factor. And I mean that quite literally. The glass platform literally tilts towards
the ground, slowly at first, giving a slightly better view of the ground all the way down. Thankfully there are handrails along the sides,
which visitors understandably tend to grip very firmly on the final tilt, and the bulletproof
glass is strong enough to hold up an elephant. Still, seeing the Chicago skyline from a flat
perspective is just fine by me. Macau Tower Bungee Jump! Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that has
quickly taken the world by storm, with jumping spots being started up all over the world. Now while bungee jumping is itself an extreme
sport, there are some who want to take it to the next level, and those are the people
who go to the Macau Tower jump. The tallest bungee jump in the entire world
which is a staggering 764 feet in the sky, that’s taller than a 70 story building! A jump from the Macau tower is quite an extreme
and expensive luxury that will set you back around a $1,000 however those who love the
thrill would do anything for an adrenaline rush. While we’re assured that the bungee cord has
the strength to hold up 2.2 tons, or about the weight of an elephant, there’s always
that thought in the back of your mind when jumping head first off a tower… Ladder to Heaven
Austria is home to some incredible rock mountains, attracting thousands of adventurous climbers
and hikers every year. However sometimes certain sections of mountains
aren’t able to be scaled by hand, making reaching mountain peaks impossible for all but the
most gifted climbers. That’s where via ferratas come in. These wire staircases connect parts of trails
that would be otherwise impossible, but don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean it makes them
easy. The Ladder to Heaven, located in Donnerkogel
in Austria, is one such via ferrata with a very high difficulty level, and that’s not
the only thing that’s high. This simple wire ladder hangs 2300 feet above
the ground, allowing climbers to cross an otherwise impassable gorge. The Ladder to Heaven is a whopping 140 feet
long, and once you start climbing, there’s no turning back, meaning if you even step
on the first rung, you’ve gotta crawl along the entire hundred and forty foot length with
certain doom directly below. Unless you’re a fan of Heights, maybe a different
hobby or mountain would be better. Zero Gravity Plane
Many people dream of going into space, but so far only about 536 humans have had the
honor of experiencing weightlessness from outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Thankfully for those of us who haven’t undergone
crazy astronaut training though, companies like Zero-G have begun offering what are known
as weightless flights, where passengers can experience zero G without needing to invent
their own rockets. These specialized plane rides are carefully
flown at just the right angles to create short bursts of weightlessness, where you can float
around the cabin, perform some acrobatic stunts, and get to know what astronauts must feel
all the time. The industry is relatively new, but several
companies and groups have used these planes for cool marketing campaigns and high budget
projects, like one band who shot a music video while doing weightless tricks in one of these
planes, a stunt which took over a year of practice to get right, and with the lowest
price for tickets to this space flight being around four thousand dollars, that’s one video
you really can’t afford to mess up. Dubai X-Line
Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, expensive cars, and tremendous skyline. Of course, where there are skyscrapers, the
daredevils will follow, and Dubai’s extravagance makes the thrills you can find in this city
truly extreme. The Dubai X-Line is a colossal and extremely
fast zipline allowing adrenaline fanatics to fly like a superhero over the marina district
of Dubai. The X-Line zips users a distance of over 3200
feet, with their feet dangling 550 feet above the ground and sea below, with skyscraper
roofs being at eye level or below, providing a truly breathtaking perspective on the city
that not many are able to experience. While there are taller zip lines even in the
city of Dubai, the X-line is by far the fastest one around, with riders maintaining speeds
of over 50 miles per hour, and that’s with nothing but gravity and their body weight
propelling them! If you’re feeling a little squeamish however,
a twin line is located just parallel to it, so a friend or loved one can take on the adventure
with you. Talk about moral support!

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