10 Mini Adventure Campers and Mini Trailers

– [Host] From a retro to off-road, these mini campers are
sure to go where you go. Here’s our list of 10 mini
campers and mini trailers changing how we travel. (light music) Number 10, High Camp Trailers. This Portland based company
is bringing back the ’40s with their handmade
teardrop-style campers. These unique campers are designed in a style to hit that sweet spot between really roughing it
and not really camping at all. They include some very fancy features such as a slide-out camp
stove and a slide-out cooler while still being able
to fit a full size bed. The interior cabin is cozy and
simplistic being completely lined with lovely hardwood,
while the exterior is retro with a complete aluminum body. Number nine, Homegrown Trailers. These stunning campers are designed to function as off the grid mini houses. The company produces two different models like the single axle Woodland
and the dual axle Timberline. Both models are extremely eco-friendly being completely powered off solar panels. They are also very spacious
ranging between 19 and 23 feet and sleeping from two to six depending on what model you choose. These home away from homes come equipped hot and cold fresh water
tanks, induction stove tops and with the option to have a couch that converts into a bunk bed. (light music) Number eight, the Terrapin. The Terrapin is the largest
model series of trailer campers that company Casual Turbo Campers offer. They are entirely handmade
with western red cedar giving it a very homey feel
that says come in, relax. These beautiful campers
are designed to be simple, comfortable and attractive
at the same time staying lightweight and
keeping a low profile. Every dimension is
optimized to make a camper that is streamlined and
very functional as well. Sitting on a five by eight
foot trailer frame and weighing 1,360 pounds, the Terrapin
features a sloped roof that is covered with a
tough waterproof material. Other features include exterior
and interior power outlets, plenty of head space in its
galley kitchen, built-in storage and a dinette area that
folds down to become a bed. (light music) Number seven, Timberleaf Campers. These hand-built, high quality
campers give new meaning to luxury mini campers. Striving to make the cabin
as roomy as possible, they designed a cabin this five feet wide and it is one of few
teardrop-style campers that can fit a custom queen size mattress, meaning it’s perfect for
us taller ones out there. Featuring a completely insulated
cabin and a cabin heater, making this camper perfect
for the cold destinations on your list. The features don’t just end there. On the exterior, you
will find galley cabinets with sliding doors and
lower storage, a sink with cold water dispenser, a
pull-out cooler countertop, pull-out drawer with a
cooktop shelf, all adding up to almost 20 square feet of counter space. If you’re looking for a very
comfortable camping experience, consider picking up one for yourself. (light music) Number six, Wide Path Campers. These unique campers are designed to be the simple easy solution for people who want to have a mini house
and have the convenience of having it where ever
they can ride their bike, be it an urban, suburban or natural space. Being able to be deployed
in three minutes offering an instant shelter from the
weather, a comfortable bed for up to two people and a
convertible space for four adults to eat, relax and camp in style. The camper’s unique shape
and hard shell exterior provide a cozy secure feeling
inside and a safe place to store your belongings holding
up to 300 pounds of storage at all times. The company also offer many extras, which include their outdoor package containing two camp chairs
and an outdoor table and a solar panel package
that includes a power fan for the cabin and four USB ports
for mobile device charging. Number five, Airtop Mini Campers. This mini camper is completely different than any other we have on this list as it is a hard top camper fitted to the top of your vehicle. Don’t let its size fool you. These little campers are quite spacious and there are two sizes to choose from both being 80 inches long. For two adults, the small model
is a very comfortable option and for two adults and a child
or if you prefer more space, you may prefer the medium model. The Airtop is also very simple to set up. All you have to do is release
the clasps and four gas ram powered lift arms
completely raise the tent to full extension. (light music) Number four, Cricket Campers. Combining his love of
houseboats and adult work for habitat modules for NASA,
one designer has applied all of his knowledge to make this
unique space age trailer. The Cricket is a modular
made to order mini home that comes complete with a
kitchen, eating, lounging and sleeping areas as
well as air conditioning, a functioning furnace and a hand shower all amazingly stored in
a 15 by 6 1/2 foot area with an additional pop up tent-like top. (light music) Number three, the Happier Camper. These beautiful works
or art are a crazy mix of retro and modern offering one of the most
exclusive camping experiences. The modular interior system allows you to easily customize
your trailer at any time to suit a variety of needs. From camping to hauling to a
mega bed setup sleeping five, create the layout you
want in just minutes. This camper also has features
such as a huge rear hatch, wide entry door, classic fenders,
honeycomb fiberglass floor and large panoramic windows. Not to mention more unique
features such as a porch light a circular shutter window blind
and contoured solar panels. If you wanna get away
and look good doing it, this is the answer. (light music) Number two, Barefoot Caravans. Being inspired by not being able to find a good looking small
caravan on the market, one designer decided to
make this British beauty. This camper features
a full fiberglass body giving the company the ability
to create it with very smooth and complex curves, giving
it its undeniably cool look. These amazing creations
are completely customizable down to the fabric used on
the furniture and curtains. The interior design is also
quite unique as it features a full wrap around sofa that
folds out into a full size bed. This is the perfect
camper for weekend breaks and going out to festivals. In the interior, you will also
find a double burner cooktop with solid oak countertops
and a small bathroom complete with a hand shower and toilet. (light music) Number one, Moby1 XTR. This extreme off-road teardrop
camper is what you need when you wanna go off-roading
in serious terrain. The idea behind the XTR
is to make your voyage into treacherous and remote locations as comfortable and convenient as possible. With a five plus inch
suspension travel and width of only 54 inches, making it
very easy to pull down trails. This camper is packed full of features including a fully heated and
insulated cabin, a kitchenette with tons of storage complete with a pull-out sink
and removable camp stove. It also comfortably
sleeps a family of four with a roof-attached pop up
tent that has a folding platform and ladder for ease of access
in and out of the tent. (light music) – Hey guys, this Amber. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. You can help out by
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