10 most beautiful countries in the world to visit in 2020 πŸ’• | countries for adventure in 2020 |😍

10 most beautiful countries in the world to visit in 2020 πŸ’• | countries for adventure in 2020 |😍

Ever thought, we’ve got such a beautiful planet
to live, grow and experience our life. The planet “EARTH” full of beauties, mistries
& wonders. We’ve got the eye pleasing white icecreams!
at the Himalayas, we’ve got a beautiful hills and mountains for the trekking experience,
we’ve got plenty of the amazing forest to run out our breath with it’s diverse behaviours,
we’ve got a bunch of misterious beauties, Hu!! and hence beauties from the lives of
each of our kinds. So let us not miss this ultimate life, let
us explore the magical beauties over the boundaries. Welcome to UNCO-EPIC! If you are a traveller or you have passion
towards travelling then this is going to be most useful video for you! Here are the top 10 most beautiful countries
or the locations in the world to visit in 20-20. Number 10,China,! The country with the most number of population
and of course one of the most deveoped country in the world, due to this there is various
ingenic tourism facilities, Year 2020 is special for traveller to visit. As well as China’s New starfish airport is
so much eyepleasing that no one can ignore it’s beauty,well, being a tourist you can
visit and climb the greatest structure ever made;The Greatwall of China, you can Hike
the Yellow Mountains, you can visit Zhangjiajie scaryy Glass Bridge, you can See the Pandas
in Chengdu, you can enjoy the popular Tsingtao beer in Qingdao, you can visit old pagoda
styled old monuments and Bike the Old City Walls of Xi’an, you can enjoy the megacities
of shangai, beijing and well you can Learn Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple too
Number 9, Indonesia Now if you are island beach lover, here’s
the best place for you! Indonesia, the country o beautiful islands
have many things to make you fill your memories.Beaches of Bali is one of the most favorite tourist
destination, there’s the word’s biggest buddhist “Borobudur” temple, you can visit little cute
Orangutans of Borneo, you can enjoy heavenly ocenic feeling at Gili Islands and if you
want a tasty trek then there’s the preety Mount Bromo for you Number 8, Dubai(UAE)!,
The megacity from dream is one of the enjoyable hub for the travellers. There’s a lot of things to do in this place
like gazing the world through bruj kalifa, get on your ride to the artificial palm jumerah
island and it’s world class Bruj Al Arab hotel along with the Wild Wadi Waterpark located
at it’s foot, you can do lots of shopping in the world’s biggest dubai mall, now if
you are a VR technology lover then it’s the best place for you, it’s got Ski dubai and
severl VR tourism materials and rest you will know when you reach there!, Number 7, New zealand
If you want to have a relaxing natural vacation then you can think about this country. Like indonesia, you will find the fresh air
with absolute peaceful nature containing several volcanic mountains, you can go to the Bay
of Islands, you can visit Waitomo Glowworm Caves at nights to get absolutely amazed Number 6, Brazil!,
The largest country in South America, Brazil occupies almost half the continent, It is
the world’s most richest country in water resourse.It is estimated that, about 12% of
the world’s surface water resources are located in the country. Well, this is a easier country to visit because
you will find almost every attraction in it’s capital Rio dee Jaaneerio like Sugar Loaf,
Christ the reedemer, Iguaçu Falls. You can visit several brasilian architectural
sites and last but not the least is the amazing, Amazon Rain Forest, Number 5, Japan!,
Japan a east asian country comprises of different sort of exciting activities, there’s a whole
japanese world even only at Tokyo, you can arrive and sleep at the capsule hotel, you
can eat the freshest sushi fish and other delecious japanese foods,you can explore the
historic Asakusa and ancient temple Senso-ji, you can Snap up world famous anime films,you
can wrestle with sumo cutural if you want, you can Party all night in Shibuya, if you
are a game lover then you can Play arcade games at a faux seedy warehouse at Anata No
Warehouse Or play arcade games at the landmark Gigo Sega Building and the best thing which
i love here is to Have a meal at a robot restaurant Number 4, United States
Now returning to the a location for pleasure and amusement. Of course, it is a known country for almost
everyone as It’s a melting pot. there are several places to travel in USA
like New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, california, and San Francisco. There are tons of museums, There are several
advanced science hubs. There is the hollywood, You’ll experience
a new way of life. This year it’s gonna get so fun in this place
due to various diverse changes here, it’s gonna be the year of new century where new
generation are stediously evolving their thoughts upon enjoying ife with series of happiness. This land is one of the most favourable for
visitors as it comprises several facilities. Due to tourism deficit in the past years,
US government is planning vivid sort of activities to attract tourists and well, you may be one
to get different golden fate. Number 3, Switzerland!,
Switzerland, a full packaged country for a natural, relaxing beautiful trip, visiting
several mind blowing beauties of mountains will run out your breath, one of the beautiful
hotel, awesome valley towns, magical waterfalls wow!it’s one of the best place for your honeymon,
and don’t forget to eat that one delecious Swiss chocolate. Number 2, India
A growing country of south asia with 1.339 billions population has lots of stunning varieties
of things to enjoy for a traveller, It’s the land of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh cultures, Taj
Mahal is one of the phenomenol structures ever made, there’s south asian renowned Palolem
Beach (Goa), there’s hundreds of temples and monuments to surprise your eye! like golden
temple of amritsar, Medieval city of Orchha, Pannaji Temple, Meenakshi Amman Temple!,
You can have one of the delicious and spicy food from the land of spices!, you can Backpack
across the amazing North East, you can Eat street foods, mainly don’t forget in Chandni
Chowk, you can do Camping in Thar Desert, if you go India during Holi festival or Khumba
Mela then you will be experiencing the largest crowd of happiness in the world. Before going to number one, here are some
honourable mentions, France, south korea, vietnam.. Now, here comes the NO.1,
Number one, Nepal!, The beautiful landlocked country with the
unique flag is located at South Asia between China and India is the second richest country
in water resource including more than 6000 rivers, 3,252 glaciers, 2,323 glacial lakes
and several tectonic and ox-bow-lakes Nepal is home to the Mount Everest, world’s
highest mountain including eight of its peaks at top 10 tallest peaks ranking. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal was the first
ever person to reach the highest point of the Earth. You can visit world’s highest Tilicho lake,
world’s deepest kaligandaki gorge, arun valley with world’s most species of birds
in it along with the beautiful “Spinny Babbler” which is only found in Nepal
If you want to accept frightening adventurous dares, then there’s Nepal to challenge you. You can go Trekking at the most beautiful
hills and mountains, do Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking, at the fastest flowing river Koshi
and Karnali, experience Bungee Jumping over 160 meters height at bhotekoshi, go Biking
at wonderous sinduli and nagarkot hills enjoying beautiful sunrise and sunset views, do Paragliding
at one of the most beautiful places of Nepal, “Pokhara”, visit the lakeside and taste
the feelings. You can visit Chitwan National Park, a world
heritage site, to experience amazing and rare, Elephant football and elephant polo competition,
Rare One-horned rhino, rare bengal tiger, with Elephant Safari!.(NEXT)
You can visit Goshaikunda to take heavenly natural experience and I swear you don’t
wanna return back. That’s why a universal slogan is given to
Nepal “Heaven is Myth, Nepal is real” Beside this, There’s a slogan given from an
foreign tourist “Daal Bhat Power 24 Hour”haha! to salute the taste of ingenic Nepalese foods
incuding the super tasty “MO:MO”, wow, Despite being the land of fearsome Gurkhas, Nepalese
are so kind and friendly and they respect Guest as a god so you almost don’t have
to pay for a night. “KUMARI” World’s only living goddess
“Kathmandu” city of temples and Chiming Bells is regarded as “A LIVING CULTURAL MUSEUM”. “Patan” The city of Fine Arts
“Bhaktapur” The city of Devotees “Pashupatinath” Nepal’s most Sacred Hindu
Shrine “Muktinath” Temple above the Clouds
“Lumbini” The birth place of Lord Buddha (STOP)
(NEXT) With 81.3% Hindus, Nepal is the only Hindu State in the world
In a nutshell, Nepal is a fully packaged and best country to visit in 2020 because Tourism
ministry have announced year 2020 as the VISIT Nepal year. Let’s Travel, let’s explore the Earth. Thank you. Subscribe! for such amazing videos.

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