10 MOST Common Tourist Mistakes in Mexico (And How To Avoid Them) !

10 MOST Common Tourist Mistakes in Mexico (And How To Avoid Them) !

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon, coming to you from Parque Mexico In Mexico City And this is my favorite country on earth to visit But if it’s your first time here You may run into some common issues And mistakes and believe me I’ve been there myself So to help you out I’m going to be sharing the 10 Most Common Tourist Mistakes to avoid in Mexico Guys tell me down below in the comments If I missed anything I’m curious Here we go The first common tourist mistake We’re going to begin with Is something you’re going to run into when you land at an airport in Mexico And that deals with the entry card Now you’re going to have to fill that out if you’re a foreigner On the airplane But one big mistake people make is they forget to fill out the bottom part of the card It actually happened to me my first trip to Mexico They’re going to send you back. You’re going to have to fill it out You’re going to lose 15 or 20 minutes That’s problem #1 #2 is an even bigger issue You need to keep that entry card in a safe place I recommend putting it in your passport If you lose your entry card When you exit Mexico at the airport They’re going to fine you about 40 US Dollars You’re going to have to go to a seperate line You’re going to lose a lot of time So trust me Do not lose that entry card This next one isn’t necessarily a mistake But it’s something I want to point out As a tourist.. and that’s the politeness and courtesy Specifically of the culture in Mexico And one great example of this Is if you’re in any situation You always want to say gracias But you’ll hear people saying Muchas gracias Mil gracias Adding that to your vocabulary Is going to make you look like such a polite tourist And it’s going to go a long way Another really good idea And you’re not going to see this necessarily at a resort in Cancun Most cities in Mexico. If you turned to everyone at the restaurant as you leave And say Provecho It’s like saying have a nice meal It’s one of those nice little customs That if you did it as a foreigner I think you would impress so many people Now if you’re not brave enough to try that I understand But be on the lookout for that at restaurants in Mexico Being extra polite In every situation Is going to go a really long way Not even learning a little bit of token Spanish Now you don’t need anywhere near fluency In Spanish to visit Mexico In fact if you’re visiting Cancun You probably don’t need more than gracias But if you want to take your trip to the next level I’m going to tell you.. I think you need to study just a little bit of Spanish And whatever that means for you If it means getting a private tutor via skype I love that method If it means using an app like Duolingo Or better yet I’ve got a great tip for you My two friends Jim and May Run a YouTube Channel called Spanish and Go And they combine travel vlogs around Latin America With learning vocabulary Learning pronunciation It’s a really interesting YouTube Channel If you want to level up your Spanish I highly recommend you check these two out You’re not going to regret it But I will say That if you go to any restaurant in Mexico Even if you barely speak Saying something like No Hablo Mucho Espanol And just trying a little bit Will be so good for you And I think the locals are really going to appreciate Are going to appreciate a little bit of token effort Wait, what the.. One of the locals see Not experimenting enough with food This is a very common mistake Especially first-timers make to Mexico Who are afraid of getting Montezumas Revenge From eating the wrong thing I will say that Mexico has some of the richest cuisine I have ever had in my entire life Traveling to more than 30 different countries From Mole, to Tacos, to Yucatecan Cuisine I could go on and on About the amazing things that you should try When you come to Mexico But I want to give you a couple of tips about food And one of them involves street food If you’re just walking in any city or town And you see a crowded street stall That is an excellent sign that locals Like to go to this place And if they’re going to the spot And they keep returning Odds are they’re not getting food poisoning from it And they definitley are enjoying the food Another tip I’m going to give you And this is very true Never trust a Mexicans opinion on if the Salsa is spicy or not Because they’re tolerance to spice might be a little bit different than yours And believe me I’ve been burned on that a couple of times And here’s a little tip About using salsa In any restaurant or street stall Adriana my wife told me about this She’s Mexican Pour a little bit of Salsa on your plate Before putting it on your taco Dip your finger in it And taste it Then you’re going to know How spicy that salsa is.. The next issue we’re going to go into Is about exchanging money A lot of first time visitors to Mexico think their best bet is either to exchange dollars to pesos In the U.S somewhere Or to do it at the airport when they arrive Where I will tell you, you are going to get one of the worst rates possible My advice on this Is to try to have a bank account that prevents you from having foreign transaction fees at Outside ATM Machines For example, I know Charles Schwab has an account like that I personally have a TD Bank premiere account Where I can use my debit card anywhere in the world And no matter what the fees are At the ATM Machine I know I’m still going to get a pretty good rate And I’m not going to lose any extra money In the exchange process Now if you’re going somewhere like Cancun And you’re just going to a resort You probably won’t even need pesos You can just use dollars But i’ll tell you.. outside of those types of areas Dollars are not going to cut it And you are going to need local currency Let’s talk about tipping Now there are certain countries and areas of the world Where tipping pretty much doesn’t exist Let’s say.. South East Asia But in Mexico..it’s not quite like the United States But.. if you go to a restaurant and you have good service You really should be tipping about 10% of the entire bill If you go to a bar and you order from a bartender Generally speaking You’re not going to have to tip But if he’s making you good cocktails It would definitley be something that would be generous of you If you go to a bar however and you’re sitting at a table And you have a waitress bringing you drinks Then you should tip 10% as well As far as taxi drivers are concerned It’s not expected To tip them The tipping culture in Mexico isn’t quite like other spots of the world But it’s definitley not as high as the United States One of the most common fears that tourists have when they come to Mexico Is the water Now there’s a lot of different things to discuss about water In Mexico The first is tap water And you’ve probably heard it You do not want to drink the tap water But you can use tap water, obviously to shower You can rinse with it If you’re brushing your teeth You can wash dishes with it What Mexicans will do is they will buy these 5 liter jugs In their house to use for a lot of their cooking And other things You’re probably not going to run into that unless.. you’re at an Airbnb But just buy bottled water on the street If you’re going to do something like that on the go The other issue is ice There seems to be this common belief That you can not drink ice in Latin America Now in Mexico.. most places you go to are going to give you.. Treated ice It’s purified and it’s going to have a little hole in it I actually saw.. I kid you not At an airport lounge once in Mexico There was a tourist who said.. To the bartender No ice please He kind of said it in a rude way And I saw the bartender rolling his eyes at him Because he realized we’re in an airport lounge We’re not giving you bad ice The ice had a hole in it It was clearly purified So in most situations Wherever you go If you order ice You should not have a problem But if in doubt Look for that little hole in the ice To make sure that it is purified We’re going to be talking about transportation Uber vs taking public transport In Mexico I would say if your Spanish is limited And you’re going on a short trip to Mexico Just using Uber would be by far the easiest Way to get around Now you will need a sim card or wifi We’re going to get to sim cards in just a little bit But i’ll give you an example Traveling about 25 minutes from Mexico City’s airport to Condesa Cost about 5 dollars The Uber prices here compared to the United States It is unbelievablely cheap Compared to those prices So I highly recommend Uber but.. If you’re going to be in Mexico For a longer period of time I encourage you to try to learn the public transport systems Especially if you’re improving your spanish a bit In Mexico City for example it costs just 25 cents for a subway swipe I warn you it can be crowded And there are known pickpockets on the subway So if it’s a really crowded train Be on the lookout for that Sim cards Always an issue no matter where you travel Anywhere in the world Now Mexico being so close to the United States A lot of companies let’s say Verizon for example Can you give you a deal Where it will be something like 5 dollars a day To use your phone in Mexico With data And calls and texts Included But.. if you’re in Mexico for a month Do you really want to spend 150 dollars on your verizon plan Another option would be something like Verizon which I have Is you get 500 megabytes a day Included If you have a 4G plan With unlimited data In the U.S That’s what i’m using right now For 3.5 weeks in Mexico But if you want the best service possible I say get a sim card On arrival at the airport Something like Telcel would cost you just 20 dollars per month For unlimited calls Unlimited texts A good amount of data Something like 5 to 10 gigabytes You can always up it if you have to So I think if you want the absolute best service On phones in Mexico Get a sim card On arrival I think one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a tourist in Mexico Is only traveling to all inclusive resorts Only going to Cancun Only going to Puerto Vallarta You’re going to have the same experience as everybody else I think you need to expand your horizons a little bit I’m in Mexico City right now A cosmopolitan place with a population of almost 9 million I mean look behind me This looks European This is one of the most exciting cities on Earth For food For nightlife For culture But if you’re not into big cities Mexico has 121 Pueblo Magicos And the name is exactly what it sounds like Magical towns that are very small Or another good suggestion.. is Guanajuato A little bit bigger of a city with some amazing colonial charm But whatever you’re looking for In Mexico You can find it Beaches Jungles Mountains Explore trust me You won’t regret it Guys tell me down below in the comments If I missed any mistakes that maybe you ran into on any trip to Mexico I’m curious Let’s get a discussion going And make sure to watch our other Mexico videos All linked down below in the description For even more ideas of things to do on your next trip South of the Border Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.

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  2. People don't realize how cold Mexico can get (especially at night) once you leave Cancun/Puerto Vallarta. Bundle up in the winter :).

  3. I switched from Verizon to Simple Mobile in the US. The company is owned by America Movil, Mexico's largest cell company, so provides free roaming in Mexico. In the US, they run on the T-Mobile network. Unlimited calls, texts and 3GB of data for $20/month with autopay. This is not a paid comment.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, Jon! Great tips for both beginners and people who have visited Mexico multiple times here. The ice myth runs rampant, along with the idea that you should change your money in the states or at the airport! ¡Un saludo, amigo! -Jim

  5. I recommend you, going to eat “Chilaquil corner” at Condesa.

    Is a local street at the condesa town but the chilaquiles are very delicious and very cheaper, lol, do you need have caution because the souse is very hot.

  6. Jon another great video. I speak a fair amount of Spanish but I am amazed when traveling to other countries how little of the language one needs to know to really improve the experience. Definitely good tips.

  7. The hole in the ice is nothing to do with purification it is part of the process that ice makers use to create ice.
    Ice making making machines are plumbed into the mains water supply and they work by spraying a mist onto a freezing spike the exact size of the hole in the ice cube.
    When the cube is formed the ice maker heats the spike a fraction and the cube falls off ready for use.
    Here is a video for a non commercial home appliance but it shows you exactly the process and why you have the holes.

  8. And yes, iced coffees are completely fine too. Had some at a cafe near Centro without even thinking of it and was completely fine my entire trip 🙂

  9. Remember stumbling onto some phenomenal carnitas in CDMX when seeing a massive line full of locals. Turns out it is one of the most highly regarded spots in the city

  10. Very good tips for visiting Mexico! I already knew many of these tips even before I went to Mexico City and my limited Spanish helped me tremendously while I was there.

  11. That's the thing about my BarrioBrother. You can tell he loves making these videos. And best of all he loves visiting Mexico. Looking forward to your next video !

  12. Hello jon! Good video as always, makes me want to visit mexico more. By the way, i was quite surprised about the ice issue. I mean i find it relatable where i live in indonesia, but generally people don't really ask about it. And also we use gallon of water to drink and cook, only use tap water to shower. Enjoy your visit there. Tacos make me hungry hahahaha ???

  13. What’s the deal with salad? Or even pico de gallo for street tacos? They say the locals wash them with tap water and that makes it dangerous for tourists to consume. I’m a street food lover and got in some real trouble with it in India, so now I’m a bit wary of it in other countries.

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