10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions

from some of the deadliest spots in nature to perils engineer by man here are 10 of the most dangerous tourist attractions before we begin be sure to subscribe – they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you’d like to learn about in the comments section below number 10 lake natural with it’s remarkable color characterized by bright shades of pink Tanzania’s Lake natural is truly a sight to behold it’s also the only breeding ground in East Africa for about two and a half million lesser flamingos with their matching pink color these birds add to the legs natural beauty there are several campgrounds for tourists near the lake however visitors mustn’t fall prey to the bright color display as the lake is very dangerous with a pH level higher than that of ammonia and temperatures that reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit it’s an unhospitable environment for most life forms including people the legs made up of chemical compounds that can burn the skin off you and most animals that dare to tread its waters number 9 cliffs of moher ireland spectacular natural landscapes make it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world in county clare overlooking the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the Cliffs of Moher which offers some of the country’s most breathtaking views yet for those who want to explore the rugged charm of these cliffs the hike can be quite dangerous as the trail extends along the top of the cliffs sections of the path becomes steeper and feature loose gravel and smooth stones unpredictable heavy rainfall and high winds make the trek difficult and slippery there aren’t any guardrails to protect against a deadly drop in 2010 the dangers of the cliff were reaffirmed when a large portion of the upper ledge fell into the ocean in 2006 a woman that had reached the top of the cliff was swept to her death by powerful winds for others the cliffs have become a suicide spot a tragic example from 2007 involves a mother who jumped off the 600 foot cliff while still holding on to her four-year-old son number 8 all the wig gardens Jane Percy Duchess of Northumberland decided to go a different route when selecting the plants to be included in the gardens of England’s own wick Castle the Duchess didn’t want another banal garden full of medicinal or decorative plants instead she saw it as an opportunity to teach schoolchildren and get them intrigued about other types of plants that aren’t so common in botanical gardens asides from coca and cannabis there are numerous poisonous plants in the arm with gardens one example is the angels trumpet which delivers an aphrodisiac effect before the poison sets in the castle grounds feature a gated area known as the poison garden there are plenty of warnings about plants that can cause certain death even though visitors can’t actively touch or smell the plants as there is a relatively safe distance from them there have been instances of people fainting because of the toxic fumes released into the air number 7 troll tonga translated as trolls tongue trolltunga has been recognized in recent years as one of Norway’s most dangerous attractions it’s located at an elevation of almost 3,600 feet above sea level and reaching troll Tonga on foot requires a difficult 10-hour climb the natural rock plateau was most likely created millions of years ago by glaciers that eroded the cliff below as the plateau extends above the beautiful Norwegian landscape trekkers are treated to stunning views in recent years it has become a popular photo opportunity for people visiting Norway some choose to engage in daredevil behavior seemingly unaware of the deadly drop they stand close to the edge or dangle their feet over the cliff one photograph shows a Taurus doing a handstand right on the edge of the plateau some Norwegian tour guides have argued that trolltunga is a tragedy waiting to happen they were proven right when a 24-year old Australian student accidentally fell to her death number six bore viagem beach brazil is home to some of the world’s most sought-after beaches and bought Viagem used to be near the top of the list tourists from all over the world were drawn to the perfect weather famous sunsets and warm clear ocean waters however since 1992 numerous shark attacks have made both iaj and one of the most dangerous beaches in the world the attacks have claimed the lives of at least 24 people with the most recent victim in 2013 bull sharks one of the most aggressive shark species in the world are the main problem but tiger sharks are also present in the shallow coastal waters it’s unusual for shark attacks to be this concentrated in number some argue that the reason for this was the construction of Porto this swappi was sealed off several estuaries actively used by sharks as breeding grounds number five Colorado River whitewater rafting is an activity that the whole family can enjoy yet for those who take on the Colorado River without proper training and equipment it can lead to serious injuries and even death the river system features class 5 Rapids which for the level of experience is placed at expert by the international scale of River difficulty it essentially means that paddlers and swimmers will face a number of challenges that range from violent Rapids two drops with large waves and rescue is often difficult even for professionals 2014 was one of the deadliest years in the river systems history 14 people died within the first seven months of the year heavy rains contributed to the problem but the main factor was the melting ice from higher up in the mountain range number four Danakil desert the Danakil desert is located in what’s known as the afar triangle border by ethiopia in the north-east Eritrea in the south and Djibouti in the northwest even though it’s one of the lowest and hottest places on earth adventurous tourists still want to challenge themselves and visit various areas of the desert many dangers await those who choose to take the trip as Danakil desert is known as hell on earth the salt wasteland measures around 50,000 square miles and for most of its territory the air is filled with poisonous vapors of sulfur tourists that want to catch a glimpse of the landscapes that look like they’re from another planet might be risking their lives in doing so researchers believe that even a short stay in Danakil can affect health in addition to the burnt unbreathable air there’s volcanic activity temperatures that can exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit and even bandits that live on the fringes number three Half Dome around 60 people have died on your cemetery parks half dome and on the trail that leads to it the hike takes an entire day and involves a climb of more than 5,000 feet hikers that take on the last 400 feet of the trail face a difficult nearly vertical climb there are ladder like metal cables to help them reach the summit but accidents have happened where people slipped and fell in fact the bottom part of the cliff is known as the death slabs these incidents can happen even in dry weather but the trail becomes even more dangerous in wet conditions when the rocks and cables become slippery to make matters worse the Half Dome is basically a gigantic lightning rod there have been a number of incidents of hikers being struck by lightning as they were trying to make the climb number to Granard island for many years since 1942 Scotland’s Grenada Island was quarantined after being used by the government as a test site for biological weapons most of the experiments conducted involved the use of anthrax in humans the virus has an estimated kill rate of around 95% concerns were raised after a group calling themselves operation dark harvest sent anthrax contaminated soil from the island to several government facilities across the UK demanding a decontamination of Grenada in 1986 the government sprayed 280 tons of formaldehyde solution diluted in seawater all over the surface of the island in an effort to rid it of anthrax afterwards a flock of test sheep was placed on the island and remained healthy as of 1990 Grenada has been declared safe nevertheless there are still those who question the truth behind the claim as anthrax has been described as a very resilient and deadly bacterium number one predator shield forget Mount Fuji or the suicide forest game shows are becoming japan’s most dangerous tourist attraction thrill-seekers have the chance to come face-to-face with one of the largest predators on earth before a live studio audience while Japanese game shows are well known for putting their contestants through some outrageous experiences this particular case might be the most dangerous one yet a 14 second clip from the TV show emerged online in 2015 and the content is terrifying it shows a woman in a see-through Plexiglas cube has been pushed around by a large grizzly bear the woman who is screaming throughout the video captures her perspective from inside the cube with a handheld camera the massive grizzly called Dakota shakes and flips the cube searching for an opening to what it perceives as an easy meal the game is reportedly called predator shield and the preview video quickly became viral it had some commenters wondering if Japanese shows had gone too far in their efforts to provide entertainment in 2017 mixed martial arts fighter Bob Sapp got into a cage with a large grizzly to try and out muscled it it was part of a bizarre Japanese TV show in which SAP and the grizzly was separated by a thick layer of plexiglass SAP who weighs well over 300 pounds on a six foot five frame had to overpower the giant grizzly in a sort of reverse tug-of-war needless to say the bear won [Music]

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