10 Most Dangerous Tourist Hotspots

10 Most Dangerous Tourist Hotspots

turn the most dangerous tourist hotspots
number 10 Yosemite National Park America’s parks are among the country’s
most popular features with over 318 million people have invested u.s. parks
in 2018 one of the most popular locations is California’s Yosemite known
for its waterfalls and hiking trails what this park is also known for however
is the dangerous 8,000 foot rock formation known as the Half Dome the
travel side to Yosemite hikes cause the Half Dome the one you can’t die without
doing and the one you’re most likely to die while doing and that claim is not
unfounded over the short period between 2005 and 2015 Half Dome is perilous
climb cause 290 accidents and 12 deaths of course these aren’t just cases of
people falling to their death there are also records of hikers being struck by
lightning while attempting to ascend the dome while others into your fatigued
altitude sickness and dehydration it therefore comes as no surprise that
Yosemite search-and-rescue team responds to 300 incidents each year which is more
than any other National Park number 9 Devil’s pool how far would you go to get
the perfect picture would you lie on the edge of a 108 meter waterfall for
example no me neither but there are some people in the world that would Devil’s
pool in Zambia is hailed as the world’s most dangerous pool that’s because of
its location at the top of the iconic Victoria Falls with over 500 million
liters of water cascading over the falls every minute all of this undeniably
makes it a great picture spot the pool is formed by a rock barrier at the edge
of the Falls a formation which allows any daring swimmer or photographer to
wade right up to the edge and take a photo but these Zambia Tourism Board
categorically warns of the dangers of venturing into the rock pool outside of
the dry season which is usually in September to November according to a
statement on the website for the rest of the year anyone foolish enough to enter
the waters would be instantly swept to their deaths and unfortunately it’s a
warning that’s rather quite accurate the Brisbane Times reported that between
1959 and 1983 11 people
at Devils pool now though that number is estimated to be over 20 number 8k Zurich
Bolton what could possibly be more stomach churning than someone placing
themselves at the edge of a waterfall to get a picture oh yeah someone jumping on
catering Boulton catering Bolton is better known as being the most dangerous
stone in the world it’s a boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse almost 1,000
meters high up by the edge of the quadric mountain in lisa fjord in Norway
the whole of the acacia Rica mountain is a popular hiking area but tourists in
general but the catering Bolton is particularly a favorite photo spot due
to its impressive appearance and apparently for some the thrill of
standing on a boulder suspended between two cliffs just isn’t enough as catering
Bolton has become a very popular spot for base jumpers to use when launching
themselves into the air I mean needless to say this plate is
very dangerous in terms of incidents though well there haven’t been any yet
but that’s only because the boulder is still clearly intact
I guess these serious casualties will come when the rock wriggles itself free
but no one knows just when that will be number 7 New Smyrna Beach ah Florida the
Sunshine State a land famous for its golden beaches theme parks and being the
shark bite capital of the world oh yes this accolade belongs to
Florida’s new smyrna beach located in volusia county on florida’s central east
coast and is one which certainly hasn’t been bestowed upon the beach without
reason it’s reported that on our fridge anyone who swims there is within three
metres of a shark and it’s this frightening lehigh statistic which may
go some way to explaining why Florida’s New Smyrna Beach has the highest
concentration of shark attacks than any other beach in the world the high
aquatic recreational use of its attractive waters both by Florida
residents and tourists has led to large numbers of shark human interactions
since the late 1800s there have been more than 300 unprovoked shark attacks
in Volusia County where New Smyrna Beach is located that’s compared to 162 in the
entire state of Hawaii and 124 in the whole of California within the same
period number six Hawaiian volcanoes volcanoes are one of nature’s most
incredible yet terrifying spectacles and Hawaii has
five active banks including Kilauea which is currently the most active and
therefore dangerous volcano in the world right now the love of these volcanoes
can cut that can be as hot as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit now for most of us
that’s enough to keep a reasonable distance away but there are some
tourists who want to get as close as possible to Hawaii’s volcanoes and what
better way to get a bird’s-eye view of an active volcano then ride in a low
altitude helicopter flyover operated by the state’s numerous tall companies and
yes these are as dangerous as they sound over the past three decades
approximately 60 crashes have occurred 17 of which were fatal add that to the
number of on foot casualties from 1992 to 2002 40 people died 45 were seriously
injured and 53 experienced minor injuries as a result of hiking on
Hawaii’s volcanoes causes of death included exposure to scalding steam and
toxic gases and people even falling into the craters would you ever venture so
close to a volcano though let us know in the comments down below
number 5 death Road hardly with a need for introduction death Road in Bolivia
was and still is one of the most dangerous roads in the world
thus its name the road formerly known as youngest road stretches around 61
kilometers and covers la paz to coroico it has no guardrails and is extremely
perilous due to fog landslides and cliffs that dropped 600 meters and just
in case the name didn’t give it away death Road is so called because of its
high death rate who would have thought it it was officially named the world’s
most dangerous road in 1995 with an estimated 200 to 300 people being killed
on it every year for some reason youngest road became somewhat of a
tourist attraction the first mountain biking tour popped up in 1998 and now
there are multiple tour companies offering the thrill of riding down death
road when cars and trucks were diverted to a new less perilous road which was
created in 2007 the death toll dropped but didn’t disappear there have been at
least 13 riders who have died in various accidents on the road in the last 10
years number four Danakil deserts the Danakil
desert in ethiopia is incredibly popular among tourists and looking at pictures
it’s not hard to see why travelers are attracted by the deserts unique Martian
like landscapes which are formed by sulfur mixing with iron oxides copper
salts and other minerals leaving behind an array of unworldly colors in fact
scientists are even studying the geological features of the area to
understand how life might exist on other planets but the landscape is as
dangerous as it is beautiful and visiting the Danakil desert without an
experienced guide is strictly forbidden visiting to you known as the Gateway to
hell Danakil desert has been called the
hottest place on earth with winter temperatures consistently
above 93 degrees Fahrenheit and summer temperatures that hit 122 degrees as if
that wasn’t bad enough the desert has an almost complete absence of breathable
oxygen Danakil has numerous active volcanoes and geysers that fill the air
with the high concentration of poisonous vapors of sulphur so people can only be
in certain areas of the desert for a very short time without risking their
lives number three the boiling lake sounds dangerous already doesn’t it well
it is the water that collects in one particular basin in the popular
attraction of more noir Pitons National Park in Dominica really isn’t that
refreshing in fact it’s boiling hot and while
describing something is boiling hot is sometimes a bit of an exaggeration
visitors definitely shouldn’t test the accuracy of this claim bathing in this
water will result in death or at the very least severe burns not that most
visitors would be tempted to do such a thing a thick cloud of steam that
emanates from the lake leaves no question as to how hot the water really
is located in an area aptly known as the valley of desolation the boiling lake of
reduced temperatures ranging from 180 degrees to 197 degrees Fahrenheit making
it the hottest in the world and also making it somewhat of a tourist
attraction as truly enchanted as this place looks it’s not at all magic the
phenomenon is actually quite simple albian rare the lake has a direct line
to the molten subsurface of the earth so the water that collects in the basin is
heated to such a height butcher my hot steam and gas is escaping
from the lava below this lake truly is too hot to handle
number two the who wash and trail the Hawaiian Trail is considered by some to
be the most dangerous hiking trail in the world and after seeing pictures of
the trail itself it’s not really hard to understand why the trail is located on
Mount hua a mountain situated near the city of hue in in the Chinese province
of Shaanxi Mount hua R is one of the five Great mountains of China five
mountains that have been considered sacred by the Chinese for millennia for
that reason the hiking trails attract thousands of Chinese residents and
tourists each year who have the intention of reaching their peaks the
most dangerous part of the hike is the cliffside planked path trail a
nail-biting route made up of planks of wood that are just 1 foot wide which are
bolted onto the side of the mountain at a height of 7,000 feet if that’s not
enough to make your stomach churn how about the fact that the planks are
bolted to the mountainside were nothing more than staples there are no official
death toll figures of those who have fallen from the mountainside
although rumoured estimates stand at around 100 people per year
number one the Grand Canyon the Grand Canyon is one of the most majestic
and/or inspiring natural features in the US attracting more than 5 million
visitors each year but it’s also one of the most deadly according to time there
are 12 deaths each year at the Grand Canyon National Park these deaths are a
result of factors including natural causes medical problems suicide heat
drown in the Colorado River falling from the rim and even traffic crashes but
that figure may be slightly higher this year at in early 2019 three visitors
died in just eight days while at the park if that’s not bad enough worse yet
is that the Grand Canyon main just be even more dangerous than previously
thought the Arizona Republic reported in 2019 that for almost two decades people
visiting the national parks museum collection building unknowingly walked
past three paint buckets which are filled to the brim with uranium or how
or why they all was there in the first place is anyone’s guess frankly but what
it means is that millions of people have passed unnervingly close to a dangerous
source of radiation so that was the ten most dangerous
tourist hotspots have we missed only from your country than us know in the
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  1. Bill why are you leaving your buckets full of uranium right dab in the center of the tourist spot.
    Bill: cause fuck people that's why

  2. Would I venture that close to a volcano? I’ve actually done it, once with Kilauea (which was on the list) and once with Mount Vesuvius

  3. Geezers?! Really? Brings to mind a group of old men playing checkers. Geysers however are considerably more dangerous. We pronounce it gie zers.

  4. Hi guys, why do you not provide data in Celsius and metric system? Even if it's just as a note on the screen and not spoken. I imagine you have quite a number of non American subscribers who would appreciate that. Thanks for the great content as always!

  5. 300 shark attacks since the 1800s… what an awful scaremongering statistic. shark attacks are nowhere near as common as is portrayed

  6. the people that do take selfies in dangerous areas where bad things are bound to happen are crazy. they should be more careful and make sure to stay a safe distance away before they take that selfie.

  7. We live in Volusia County, FL. My brother lives in New Smyrna Beach. I've been swimming there many times… have seen plenty of sharks. Never been nibbled on, though.

  8. Unprovoked Shark Attacks? Every time humans go into the sharks natural habitat they provoke attack. We put ourselves on the menu.

  9. In Australia there’s this salt lake but to get there you need to drive Indian Ocean road so dangerous 9 people died this year alone

  10. Quick question, why the fuck are you giving us temperatures in Fahrenheit, considering the whole world uses Celsius, its only america that uses their made up temperature scale

  11. 4:07

    High numbers, so like end of 1800 to know is ~130 years

    300 attacks in 130 years

    So ~ 2,307 atracks per year

    According to " https://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20190508/volusia-hosts-record-102m-tourists-in-2018

    There were around 10,2 million visitors on that City with the beach.
    To simplify the math we says everyone was in the water one time and went home again, which we can do. Due to some tourists not swimming and some swimming more then once it should balance out.

    So according to math if you swim there your personal chance to get attacked by a shark is
    1 to 4,420 Million

    So it is very unlikely

    Math is cool

  12. It’s like these people haven’t ever heard of photoshop.. Take 2 pics in the same spot- of of the scenery and one of the photo subject in the same spot but closer to the camera. Photo shop just a bit and tada! Cool pic without the risk of death..

  13. With volcanoes, most active and most dangerous are not correlative superlatives. While Mount Kīluaea may be extremely active, it is way less dangerous than Mount Rainier

  14. I live and grew up in iceland, i was told from birth that volcanoes are dangerous and to never go near one that is at risk of erupting or has active lava in the crater, anyone doing so is dumber than they look.

  15. Uranium ore isn't that dangerous and collecting it is quite common. So I disagree with that inclusion in the video

  16. Cagerig bolton? Wow, that is the most abhorrent pronounciation of Kjeragbolten I have ever heard. It is pronounced with a "Ch" sound, "Ch-e-rah-gh".

  17. This list seems to be placed at complete random, one of the list has had ZERO incidents and after mentioning locations which have hundreds upon hundreds of deaths a year, the number 1 has ridiculously less, plus with reasonings such as traffic accidents and suicide involved in that, that doesn’t make the site itself anymore dangerous, just other unrelated things that happen to be at the grand canyon

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