10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

100 thoughts on “10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

  1. I love your videos, i think ive seen them all or almost all. Just wish you stoped using "like" in every 3 words xD

  2. Love your videos. Is it possible to tour Shibuya, Akihabara & Shinjuku in one day? Are they pretty close to each other? We are going there next March. Take care.

  3. I’m going on a visit to Japan in February, but I’m heavily tattooed on my face, neck and hands, is this a big problem?!

  4. hahahahah 20 years old, you should come to the Balkans, the legal age may be 18 but a lot of people give/sell alcohol to 10 y/o

  5. The fact that he likes no tipping culture means he never worked in a job that half or more of your salary comes from tips so he can't appreciate it.

  6. Very helpful video.. You are look like a Japanese and also in your fluency in speaking..
    Can you make video on Muslim foreigners life living in Japan..? Any Musque in Japan..

  7. yo, quick comment, you need to switch your camera to "florescent lighting mode" to avoid the flicker that you see from 11:50 to about 12:50 do this especially to protect people with epilepsy as it might trigger negative reactions in some people.

  8. Mad some things on here seem to be something new just for the us people. Like not having to pay tips or cooperating with the police even though they technically don't have to.

  9. In my country my dad would send 14 year old me to buy him beer and cigarettes at least once a week! #CyprusLifeIsHeaven #noDiggity

  10. i was smoking a cigarette in Tokyo on a sidewalk. Not many people around. An old lady came outta nowhere and straight up started screaming at me until I threw it in the sewer. I thought it was a crazy lady at first, but quickly realized that I was smoking in the wrong place. I'm Asian but I don't speak Japanese, maybe she assumed I was Japanese. Anyway that was pretty extreme. In America, someone would just say "hey, you can't smoke here" even if its a stern tone.

  11. My Japanese police story:
    I took a train to Sakuradamon station on November 10, 2019. Little did I realize they were having a major parade celebrating the enthronement of the new Emperor that day. A whole bunch of exits are blocked by numerous police, and when I finally make it above ground, I see a big security checkpoint. At the time I'm carrying a roller suitcase as well as a backpack because I stayed in a different hotel each night I was in Tokyo. I decide "What the heck?" and get in line to get into the parade. A few officers are walking back and forth in this super long line carrying signs showing what not to have – including suitcases. I start freaking out, but then someone assures me that they'll just be checking my suitcase, so I stick it out.

    I get to the checkpoint and am searched head to foot, with them checking every pocket and every area of both my suitcase and backpack. It was the nicest total search I've ever had. I'm totally cooperative because at this point I just want to get to see the Emperor, so they were very polite with me. As I'm about to leave, one of the officers (who spoke very good English) tells me: "When the cars pass, you can have your smartphone out as well as the Japanese flag. If you put your hands in your pockets, someone will escort you out." I took this threat very seriously and got to see the Emperor, which was awesome.

    Moral of the story: just do what you're told if you're not doing anything suspicious, and all will work out!

  12. Paolo, all I got to say is that you da man! My wife and I will be in Japan the 2nd half of January and you videos have been a HUGE help. I definitely feel more informed and better prepared. Maybe be we'll see you on the streets…

  13. I dont even plan on going to japan, but i am so interested in the culture! Any suggestions on how to learn Japanese hiragana?❤️

  14. Pearl harbor was attacked this day of December 7 by the Japanese government, bless all the souls lost that terrible day..

  15. 0:48 No I dont.
    Cause I aint a dumb american that uses expensive credit cards everwhere when I could pay in cash and dont have to pay any fees.
    but faggots on the internet always assume that you are a dumb murican and almost all only accept credit card as payment method -.-

  16. 4:05 I would not do it simply cause it aint comfortable.
    gotta pay attention to the road not chewing and not choking by accident 😀

  17. 10:24 that's true in general.
    onyl muricans love it when they get blackmailed into force gifting away to some thug bitch that has issues with the fact that she is a shitty grade school dropout and was dumb enough to choose a job with shitty pay.

    everyone else in the world woudl sue the shit out of such a place, in USA police and the state will kick you in the face when you dont gladly go along with the blackmailing!

  18. “I have $10-20 thousand dollars in my pocket at any given time” ?…well hot dam! You are a pick picketers dream ?

  19. Hi there, do y'all know any job information in Japan? My uncle live near Sumida-ku. Here is my contact +62 81288333769 hit me up on whatsapp Thank you! ^.^

  20. I am a Japanese student. I take a train to Ikebukuro to go to school every day, but it is very crowded in the rush hour from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning and from 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. It may be better to avoid time! Even if everyone is pushed to keep up with the company or school in the morning, it's a momentum to get on the train, so you might be surprised if you get on the train for the first time. Welcome to Japan! enjoy! !

  21. Sound like a little police state..just like Switzerland: the biggest little police state in the world, where Swiss police raid your house and steal all your property and cash based on assumptions and no facts.

  22. I from Lithuania but i wanna live unlimited in japan what if i married japan girl do i have chance to live in japan in forever?

  23. I'm an America, and all of these things would piss me off as well. Maybe there aren't many cultural differences, or maybe I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so…

  24. How to look NOT look like a tourist in Japan when visiting and look like you've been there for many years. – Speak fluently in Japanese and wear something casual that doesn't scream "tourist" or carry a big backpack around with you all the time. Maybe a laptop style bag, but anything else don't.

  25. In shops in the UK we have to provide ID if you look under 21 (The legal drinking age is 18) and your ID will be visually checked to ensure that everything is in order and is the same in bars although in a lot of bars in city centres your ID will be scanned by a machine that will check to see if your ID is a forgery. It is really hard in the UK to get away with drinking under the age of 18

  26. Pro tip: convenience stores have atms and they let me withdraw money with no problems.
    Ultra Pro Tip: If you have Sprint, you will have unlimited data and text as soon as you land in Japan for free. I could not believe it, called Sprint, they assured me it was true and my bill was the same as every other month!

  27. OMG! That’s what that OK thing was. I thought it asked if youre ready or something! I guess I almost always got a strong zero when I went to convenience stores and did not realize!

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  29. Damn Paolo is gonna be shocked when he visits the Netherlands, we can drink and drive at 18 (drive is even lowered to 16.5 with 2todrive)

  30. the police are super serious, what you may get away with as a minor thing in your own country is not neccessarly tolorated in Japan. they dont take things lightly at all. we found this out the hard way wiyh our teenage son out being a smart ass drinking.

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