10 OUTFIT IDEAS in a Travel Carry On Bag | Style Mix + Match | ANN LE

10 OUTFIT IDEAS in a Travel Carry On Bag | Style Mix + Match | ANN LE

100 thoughts on “10 OUTFIT IDEAS in a Travel Carry On Bag | Style Mix + Match | ANN LE

  1. ❤️ love this video!! And I love your style!! I'd love to watch more videos like this 🙂 travel outfits and knowing how to be efficient about what clothes to pack (knowing how to mix and match!)

  2. Red heart emoji I'm on tablet I can not do it but I wrote it good video . I'm traveling next year so I'm getting ideas for travel outfits

  3. ❤️ it was a tight fit. My only concern is what if I want to bring something back? I like to pack a foldable expanding bag for overflow and check the original bag. Someone asked about wrinkles…I roll pack at the last minute so if it's only a 1-2 hour flight or drive, I can hang clothes immediately upon arrival they aren't too bad. If it's a longer travel time, I must stream or iron. TFS ?

  4. i love hall the video.i love to wear different style of clothes.one more video i want share with u.please check i hope u liked it.every body join us.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfoJLSdtWy8.please check this video..comment what u feel about this.

  5. Thank you for all the great ideas for packing! Although I am considerably older than you the tips on colors, combos, accessories are basically the same-except wanting an outfit for hanging out in the evening, ha ha. I do find it odd I have not found a similar type video for those in my age group. Anyway ??

  6. Thank you for the outfit combos. That's were I have trouble with the outfits. My case like yours. But it has pockets on both ends for shoes. And it has a retractable handle and on wheels&turns around in a circle. God bless you.

  7. Cute video but you don't mention your bag dimensions or weight – it looks way too heavy for international carry on (except America – you'd be caught out changimg airlines in Europe etc.). Lol, you're travelling tight, not travelling light. Where's the room for shopping??? Great you've not overpacked the underwear:)

  8. Hi Ann do you still own this bag (the LV Neo Eole)? Has it held up over time with use? Thank you so much!!! There aren’t many videos on this pc of luggage and would love some insight! ?

  9. <3 hi there! Great video! :-)about to go for 2 weeks in Italy going to Venice, Florence, & Rome taking only a carry on & another bag, (either a backback or duffle, haven't decided yet.) Been watching so many packing videos trying to stop stressing & realize it's possible I've never been to Europe or had to pack for this long in limited space. I always go to the Caribbean to a beach destination where it's easy w/that much space . I almost bought a jean skirt like that yesterday to bring, maybe I should go back & get it 😉

  10. You're adorable and your outfits are cute except that skirt. Horrible, not even flattering. It can only be cute on you.

  11. Loved your rolling bag so checked it out. Wow, $3,300 AUD! That is the cost my recent flights from Australia to Barcelona and Paris back to Australia! I'd rather spend my money on flights. Love the packing ideas though 🙂

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