10 Outstanding Camper Vans for Sale in 2020 | Living the Van Life

10 Outstanding Camper Vans for Sale in 2020 | Living the Van Life

Camper vans have always been cool, but in recent
times they’ve become even more so with millions of people taking up this type of vacation. Intense competition always accompanies high
demand, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers are getting increasingly creative in the battle
to woo buyers. As a result, we’ve seen some really cool design
features and conveniences coming to the forefront. I’m Reacher and today we’re going to look
at some of the innovative extras being offered in camper vans these days. Number Ten The German-engineered Spacecamper takes the
usual VW camping experience to another level with this version having double sliding doors
and a multi-functional design to maximize the usable space. A single cooktop and basic cooler chest help
in that aspect, as well as a modular swing-out kitchen unit which doubles as a work area
when it’s stored away. There is an outdoor shower with a fold-up
screen and a double seat at the back which converts into a spacious double bed. The pop-top roof provides adding sleeping
space as well as opening from the front for those close to nature moments. Number Nine Not only has Winnebago gone the 4×4 route,
but this award-winning company has also brought out its first-ever pop-top. The Winnebago
Solis is a versatile, tough vehicle based on a Ram Promaster chassis. It has all-season plumbing and insulation,
a heated bathroom, and a rear annex which extends the usable space. The fiberglass pop-top
adds headroom and an extra sleeping area to the design as well. Uniquely, the upper cabinet doors have magnets
on the outside so that they stick to the roof when opened, which is a convenient and considerate
touch. Number Eight Oregon based Outside Van specializes in custom
builds according to the customer’s specifications. Built on a rugged Mercedes-Benz 4×4 chassis,
the custom-built Timber Den offers versatility and functionality with enough space to accommodate
three passengers. Onboard battery and water systems, a removable
refrigerator, and solar panels make this van the ultimate go-anywhere-vehicle. A zip-up doorway between the driver’s compartment
and the back separates the cabin from the living area, providing a storage space for
any outdoor gear. Number Seven The Pleasure-way is a Canadian built pop-top
campervan, similar to the classic California van. However, the Tofino is based on a Ram
Promaster 1500 and offers more interior space than its counterpart. It has plenty of headroom, and the interior
features include an overhead bunk, living area, and a small kitchen area having a refrigerator,
stainless steel sink, and an induction cooktop. Measuring just under 18 feet long, this van
offers plenty of cargo space for the traveler with a lot of outdoor gear. Number Six This latest offering from Canadian based 5Mars,
the Inspiration X is an attractive, spacious and luxurious Class B vehicle with many convenient
features for a longer stay. The kitchen includes a 100 liter refrigerator/freezer,
a microwave, sink, and dual-burner cooktop. The Inspiration X has a fully enclosed interior
bathroom, which you almost never see in a camper van. Swivel seats and a comfortable
fold-down double bed complete the picture. Number Five Ohio-based Creative Mobile Interiors built
this camper van on a Mercedes Sprinter. And just like the last entry, this too has
a fully-enclosed interior bathroom with a full-size shower. This custom-build also has
screens for the rear and side entrances so you can keep insects out while enjoying the
fresh air from inside. Other top features include a wall-mounted
LED TV in the galley, swivel chairs, a queen-size bed, and diesel-powered heat and hot water. Number Four Built on an extra-long Peugeot Boxer chassis,
the Fairford Plus offers plenty of space as it’s able to accommodate up to four people. The twin lounge layout is a versatile touch
providing dinette seating in the front as well as a rear living area, with both areas
able to convert into double beds. Interior amenities are a four-burner cooker
with an oven, a fridge, and a sink. And just like the last two entries, this one has a
fully-enclosed interior bathroom which seems more common that I originally thought earlier
in the video. Number Three Canadian-based Nomad Vanz built this one on
the versatile Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis allowing it to do double duty as an adventure
vehicle with simple accommodations. It has a cool, comfortable interior design
with classic wood-look cabinetry, a small kitchenette with a refrigerator, and a double
bed which has ample storage underneath for just about any outdoor activity gear. There’s also a privacy screen that attaches
to the back doors so you can change or wash off using the external shower attachment. Everything in this van is cold and heat resistant,
as well as UV-proofed, to create a comfortable, functional living space. Number Two Winnebago is pretty much the name that put
camper vans on the map. This trusted American brand has been making classic campers since
1958 and it’s never failed to deliver high-quality experiences for its customers. The company has now decided to go off-road
with the Revel 4×4. Utilizing a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, it can stand up to whatever terrain
you encounter on your travels while offering comfortable interiors with ample space. The entire living experience is solar-powered
and includes a refrigerator, stove, lights, heater, and television. Other unique features in this van include
a power lift bed and an all-in-one wet bath. Extra features include a ten-foot side awning
and a power sliding door. Number One Custom built in England, the Doubleback is
one of the most innovative designs around. When it’s not in use, the rear door opens
like an ordinary van, but one flick of a switch and a rear pod extends six feet out the back
of the vehicle. It’s supported by two electronically-controlled legs and can hold up to 900 pounds. The back seat folds down into a double bed,
while the roof of the van also has a pull-down double bed. The kitchen include a sink, a dual-burner
cooker, and an oven.

43 thoughts on “10 Outstanding Camper Vans for Sale in 2020 | Living the Van Life

  1. “Camper vans have always been cool, but in recent times..”
    They’ve been showing up in my recommended videos.
    Keep ‘em coming! ?

  2. Love this channel. Only thing is I wish you would also put the MSRP along with the specs in the video. Keep up the good work.

  3. Worked at a van conversion shop in the early 80s. We were building some really nice things similar to these back then.

  4. I like #1 and #2 the best, I can think of a few folks that I think could use the #1, but are custom vans supposed to have purple shag carpet?

  5. Hey Reacher, the PW stuff was great! Have toured the 3 BIGGEST MH manufacturers in Canada, PleasureWay, Roadtrek/Hymer and Leisure Travel Vans…….PW every time, their Quality, Warranty and Construction Technique is second to none! Great Vid!

  6. Having owned a 4×4 Sportsmobile, I can't understand what the fascination is with Toilet/Shower ?! If you want those -> GET A CLASS C … I can see a porta potti, but if you've got a small (CLASS B) van, the space is more needed, than the shower/toilet … unless you're a weekend camper (again; what a waste. get a CLASS C).

  7. So few toilets…

    Sure you can buy one without, but that and ac/heating and power would be my #1 priority. Sure, you can buy one without, but oh, you will pay later on, trust me; after camping out in your "vanlife" you will soon see it's an important necessity, not optional additional comfort. What happens if you buy one without and unexpectedly need to use the toilet, or get a stomach flu and really need one? Well, you're screwed then, aren't you!

  8. "Ram promaster" isn't an actual truck, built by FCA. It's a brand, used by FCA, to sell fiat ducato in USA. The "promaster" in this video is a ducato, whilst others are a fiat doblo. It's like the Chrysler Grand Voyager, why originally was a Dodge or even a Plymouth, and just like an Opel Combo in reality was a fiat doblo.

    The camper vans built on Mercedes Sprinter was really cool!

  9. Interesting. If I was to ever go on a long road trip. I buy one of these. But, the long term use of one would be unneeded by me. Thanks for sharing Minds Eye.

  10. In the 60s, teacher read the story of the turtle that takes his home everywhere… In the 70s, I lived in my van(nothing fancy). These rigs have too much everything. I still have that van and my 1200sq ft house never had air conditioning(nothing fancy) we are 11… only 1 kid moved out ridiculous huh

  11. I really liked #2 mostly because its a Winnebago and I've traveled with a friend in a Mini Winnie before, so know they are well designed. How do I find more about these vans???

  12. I like the new transitions! At least first time I noticed the pictures in the background of the name. Always great to hear from Reacher!

  13. I could totally see myself living in a camper van as long as it had a toilet and an indoor shower! In other news, Reacher’s voice with that great accent always makes me smile!

  14. My main piece of advice to anybody buying any of these vans, make sure they’re comfortable to drive in. I sat in a few and for tall people, and to my surprise I could never get comfortable. Legroom was bad or you couldn’t angle the seat backwards at all. I’m 6’2

  15. You should check out the Gala Montecarlo out of Canada. It sports a Fiberglas interior that is both durable and stylish. It also has larger than normal water tanks. I’ve been RVing for 5 years and it is one of the best I’ve seen.

  16. ダブルバック1位!!おめでとうございます!おいらのイチオシカスタム!キャビンが伸びるとか先進性がないわけがない。

  17. I don't understand it says prices are clued in description below I have pushed on everything I've gone back to the video I've waited 10 minutes going over the video trying to push on it everything I can push on and I know where do I see any prices for any of these vehicles?

  18. I wouldn't trade my 46k Dreamer D55 spring edition for three 163k Winnebago Revel… except, to sell them and by a gazillion D55s that is.

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