10 Scariest Places In Pakistan

10 Scariest Places In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country filled with many places that will definitely inspire you and make you feel real good However, there’s some places that will leave even the locals totally freaked out and terrified so in this episode of FTD facts, I’m gonna be exploring ten of the scariest places in Pakistan, hey guys, what’s happening? My name is Leroy Kenton and if you get scared easily You may want to watch this episode with all the lights on in the daytime and like oh my god. What is that? What is that? Oh, oh, oh, that’s nothing. It’s just a ghost behind you. It’s no big deal Alright, so these are some places that people consider to be haunted in Pakistan starting at number ten. We have the Mahato palace so this is the first place we’re gonna visit and this was the summer house of a businessman and it’s said to be completely Haunted by the ghosts since the British rule of the Indian subcontinent. So back in the year 1995 it was purchased by the government of Sindh and they plan to convert it into a museum now museum guides they have Reportedly seen various objects that have been moved from its original location Or shifted in some way while other security guards have said that they have felt the presence of certain spirits during the nighttime a number nine comes house number 39 k PE CH s now if you were to hang around the streets of block 6 @ PE CH s you will see lights glowing around house number 39 k now it could be that somebody Actually lives there but most people like they really Believe that they see this pale woman wearing a white dress walking around the street and then just disappearing around 3 a.m. In the morning now honestly 3 a.m. In the morning, like really you should be in bed at that time What are you still doing up? Anyways, we all know about 3 a.m. What happens go to bed? And that way you won’t be seen any ladies in white dresses Disappearing. That’s a very valuable life lesson 3 M comes around just go to bed Ok at number 8 we have the new Islamabad Airport many people claim that the new Azam about international airport that open in 2018 is Haunted as well. And this is surprising so staff members of the airport They’ve reported in multiple incidents and people have heard scary noises And then they also claim that they’ve seen shadows of children playing on the runway some staff members Even saw a scary looking creature one time at night and they got so scared that some of them even fainted So the airport is said to be built on a graveyard. So that’s why it’s haunted number 7 brings us the Buddhist graveyard So this ancient Buddhist graveyard is located in the sector f7 of Islamabad and it’s famous for its paranormal activities people have heard strange voices They’ve heard people crying therefore footsteps in the area at nighttime And the guards of the area also claim that this area is full of spirits nearby residents They say that while they’re passing through the graveyard. They actually Continuously feel like they’re being watched by somebody lot Mirza comes at number 6 I guess this is the world’s most beautiful Haunted road in Islamabad is a whole lot going on on Lok versa The place is super popular among a lot of people and it’s considered to be one of the most visited places in Islamabad however This beautiful place pretty much turns out to be a living horror movie people claim that they see shadows by the road and some people also say that they hear cries and Screaming of people some like they’re being tormented or something. Definitely not a place that you want to travel to by yourself Shemp son Got is at number 5 the chef thank God or Crematory is in the Hyderabad region of Pakistan and many people claim that the spirits of the Dead haunt the area now It’s a place where Hindu burning and burying rituals are performed and sham sangat is about 250 years old So if you really want to experience some creepy paranormal activity This is a place to go guards as well as staff members have seen small children Just come out of nowhere and start playing and making weird noises after sunset. Now the children just come out of nowhere Yeah, and then they just disappear creepy. I know either number 4 spot is a child. Candy graveyard, okay So another graveyard for you guys chaukhandi graveyard is located in the national highway of Karachi Pakistan, and it’s among the most ancient graveyards in the entire country around 600 years old as a matter of fact And it’s also considered to be one of the most haunted graveyards Nobody visits it after which is when the hauntings really happen according to people that live in the area They hear people shouting as well as they see Shadowy Dan ghostly figures and this graveyard also does attract a lot of visitors though But only during the daytime also reported that a lot of black magic is performed at this graveyard We visit Lotus lake at number three this lake is located in this Shack carp Aryan now It gained a lot of popularity when several lives were lost in the area Now the criminals used to actually leave the bodies by the lake and that’s the Romanian why this place is haunted Surprisingly though. This place was very beautiful, and it was well kept back in the 1970s but over time the Lotus Lake just was left unattended Azzam bad cultural complex was about to be constructed in the area But work got halted for some unknown reasons They say maybe they saw some ghosts and they’re like, I’ll be building nuttin here. We don’t care Sha Allah DITA Caves comes in that number, too Whether that’s for two so these caves are said to be about 700 Years old and the whole area is just totally creepy because it’s just really old-looking It just looks old and creepy people have heard noises in the caves at night and the noises They sound like crowd of people all talking with each other and the residents of the area have also seen dark shadows at night So you’re really advised to visit the sha Allah DITA cave during the daytime with some friends Also the hill park near the caves is said to be totally haunted as well And the number one most haunted place in Pakistan is the co-ed chilton according to the legend It’s considered to be haunted by the spirits of 40 babies So the tallest peak in the chilton mountain range is a specific location of the haunting So what happened was a couple? Once left 40 babies on the peak to survive on their own and these babies can be heard crying at nighttime The story goes like the couple was very very poor and they had no children So there was a son of a cleric that told a couple that he could help them So he spent the night with them and blessed them and they had 40 babies in total So being unable to care for so many babies the husband decided to leave 39 of them the mountain and the wife actually was carrying the fortieth child and when she came back to the place where they left the 39 she Was so happy that they’re still alive So she left the 40th child with them to like run down real quick to tell her husband But by the time they got back they’re all gone Yeah Weird and now these babies can be heard crying at this location Okay, guys, so those were the 10 most haunted places in Pakistan Let me know what you think about this episode down below in the comment section and what other haunted places Do you know about do you even believe in spirits or ghosts or anything sound off down below as well? Now if you enjoyed this episode here is another one that I highly recommend tap the annotation by my head I’ll take you to it. Also, my social media links are below in the video description So follow me and you can see what I’m doing when I’m not filming these FTD facts episodes other than that You know what to do hit that subscribe button and ring that bell if you haven’t done so already to join the FTD facts Family, and I’ll see you next time in another Episode I wonder what we’re gonna be talking about next

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  3. Are you pakistani funded channel.
    I really don't want to know anything about such idiotic country. It's a terror state. Pakistan Terrorist

  4. Aaaah! I'm scared.??????. The Islamabad airport too?? OK well anyway at night times,Islamabad is actually very scary you know,it's like a ghost town I don't disagree on that.

  5. Chil means 40 in persian and tan is also a persian word which means body. So, “koh e chiltan” means mountain of forty bodies

  6. I am so surprised that raj katas temple is not included here…. My class trip went there.. We our selves have felt a…. Presence there…. Like its indescribable. And so many snakes came out the worshiping areas… We all ran back to our busses. And my class teacher told me that she was nervous about this because a few years ago she went there with her friends and they said that they felt visual coolness when they entered ome of the huts type. And she said that when they were there they took clear pictures from their dslr and when they were back home all the pictures taken in that specific hut were all blur and one even has a white type filter on it. And some photographers have also said that when they shoot the clothes of thier brands. The pictures are extremely hard to take there. Even that… The whole trip was so joyfull.. But.. On our way back from that raj katas temple… We all was scared.. So all the people that i know have encountered this place has some kind of tragedy after visiting it.

  7. I live near Shah Allah Ditta caves… I have been there at night… There was no one … Even the restaurants were empty.(now i know why they were empty).. I had a cigarette…and i came back home… Damn nothing happened actually..???

  8. These locations are not even close to haunted places in pakistan. There are thousands of haunted places in pakistan which are more haunted then these locations.

  9. No offense but why would I be interested in what you're doing when you're not doing FTD Facts? Strange times we live in.

  10. No 1 is pretty hilarious,do mention the moti mosque in qila lahore or the lahore forte,jinns have prayed in this mosque.

  11. I’ve heard about all of these stories and many are believed to be true for those who’ve heard of them in Pakistan.

  12. Lol Virsa road is right.. brother and his friends were coming home from Virsa once at night time.. they all felt exhaustion and severe headache enough to faint them.. when they returned home they were severly sick for a week so yeah if there's so much negative energy there then it is haunted

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  14. Why human thinks that ghosts can be found only during night time?
    They don't scare anyone why can't they go out during sunlight

  15. That Islamabad new air poart was real my cazan also work there he said many time we saw a lady and a chiled on the run way many times plains are landing piolits and stuffs saw that lady and chilled plain just turn because they thought some humans on the run way when the go for move them they disperse ……. but what ever that thing gost or soul they r not harm ….. they did not did anything bad ……

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