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  1. Find out if the foods/spices are allowed in the country you are going too. Australian bio hazard customs keep my country safe by being very strict.
    The spices you packed should be fine. this is just a heads up. we see lots of crazy stuff on airport Tv shows.

  2. What is that travel diffuser? I need that in life. All the travel ones I have seen have a wick and are totally useless when you use oils

  3. How come I've never thought of bringing essential oils with me when I travel? Totally doing that next time! 😀

  4. I just watched your travel tips and hacks video from last time, and I really wanted another one since I'm traveling in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot

  5. Number 10 is lovely. You're such a wonderful person… what kind of things come to your mind is just amazing. ♡

  6. Omg the timing for this is perfect!! I'm traveling (for the first time) with 2 toddlers on Wednesday ? #prayforme

  7. i would caution against using scented products on airplanes as you never know who is allergic to perfumes. It'd be terrible to cause some sort of respiratory attack.

  8. love love love! im interested in the essential oils and also the travling diffuser! where would i get one?? ?

  9. We´re saving for a worldtrip.We try to make shortfilms about our life. Iam working so hard in night shifts to get the shit together. cant wait to quit everything and buy a one way ticket!! Love your videos they give us a lot motivation!

  10. I would definitely recommend bringing something that smells good like Fabreeze for dirty laundry, shoes you might walk in a lot, or just the place you'll stay at.

    also, know the airplane restrictions of the country you're going to. China took one of my power banks because it did not have the capacity listed on it.

    Wish I knew you could download the language on the translate app T.T just came back from China and the they don't kid about the Great Firewall of China haha. Google didn't work and my vpn was VERY slow so translating only worked sometimes.

  11. I love the safety pin hack! My spaghetti strap dresses always break at the worst times! I think I'll start doing this even when I'm not traveling! Thanks!

  12. Not all essential oils are 100% pure. Please don't go around ingesting essential oils without your research. Not all of them can be taken internally. As far as I know, young living is one of the only brands that has ingestible oils.

  13. Hello Ann,
    i just wanted to ask you to perhaps make a video or a blog post about the trip that you and your family took to Thailand. Because i am i hopefully travelling in the near future and i wanted advice and travel destantations, and things that you would recomend for us to do that you really enjoyed ; )

  14. One phrase I use all the time in Thailand is "nit noy". It means "a little bit", and I usually use it about my rathet tiny Thai vocabulary. But even that makes them happy. It's more than hello and thank you, which is what everybody learns first.

  15. Are you serious with putting your passport and money in a glued-on aided with maybe a few stitches onto the outside of your backpack? Terrible idea!

  16. I love these hacks so much! Thanks for sharing! Btw I looked up the diffuser you used and I was just wondering if this was used on a regular basis, how often would the filter need to be changed? Did you have to change it at any point on your trip?

  17. Thank you soooo much! I am going to the Philippines one day later so thank you soooooo much! I will use them! Thanks! ??

  18. I Love all of your Travel videos!! In May 2018 I am planning a Trip to France! It is the first time going to France!

  19. Thank you sooo soooo much for this video ( srry I'm late) but I was searching up traveling vids for my vacay in 2 days

  20. I love the video! But I don't think that putting essential oils in a plastic water bottle is good… The oils don't mix with the water, and they melt the plastic. However, the hack is great. It's really invigorating to drink water with a drop or two of peppermint oil ?

  21. wish someone do a month worth packing for east coast i go every year to New Jersey in August so it be hot and Humid but at some point near it comes i end up over packing 🙁

  22. This video was so great!! I love your packing strategies video too. Can you PLEASE link where you got your red backpack, the one you glued the secret compartment to?? I have been looking for one just like it forever!!! Thank you!

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