10 Tent Designs and Cool Tents to Have for Camping in 2019

10 Tent Designs and Cool Tents to Have for Camping in 2019

– [Reacher] Hey everyone, it’s Reacher. The weather is changing which makes it just about right for some outdoor fun so it only seems fitting
to talk about 10 tents we think are sure to up your camping game. Number 10. One only has to look around
to see the revolution that is going on with
technology and industry. Surprisingly in an age
where everyone is wrapped up in their own devices, a company named Pod is offering a new
approach to social camping and outdoor living. These tents can be used
individually like any other but their modular design allows you to attach many tents together using the connecting tunnels to create multiple spaces
for sleeping and socializing. The tents will sleep anywhere
from four to eight people each making these the perfect
product for large groups. Setup is made simple using
poles that are all the same size and shape to connect to
a central attachment. Each one can be erected
in about 20 to 25 minutes by just two people. Pod currently offers two
tent sizes starting at $625. Number nine. The Stingray tree tent is the
flagship three person model by Tentsile. It gets its name from the look it creates when it’s suspended in the air. This evolution of the hammock tent is made to sleep three campers. It is held aloft with
straps that can be attached to just about anything
strong enough to support it. The flooring is made from
a nylon polyester composite that can hold up to 880
pounds while the roof is composed of a micro mesh
that protects you from insects. Access is gained by a hatch
in the center of the floor or a large door in the front. If the idea of snakes
and other creepy crawlies is keeping you from camping, then maybe you should consider
this above-ground option. The price on the Stingray is only $650. Number eight. If you ask most people what
they dislike most about camping, they’ll usually say it’s
setting up the tent. German company Heim Planet
has eliminated all that so you can leave all the
hate for the mosquitoes. The Fistral has an inflatable framework which requires nothing
other than unrolling and inflating it. This and the tent work as a unit so there’s no assembly needed. These one to two people
geodesic structures are compact, yet still
provide enough space for all your gear. The two entrances allow for easy access while still protecting
you from the elements. There’s also additional wall pockets for organizing belongings
and ventilation for airflow. Taking down the tent is fast as well. You just open the air
valves, roll it back up and you’re ready to head
to your next destination. You’re looking at spending about $520 to get into one of these. Number seven. We had to include this one all the list just because it’s a simple
take on an old idea. Anyone who’s been to summer camp can attest to sleeping on
the6 green canvas army cot with the metal bars. The Tent Cot by Kamp Rite
combines a tent and the cot into one easily assembled unit. I’m pretty sure they didn’t
go too far out on a limb for the name so I’ll let you
reach your own conclusions on how they came up with it. It stands 11 inches off the ground and comes in two versions. One is self-contained
tri-fold sleep shelter that converts to a
lounge chair for relaxing or a standard cot for sleeping. The other is a collapsible
three-in-one tent that lets you detach the
tent from the base cot so it can be used as a
traditional one person tent on the ground. In keeping with tradition, they only come in one color: army green. But there is a kid’s
cot that comes in red. Prices start at $160
for the adult versions and 150 for the kids. Number six. The word Portaledge is a portmanteau made from the words portable and ledge. I don’t know that for sure,
but it just sounded cool so I ran with it. The actual product is
something you can see was born out of necessity. It’s literally a deployable, hanging tent used on the side of a cliff or a mountain for climbers to sleep on. I’m an adrenaline junkie
but even this falls into the category of nope. Not even. They progressed a lot from the early days of climbers using hammocks
and non-collapsible cots. Modern day Portaledges are a
single point suspension system made from a collapsible frame, covered with an extremely
strong and durable fabric. Attached pull straps and buckle systems are included for safe
movement while hanging. If you’re in need of one,
there are multiple companies that manufacture them commercially with the average price being
in the hundreds of dollars. So what do you think
about our list so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought of our picks and where your favorite
camping spot may be. Number five. From the perspective of
someone who’s camped a lot, I can say that one of the
most irritating things is the stuff you heat inside
the tent from the sun. Luckily, someone thought to make a tent from a reflective
material that blocks heat. The Siesta4 is a four person inner tent, covered and shaded by a
specially developed fabric called the fly that
reflects light and heat. Compared to typical
tents, it’s cooler inside when in direct sunlight. Setup is quick and easy
with only four poles for the dome style structure. The tent’s two doors can be opened to generate a cross flow of air while two eight inch USB powered fans can be installed to help draw air directly into the inner tent, even
if the doors are closed. There’s also a version of this tent called the Siesta4 Disco. It’s difference is that the fly reflects in a kaleidoscope of colors,
giving it a rainbow effect. The Siesta4 with the
fan kit starts at $426. Number four. Irish based company Crua is no stranger to manufacturing outdoor gear and this one is a perfect example of the high standard they’re known for. The Hybrid is a single person tent which can be used as a hammock. This allows you to enjoy the diversity of camping in the trees
as well as on the ground. It includes a self inflating mattress and custom fitting sleeping bag so it’s basically four outdoor
essentials in one product. The seven and a half foot length and the ability to support
up to 260 pounds guarantee, you shouldn’t have any
problems fitting into this one. Mesh netting for ventilation and the ability to zip
together with other Hybrids, makes this a nice one for
the simple outdoorsman. It’s perfect for all
terrains so don’t be afraid to drop the $299 necessary to get you one. Number three. Even though it didn’t
make the number one spot, I still like this one the most due to the revolutionary way it collects and distributes solar energy. The whole inspiration for this one was to create an eco-friendly way for patrons at festivals to have power for their gadgets and keep
in touch with one another. The result is this design like no other. The fabric is composed of
interwoven solar threads that eliminate the need for fixed panels. Covering the tent itself are
three maneuverable power banks that resemble something like
an insect’s outer shell. The tent is then positioned east to west, allowing for the power
banks to rotate with the sun to maximize solar efficiency. A central control hub
with a touch screen LCD shows info on the amount
of energy being generated as well as putting out a
wireless internet signal. Users can even send a text message to locate their tent which
triggers a distinctive glow. Unfortunately, this is the
only way to find one of these as it’s still just a concept. Number two. Cinch. The name alone sets a high expectation before I can even tell
you anything about it. But since I like to talk, I’m just gonna say: challenge accepted. This pop-up has space
for up to four people, depending on which model you choose. Each tent has two entrances
that double as storage areas. There’s also an optional extended canopy and the ability to
connect up to four tents so you don’t have to sacrifice size and comfort for the
convenience of a pop-up. Lighting at night is provided by the included LED
tent pegs and lanterns. A roof mounted solar panel
charges a portable power bank so you’ll always have a power
supply for your gadgets. These tents range in
price from $299 to $349 so whether you’re heading to the woodlands for a getaway or hitting up a festival, the Cinch has you covered. Okay people, are you packed up yet? Well before you head out, don’t forget to like,
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from Minds Eye Design. Number one. The Skycamp is a hard shell rooftop tent that can attach to most vehicle
crossbars on the market. The sleek, aerodynamic
design not only looks good, but helps with fuel efficiency. The tent can be deployed
in less than a minute. The slide out floor is made from aluminum and expands to fit a king size mattress that can accommodate a family of four. The tent’s material is a breathable, water-resistant poly-cotton canvas that can be switched with a
mesh tent in warmer weather. The roof has a sky view window, allowing more light when needed and a view of the stars at night. An optional awning and annex room can be used to add
protection from the elements and provide extra living space. The Skycamp is made to
order, starting at $3,499. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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