10 Things to do in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

10 Things to do in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

Welcome to Mostar! In today’s video we’re showing you around
one of the great gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar was one of the many stops of our travels
through the Balkans, but it ranked right at the very top! This city is as postcard-perfect as they come,
complete with Ottoman constructions, soaring minarets, and colourful buildings that overlook
the emerald waters of the Neretva River. Our time here was spent wandering through
the markets, sampling local dishes, and visiting a few mosques and museums along the way, so
come and join us in this travel guide as we show you around Mostar (Мостар) and
give you a few ideas for your own trip! Alright guys so we have walked into town from
our AirBNB and I think our first stop is going to be the main pedestrian road which I believe
is pronounced Brace Fejica. So there is like a lot of little different
shops and museums and mosques and attractions along the way. Um, so yeah we’ll show you that pedestrian
road first and then we’ll check out some of the sights along the way. This street is lined with restaurants, cafes,
and hotels, but as you approach the famed Old Bridge, it turns into a bit of a bazaar
with small shops that are bursting at the seams with all manner of souvenirs. There were copper earrings and beaded necklaces,
leather purses and Turkish lamps, hand woven tapestries and your classic fridge magnets. After browsing a few stores, Audrey settled
on a copper coffee set, but let’s get back to the sightseeing. Okay so it is time for our next attraction. Next up we’re going to be visiting the Koski
Mehmed Pasha Mosque (Koski Mehmed-pašina džamija). Um, it dates back to the 17th Century and
it is on the east side of the river. We just bought our tickets which look a little
something like this. And it is 3 Euros if you only want to visit
the mosque or 6 Euros if you want to visit the mosque and also climb the minaret. So we have paid our 6 Euros in we go. So we are now inside the mosque and look at
these colors. This is amazing. And it looks like there is another level. You just go up a set of stairs. I don’t know if maybe this is where women
pray separate from men. That would be my best guess. And now it is finally time to go up. Let’s do this. So super narrow spiraling staircase. I wonder if it is probably the same way up
as down. So I’m kind of glad we are the only ones here
right now because I couldn’t imagine a traffic jam. Oh. Okay Sam so we just finished visiting the
mosque and climbing the minaret. We sure did. Thoughts on this attraction? It is beautiful inside. Yeah. Absolutely stunning. Like it is so intricate and so colorful too. So colorful and just I mean the carpets and
the designs. Yeah. Everything like it is just it is beautiful
inside. Getting back on the pedestrian street, we
eventually reached Stari Most, also known as the Old Bridge, which is the city’s main
landmark. This 16th-century Ottoman bridge joins the
two parts of the city across the River Neretva. The original bridge was destroyed during the
Croat–Bosniak War, however, when the war ended, plans to rebuild the bridge were put
in motion. The rebuilding process called for Ottoman
construction techniques using the same materials and technology as the original bridge. I feel like we’ve crossed Stari Most a gazillion
times since we arrived in Mostar (Мостар) but now we have come down to the river’s edge
and in my opinion these are the best views of the bridge so check these out. Today, the main draw to Stari Most are the
divers known as mostari. This is a name that was formerly used for
the gate keepers of the bridge during medieval times, and it’s also where the city gets
its name from. There are some beautiful views to be had both
from the bridge looking upstream, and down by the river’s edge gazing up at Stari Most. Alright Sam, tell us about the brave bold
divers. Well the brave bold divers unfortunately we
just missed one this morning. Yeah. There was a huge commotion going on over on
the bridge but we were on the wrong side of it. Yeah. So we heard the big splash but we didn’t actually
see it happen. It was kind of loud and scary I have to say. Yeah. But we’ve watched YouTube videos and seen
what they do and it is high. Yeah. I mean it is a high jump and apparently these
divers kind of wait around and collect money from you know different spectators. Yep. And once they reach I think around the 25
Euros threshold that is when they’ll do their jump. But I mean it is the middle of November right
now so they’re obviously not doing too many at the moment. We haven’t seen any others today but uh if
we if I can catch that it will be a magic moment. It would. But now let’s take a quick break from the
sightseeing and talk about food, because once you’ve crossed the bridge over to the west
side, you’ll find some of our favourite restaurants in all of Mostar (Мостар). So we’ll introduce you to those, and also
show you a few traditional dishes you should definitely order! First up, breakfast, the most important meal
of the day. Our quest for a Bosnian breakfast lead us
to Divan, where we ordered fritters and a variety platter of meats and cheeses. It was our favourite breakfast in Mostar! Just look at this. So I’ll tell you what we ordered. Um, so we got uh a mixed platter. We did. With beef prosciutto, smoked sausages, travnic
cheese (Travnički), livno cheese, sach cheese, sour cream and local doughnuts (miške). Which are these over here. And I actually tried these a few days ago
yep we had them with cream cheese at another place. Yep. Um, they are really tasty. Yeah, it was really good. Another restaurant we really enjoyed was Konoba
Taurus. This restaurant caught our attention because
of its beautiful construction right by a small creek, so we knew we had to come back and
we brought our appetite. We ended up ordering a whole bunch of small
side dishes here, which were brought out on a massive platter fit for a king and queen. So I’m just going to grab a little bit of
everything and let’s start with the stuffed things. So stuffed vine leaf. I’ll take that. Stuffed pepper. I’ll take that. Haha. And for the stuffed cabbage that is ginormous
piece. So let’s cut it in half. Well I’m glad there is enough to go around
oh yeah because it sounds like you’d take everything. Haha. Let’s try this one. It feels like I’m going to have a bulging
belly by the time I leave this city. You know I’m totally okay with a bulging belly. Haha. Thank you Mostar (Мостар). Haha. Nothing was left on our plates and here’s
some evidence of Sam wiping the whole platter clean with his bread. This feast was followed by desserts, because
when in Mostar. Then there was Tima Irma, where we were wowed
with the size of the portions, the delicious food, and the friendly staff who always greeted
us with big smiles on their faces. Okay, so today we are eating at Ćevabdžinica
Tima-Irma and it is one of the top rated restaurants here in Mostar so I’m pretty excited and they
specialize in something Sam has been wanting to have for a while now. Yep. The Ćevapi. The ćevapčići. Right here. So we’ve ordered that and then we also ordered
a mixed meat platter for one. Yeah. I have a feeling it is going to be enough
meat for the two of us actually. It looks a little something like this. Yep. So yeah that is what we’re having for dinner
tonight. Sam is having beer. I’ve got mineral water and let’s wait for
it to arrive. We ate here a few times and it was amazing. We even managed to squeeze in some dessert! Šadrvan is another very well-known restaurant
in Mostar (Мостар) that we visited multiple times. And again, I couldn’t seem to stay away
from their stuffed peppers with cream, this is a dish I ordered almost on the daily, along
with bosnian cookies which are really minced meat patties, and all sorts of other stuffed
vegetables. This one is dolma baked in cream. Yep. So you’ve got like the little peppers stuffed
with rice, stuffed with minced meat. You’ve got some chopped carrots um so yeah
it is really good and it comes with cream in the middle and there were six pieces. There is a lot of cream in the middle. There were 6 pieces once upon a time. Once upon a time. Sam was taking so long filming that I was
like I’ve gotta eat man. Audrey Audrey is not very patient when food
is in front of her. I’m like Audrey please just wait let me he
took way too long. Let me photograph it and then I’ve been too
much of that lately I’m so hungry. Forget about it. Forget about it. They also had some nice desserts on the menu
like tufahija, which is an apple stuffed with walnuts. And aside from food, one drink that we couldn’t
forget to mention is Bosnian coffee (bosanska kafa). I’ll take it from here. so I’m very excited to be trying Bosnian coffee. Oh yeah. This is my very 1st time to try it. Apparently it is very similar to Turkish coffee. Super strong. It is supposed to be very strong. The grounds apparently are uh the coffee grounds
are still at the very bottom. Yeah, so they’re not filtered. They are not filtered out of the water so
you have to let them yep settle before you pour yourself a cup. Exactly but anyways let’s talk about the process. So first up yes they gave you that little
sweet treat. They gave us a sweet treat so and the waiter
said that first. It is time to try a bite of that. That looks so good. It kind of it looks a bit like a it looks
like something like a honey like a big chunk of honey. Let’s try that. Let’s see what that is all about. Oh, yeah. Is it like honey or Turkish Delight? It reminds me of something like exactly in
between. So now that you’ve eaten that you are supposed
to take a little bite of the sugar and then sip on the coffee. Yes. And apparently you can dip your sugar in the
coffee to soften it. Pick that up. Dip the sugar. I’m going to dip it in. Yeah. Look at that. And then you take a little bite of the sugar. Mmmhmm. And you’re going to sip coffee right away. Or so I’ve been told. Oh woah. Okay. So obviously the first thing you taste is
the sugar and then that is one potent coffee I must say. Yeah. Oh yeah. It is nice and strong. Are you going to be jittery all day? Just the way. Yeah probably. I’ve already had like two cups of coffee at
home and this is my third so. Going back to the sightseeing, another bridge
we encountered while walking around the Old Town is the Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija). This stone bridge closely resembles Stari
Most as it was built as a test run before tackling the larger bridge. The streets that we’re walking on I’ve never
seen streets like this anywhere before. They are basically like they are not cobbled
but they are like these rounded stones so as you’re walking around your feet almost
get like this weird massage. So now we’re making our way to our next attraction
and we’re going to be visiting the Hamam Museum which I’m super interested in. After having traveled quite a bit in Istanbul
but always being too chicken to go to a Hamam. The Hamam Museum is set in a former Turkish
bath house, which also happens to be the only preserved hamam in Mostar. The museum deals with customs surrounding
bathhouses. It’s a small museum so you likely won’t
spend too long here, but it’s worth the visit. Plus, on the way out, they have a cool souvenir
shop where you can pick up soaps, loofahs, and towels to use in your own bath at home,
or for a public bath visit – if you dare. And this right here is our entrance ticket
to the Turkish House (Kajtaz). It is 2 postal cards. They stamped it on the back to show we each
paid 2 Euros. So yeah that makes for a nice little souvenir. What a great idea. And check out the color of these carpets. The Turkish House is a small museum where
you can get a glimpse of life during the Ottoman days. After paying our admission fee, we took our
time wandering through the house, which was filled with traditional furniture, colourful
carpets, household items, and a mix of old photographs and paintings. There’s even a chest with traditional clothing
if you’re looking to dress up for photos, but the views are what make this house really
special. I’ve gotta say when we were first going in
I was kind of thinking this place looks Korean. Especially because of the entrance. Those doors you really see it in old um Hanok
buildings all over Korea not just in Seoul. So that is what it reminded me of. But yeah, it was super cool and inside you
can just see kind of like the layout of what a Turkish home would have been like. Um, the carpets, the pillows, the furniture. So yeah, it is a cool little spot here in
Mostar. I would recommend it. Lastly, if you feel like you’ve covered
Mostar, there’s a relatively easy half-day trip to Blagaj. This town is known for its dervish monastery
(Tekke Blagaj Tekija) which is set at the foot of a cliff and next to a river with emerald
green waters. It’s about a half-hour ride by public bus
or you can take an organized tour. While we weren’t blown away by the interior
of the monastery, we can appreciate that it’s a photogenic place with plenty of natural
beauty all around, so it’s a place to consider if you have some time to spare. And that’s a wrap for Mostar! We can honestly say this was one of our favourite
destinations of the entire year. With its Ottoman architectural wonders, delicious
dishes served in heaping platters, and warm locals who take hospitality to a whole new
level, there’s a lot to love about the city! Mostar is strikingly beautiful, but it’s
the people who give the place its soul. Yes, the city’s been through a lot, and
it still bears the scars of a horrible war fought in the 90s, but Mostar has picked itself
up and is showing visitors all it has to offer. We hope you enjoyed getting to experience
this city through our eyes on this travel guide, and as always, if you have any other
suggestions of things to do in Mostar, feel free to share your tips with travellers in
the comments below. In the meantime, wishing you happy travels
and until next time!

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