10 Things to do in Nuremberg, Germany travel guide

10 Things to do in Nuremberg, Germany travel guide

Well hello from Nuremberg, Germany! Hallo. Hallo. So we are here for a couple of days without
much of an itinerary. The plan is just to wander around and see
what we find. Yeah, I guess we’re going to try and pack
in as much as we can in just 2 days and the nice thing is that a lot of the attractions
and things to do seem to be concentrated in the center. Yes. So that will make it really easy. We’re just going to be doing a lot of walking
and randomly stopping off in different places. Alright, let’s get started. Let’s do it. We started our day by taking the U-bahn to
the centre of town and getting off at Lorenzkirche. This put us on the south bank of the Pegnitz
River, where we took the opportunity to browse some markets before visiting St Lorenz Church. This is a beautiful gothic church complete
with pointed vaults, stained glass windows, and sculptures. They regularly put on concerts where you can
listen to classical music played on one of the largest organs in Europe, but we were
only there to catch a glimpse of the inside. From there we walked across one of the city’s
many bridges and continued on to the Beautiful Fountain (yes, that’s the name), searching
for a bit of good luck. So right now we’re at Schoener Brunnen and
apparently there is a gold ring that we can spin for good luck. And I have walked around this whole tower
and I can’t find the ring. So we’re going around again looking for it. We found it. A local had to point it out but there is the
ring. You spin it 3 times for good luck. Oh my gosh that was the hardest ring to ever
find. It does not look gold. Needle in a haystack. Really! We walked around in circles for 5 minutes. Okay, I think you’ve done it like 10 times. That is plenty of luck. One of Nuremberg’s most famed attractions
is the Imperial Castle located in the northwest end of the Old Town. The castle is a testament to the power of
the Holy Roman Empire during the middle ages, and it is made up of numerous buildings. Wandering the complex itself is free of charge. We are going up the tower. Up the tower to the top of the castle. Ooh. And it appears these will definitely be the
best views in the entire city. Okay, so you can get three different types
of tickets. We paid 3.50 Euros each. And this gives us access to the tower which
we are going to climb for some views and later we’re also going to be visiting this really
deep well and there is going to be a demonstration. Yeah. But for now let’s start climbing. So what we ended up skipping was the museum
right? The museum. Sam is not a fan of museums. Well, I didn’t exactly see you super keen
to go either. Haha. So I’d say those views were worth it. Views were amazing. It wasn’t so bad of a climb actually. No. Like it is not that tiring. It is not tiring and also the steps seem quite
modern. They are nice and wide. Normally when we climb up a tower it is like
these dark and the steps are like tiny. Yeah. Yeah but it was cool and you get 360 degree
views once you reach the top. So you get see all of the rooftops and the
little cobbled streets so yeah that was good. Indeed, and next up we’re going to be viewing
a demonstration. What is that all about? So we’re going to see a well. A water well. Apparently it is really deep and they light
some candles and send them down. So yeah, that is next. Let’s go check that out. One of the most important buildings within
the castle complex is the well house, which dates back to 1563 and houses the Deep Well. The well is 50 meters deep, and to show how
deep that really is, they put on an impressive demonstration. Wait for it… (Slashing noise) So we are now having a wander through the
castle gardens. Sam, oh King Sam. Come tell us about your gardens. My gardens are majestic and only I may enter. Actually one of the coolest things is that
this place hasn’t been overcrowded especially this garden section. There have actually been certain areas where
we’ve been the only people. So that is pretty cool. Yeah, and we didn’t have to pay to get in. It is free. It is a weekday. It is a Wednesday so come on a weekday. And we couldn’t come all the way to Nürnberg
and not try the famed Nuremberger sausage! We went to Bratwursthäusle, right in the
heart of the Old Town by St Sebaldus Church. And this is what it looks like. The food is already here. And it is cooked right in the middle of the
restaurant. It is an open kitchen so you can watch them
prepare it. We got to watch them do that. Yeah, and it is six. Six to a plate. But you know what? It usually comes in 6, 8, 10 or 12. And you can get 3 different side dishes with
it. We ordered sauerkraut. Yeah, and then we also ordered an extra side
of potato salad because we couldn’t make up our mind. They both sounded so so good. Over here. Yeah. And you can also just get it with horseradish. So we’ve come a long way for this very special
sausage. Yeah. So what makes it so unique? Well what makes it so unique is that it is
basically its configurations. It has to be between. Configurations? Isn’t that mathematical. Between 7 to 9 centimeters. Yeah. And it weigh between 20 to 25 grams. Yeah. These are not small. You cannot deviate from that. Oh no. Because then it is not authentic. Exactly. And apparently it is also seasoned with marjoram
which isn’t a spice I’m really familiar with. I’m not quite sure what it tastes like. Time for that very first bite. Yep. In he goes. The famed Nuremberg sausage. Will it disappoint? Wow. No? No. No. It is good? That is one of the best sausages I’ve ever
had. Like that is just so good. we had to get dessert after we saw it on the
menu. Haha. If you’d like to hear some more horrible German. We got Apfelstrudel mit vanilla sauce un sanne. I believe that apple strudel. Hahaha. With vanilla sauce and cream so here we go. Here we go. Here we go. It looks nice. Look at that. So we’ve got some icing sugar on top it would
seem. Oh, the sauce is warm. I can feel the heat rising off of the plate. Let’s see. Let’s try that. Oh, the icing sugar blew away. And? Mmmmm. Hmmmhmm. Hits the spot? And it is quite good. Later that afternoon we went into Nuremberg’s
deep underground on a tour of the historic beer cellars. Nürnberg has been a beer brewing city for
centuries, and sometime around the year 1380, a building law was passed stating that everyone
who was brewing beer in their house, had to have a cellar ten feet deep and sixteen feet
wide. This is not meant for tall people. I’m okay. Sam not so much. Mister Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yeah, exactly. The Hunchback of Nuremberg. Brost. So finishing the tour with some red beer. That looks quite frothy. Aaah. That is nice. That is going down well this time of day. What time is it? It is 3pm. 3pm. I’m ready for some beer. While in town, we also took a walk down Weißgerbergasse,
which may just be one of the prettiest streets in Nuremberg. The street’s name translates to White Tanner’s
Lane since this was home to the workshops of craftsmen specializing in leather goods. So we are currently doing an audio tour of
Albrecht Durer’s home. I’ve got my audioset. Sam, declined so let’s go in. Albrecht Dürer’s one time home is now a
museum dedicated to his life and work. He was a German Renaissance artist across
many mediums, but he is best known for revolutionizing printmaking and elevating it as an art form. At certain times of day, they offer a guided
tour with an actress who plays the role of Agnes Dürer, the artist’s wife. We have found a Canada Goose. That goose is Canadian 100%. Goose, come say hello. Come say eh. So here is a fun challenge if you’re traveling
in Nuremberg. Try and see how many beautiful bridges you
can find because we’ve crossed a lot today. Yeah, and I keep asking you Audrey is this
it. Is this the special bridge. Is this the bridge that we’ve been looking
for? And there has just been so many amazing ones
and apparently not. So we’re still on the hunt for it. The bridge we were looking for is the Heilig-Geist-Spital,
or the Holy Spirit Hospital. It’s not a bridge in the usual sense of
the word, rather a medieval building that sits across part of the Pegnitz River. On a more serious note, we couldn’t leave
Nürnberg without also visiting the Dokuzentrum, also known as the The Documentation Center
Nazi Party Rallying Grounds. Today the unfinished Congress Hall, which
was meant to hold 50,000 people, houses a museum with a permanent exhibition titled
Fascination and Terror. The museum looks at the rise of national socialism,
the mass events used for Nazi propaganda, and the aftermath we are all too familiar
with. You can reach the museum by taking tram # 9
to the Doku-Zentrum from the Hauptbahnhof. And that’s a wrap for a our guide to Nuremberg,
Germany. As you can see, it would be easy to cover
most of the main sights on a day trip, though you may want to give yourself two days to
scratch a bit beyond the surface. If you have any other suggestions of cool
things to do in Nuremberg, feel free to share those with fellow travellers in the comments
below. In the meantime, wishing you happy travels
and see you next time!

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