10 Things to do in Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide

10 Things to do in Zagreb, Croatia Travel Guide

After a week on the Istrian Peninsula, but
before making our way down to the Dalmatian Coast, we took a detour to Zagreb. Our plan for Croatia (Hrvatska) had been to
spend as much time along the coast and islands as possible, but we were also curious to see
what the capital had to offer. Known for its lively street markets, vast
green spaces, and varied architecture that spans numerous movements, we reached the capital
and hit the ground running. In this video we’re going to show you some
fun things to do in Zagreb, as well as share our favourite place for sampling the most
delicious truffle dishes: Alright guys. Hey. First stop of the day we are currently at
the main square in front of the Ban Josip Jelačić monument I believe it is. It is a man on horseback and yeah there is
a huge artisanal market happening today and actually every single day we’ve been here. Yeah. We’ve noticed this market. Yeah, and this market sells just about everything. Yeah. Like what they really specialize in is some
yummy bites. So yeah we’ve seen a lot of pastries but also
cheeses, sausages. So we’re going to have a look and maybe get
a little snack. Yeah. Let’s do it. However, this isn’t the only outdoor market
in the city. Just around the corner from the main square
you have the Flower Market, and if you head up the steps, that leads to Zagreb’s Central
Market (Dolac Market), which has stands filled with fresh fruits and vegetables – a fun place
to buy your groceries if you’re in town for a few days. Alright guys so found ourselves a little dessert. This is not Croatian at all. I ended up getting crepes with nutella because
anytime I see nutella it is just too tempting. So it was only 10 Kuna. Yeah. Which would be about a Euro fifty. So not too bad for the center of town. This kind of harkens back to our Southeast
Asia backpacking days huh? Oh yeah, pancakes with banana and nutella. Yeah. I know it just makes for a good dessert. We had a big burrito for lunch so yeah we’re
kind of craving a little bit something sweet. Kind of light little snack. Yep. But it is good. Good stuff huh? And now that we’ve had some dessert and we
have a little burst of energy we are continuing our walk. We are heading uphill towards the cathedral. Zagreb Cathedral (Zagrebačka katedrala) is
one the city’s main landmarks. This is said to be the largest sacral building
in the Gothic style southeast of the Alps, and it’s pretty easy to spot the spires
wherever you are in the city. Inside the cathedral, you’ll also find the
tomb of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac (stepinats), which draws many pilgrims. When you exit the cathedral, you’ll notice
a tower towards the right. When we visited, they had an exhibition called
“Golden Threads” that showcased religious tapestries and garments. Admission was free of charge, though donations
were welcome. Our walk through the Upper Town eventually
lead us to Tkalčićeva (T-kal-chi-che-va) Street. Once upon a time, a stream flowed through
here dividing Zagreb’s two oldest settlements, but these days you’ll find a lively street
lined with restaurants, cafes and bars. This is a popular place to grab a bite and
you’ll be spoiled for choice with cuisines from around the world. From there, we continued even further uphill
until we reached what may be the most memorable museum in the whole world: The Museum of Broken
Relationships (Muzej prekinutih veza). The concept is pretty simple, this museum
is a global crowd-sourced project that deals with heartbreak. Inside you’ll find a mix of curious objects,
each with a corresponding story that describes the downfall of the relationship and the significance
of the submitted object. So we have just come out of the Museum of
Broken Relationships. Thoughts? My heart is throbbing. Yeah, right. Just kidding. But anyways, some of the stories were quite
fascinating and I found it really interesting the types of objects that were selected. Oh yeah. Some were very like common household items
and others were very creative. There were like axes in there. Yeah, there were some that were very violent
yeah and others I think there was a museum. Sorry, I think there was a modem router as
one of the other ones. Oh yeah. Yeah, an internet router. That was a random one. Just a very random collection but really what
you want to do when you go in there is read the individual stories. Yes. So next stop. We are currently in front of Saint Mark’s
Church (Crkva sv. Marka) which has the most colorful roof yeah
I have ever seen. Oh my goodness. It is beautiful and the light is shining on
it just perfectly. Yeah, like we’re just getting some great shots
right now. You know it kind of reminds me of the roof
on Saint Stephen’s in Vienna. Yeah. When we climbed the cathedral it was also
colorful. Oh yeah. But this one is like way more intense and
it has two emblems. Is it emblems? Yes. What do you call these. Exactly there is two emblems on the roof. And they are shaped like shields. Yes. But the church looks closed. So I don’t know we’re going to walk around
and see if we can get in. We’ll see if we can get in. St. Mark’s Church bears the medieval coat
of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia on the left-hand side, and the emblem of Zagreb
on the right. Okay so it turns out that the first set of
doors was open but now the second set of doors is locked. So we’re going to have a little peak through
the glass. So far we’ve shown you churches and museums
in the Upper Town, but another reason to come all the way up here is to enjoy some city
views of the Lower Town. There are some great vantage points along
the promenade, plus we also ended up stumbling across some cool sculptures and street art. Being buds. My new bestie. You know what? The way he is shaped it is like you could
perfectly take a nap on his lap. Haha. Like seriously. That is perfect I feel like I could use one
now. On our way down from the Upper Town, we walked
through Zagreb’s famed Stone Gate (Kamenita Vrata). It may not look like much from the outside,
but what was once the eastern gate into the medieval settlement now houses a small chapel. The story goes that the fire of 1731 destroyed
the gate, but when the fire and smoke subsided, it appeared that the one thing had remained
intact: a painting of Virgin Mary with Jesus. This was seen as a miracle, so a chapel was
built within the gate complete with pews, and you can see people coming to pray, light
candles, and even offer their thanks for answered prayers as seen on the walls of the gate. And now let’s take a break from all the
sightseeing to introduce you to one of our favourite restaurants in Zagreb when it comes
to truffle dishes. you were sold by a couple of items. What were they? Everything with truffles. Haha. Everything with truffles. Polenta with truffles. Pasta with truffles. Let’s go in. Well hello hello. It is time for lunch here in Zagreb and we
found a really cool restaurant like right around the corner from our Airbnb. but anyways today we figured we would showcase
some Croatian dishes and we’re specifically going to be focussing on anything and everything
with truffles. So I believe Sam you got risotto. Yes. I got polenta. And yeah truffles are going to be like the
main thing. That does look so good. Wow. That looks so good Sam. Haha. Oh my goodness guys, the food is here and
it looks amazing. So like I mentioned earlier I ended up getting
the polenta which is really cool. They kind of cooked it in like a circular
fashion and then sliced it and in between I have like this red cabbage and also he came
to the table and he brought his little truffle and he actually like sliced it onto my meal. Yeah, it was amazing. It is pretty phenomenal. So excited for this. So yeah, let’s dig in. Polenta and truffles. Mmmm. Oh my gosh. Good? I just love truffles. I’ve only had it a few times in my life. I think probably just in Italy but it is so
so good. Haha. It is like black gold. You tend to like the finer things in life. Oh yes. Oh man. I want to just like shave off a little piece
so I don’t waste it. Go in for more. But seriously all you need is like a little
piece and it has such a strong flavor. Mmm. Wonderbar? And this is what we came for. This is what we came for exactly. This right here. Okay Sam, so time to try your main. The risotto. So before I even try it I’ve just got to talk
about the procedure of this whole thing. Yeah. So it was plated at the table. Yeah, they came out with a pot. Yeah, it was like a saucepan and then they
served it right on the plate. Yeah, and then they came and did the whole
truffle grating business. Yes. Like they did on yours. Yep. And then he asked me if I would like to have
cheese and I said yeah of course. So he came back and grated cheese. You had to ask him is that enough because
you weren’t saying stop. Oh yeah, he was just going and going. I was busy filming it. So I wasn’t paying attention. So it is going to be very cheese heavy. Um, anyways, let’s try that. So I’m going to make sure I get a piece of
truffle. I’m going to dig down deep so I get a bit
of everything here. And you got the risotto with prosciutto, pine
nuts and truffles. Yeah, it is kind of like a lot going on. Alright, let’s try that. Can’t wait to try yours. Ooh. Oh my gosh. Wow. What do you think? Wow. Well, I’m a huge risotto fan and this is right
up there with being really high quality. Like they’ve cooked it to perfection. The risotto itself is just cooked perfectly
and then on top of that you’ve got a creamy sauce, you’ve got the meat, you’ve got all
of the cheese. You’ve got the truffles. It is just like it is something wonderful
taking place in your mouth. I can smell that from over here. Oh my gosh that is so good. I’m at a loss for words I’m enjoying this
so much. It has been so good. I will share this with you but not too much. And craving more views of the city, we then
went up Zagreb 360. Okay so we have made it to our next attraction. We are visiting Zagreb 360 and basically we
rode the elevator to the 16th floor of this really tall building and we get some pretty
cool views of the Old Town. Uh, so tickets. It was 60 Kuna per person. That is about 9 US dollars and yeah the views
are pretty cool. Sam, what do you think? Loving it. We picked the right time to come because all
of the buildings are being like hit by the sunlight in this direction. Yeah, we have nice soft light. Nice soft light. It is kind of late in the afternoon. And one more thing to mention. There is a cool cafe. Yeah. So after you’re done enjoying the views you
can actually eat up here. You could but we’re still digesting lunch. We had the biggest lunch of all time. So yeah. We won’t be doing that but it is definitely
an option. So the Zagreb city exploration continues and
next up we’re going to be visiting the famous U shaped park which is technically like two
different strips of park plus a botanical gardens on the bottom. So we’re starting at the park that is right
across from our airbnb. And let me read the name because this one
is a mouthful. So it is park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera. So yeah. It is really a big park. It really is. And at the very end. It is really long. At the very end of it there is a couple of
major landmarks that we will be showing you as well. Tada. Known as the Green Horseshoe, this park was
named after Milan Lenuci who came up with the idea of creating connected green spaces
right in the downtown. The horseshoe is home to several museums,
galleries and archives, so it also makes for a fun way to explore Zagreb on foot. Second park. So we’ve reached the bottom of the U and I’m
just sitting down taking a little rest. Yep. On a park bench but we’ve reached the botanic
gardens and it is awesome. It is my kind of place. You know why? Because it is free. It is a free attraction. Oh my goodness. I love free attractions and it looks like
a really nice botanic gardens. It looks quite big. So we’re just going to take a wander around
and see what we can find here. Let’s go watch some hockey. As a bonus, if you’re into hockey and you
visit Zagreb during the season, you can catch a game in the city. We watched Medveščak Zagreb play, and judging
by the chanting, drumming, and top of the lungs cheering, this team has a loyal fan
base. (Cheering and clapping) Woo! Hooray! Hooray! And that’s it for our visit to Zagreb! We hope you enjoyed this travel guide and
that you got a few ideas of things to see, eat and do on your own visit. Wishing you happy travels, and we’ll see
you in the next video as we continue our travels down the Croatian coast!

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