100 thoughts on “10 Things You Will Love About Traveling Even If You Hate Traveling

  1. Bonjour from Paris !
    This is such a great video ! I love to travel especially to other countrys where everything look so different , i've been in maybe 15 country at 18years old but there's so more i'd love to see ! Oh and i love reason n°8 , when I went to salzurg and I saw the place where were made the sound of music it was magical !

  2. Have you ever been to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia or Singapore? If so, which ones? Have you made a video about these places/will you visit and make videos?

  3. Hi mark! I really liked #9 cause I'm currently in Iceland! But I know your said you can only afford to go once to Norway…. I don't think I can ever come back to Iceland. We went to the grocery store and cheese is like 10€ 😛 ouuuuch!!!

  4. Great video! I agree with your ideas. Traveling is a pleasant education, something new and interesting can be discovered around the next street corner. I also like to have a look at the less attractive parts of cities and the factories and industrial areas; that way I also have a good idea how the residents earn a living. Exploring large cities (like Paris) on foot, like 10-15 miles per day, for 5 days, was an experience I'll always treasure. Happy traveling to you!

  5. Have recently found your channel as we are researching our first European holiday. Very informative and great photos too. Just wondering where you stay when in Bamberg. We are planning to be there mid June. Thanks


  7. I like the enthusiasm you put in your videos! You are just right, travelling is a major experience in life. Unfortunately I've never been much of a traveller but I know that travelling is like "living longer" and better. For example: I've been in Venice only once when I was 11, even if I live at a 4 hours drive from it, and I still have vivid memories ( and it's been a long way since 1981), same thing to be said for Holland in 1994, still can feel the pleasantly crispy air and see the picturesque villages of Friesland… But, on the other hand, we all have "places of the heart" that will never bore us in a thousand years and they're just around the corner. I guess it's the eternal dilemma: make the best of your local reality or get lost in the world. Anyway, thank you because your channel is awesome; I'll travel again, hopefully, if not, I'll settle for watching your vids. Best regards to you, your exquisite wife and terrific kids!

  8. Agree with most of your thoughts (I'm not in to souvenirs even if it's called wall art 😀) but one thing I really love about traveling is the planning. I do enough research to determine if and when I purchase my tix but then the fun really begins for me and I've got it down. Plan things to do/see/eat; read about must visit restos/cafes/pubs; learn top phrases and words; review the scams and warnings; become familiar with customs, culture, currency; review maps and learn public trans options; flag all the places on Google maps; investigate day trips and side stops along the way…all super fun for me. The only thing I do not do is schedule unless it's a reservation, concert, one night only market, etc. A key to fun travel is flexibility once in country.

    Excellent video Mark. I say this often but seriously, this was a home run.

    Checking in from very hot and humid Thailand by the way!

  9. Walter, if you haven't already, I suggest travelling to Japan. Just came back from our trip to Japan. It was hands down the best trip in our life. The food is delicious, the people are wonderful, you get a better understanding of their culture, the sushi is nothing like in the west. It was refreshing to see the real image of Japan compared to the extreme stories you hear about Japan in the west. We truly fell in love with the country and will be visiting it also in this year. 🙂

    Our trip resulted in us getting 4 new friends, losing a lot of weight, getting healthy new habits, becoming more patient, in general becoming nicer to other people, learning to treasure each meeting (ichi-go ichi-e) etc. You could say these are the reasons why we would like to go there again. Now we are enrolling into a Japanese language course, so next time we will be able to have an even richer experience. 🙂

  10. The only point I would agree on is the shared experiences and memories with family and friends. All the rest of that stuff is really over-rated…I've been to Europe, Mexico, and all around Asia an after the first run through, it's pretty much "been there done that." Air travel, packing, and hotels are really a pain in the rear too…and I travel business/first class and stay in 4-5 star hotels. Basically, now, after seeing the world, I'd much rather just stay home and stream a movie for my entertainment.

    But at least Mark did fess-up the the real reason he travels is to eat all that food and drink the beer…but he put it fourth but I'm sure it's really his first reason to travel.

  11. I like the momentary and transient nature of the experiences you have with other travellers. Over only a few days you can be the best travel buddies, enjoy time together – exchange travel tales and share great experiences. Then you soon go your separate ways and it all starts again with the new travellers you meet at the next stop.

  12. Best thing about travelling for me is when I wake up in the morning and for a tiny moment I’ve forgetten where I am, then I remember, I’m in _________ (insert cool place).

  13. couldn't agree more.. all of these are so true! great video! Most important thing to me is the part about understanding other cultures! It makes you less judgemental about people from other areas of the world and helps bringing all the people together!

  14. I really don't need to travel far to see 3 different cultures, i live in the very very south of austria, literally 10 km from the italian border away and 12 km from the slovenian border away. My region is a really cool meeting point and the only region where pretty much slavic european, germanic european and romanic european culture meets each other

  15. Great video! I totally agree with you! Another thing I like about travelling : to do activities abroad such as surfing, dancing tango, kayaking, paragliding etc… that's part of the best memories!

  16. Great video! I will have to pass this on. Some people in our lives don't understand why we love to travel, but they have never gone anywhere! It's the best and most addicting hobby.

  17. Great video! I will have to pass this on. Some people in our lives don't understand why we love to travel, but they have never gone anywhere! It's the best and most addicting hobby.

  18. I love your videos. They help push me to explore new places instead of just going back to the same places that I have loved before.

  19. I love this and completely agree with you! Traveling is one of the best things in life… I usually don't care if others don't like what I like but it just blows my mind when people tell me that they don't like to travel or don't care to…
    Thanks for sharing, Mark!

  20. Mark, you're so right about Bamberg. It's seriously because of your videos that I decided to visit there. I went on a day trip from Nürnberg because of the smoked beer that you've brought up in previous videos. Wow! That town seriously is a hidden gem. I did not think that I would have seen a place like it. I was completely amazed.

  21. Best decision I ever made was to start traveling last year. I've been to 11 new countries and several new National Parks in the last 8 months

  22. As always, very informative and entertaining video, your enthusiasm is catching and gives us itchy feet. Thank you for that, Mark. Personally, I think that the greatest benefit you get from travelling, is to get rid of the misconceptions, prejudices, you might have about other cultures.

  23. To me travelling and exploring is meaning the existence, we live an a massive unexplored world so I'm just gonna save up and go all over the fucking globe.

  24. I still can not calculate or brainstorm, how on earth do you have enough cash to travel in the first place.
    I mean, a plane ticket,.. well any ticket per trip alone is enough to bankrupt you. Let alone hotel costs, food,.. 99% of people CAN NOT afford to travel. It is not that they don't want to travel.

  25. I agree about eating the Duck in France. There is a restaurant/cafe near Bercy Arena in Paris called Les Spectacles and the Duck there was delicious. The people there are very nice too,


  26. Mark! I've been subscribed to your channel pretty much since the beginning and you've really helped a lot with my travels. After I seen your Iceland video I bought a plane ticket there not even 5 minutes after it ended! I'm going on my second euro trip and it's you that inspired me to do that. I'm also going to Ibiza and Sorrento Italy! Still have way more planning to do 🙂 take care man

  27. Every time you do 2 backwards with your hand I laugh cos that's a vulgar sign in the UK. Anyway, I love your videos. I miss Europe!

  28. i took care about some syrian refugees, and they invited me for dinner…and what should i say… the best Food in the world is the arabian Food… i never ate something delicious like that. If you ever have thepossibility to try it, taste it! and sry for my worse english, i try my best, but i am not a native Speaker. And last but not least, you are totaly right, traveling opens your mind and changes the way you recognice the world 🙂

  29. You really make aweosme videos…I am your fan…i love travelling too… When are you planning to India!…i stay in Mumbai..
    please follow me on Instagram- sagar1307

  30. Mark,

    I really like your traveling videos. How do you do it? My friend and I really want to go travel, but we can't seem to find the money and/or time. When there is time, no money. When there is money, no time. How do you do it?

    Please come by and check out our channel where we make videos about a country, the people, culture, food and famous tourist attractions in that country.

  31. Love your friendly helpful vids… agree with all that. Change of scene is essential for all… plus it is fun planning and making vids/pix and sorting them afterwards… and boring your friends with the adventures… hah hah. The trick is getting the best from your money and time (ie leave) budget… and then bask in how fortunate we are to be able to do this… do it before it is too late and then you regret it!

  32. Mark of Wolters World sums up perfectly those reasons that are good for wanting to travel. There is so much to learn from those countries anyone goes to. Of course, there are countries (among them Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Central African Republic, Somalia and Yemen) that are so dangerous that travelling to them is not a good idea. South Korea's government bans that country's citizens from travelling to many of those countries, but even citizens of countries other than South Korea should be warned: the countries I mentioned earlier are in perpetual states of war.

  33. Thanks so much for the videos Mark (and family)! Have you considered creating your own travel book? My husband and I are finally able to travel internationally for the very first time and we are going to London and Paris in March…eek!

  34. Traveling can bring out abilities in you that you didn't know you have. thanks for the good video Walter.

  35. Wonderful ! Everything on your list is just so true. My only problem is even on a trip I'm thinking where to next!

  36. my dream is to travel the world i have only been to 2 countries Ireland and the UK but i want to see more of the world and be like Mark

  37. Mark ! Lesley and I just started traveling Europe this year and we have booked trips to Egypt and China,,,,,, and the Christmas Markets,,, and all got to say is that this video says it all! And all I got to say to you is "Thank You!

  38. Agreed, although I would say France isn't the best when it comes to food though and this is coming from someone who has a French last/family name.

    I personally would rank them based on my experiences:

    1. Spain
    2. California
    3. New Zealand
    4. Italy
    5. France

    I've been there and had a few bland meals and some poorly made cheeses before. It was at a noodle restaurant in Chinatown and some really greasy fondue at a party once.

    I did have the most amazing breakfast, at the time, at my cousin's house in the countryside. They had real chocolate that came with cereal in a box… Blew my mind. Super tasty, too. I'm sure it's not good for me but whatevers.

  39. Great video, I love traveling too. The best things about traveling is first the planning, where to go, what to see and do. Studying the maps, the culture, history, language and the religion or the mindset that those people there have. Also eating good food, in a city or town with amazing architecture or surrounded by beautiful nature. To me the change of environment is very important or else I will get bored out since I live in a small city which I've lived in my entire life so far. When you travel you get the feeling of being born again as a different environment makes you curious like a child again… It's also quite like a challenge to see how you're going to manage and when you get back home I always feel more self-confident knowing that I managed back home alive after my adventures in an unfamiliar environment + you probably make some unforgettable memories to share.

  40. As a history buff, that part of history coming alive really strikes a chord. It's so true and when you're standing or walking in the footsteps of the people, good and bad, that have helped shape the world we have today; it's rather sobering and in many ways, exciting.

  41. My highlight was an English family in Belgium. The husband wanted vinegar over his chips lol. I just let him struggle with the boy behind the counter.

  42. Mark, do you have a video of your artwork at your house? I love the idea and would love to see your collection! Safe travels, my friend!

  43. Hi Wolters, are you planning to travel to South Korea/Japan/Taiwan? Can't wait to see the love and hate video for those countries!

  44. The Food I discovered Gelato about 12 years ago when I first travelled to Italy. Plus your are sooo right what you said in another video about the beer being better in Germany soo true. Keep up the videos love them Mark!!

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  46. hey there!
    I went through some of your videos. They are really jolly and informative:)
    I was wondering how you have managed to do these seasons and episodes on YouTube, the ones that are stated above the title. May you reveal the secret?

  47. I like to experience unique events or things that can only be done in a particular town.

    E.g. I've gone to concerts across the Atlantic because they were a favourite artist that was not going to come to my continent on what would be their last tour, so it was that your abroad or never!

    Most museums and art galleries have similar around the world especially in London unless you want see a specific display.

    I can only do the CN tower edgewalk in one place in the world, there's only one Empire State Building, Tower of London or Berlin Wall in its original place

  48. What I enjoy most is stepping into the unknown…What will I see or experience next?…Who will I meet?…What will I learn?

  49. My stepfather (rest his soul) travelled many times to Mexico.  His whole home was filled with cultural treasures like clothing, artwork, historical items and shelves full of books.  He opened my eyes to so many things and I miss him.

  50. I’m heading to Sweden, Finland, and Norway in February for 18 days. Focusing mostly on the north. I always try to escape the big cities no matter where I go (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Peru, Lebanon, Morocco, Ireland and many more). But I love experiencing them as well (Lisbon, Madrid, Athens, Las Vegas, Moscow, London, Bucharest etc). I always try to see the country instead of just visiting one city for a few days and going home. Number 9, and 10 are why I truly travel.

  51. Nice video from what I can tell is a nice person.  A quote i'd like to share:  "If you're not living good, travel wide" – Bob Marley

  52. It's true that you can sit at home and watch Discovery Channel. But there is no way a two-dimensional representation on a TV screen can ever compare with the three-dimensional and multi-sensory experience of exploring these places in real life.

  53. I am so interested in traveling but afraid because I have a dairy allergy and other food sensitivities, how are other countries with this? Do you know? Is there a language barrier at most places? This is the main reason I am afraid to travel. Any help or advice would be amazing! Thank you.

  54. You get to see some important landmark buildings and sites that was just a chapter or episode in your history books or Discovery channel for that matter.

  55. Dear Mr Wolters..I agree with you. This is what I tell my friends relatives as to why I travel. I am from Lucknow India.now 71.and remained in Courts for 42years as a lawyer n finally retired as a Judge in the Highcourt ..Been travelling since 1964.as a Geology student and then in connection with my work.By now by God's grace I have seen all the places I wanted to.from SFO to Tokyo. St.Petersberg Moscow Russia to Queenstown in NEW ZEALAND .Silk ROUTE region. Whole of Europe. MORRACCO Egypt in Africa Turkey Greece.The most memorable was ISREAL Holy land wandering through streets of Jerusalem. BATHELHAM. NAZRETH.n seeing Sea of Gaileeli. Deadsea West bank Jordan river Baptismal sites..Bali Bangkok. ANGKOREVAT Combodia Dubai Sharza UAE Qutar etc…Travelling is an addiction. You feel like going out twice a year…Dear.. because of Internet. European union..credit card easy access to your bank WhatsApp acceptable currency. Powerful US Dollars Euros smartphones have changed the scene for young people of the World..we have witnessed hazards problems of travelling in Pro Russian countries Multiple currencies exchange problems expensive unaffordable prices of airtickets long sea journeys…ENJOY youngsters..The world has become a Global VILLAGE. Language is no PROBLEM Your smartphone immediately comes to your rescue ..I salute the Women of the World.They are smarter than men.understand problems of a foreigner helpful caring ready to render assistance..This WORLD weather CHINA or Japan Africa Europe USA Russia Central Asia Australia NEW ZEALAND Indonesia Thailand etc is in fact carrying on smoothly because of them.love care for all..Best wishes dear travellers wanderers I belong to your tribe …

  56. I love travelling, the only thing I hate is unpacking my case and having so much laundry. I miss my two cats too.

  57. My three favourite things about travel are:
    1) planning the trip
    2) living the trip
    3) re-living the trip, be it in my mind or telling people about my trip and experiences.

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