welcome to Prague Prague has hundreds and thousands of places to visit but it also has some tourist traps today we’re going to show you 10 worst tourist traps here in Prague karlova Street also the street that connects old town square with the charles bridge in prague castle or as i like to call it the mecca of bullshit and tourist traps let me give you a little hint here on 100 meters come at me so what can you buy in pavlova street well how about you buy an italian purse oh that’s very Czech I guess or you can buy souvenirs but they’re not in Czech there are the Russian or American football players or by way here’s something really Czech get a Thai massage how about that of course there are exceptions on kalalau street like this place it’s called cafe dum who make sure to visit it and have their 70 cent beer or anything else inside recommended welcome to the traditional Czech restaurant as a starter I would suggest the Norwegian salmon or the crab cocktail segways the tours go as high as 100 euros for a tour don’t do it ok if you want to do a Segway tour please do it out of the city centre of Prague we don’t like segways in the downtown and all Town Square there’s just annoy people ok if you go to a dictionary and you look up tourist trap you’ll find this place this is the definition of a tourist trap if you change money here you’ll get half of what you’re supposed to get under any circumstances do not go here another massive tourist trap Adi stands right here on all Town Square they advertise the prices 400 grams of food but they will not be ashamed to give you like a kilo of Prague ham and they will charge you more than 50 euros for that one serving it’s crazy it’s ridiculous for 50 euros you can have a beautiful romantic dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend anywhere in the city in luxury restaurant please avoid these places please still in the old town square which is full of tourist scams and tourist traps the another one is right behind me it’s the historical cars and the buses that take you around the prague for a tour neither of those who needs to use you can just walk around and avoid the historical cars they’re not even historical it’s just new cars we built to look old bullshit hey guys some of the Busters in Prague are non original and they’re like annoying and they like shit but there are still buskers in product that are great and they do their job well so feed them oh well not necessarily a tourist trap but definitely eaters bullshit this is something called third wall which translates to a dumb person yes you would be dumb to buy this it’s not check not original not bohemian I don’t know what it is but it just showed up with the masses of tourists that showed up to Prague I don’t know definitely not worth 60 crowns other any circumstances do not take attacks in downtown Prague especially if it’s standing like here in the pedestrian zone in the city centre he will rip you off I mean yo get your money for him and if you don’t trust me look at my other show on YouTube called progress as crooks you’ll see me getting beaten up by these guys it’s fun buying a souvenir try to avoid knocking oshika or these Soviet or communist symbols okay we don’t like them why should you take it home as a souvenir bullshit instead of buying a stupid Moscow or an ugly Soviet hat why don’t you go to the Charles University book store it’s right here on the Main Street and they have books and other things as well for good prices Thai massages are all around frogs are like a disease instead of even thinking about walking in and having a Thai massage do this look up look at the building that it’s inside that’s beautiful yes so that’s a wrap people those are the ten tourist traps you should avoid in Prague so please holes are holes are means watch out or danger thanks for watching subscribe to our channel check out our Facebook page Prague guide and I’ll see you next week there are three lines on the Prague Metro green a yellow beet and the red line seems stand on the right walk on the Left sometimes I wonder why this is illegal and this is legal

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  1. 2:45 lol that's a hungarian food called chimney cake in hungarian its "kürtö(ő)skalács" in hungary its not very cheap but in Transylvania you can find a big a*s chimney cake for about 2,30 euros, and you can eat with vanilla, coconut, wallnut and even with cocoa.. They are delicious

    (edit: 60 czk is about 2,30 euros, but somewhere you can find chimney cakes in that size for 1,5) euros)

  2. I'm coming in beginning of June. I want to know what you would recommend to buy as souvenirs that are genuinely Prague.

  3. 2:47 I've tried this thing and it was not too bad and actually good (I didn't buy them in this shop tho)

  4. The food at 2:30 is called a chimney cake where I’m from and I’m pretty sure there from Hungary

  5. Matryoshka is not a communist symbol,it is a symbol of Russia,and there are some masterpieces of it. The first Russian nested doll set was made in 1890 (so it is not from soviet times as you ‘ve said). Matryoshka dolls are a traditional representation of the mother carrying a child within her and can be seen as a representation of a chain of mother's carrying on the family legacy through the child in their womb. Furthermore, Matryoshka dolls are used to illustrate the unity of body, soul, mind, heart and spirit.so yeah it is clearly not from the Czech culture,but it doesn’t mean that it is bad ….
    And a “communist hat” is an ushanka,it has a big history and it started in 17th century. It is a big part of history and culture,research please before saying mean things about others culture.

  6. "The Mecca Of Bullshit And Tourist Traps" 0:15
    As A Muslim, I Don't Know How To Feel About This.
    Offended, Or… Something Else.

  7. 2:30 they Hungarian and that one is a fake you dont put almonds and jam on it. they're REALLY good if you get them in Hungary

  8. Hei janek im noemi and i come from Italy soon i coming in Prague!!! If you want we can meet together i always following you video…. ?

  9. The trdlo is from hungary is a tradisonal food what you can see the most at Christmas in hungary and the hungarians are make so much better and they dont eat ice cream with this and its actually called kürtöskalács an its really taste in hungary so eat this in hungary

  10. thai massages are f**** everywhere now* its cancer. Wish women would stop being feministic and men stop marrying thai girls >>:(

  11. You make Prague look like shit. I've been to several european cities that does have as much bullshit going on.

  12. a thai massage is just a massage done by a thai woman, one who has no experience with massage techniques most of the time lol

  13. After seeing Prague Castle I was interested in learning more about Prague's dungeons, so I decided to go on a ghost/dungeon tour. It started out alright, we visited sites around Old Town and heard some ghost stories related to them, but the "dungeon" ended up being someone's old basement that had been staged with generic medieval torture equipment :/

  14. Coming to Prague, don't do anything! Don't buy this, don't go to massage because it's not Czech, don't eat this either because it's not czech… dude wth?

  15. I went to Prague during December when there was a large Christmas market in the old town square. Those Trdlo pastries where sold at almost every food stand. Our tour guide told us that they aren’t worth the money but a few of us decided to split one. I know they aren’t traditional , but it was so good I had like three.

  16. I've been to Prague with my family, but luckily we didn't get hit with a tourist trap, probably because my dad lived there while learning aviation

  17. Meh… i like that weird cinnamon sugar cone thing… Atleast with icecream in…. flfldlsl soo good… anyways uuuh

  18. It’s rude and disrespectful of you to speak like that about Russian culture! I used to like you,but this is not ok

  19. When i went to a money change in prague i almost lost all the money i wanted to change.
    I had about €20 and they wanted to give about 40 Kronas

  20. I would have to disagree about the "old" cars, a majority of people who use them don't think that they are actually historical, it's obvious that it's new cars, but after a long day of walking we had fun resting on a ride on one of those, we drove around and market to ourselved all the places we saw that we want to go to, and we had a nice chat with the driver and just had a good time. Then after the ride we walked by foot to the places we saw to hang out there too. I wouldn't say that it's a must visit attraction, definitely no, but it sure is nice if you have some extra money. Especially in winter when it's nice and warm inside of them.

  21. If you want a tour of Prague, take the number 18 tram, it whisks you through the center of Prague in about 20 minutes.

  22. You should do a short episode about the Thai massage parlors. As they offer you a Happy Ending for some extra fee. Where there are tourists there always be scammers. Great video.

  23. Thanks for the advice bro. But to be fair you can get a Thai massage in almost every city on the planet. Jus saying

  24. When tourists leave their brain at the airport they deserve to be ripped off….. you can't protect gullible people from their own stupidity…. you have to assume a minimum of common sense …… but thank God for this guy who is brave enough to expose the scams….and possible police protection they benefit from…….

  25. Thank you so much! When i traveled back then, there weren't so many tourist traps, but i heard the cases of people getting ripped off with the exchange center by taking half of their money away. …So thank you for letting us know! I am heading back again this year!! 🙂

  26. 2:23 thats sweet flat donut that's how i like to say that sweet bread is from makedonia its pretty good it will be better if you leave it for one day then its good

  27. It's strange cause I went to Prague few weeks ago, and I'm like :
    " Yes I know all of theses places, it's a trap " . Maybe cause I'm tourist… And when he is on the bridge, at the end of the video, I decidedto give a name to this bridge. The bridge's name is Mike's Bridge. Why ? Cause there is a lot Mike on this bridge. What's a Mike ? An old Englishman who dom't work and take all the space of the bridge.

    PS: I'm Belgian (and also at school cause I'm 14), I maybe made grammatical mistake(s). So I'm sorry. And as we tell in Belgium,
    " allez vous faire foutre ".


  28. I kinda fell for the historical car tour. Just because I was too lazy to walk after 4 nights of heavy drinking. 22 euros for 40 minutes of driving around is a bit steep, but the tour guide was a sound lad.

  29. can you show us what is not a scam? because it seems like Prague is just scams, is there something that is not a scam?

  30. 2:50 That's probably Hungarian, it's called Kurtos Kalacs, it looks like yours has some almonds and some more stuff on it, but still Kurtos Kalacs.

  31. Nice name: Honest Guide. But I have got a better name for you Beard man or the honest Bear Boy?. Cool what are you doing for the Tourist.

  32. For souvenirs, just buy what you like. I for example bought a Matryoshka. I know they are not czech but I know that my babička (my czech grandmother) owned one of these. I played with it for hours when I was a kid. Unfortunately it got lost after she died and since I couldn't get the original anymore, I wanted to have a Matryoshka for myself as a reminder. For me it's also more like an overall symbolism of slavic culture.
    Also I recommend czech sweets, they are really delicious.

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