43 thoughts on “10 Ways You’re Traveling To Singapore Wrong

  1. I just flew Singapore Air and was at the airport for a connecting flight but had no time to explore the airport ๐Ÿ˜ž

  2. Tipping isn't a part of Singaporean culture! and…to travel around Singapore, get on the MRT (trains) or just get apps like Grab/Gojek/TADA (basically like Uber ride-hailing apps) on your phone, way easier.

  3. Looks like you need a whole extra 24 hours to just enjoy the airport! I dread to think how expensive a 14 day trip to Singapore would be. One day, when I'm actually old, my adult son and I are going on an 8 week tour of Japan. As someone who is disabled and will need to use a combo of a wheelchair and crutches it's pretty terrifying to contemplate, but it's my ultimate holiday…

  4. I went for a church camp in Malaysia.. As usual.. We sg ppl buy chewing gom. One of my church friends got fined for bringing chewing gum into sg

  5. Just have to remember in Singapore there are 3 things that are the most expensive.
    1. Smoking: cigarettes are very expensive, as a tourist get yours at the Duty Free. Bring a long your passport when you are being checked by the undercover authorities. P. S. Look for the gathering of fellow smokers. Do NOT light up when you feel like it.
    2. Drinking (Alcohol): sale of alcohol is restricted after 2230 (10:30PM) in most parts of Singapore. Don't worry you still can drink in the bars or nightspots. Just don't expect to buy them from the local shops.
    3. Driving: nope, not gonna explain that. Just know that we depend heavily on our public transportation system.

  6. Not sure what accent that girl is sporting. Not Singaporean, not American… Perhaps an amalgamation of both? I'm so lost.

  7. If u manage to bring gum into Singapore congrats to u but if u try to hide the more ppl will know so jus chew coz its not illegal to chew gum

  8. Props to the both of โ€˜em for the Singaporean content. Please ignore these Keyboard Warriors and hope you guys have a great New Yearโ€™s โœจ

  9. Actually if u can just use a human or like a bag to chope seats would be best rather then a tissue paper like maybe if u have kids or are going out and eat with frens you can do it like a tag team while one person/kids goes and find seats the other people/adults could start ordering their own food this plan is best when like a hawker Center is crowded and itโ€™s much more efficient

  10. 1:45 umm so like i'm not singaporean but I went there recently and I can without a doubt confirm that these shots are not the HSBC rain vortex, that's the cloud forest at GBTB…

  11. According to my Singaporean buddy….
    Kopi Kosong without the in-between O is incorrect!
    Kopi O Kosong … literally Kopi (Coffee) – O (Black) – Kosong (No sugar or sweeten condensed milk)

  12. finally, a video that provides true and authentic Singaporean facts! (except for the jewel waterfall part *insert angry face*)

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