10 Weird Gift Ideas & Hacks for the Holidays! Natalies Outlet

10 Weird Gift Ideas & Hacks for the Holidays! Natalies Outlet

(uplifting music that makes your head bob) The first and one-of-a-kind gift idea is the slide pillow It’s super simple to make just add glue any food coloring of your choice and shaving cream. To make the fluffiest, most comfy pillow ever! Mix that around, and then slowly Add contact solution to make it slime! Start kneading it and mixing it Well until it is no longer sticking to your hands, and you are done! Then using a plastic that zips up you can get this at walmart or target By just buying any bedsheets a different colors and bam you have an amazing Comfy, and one-of-a-kind gift to get to any lazy, friend or family member it’s super fun to play with and a dream to sleep on. Don’t leave your toothbrush isolated and ready for jurors instead gift someone who’s a neat freak animal to stay organized This, awesome pineapple it has that rubber that never dries out and can Be attached to any surface trust, me it will make their lives so much easier and cleaner Listening to music or podcast at night are a great way to fall asleep however it can Be annoying to be tossing and turning and your headphones won’t stay in place avoid This with this, awesome gift idea, these are sleeping headphones comfortable enough to be wrapped around Your head and stay in place all night jam out to your favorite tunes or give this to your friend or family Who loves music or enjoys to take that occasional nap Piggy, banks are in very old fashion and it doesn’t make it fun to save your change A cool, gift idea to give to a friend or family member, who loves to save their change is this awesome pikachu Piggy, bank, this. Cute little guy, makes it fun to save your change leave a comment below Letting me know i want that with your instagram and i’ll pick one person and mail this out? If you, love sharing videos with your friends at school or in class you know The struggle of having to share headphones with, someone else you, miss out From the full experience of the video it can be uncomfortable and well this can happen Gift your friend or classmate this Inexpensive and adorable audio splitter it’s super simple to use all you need is to plug it into the device of your choice and connect The headphones to it you can Now share and watch videos with your friends without the struggle of being uncomfortable if you’re terrible at wrapping gifts Trust me i am too, and you’re taking the easy Way out? By purchasing an inexpensive box that’s a little too plain i got a solution for you, this quick life-changing gift wrapping Hack, is here to save the day all you need is a potato yep a potato cut out any shape you Want onto it and then using paint create a beautiful one-of-a-kind abstract wrapping paper Not only is it fun and therapeutic to make but it’s unique and more Sentimental because you made it will save you money and the time i would have taken you to pack a bunch of gifts You can, spice it up. By using a glittery, nail polish to dazzle it up super simple and free of any Mess which is amazing let, your creation dry, for about 30 minutes and tada you got yourself a beautifully wrapped one-of-a-kind gift Christmas decorating can be a lot of fun but What’s not fun is having to waste time putting strings on two christmas ornament i know it sucks alright here We go then i put this string tie it well that took me a bit and now 100 more to go finally phew second one i give up This christmas don’t waste your time putting in tying strings onto christmas ornaments instead take pretty paper Clips grab the end and pull it through the ornament easy as one two If you, don’t know What to give someone for christmas no worries here is an awesome hack that will make your life So much easier and know exactly, what to get that person all you have to do Is get that person to guess or write down, three things that you think You’ll get them so basically what you’re doing is tricking your friends or family into telling you what they really Want here’s a bet you can always win? After they, guess the top, three things that they think you got them you’ll basically have a christmas chichi The struggle of having a turn on the christmas tree every time you have to get through a Tiny corner full of presents and it’s inconvenient here’s the quick hack to help you out You can, purchase this at walmart for a very inexpensive price it’s an outlet that you can connect to your Cell phone plug it in then plug the christmas tree onto it connect it onto Your phone and bam the on and off switch is literally at your fingertips No, more stressing of how, to get back there and turn it on and off Before you go don’t forget to subscribe and turn notifications on i’ll be having a Huge giveaway on all my socials in january for the new, year so follow Me on twitter and instagram now to be ahead of the game check out, my last video on the left, where i show You, some funny christmas pranks you need To, try on your friends and family and subscribe to me on the right thumbs up if you enjoyed happy holidays and a happy new, year bye

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