11 Gifts ABSOLUTELY Worth Your Money | **HOLIDAY GUIDE**

11 Gifts ABSOLUTELY Worth Your Money | **HOLIDAY GUIDE**

I know as welcome back to my channel I
can’t believe you already in the holiday season I feel like this year just flew
by I’m sure you feel the same way if you guys are new to my channel welcome don’t
forget to subscribe press the bell like the video so today I’m going to share
with you a bunch of different gift ideas from high to low price coins materials
ideas for people that love tech things for their homes that love things like
beauty and fashion and art and I just compiled the best of the best for you so
first things first is the home category because I love to
get gifts that actually make sense for people that they will be using and not
returning because I always lose the return receipt one item this year that
I’ve been probably using more than 95% of what I owned is this milk
brother brother rata right this one is just a simple one that I got on Amazon
and honestly I create the most coveted just I create the most coveted letters
right here in the comfort of my own home so if you want to be a good friend if
you have someone in your life that really enjoys their coffee be a good
soul and give them this the next gift that I’ve actually already purchased for
my mother I hope she doesn’t watch this video because Las Damas era is this map
aful map so first I wanted to say huge thank you to Mexico for sponsoring this
portion of the video what I wanted to create is a memory of something that we
did together my mom and I and the most recent memory that was so fun was our
trip for my birthday for my 29th birthday Gary surprised us with and we
just spent three days alone enjoying each other’s company
partying eating I wanted to give her something that has a more of an
emotional to it so I decided to actually print the
location that we went to for my birthday which was the Bahamas I better know how
to put it all back together in case you guys don’t know what manifold is it’s a
website and you can create unique custom posters of any place that is close to
your heart it can comment street map posters like the ones I got for the kids
or the star maps the one that I closed for my mother these are all custom and
you’re the creator website is super easy I’m usually the person who always gets
lost and all these customization tools but that was really easy it’s an
affordable gift that can actually like tell a story they actually ordered
before the map aful maps for the kids rooms that we’re doing in the home decor
series I ordered a few destination but they want to go visit so we’re gonna
start having this like travel wall for them this is the new design of map will
have a star map it actually shows you the connection of the stars on that day
it’s really really cool you can also put quotes you can put any titles that you
want on the map so you can really make it very special for that special someone
so that’s what I’m planning to do with it and I hope she’ll love it I know
she’ll love it Matt befo been kind enough to offer my
subscribers extra 15% off from your first item if you use the code valaria
15 on the website you can send me a map the next gift is for the ones that are
really into sense and a romance and just like the vibe in the house I’m hoping to
become that person sometime this year hopefully once this home is a little
more put together this is a fragrance diffuser by la lien which is a great
company they have so many different perfumes and oils and creams really
luxurious and I really like this specific one because it looks it
beautiful I got this big and sandalwood that I’ll be gifting to a friend and let
me show you this is and you see there’s like little crystals
on the inside there you go this little baby on then you put these little things
in and you create a same space for yourself and family this I feel like is
a no-brainer I think that so many people enjoy these little gifts that actually
like in small ways benefit their lives in one way or another if it’s just
visually or like the smell the next gift is quite a splurge for me I just have to
mention it because that was Gary’s gift to me when we brought max home he bought
this beautiful state-of-the-art espresso machine and it was just a really
romantic moment that I’ll forever cherish but in case that’s not your vibe
this holiday to spend most of your budget on an espresso machine I also
think it’s so powerful and so nice to actually buy the pups for an espresso or
any other coffee machine that has just like different fun flavors I personally
love seeing what my lines are drinking or what kind of coffees they’re using I
can think about one friend right now that that’s going to be the present you
basically buy maybe like the favorite flavors that you like just for them to
try I think that’s a really nice holiday gift also affordable also these are
recyclable by the way you also gets like these psycho bags that you can get from
espresso where you put the packs and they do the work for you so just FYI the
next category is beauty and fashion and style I wanted to combine it all
together so you guys will have more inspiration on one category these are my
absolute favorite products that I would love to get myself the first thing is a
splurge this is a Chanel a body oil thing this is a vanilla one and
obviously I am very specific when I use this product because I don’t want to
waste it but the smell I literally feel like someone kicks me into like the side
of friends and smears oil on my body like that survives I’m getting while
even smelling this product also it’s so beautiful on the counter
just like a really nice design so you kind of get a win-win here honestly once
this is over I’m going to fill up with water and just gonna display it the
second item is this foreo luna 2 that I absolutely love this device is also
electronic you charge it and then you can choose kind of the vibration if you
want to do it lower or more intense depends on what your skin needs and
which areas to really gentle device for someone like me where my skin gets
irritated pretty easily this has been a real lifesaver also there are ways to
use it so whoever you gifting it to send them a little link that shows them how
to use in all the proper corners there’s a whole lot of science to it continuing
on our Beauty health body care self care self-love train again another thing that
I love and advocate for it is dry brushing this is a great and a simple
way to help with reducing cellulite to get that lymphatic drainage going these
ones are absolutely great and I usually like to do them twice to three times a
week if I’m not lazy but you can do it every single day and I think that it’s
definitely undervalued also I have a video about how to dry bar
so I’m gonna link it up then for the fashion and beauty category is honestly
a lounge set I love when people give me comfortable clothing if it’s pajamas or
this specific alarm set from princess Polly I’m gonna link a few of my
favorite ones these are all affordable really cute this is like a gift from
someone that actually cares about you they’re like chill at home enjoy
yourself look cute while you’re doing it you’re welcome okay my next category is
the tech and things that I really love and cherish in my life when it comes to
tech so the first thing is a splurge for sure but so many people have asked me
about this that I’m going to mention it it’s this a way luggage that I got for
carry-on so the design is amazing it actually looks so small but it fits so
much and my absolute favorite part is this portable charger that
with the luggage this is again another item actually on my tech category but
this can be two-in-one this actually goes into this thing and then when
you’re at the airport where usually you see people scrambling trying to find a
plug and they sit on the floor and your bathrooms not a good look
I just walked through feeling like a freaking queen well I have this charger
in my suitcase charging my phone while I do my thing so this has been a
lifesaver also I take it with me and use it on its own in my back it charges
amazing so if the luggage is not on your list for this holiday I think that a
portable charger is definitely another amazing gift but a good one make sure
it’s a really really good one I can’t tell you how many I’ve had that I
stopped working after a couple of months I’m gonna link a few other ones that are
very reputable and there are great products on their own I’m gonna move to
probably the one item that people have been asking me the most since I started
my little film series I got into film photography and when we started
traveling this year a little bit more than usual I started by using those
disposable cameras that you get at Walmart but then I wanted to upgrade
because I felt like I’m ready for it as an artist I got this one on ebay I’m
gonna link it a lot of people have been asking me about this specific camera so
all the details about it will be in the description box there’s a lot of option
for the kind of film that you can use I personally use this one for sure
400 and this was recommended by one of the videographers on my team so I
decided to use that and absolutely loved it they all very obviously up with the
grain and the kind of colors you can google different types of film and see
what works best but this is a great one I feel like a lot of people would like
because these are old so you obviously have to be careful with them but I’ve
been loving using it I also really enjoy the feeling of taking a picture that’s
intentional and not seeing it right away and then going developing it and
seeing it after it’s like a whole other thrill in itself so this will be
definitely a great great present for yourself or for someone that loves
photography that wants to get into photography just wants to capture
moments or some of the travels a lot I think this will work for probably
anybody I hope this has inspired you to start your holiday shopping early this
year and get it over with thank you so much for watching I see hi
beauties thank you so much for watching my Holiday Gift Guide hope you found it
helpful do you want to watch my Zara try on haul

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