1. This is perfect timing! I'm going to Disneyland during Thanksgiving time! 😀 i heard it's pretty cold then so I'm excited to finally wear coats! (I'm from Hawaii). Thanks for sharing love!

  2. I m planning to go to Thailand next year n I know ur traveling packing things r gonna huge help for me. ? Thnx for sharing this kind of video Ann. Love you ! ?

  3. I'm going to Kansas this Christmas to spend time with my family – my sisters, grandparents, and half of my aunts live there with there families! I have packing cubes but I keep forgetting to use them on trips – I'm definately using them for this trip as we are only planning on taking carry on and maybe checking one bag with gifts.

  4. Perfect timing!!! Going on a trip to SoCal to visit my husband’s family in 2 weeks! Will definitely use these tips! Thanks! ?

  5. Going to Munich for Christmas and New Year's to visit my husband! It'll be my first time outside the U.S! Thanks for the useful tips!~ ♥♥♥

  6. I'm definitely going to go buy a foldable jacket now and put it inside my work bag. (I'm not traveling anywhere, but I knew I'd still learn something from watching this video)?. Thanks Ann! Lots of love from D.C. ❤️

  7. My best friend is coming home from Japan for her birthday this December. And since it’s winter there in Japan during those times, we’ve decided to go on an island trip her in the Philippines! It’s gonna be a Christmas on an island soon! So excited!

  8. For Thanksgiving I'm going to visit my mom's side of the fam. All my uncle's have a cook off each family reunion ?

  9. I'm going back to SoCal for the holidays(currently at school in NY). Can't wait to eat good cheap Viet and Mexican food ;___; (Oh and I've missed 85C T_T)

  10. I pre-pack my overnight bag for my next trip just like you! besides my toiletries and sox, I prepack my underwear, slippers, tshirts and pjs. All I need to pack are my day clothes. Great tip on how to hide money in a makeup removal pouch. Luckily I just finished one and can use it for that purpose! Love you Ann and your helpful videos!

  11. Taking a trip in 2 weeks to Cheyenne, WY to visit my family for thanksgiving. I'm so excited to see snow and enjoy some warm drinks!

  12. Going from Dallas to sis in Anchorage, Alaska for Thanksgiving! I always travel with a carryon so this video helps me to continue to hone my packing skills! Gr8 video! Thanks!

  13. I'm visiting my family. There is no craziness though…. All of them are very sweet. Thank you for this lovely video Ann ?

  14. I for sure need a foldable jacket now, I am always freezing and this would be the best solution ever!! Also love the perfume tip, and the backup plan that if it breaks your feet will just smell good lol.

  15. I like the packing cubes! I want to get some. I take several trips a year from WA State to VA to visit my daughter and her family.

  16. Meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time in Tennessee right before Christmas ? flying down there from New England next month! Thanks for the travel/packing tips Ann! ?

  17. I love that your carry on has a little front section for smaller items like your tote! What brand of bag is it? I'm in the market for a new suitcase set. Also, packing cubes ftw!!

  18. I’m actually going to travel to Romania the next week, so this is really convenient for me at this time. I was searching for this typical type of video and found none. So thank you so much Ann Lee! I appreciate that!❤️

  19. I love your travel videos. It helps so much when I have to pack because I think I suck at it. Lol. I hope that I will travel to see my new goddaughter for the holidays. Just born and already cute as a button.

  20. Not going anywhere this holiday season just obsessed with packing videos and absolutely love yours! I've gotten great ideas and even boughten things you've mentioned in your videos so thank you and keep posting!

  21. Does sock actually work I want take my Britney Spears perfume I had for like five years now I use here and there it one by Curious but always afraid it would break

  22. Where did you get your luggage at?? I looked at the description in the packing video but it said they couldn’t pull that item up on amazon

  23. These are really thoughtful tips 🙂 I never thought about your perfume hack! I usually go to Sephora for a “perfume sample” before traveling, but if the dock protects it well, I may give yours a shot. Thank you! 🙂

  24. Instead of putting on all your heavy Clothes you can fill a pillow case with them and just use it as your pillow for longer flights ?it doesnt count as extra weight

  25. LOVE LOVE travel!! great tips here, Ann. + Here's a little something for enhancing safety & convenience for your adventures (bet you'll find it indispensible): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orlvTEyuBfs xo

  26. Just started using packing cubes and like them! Especially the ones with clean / dirty side! So helpful to stay organized!

  27. Love this video! Just to make sure, the TSA didn’t care that your makeup/liquids were not in a clear bag? I’d really like to not put all my stuff in ziplock bags anymore, but I’m too worried to test it out lol

  28. Hi Ann, thanks so much for the great travel video! I especially love that you included a tip on how to hide extra cash! I was pick-pocketed last year in Italy and since then, I have been a little nervous about how I'm going to hide my money safely but your video really helped!

  29. Just one thing…if you hide the perfume bottle in your sock inside your shoe, you aren’t TSA compliant because it has to be in a 1-quart bag with all your carry-on liquids. If you are checking it, or traveling by train or something (or will repack after passing TSA), this works really well!!

  30. All these travel videos recommend wearing your heaviest items on the plane.  What if I am traveling from an 80 to 90 degree F weather to 50 or 60 Degree F.  Too hot to wear all those layers in the airports.  I have 6 hours of layovers.

  31. I love your videos ! Please can you make a video about how to pack if you're going to asia like China on the summer. Cuz I'm 13 is it easy for me to get bored on the 10 hour flight, can you please give me some tips and make a video ? ??

  32. I just found this 2 days before my flight home across country to see my family for 2 weeks! Thankyou and our family thing over Christmas is to have a big ravioli bake a couple days before Christmas and have it at the Christmas Eve dinner ( there is around 30 of us) it’s going to be cray ?❤️?❄️

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