11 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know! Great For Summer Trips

11 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know! Great For Summer Trips

(music) Hey guys it’s Wengie, welcome back! And…??? Noise jacket hug!! So right now, as you’re watching this video I’m actually traveling and if you guys want to know what I’m up to don’t forget to follow my vlog channel where I document what I’m doing But my traveling has inspired today’s video which is a bunch of travel hacks That really does make your life easier and when I travel, I don’t know about you But I want things to be as easy as possible so I have as much time to explore and eat all the amazing food Ahhh the food But hold up if you guys aren’t part of the fam yet here already I encourage you guys to join! so don’t forget to click the subscribe button and welcome!! I am really excited because today today we are drawing the winner of the MacBook Air giveaway so (drum roll)!!!!! Congratulations to AnaClare!!!! I will talk to you soon and if you get this video to a 150,000 thumbs up That would be amazing!! so if you find these hacks useful at all don’t forget to click that like button and I would really appreciate it Thank you guys so much! and let’s get on to the hacks LETS GOOO (music) If you have a fragile sticker or a tag handy You can try putting this on your luggage next time you travel Not only will it hopefully cause the baggage handlers to be more careful with your baggage no guarantees though but it might also get you your luggage first after you land basically your luggage being fragile is most likely to result to it being placed near the top of the luggage pile that way you also be most likely the first to come out first either way it can’t hurt to try (music) I love reading books on flights but sometimes my eyes get really dry and irritable so a really great hack is to download an audio book prior to your trip and then listening to it whilst in the air I partnered with Audible for this video and Audible has a great selection of audio books for you to try personally, I love this book called “Leap First” by Seth Godin which I’m listening to right now the best thing about audible is that it isn’t a streaming service you actually download your books and then own them on your device that means you can access them anytime, anywhere even if you don’t have an internet connection at the moment audible is offering a free audio book with a 30 day trial membership so just visit ^^^ and try it for yourself (music) If you are going away on a trip your plants might end up under water and a little sad looking by the time you get back but all you need to do to prevent this is a plastic bottle and a cork screw first start with making a small hole on your bottle lid You want to make it just the right size so that a drop of water comes out every now and again when its time to leave give your plants a final water and then place your bottle upside down on any plants you want watered whilst your gone and you’ll slowly water your plants over time thats it, its so easy and hopefully you can save a plants lives, because I’ve killed many (music) if you forget to bring shaving cream on your trip or just simply just want to save some space you can actually use hair conditioner instead I tried it, and it worked and for some reason my skin felt even smoother than when I use regular shaving cream Which is so strange to me so I’ll definitely be using this one in the future (music) my jewelry and accessories always get so tangled during my trips and I’m always loosing things because it’s so hard to organize them but you can actually organize your accessories super easily with a medicine pill box they usually come with 7 compartments for each day of the week so you can even pre-plan what accessory you want to wear for each day you want But generally, the boxes are sturdy and waterproof so you don’t need to worry about your stuff getting damaged And it keeps each seperate piece from tangling together (music) I dunno why, but when I put shirts in the luggage, they always come out creased especially on the collars and the sleeves no one is really gonna pack an iron in their suitcase because its so heavy but you might have brought along a hair straightener which works just as well just run your hair straightener along any stubborn crease marks a few times, and they will just smooth out (music) This actually works really well, and it’s so convenient Because I normally bring a hair straightener anyways. Just be careful not to burn yourself whilst doing this It can get a bit fiddle-y (music) During trips I always find it best to use a separate bag to keep your dirty clothes But whenever I accidentally open the bag, the smell hits me and… Not going to lie, it’s pretty awful. But a great way to fix this is simply to place a dryer sheet or two with your dirty clothes. Unfortunately, it won’t clean them but it will make the smell much more bearable. (music) Getting lost in a different country is the worst feeling. So to prevent this from happening, you can easily keep track of your location, even without WiFi or mobile data usage which can get expensive Before your trip, go into Google Maps on your phone and find an area you’ll be travelling in then type in “ok maps” and it’ll allow you to download the entire map onto your phone give your map a name and wait for the download to finish now when you’re actually travelling you can just open up your saved map

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  1. OMG I've been travelling so much that I thought some travel hacks would be super useful! Especially any of you guys going on a trip soon 🙂 #vlogsquad #snapchatfam you guys already know where I am currently!
    Today's Reacticorn episode is also up here: https://youtu.be/OX21kDY49Z4
    And New Apartment Tour is up on my vlog channel here: https://youtu.be/KwmM8-6qAPE
    OK that's it! Love you all so much! Wish me luck in China! And don't click on any of the other Wengie's they are all fake! <3

  2. Hi wengie u inspired me to want to dye my hair and I actually did I'm so happy that I have it thx so muxpch for inspiring me it's so pretty btw it's alsonrainbow and at the bottom just like urs

  3. I've been watching vacation hacks all week to prepare myself for the trip I'm going to in 5 days (Monday). I know I'm awake at 4:25 but I woke up at 3:24 and now I cant fall back asleep ???

  4. I am traveling tomorow i am so exited ??? and i will travel to….


  5. Wengie: ahhhhh the food!
    My dog: where is the food? Ahhh come one where is my FOOD!!!!
    Me: u ate all ur food!

  6. No hate, these hacks are helpful, put I personally think reading actual books and comprehending the higher order thinking vocabulary is better to benefit your education than an audio book. This is just my personal opinion, no hate, love your videos! (:

  7. A: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    B: IDK
    A: To get to the idiots house
    A: Knock Knock
    B: Who’s there?
    A: The chicken

    Like if u told someone this and they did not get it

  8. thx for the great hacks i am go to australia ?? and it’s going to be a long flight ✈️ i live in canada ?? so i am going across the world ?

  9. Anyway who even exercises whilst on vacation What girl brings no sports bra but has men’s underwear even if she has a boyfriend and he has underwear it might not be new and if it is what are the chances of letting you cut them up imagine having to explain that I forgot my sports bra do you have any new underwear that I can cut it and then the boyfriend said no why and the girlfriend says because when she says that I can take you into it and get it up to make a sports bra

  10. Find the odd one out, while you listen to wengie. ?




  11. I’m Traveling next Thursday and this is gonna help me a lot! Thanks Wengie your the best!! ❤️❤️?????

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