11 Worst Tourist Scams in Bangkok Thailand

11 Worst Tourist Scams in Bangkok Thailand

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  1. You might enjoy watching more of my Bangkok videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-LwjAEvvDE9JkY3U4ZRqhkt

  2. Thank you. They tried the `Grand Palace is closed scam' on me when I was there, but I was already aware of it.

  3. Hi, I am from Bangkok. Thank you for helping other foreign travellers not get scammed. Personally, the scam with the Grand Palace is pretty dated, notwithstanding, foreign travellers are still the victims of this lie.

  4. Generally speaking, we Thais are not able to command in English that well. Thus, when approached by a mysterious Thai who is able to speak somewhat astonishingly good English on the street, beware!

  5. Good, but incomplete video. At this time, western "farangs" are not really welcome in Thailand. The Chinese market is growing fast. Also, the "happy ending" crowd is getting old. Because of that, if you go to Thailand, you are going to get hit with scams, left and right. Thailand is a beautiful place, but … avoid Thailand until they get tired of the Chinese tourists not taking their scam BS.

  6. Hey Chris, great vid again, great city and lots of scams! Same Same but Different. Great to see Topher 🐼🐼🐼. PS you look hot! ☀️☀️☀️

  7. Bangkok massage shops….. just ask for the "NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT" treatment… they'll take care of ya! 😉

  8. Bangkok, Oriental City, but the city don’t know what the city is into…the creme de la creme of the Chess world in a show with everything but Yul Brynner!

  9. Nice Video Chris.. After watching it I'd rather go to Bangkok with someone who has been there before and experienced.. LOL

  10. 6 years ago I unfortunately got suckered by the closed grand palace scam. I ended up being driven to a suits shop by a Tuk Tuk driver after someone stopped me at the gate.

  11. Thank you for the video! I always like seeing different travel tips like this. I know that the taxi meter scam is pretty common around the world. That way I know what to look out for!

  12. I'd also add watch out for taxi drivers taking the loops of the freeway several times basically you go back and forth a few times and your taxi fare gets higher and higher while you are having a conversation, thinking you are going the right way to your next destination.

  13. You should visit iloilo city,the Philippines never been there heard it's a great city if you go do a video like this thanks

  14. I take the Airport Rail Link from the airport. As of last year, it was something like 42 Baht. From Khao San Road, there's even a bus going directly to the airport. Most of the scams involve taxis and tuk tuks, so I avoid them, and am prepared to walk long distances if I have to. As a rule of thumb, be suspicious of anyone who approaches you on the street and acts too friendly. Those situations never end well…It's unfortunate that it has to be that way, but there are countless scam artists out there looking to rip off westerners, particularly men traveling all by themselves.

    Another common scam in southeast Asia occurs at exchange offices — particularly in countries where you might get thousands in the local currency for one USD– where the agent will slip a large bill under the table while handing you the wrong amount. They tried that with me at the Yangon airport, but I'd heard about the scam and caught the guy in the act, and counted the money each time. Also, I had checked the exchange rate that day, so I knew roughly how much I would get. You've got to be careful with these bastards.

  15. With meter you pay the tolls which comes to approx $480tb – most would go fixed price 500tb which is OK – dont over dramatise these nice people #false

  16. Beware of the PATPONG Night Market Scam..seriously scammmmm..one guy will offer 100bath for a drink plus enjoy some girl show (ping pong show).After 15 minutes or less their crew show u the bills..then gotcha 18000 bath..it was really scary…u been forced to pay with no discount..just google the review of Scam of Patpong Night Market..u will learn this experience..

  17. Rule number 1 if a woman on the street asks you out check twice to see if "she" doesnt have anything between her legs xD .

  18. the royal palace dress code is the same as the dress code to cathedrals in Europe, no bare shoulders for women, they have shirts that the women with sleeveless tops can wear inside the grounds. the worse pickpockets in the world are in Barcelona not here.

  19. Now there's a thing that rigged the taxi meter, if anyone noticed the amount of money on the taxi meter is running way too fast or the distance travelling is going way beyond realistic, you know you just got scammed by the cab driver. Dial 1584 hot line number to report it.

  20. Cant believe the big note money scam is also happening in Thailand. On Cambodia is also the case. If you give them $100 USD note, they sometimes brought back a ripped note and ask you to give them a new one or at worst, you will get a fake note instead of a ripped one. Take pic of your notes if u carry the big ones around.

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