12 Things Every First Timer MUST DO When Visiting NYC !

12 Things Every First Timer MUST DO When Visiting NYC !

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from New York And whenever I visit a new city I always want to know Where are the most essential places You have to visit So today, to help you out I’m going to be sharing with you 12 Things You Have To Do On your first trip to New York City Make sure check out my other New York City Playlists all linked down below in the comments Let’s get to that list If there’s one thing New York City does better than anywhere in the world It’s Pizza And you can’t say you’ve been in New York Unless you’ve had at least one slice But hopefully more Not only does New York have the best pizza in the world But it also has the best variety If you want classic neopolitan no problem Get one of the three $5 pies from Keste You want cheap Go to one of the more than 50 dollar slice joints in the city Like my favorite Percy’s How this is only one dollar still shocks me You honestly can’t go wrong With any of the famous places But I still stand by my favorite slice in New York The Nonna Maria from Bleecker Street Pizza I don’t care where you go though Just eat at least one slice of pizza And you can thank me later Skyscrapers a fundamental part of the New York City experience And something that I think You need to get a closer look at One can only appreciate just how built up the Big Apple is From high above And there’s so many ways you can get this view If you want the absolute best view in the city I recommend Top of the Rock I admit it’s touristy and tickets start at $40 Although you can find discount codes if you google it But the views up there Are simply.. breathtaking And if you don’t mind spending the money It’s well worth it A runner up.. One World Trades Observatory At 35 dollars This is the highest view in the United States And you just feel.. like you own the city However, it’s fully enclosed Which is why I put this as a runner up to Top of the Rock If money is an issue You’ve got a few options You could go to a rooftop bar And order a beer or cocktail 230 Fifth has the best rooftop views for sure And they allow children for Sunday Brunch Dear Irvings Not To Shabby either If you’re on a budget and want to get up there A cheap option is to take the Tram To Roosevelt Island From Manhattan Just swipe your Metro Card and quite an impressive view I must say You’re going to do a lot of walking in New York City But this is one iconic walk.. That everybody’s gotta try At least once I encourage you to come early in the day To do this Unless you like huge crowds But there’s something special about walking slightly over 1 mile From Manhattan to Brooklyn The views are fantastic And the photo opportunities, endless And when you get to the Dumbo Neighborhood of Brooklyn on the other side There’s plenty to do This is definitley not something to skip On your first trip When you think of New York City Times Square literally may be the first image that comes to mind Now as a resident I try to avoid the place at all costs But if you’ve never visited before You’ve got to go.. at least once And extra credit to do it at night While most locals shudder at the thought of Times Square There’s something surreal about the bright lights And craziness of arguably New York City’s most famous destination You’ve got to knock this out at least once And you should watch my tourist trap and scams video Before you do To avoid some common issues If you’re a night owl I recommend going right before midnight To see the midnight moment The world’s largest digital art display Which most have never even heard of But just stop to take some photos And soak in the vibe And once you’ve done it You really don’t need to come back Unless you’re bringing some friends On your second trip It’s the most famous park in the world for a reason And you can spend an entire day there We’ll get started with that You’ve seen it in movies Now it’s time to experience it in the flesh I did a whole video showing off many sites So be sure to watch it later For even more ideas But here’s a few of my favorite things to do Fishing in Harlem Meer Total cost, Free Or how about renting model sailboats Don’t skip out on the Conservatory Garden But from Strawberry Fields To having a picnic at Sheeps Meadow You could easily I repeat, easily Dedicate an entire day to Central Park And it really wouldn’t be such a bad thing It’s crowded, it’s touristy But on your first trip to New York City You’ve got to visit You’ve probably heard of it by now A 1.5 mile elevated park Almost hidden from the rest of Manhattan While it’s crowded.. I have no problem accompanying my friends Who are visiting because.. It’s just so cool And the views are amazing You could combine this with hopping around Chelsea Art Galleries On a Thursday Night Or.. Visit Chelsea Market nearby And eat some delicious tacos At Los Tacos Number 1 I may be a little bit bias Since I live there But walking around Greenwich and West Village in Manhattan To me Is a requirement I just love this part of Manhattan Which doesn’t give off that big city vibe at all You’ll feel more like a local And there’s so many cute shops to pop into Try some coffee at Porto Rico Importers Relax in Washington Square Park And enjoy tons of live music This area also has some of the highest concentration
Of pizza places In the world If you like bookstores Three Lives & Co gives off a really cozy vibe But if you ask me Just wandering the West Village Is about as relaxing as it gets In Manhattan Because there’s more than enough hectic, to go around The Statue of Liberty may be the most famous icon of New York City And there’s a few ways that you can see it I’m honestly not going to tell you To spend your money to go on a crowded boat just to see the statue a bit closer I always tell people To take the free Staten Island Ferry Sit on the right side And get a pretty decent view from afar But if this is on your bucketlist Then you need to do it right My friend Jacob Carlson did a whole video On how to get inside the Statue of Liberty.. To go to the top of the crown And i’m linking to it with a card above It costs just $21.50 And you can only get it from the National Parks Service website But fair warning This sells out months in advance As they limit it to just 500 tickets per day This is definitley one of the more unique things you could do in New York And a photographers dream come true In fact, save a ticket for me Because I’ve never even gone inside It’s not very common To suggest visiting a transit hub But Grand Central Terminal Is more than just a place to catch a train While nearly 1 million people walk through every day On there way to work It’s also a popular attraction Because of its architecture and history We can start with admiring the world’s largest Tiffany Clock On the exterior Or looking at the zodiac mural Up above One of the cities finest pieces Of public art Here’s a fun one Have a cocktail at the Speakeasy-esque Campbell Bar Which is straight out of the Gilded Age Talk to your friend on the other side at the Whispering Gallery And just wander around one of New York’s Most famous landmarks A little bonus tip The basement food court has some really Great options Like Shake Shack And Magnolia Bakery New York has not only some of the most famous museums in the world But also some of the most diverse options of them as well You could dedicate entire days just to visiting museums In the Big Apple There’s the really famous ones And you should hit up at least one Moma The Metropolitan Museum of Art Or the Natural History Museum Of course if you want to go off the beaten path There’s every type of museum imaginable From City Reliquary Which houses all sorts of oddities In Brooklyn To my personal favorite The transit museum Where you can sit in old subway cars But whatever your taste is There’s a museum for you In New York New York City has some of the best performers in the world Living here.. And you owe it to yourself.. to go to at least one show I know tickets can be expensive But I really push any visitor to New York To try to go at least once If you want to save the most money Either visit one of the TKTS booths Or use the app on your phone To see what shows have the biggest discounts You could also buy directly from the app Today Tix Which I highly recommend But the performers are absolutely world class And going to a Broadway Show Is one of the highlights Of many peoples trips To honor the history of New York City This is one Memorial I’m going to recommend you pay your respects to I admit visiting here is a sombering experience But honoring the many men.. women Firefighters, first responders And police officers That gave there lives that day Is as far as i’m concerned.. A requirement for visiting New York City The memorial houses twin reflecting pools And is absolutely stunning As an optional add on You can visit the memorial museum located right next to the pools To learn more about the tragic history of that day Or… Visit the Tribute Museum located a few blocks away And take a guided tour with someone who actually lived through the experience I dont’ think a trip to New York is complete Without including at least one of these In your itinerary Be sure to check out my other New York City content All linked down below in the description Tons of ideas, tips, and tricks for things to do On your first trip Or any trip To New York City Also tell me in the comments If I missed anything Is there something that you really need to do On that first trip to New York City I’m curious Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time

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  2. 12. eat a slice of pizza 
    11. go to a rooftop 
    10.walk the brooklyn bridge 
    9. vist times square at night 
    8. explore central park 
    7. walk the highline 
    6. wander greenwich and west village 
    5. see the statue of liberty 
    4. roam grand central terminal 
    3. vist a museum 
    2. go to a broadway show 
    1. vist the 911 memorial

  3. Switched to your video after watching one that was giving me a headache due to an annoying voice. Your video is pleasant and entertaining. Thanks bro.

  4. I appreciate this very much. I live on the Ontario/NYS border but never travelled that far south. Thinking of going this coming spring. So far the ESB and the WTC are two on my bucket list.

  5. My personal opinion, pal. I did a lot of walking throughout Manhattan from Alphabet City to SoHo to Spanish Harlem to Yankee Stadium to where Mad Dog Coll was shot, now a pet store. But my favorite was the boat cruise by Intrepid around Manhattan, from Hell's Gate to Yankee Stadium the best money I spent on my trip.

  6. I also don't think New York has the best pizza in the world. It cannot be even compared to the traditional Pizza Napoletana in Naples, Italy.

  7. Listen to this guy. He knows what he is talking about. If I’d add anything, I add this: start at the battery and walk…. walk upwards through all the neighborhoods, including Chinatown and Soho, and all the way to the upper east or west side to one if the museums. NYC is an aggregation of neighborhoods, and the bast way to see them is to walk them with a subway stop here and there.

    Good advice here if limited in time. Of course, one can never leave Manhattan (and many never do) and live a remarkable life. Short on theme? His advice is sound. One note: many of the major museums are free. The charge you will see is discretionary. Simply pay what you can afford,, and go. One often doesn’t have to pay the price suggested. It’s a suggestion, not mandatory. Read the fine print at admissions. Offer $5 and off you go.

  8. I have seen all your programmes. I am coming to new york for two days and 3 nights mid of October can you recommend me any tour guide?

  9. Have lunch at dubrow's cafeteria 37th and 7th, oops it closed in 1980. Have dinner at the roman table italian buffet in queens, oops closed in 1984

  10. 1)Stay out of Times Square unless you are going to a Broadway show. 2)Early morning is the best time for Central Park. 3) Check out NOLITA, SOHO, and the West Village. 4) Check out the financial district. It's the oldest part of Manhattan. Try to get a sense of its 400 year history.

    Don't just walk around like a dummy. Learn about the history of NYC and it's neighborhoods. The story of this town is truly epic.

  11. New York best pizza in the world? Bye! You mean Italy…. even the pizza in the Netherlands are better than New York. ??‍♀️ In general the food in the United States sucks and the Italian food in the US too. Not even authentic at all. You want good food? Go out of the United States!

  12. I like this clip. My plan had 11 things from your recommend because I think broadway is expensive price but maybe I see that. I make money now and I wish my plan success in next year. See yah New york!!

  13. NYC pizza Is good in the right pizza store I agree on that but pizza from Italy is and has to be the best in the world.

  14. Italians and their pizza? It's like saying Italian immigrants can't move to a different country and make pizza that tastes just like in Napoli. Ridiculous.

  15. これが正解なんでしょう、たぶん。1日じゃ 無理だよ。見どころ たくさんだもん‼︎ エネルギッシュ、エモーショナル シティ❤️ パワーもらったよ!Thanks NY‼︎?

  16. I have been living in NYC and only done 4 of these.
    Brooklyn bridge walk
    Time square at night
    9/11 memorial
    Pizza and only pizza

  17. Saying NYC pizza is the best in the world is an insult to italians.
    Central Park isn't the most famous park in the world

  18. Come to New York City where you too can smell the piss and pay extortionate prices to feed yourself with shit! And then you can breathe in all those toxic fumes and be shouted at by assholes.. ????????????It will be the holiday of a lifetime.. ???????

  19. Well, I'm italian. And I think it's completely no sense that the best pizza (as you said) in the world is in nyc. Wait a second guys. Pizza is from Naples. And even in the rest of Italy pizza is definetely different than the Naples' one. Just imagine how could it be in a different country.
    Yes, it's true that italian imigrants brought pizza in nyc like in the rest of the world, but this happened almost in the 20s and before. It's been 100 years! Pizza has changed with the american tradition and flavors. So pizza in usa is not the same as here! It's no sense that pizza is worst in italy that is the birth country of it!! Let me tell you that if you are sure of it, maybe that's because you never ever have tried the real italian pizza, here. So let's talk about this when you will have tried.
    You will objectively see how different is the recipe in usa the the original one

  20. We have a 7 hour layover at JFK…..can we go to battery park to see the Statue of liberty in 4 hours early morning?

  21. The best NYC pizza's are not the $1 pizza's but the Original NYC pizza from an Italian pizzeria costing from 3-5 dollars these days.They use better sauce and better cheese!

  22. Totally agree with all you said and the 9/11 pools I went a few times always in tears every time. Back in three weeks can’t wait !

  23. La miglior pizza sta c*zzo! Ho speso 19 dollari per una Margherita di m*rda da Lombardi’s pizza! Ne ho provate tante di pizze, nessuna batterà quelle che ci sono in italia!

    Best pizza my ass! i spent 19$ for a nasty Margherita at Lombardi’s Pizza, i’ve tried many all around the city, none will be as good as a true italian pizza in italy!

  24. All activities are added to my to do list! One day I will be visiting all the places you have shown us in the video. Thanks for the tips.

  25. I did almost everything except for the Broadway show :(. I highly recommend going to Chinatown, I know it's crowded but for me it was such a cultural shock since I'm from Colombia and I've never seen a place like that before.

  26. Did he just say that New York does better pizza than anywhere else in the world?!?! I’m not even Italian and I feel attacked.

  27. Was born in new york and moved when I was 5 years old and have lived in florida since. I am almost 22 and just booked a trip to NYC in January! I’m so nervous but so excited

  28. The best pizza in the world? That's an overstatement! Have you tried pizzas in other parts of the world, errrr like Naples Italy? I'm not from Naples, but I guarantee they make way better pizzas.

  29. man u start the video with the wrong sentence !!! Do i have to go to new york —> an american city !! to have the best italian-derived pizza??

  30. My name is Gabriel, I am from Brazil and I have a dream that I can not realize alone. Seeing peanuts at traffic lights to raise money to make this dream come true, look at my story and if you can, help me get off the streets.

    Thank's for your time.

  31. I just want to tell people that if you ar going to take pictures dont stop mid way while walking. Also, please be respectful at the 9/11 pools. Do not SIT on the edges to take pictures. Seen this twice today. Also, try and visit once thing in each borough to say you truly experienced NYC just not in the same day like I did with my friends. Also recommended, if you are going to be doing multiple activities throughout your trip go ahead and get a weekly metro card. Even if you are here for two days. Trust me, if you add it up you will spend more constantly refilling your card over just getting the unlimited and when you leave you can just give it away if you dont wanna waste it.

  32. Thank you so much for this guidance video I really appreciated it cause it’s updated and fun ! I”ll take it into consideration for my trip to the big Apple… Greetings from Chile ✌?

  33. Hi. I'm visiting NYC and NJ this December for two weeks (last week December and first week January) so any advice and tips regarding Winter will be much appreciated. Like are there places in NYC we should avoid in Winter, what to do during Winter in NYC and NJ, places best suited to visit during Winter, dress, etc any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

  34. The hell? 1st point about pizza lands your channel a dislike from me. And I'm not even Italian, me Malaysian always honor those who speak truthfully

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