13 Off-Road Camping & Expedition Vehicles

From basic off-grid vehicles to extreme off-roading
capabilities check out these amazing expedition vehicles from around the world. Number Thirteen Check out this custom Mercedes Sprinter. Whether on-road or off, this impressive creation has
everything you’d need. The custom vehicle has its own living and dining area, a bathroom
with a working shower and plenty of hot water. With the sprinter typically in a 4×4, this
vehicle has had some custom work done to counter the issue of an extended cabin. It replaces
the standard rear axle and instead has a double-pendulum axle suspension to help reduce the torsion
on the frame. In addition, the chassis, with five tons of gross vehicle weight on the rear
axle, is equipped with twin tires to carry the load… Number Twelve With a cabin measuring 26 feet long, 11.5 feet wide, and 14 feet high, this vehicle
would be an amazing choice for traveling on any continent. Like our last vehicle, this
6×6 has all the amenities in the world with you at all times.
It feels more like the space shuttle when your sitting inside it. And with nearly a
full kitchen and dining area in the cabin, it looks more like a tiny home on wheels than
an expedition vehicle… Number Eleven This is one of the coolest motor-home slash expedition vehicles you can find. The company
says its focus isn’t on off-road but we call BS on that. I mean look at those tires. And
what about that wheelbase? That’s gotta be at least 14 feet. This thing just looks intimidating
from the outside. But once inside it kinda looks like your mothers home away from home.
I’m not going to lie though, the color scheme isn’t the greatest but it offers a lot of
room with a bathroom and shower. And honestly, you can’t really ask for more… Number Ten Unlike the other vehicles, we’ve shown so far, this one doesn’t have a bedroom, kitchen,
or bathroom in it. In fact, it’s made for the true outdoorsman that doesn’t need luxury
on wheels and likes the thrill of going through or over any terrain imaginable. Did we mention
it’s an amphibious vehicle? Yeah, that’s right, the whole vehicle is watertight, and it’s
capable of speeds of over seven mph in lakes and rivers thanks to a water jet mounted on
its back… Hey guys , remember, if you like what we are
doing on this channel and want to show support, be sure to like or comment below to let us
know how we are doing… Number Nine Have you ever wanted to just sell everything and travel the world in an RV? What about
taking a semi and turning it into a mini camper? Of course you haven’t…, well, maybe just
that last part. With a traditional semi cab up front, you would never guess everything
behind you was custom made to fit you and your family. From the outside, this conversion
looks small, but trust me, there’s plenty of room in the back. It comes equipped with
a dining slash living slash sleeping slash cooking area and even its own bathroom… Number Eight Like #10 on this list, but a little more boxy with six wheels and a dose of steroids, this
thing could literally take you to whatever camping destination your heart desires. The
company says “they designed the tire system in-house, hoping to make some that could withstand
the harshness of a Siberian winter but not damage the ground at the same time”. Yeeeah,
ok. It’s Siberia. In the winter. I’m pretty sure you aren’t driving anywhere close to
the ground while going through 10 feet of snow. Anyway, the result is ultra-low pressure,
highly flexible tires, that can be used to float the whole truck. There so flexible there’s
a really crazy video out there showing something I don’t even think we could show on here.
But the guy is completely fine at the end so don’t worry… Number Seven IF you are someone that likes living off-grid and just needs the basics in an expedition
vehicle, then this one is for you. From its amazing off-road capabilities to its basic
1953 lime green and yellow vagabond interior, it’s…ah wait a minute…Vag-a-bond. Hmmm…I’m
gonna have to do some research and see if I pronounced that right. No seriously, that
was an inside joke. But, for as basic looking as it is on the inside, it still definitely
deserves to be in our top 10 expedition vehicles we’d personally take on a trip… Number Six OK guys, this one is my personal favorite! This former military vehicle isn’t too fancy
on the inside, but still has that aggressive look on the outside. It sits on a three-axle
chassis and is 100% a 6×6 off-road vehicle. It even has solar panels integrated into it’s
top. From its fold out bed to its green shag carpet, this retro machine could take you
anywhere you wanna go… Do you have a favorite yet? If so, tell us
in the comments below and if not,make sure to stick around to see our top five. You never
know what you might find… Number Five If you’ve watched some of our older videos, you might have came across an Uni-mog or two.
Mercedes really doesn’t hold back on these and there’s really no other competition out
there. I will say though, I’ve never seen one quite like this. Of course the “Big Bird”
yellow is the first thing you notice. What you don’t see is its luxurious interior and
its incredible storage units placed around the vehicle… Number Four Do you ever watch any of those van-life vloggers? If I didn’t have 5 kids and 2 dogs from three
ex-wives, I would probably be one of those vloggers and I would probably travel the US
in this vehicle. This Toyota conversion isn’t just compact, it’s practical, and can make
you feel at home no matter where in the world you are. With its incredible off-road capabilities
as well as a space-saving and transforming interior, you really could just pack-up and
forget about everything and enjoy life to its fullest… Number Three With Zombie movies and TV shows getting more and more popular, we think this one would
be our go to vehicle. You know, if anything were to actually happen. Hey Josephine, bring me some of that tinfoil! Originally for military purposes, the Zetros
is as tough as they come. The interior is impressive w/ accommodations up to 8 people
or whatever you feel comfortable with. The real toughness comes from the 7.2-liter turbo
diesel engine, which provides 326 horsepower. And its six-wheel drive and three locking
differentials mean you can get out of trouble fast, ooooor just drive straight into the
thick of it. It’s your choice… Number Two We couldn’t have a list of expedition vehicles without having a Land Rover on it, could
we? What do you do to make something like this custom? Well, first, you blow-torch a
hole in the top to add a pop-up tent to make sure you have extra room to stand, then extend
the back by, say…, oh, about 5 feet and add a few spare tires. You know, just in case
you run into some problems where AAA can’t go. With a well-suited living area, external
lighting, and a custom snorkel to take you through six feet of water, this is the best
Land Rover, we have seen so far… Number One Ok, so you were probably wondering why we had a list of 13? It’s not our usual list
count, right? Well, the reason is because of this monster! Once we saw it, we knew it belonged
here. We get two different names when we do the translation so we listed both in the description.
We couldn’t find much by way of details but the website roughly translates to “Our main
direction of our company are the development, production and further implementation of quality
all-terrain vehicles” Unfortunately that’s it. But man do they have an all-terrain vehicle
or what? I will say this, the thing looks like it could be a rover on mars but just
cooler! I don’t know, what do you guys think? Is this one your favorite?

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