13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers
Should Know Like most things in life, travel requires
experience. With each trip you embark on, you will start
to get more comfortable and familiar with the means of travel, and it all begins from
your planning, until the time you board your plane at the airport, where your journey all
begins. But did you know that there are some things
you don’t know about when you take a trip, specifically when you travel in the air? Well today, we’re going to get you up to speed
with some secrets that you as a passenger should know about. But first, take a trip to the bottom right
corner of this video and click that subscribe button. Make sure you also make a layover flight and
click that notification bell as well, so you never miss our videos about travel, trips,
and flight! Okay, so onto all the secrets about air travel
that you may not have known! Believe it or not, air travel hasn’t been
around for that long, so we humans are still pretty new to the idea. And typically, we make mistakes with the things
that we are new at, and just learning or adapting to. It’s completely natural and will benefit
you the next time you have a go at it. With travel, it’s inevitable that some mistakes
will be made, but it’s all a part of the learning curve, and with time you will master
all of the pieces of travel that make it one big, teachable adventure. Each time you begin to plan a new trip, you
will learn the tips and tricks of it all, and what works for you, and what doesn’t. Although it’s natural to encounter obstacles
along the way, it’s important to learn and be prepared ahead of time for what may come. From booking to packing, to knowing your surroundings
on an aircraft, and why and how things are the way they are; we look at some secrets
from airline employees that we may not have known about. 1. When Is It Best To Buy Tickets? Buying tickets can be a tricky part of the
trip planning process. Time can be the difference in hundreds of
dollars. Whether you choose to book last minute, or
several months in advance, there will undoubtedly be price differences, and they’re always
changing. It’s actually believed that the earlier
you book, the cheaper you will get it, though that may not always be the case. As for days of the week that are better to
buy on; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays have proven to be a little cheaper than other
days when it comes to booking. 2. Airline Employees And Their Closest Family
Get Reduced Cost Air Tickets. For many airlines worldwide, employees of
the company are offered cheaper, even free, tickets for themselves, and their immediate
family. In most cases, the employee will only be charged
the taxes and duties, leaving the cost of the flight free of charge. This is a fantastic benefit of working for
an airline, and should definitely be utilized. 3. The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Luggage Get
Lost. When traveling, worrying about your luggage
can be one of the more stressful parts of your journey. We all want the things that we packed to stay
close to us, and not be tampered with. Sometimes, it can be out of our own control,
unfortunately. Some of the reasons your luggage may be misplaced
or lost include: Reason #1: It was held for additional checks
and not loaded on time Reason #2: An employee put the luggage on
the wrong trolley, and it flew elsewhere Reason #3: The wrong sticker was placed on
your luggage by an employee Reason #4: Old travel stickers weren’t removed
by passengers, which led to confusion Reason #5: The luggage was caught on the belt
or went in the wrong direction, which can happen during connecting flights
Reason #6: The luggage fell off the trolley on the way to the airplane and went unnoticed
Reason #7: The luggage recognition system failed or a label was lost. This is why it’s advised to leave your name
and contact information on the exterior of your luggage so it can be claimed. 4. Locks Don’t Protect Luggage From Being Opened. This is a common idea that most travelers
have; placing a lock on the outside zipper of your luggage. Though this may seem secure, and only you
really have the keys to unlock it, there are too many professional thieves who can easily
pick it and open it. Once the locks on the zipper itself are pushed
aside, the seam of the zipper can be picked at and opened with even just a pen, leaving
your entire luggage accessible. The individual can then reseal your zipper
back to how it was, and make it appear as if it was never opened. Hard-shell suitcases are suggested in this
case, as they are much tougher to crack open if attempted. 5. Why It’s Really Forbidden To Smoke Onboard. Smoking on airplanes has long been a thing
of the past, with people having their speculations as to why. Some may think it is a potential fire hazard,
however, smoking was once allowed on airplanes, and there weren’t any related fires. The truth is, the smoking prohibition is an
economic ban, as the air onboard air is always being filtered, with resins and smoke leading
to equipment wearing out faster. Either way, the flying experience is a much
cleaner and healthier one these days as a result. 6. Why Passengers Are Asked To Turn Off Their
Cell Phones. Though we may think that our cell phones can
cause critical interference or malfunctions on the airplane, that isn’t exactly the
truth. It does, however, create static on the radio
signal, which can lead to miscommunication from the pilots, and missing key information
for the dispatcher. Even so, cab crew themselves even ignore this
rule at times, so it isn’t exactly as big of a deal as it has been made out to be. 7. Aisle And Window Seat Armrests Can Be Raised. Comfort is a big thing on an airplane. Often times, we find ourselves crammed next
to others, sharing an armrest. To our luck, we have access to both armrests,
and they can both be raised and adjusted. Push the small button near the base of the
armrest, and position it the way you like. This can certainly rid you of the hassle of
sharing one armrest with the passenger next to you. 8. The Reason Why There Are Hand Grips At The
Door Inside The Plane. Some of us may have wondered why there are
hand grips on the door inside of the plane. This is intended for flight crew in the event
of a panic situation, where individuals can easily react and knock them down or even out
of the plane. The hand grips will help the employee stay
upright and keep their balance at a time like this. 9. The Captain And Co-Pilot Are Fed Differently. The captain and co-pilot eat two separate
meals during the flight, due to the risk of one of them potentially having a reaction
or get poisoned, and are therefore unable to operate the aircraft. In this case, the pilot will get substituted
by the other. This ensures that they aren’t both phased
by any intake that will hinder their performance. 10. Not All Minor Failures Are Repaired Immediately. There is an extensive list of things to be
checked prior to a flight’s departure. Naturally, there are minor failures that an
aircraft endures, and they aren’t exactly repaired immediately. Some of these failures don’t affect the
overall safety of the flight and will be tended to at another time to avoid flight delays. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still safe! 11. These Runway Numbers Are Important. Looking out on the runway before takeoff,
you will notice a set of numbers painted on the road. These numbers indicate how many degrees the
runway is from magnetic north, which enables the pilot to determine which grade is taken. 12. Be Polite, And You Won’t Regret It. On a flight, it can be easy to get frustrated
when sitting in one spot for hours. Luckily, we have services available to us
that make the experience an easier one. Flight attendants are there to tend to the
needs of passengers, and it’s important to treat them with respect and patience and
to have an understanding that there are many other passengers on board who require attention
as well. Flight attendants have admitted that the more
respect that is shown, the more they’re willing to do for passengers. When you ask for things politely, they will
be considered accordingly. They are there to make things better and easier
for us, and we as passengers should treat them the way they deserve, to ensure an overall
great experience for everyone. 13. The Toilets Never Lock. Disclaimer: please don’t go and do anything
stupid with this information. That being said, according to AIR HELP you
can manually open up any of the bathroom doors on an airplane, just by yourself. They say that you should: “Simply slip a fingernail
underneath the edge of the lavatory sign and slide the knob to unlock the door.” So there, you now know how to break into an
airplane bathroom… just in case. And that’s about it! What did you think about our video on air
travel? Did you learn some secrets that you didn’t
know before? Have you picked up on anything that you might
apply to planning your next trip? Or maybe even next time you’re in the air? Also, maybe you have some secrets that we
failed to mention that you’d like to share with your fellow Bestie viewers! Let us know in the comments section below
everything you learned about air travel, and maybe one or two secrets we might have forgotten

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  1. What did you think about our video on air travel? Did you learn some secrets that you didn't know before? Have you picked up on anything that you might apply to planning your next trip? Or maybe even next time you're in the air? Also, maybe you have some secrets that we failed to mention that you'd like to share with your fellow Bestie viewers! Let us know in the comments section below everything you learned about air travel, and maybe one or two secrets we might have forgotten about! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?

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