13 Worst Tourist Traps in Las Vegas

13 Worst Tourist Traps in Las Vegas

♪Pada pa Pada pa pa♪ – [Announcer] Yellow Productions presents – [Chris] The 13 biggest tourist traps on the Las Vegas Strip. I’m Chris, this is the Yellow Productions I do travel guides that
are fun, informative and entertaining. This is part of my series on Las Vegas and in this video I’m gonna be tellin you the biggest tourist traps that are here and you might be thinking, well Chris, isn’t all of
Las Vegas a tourist trap? Well, yes, all of Las Vegas is certainly designed for tourists, and is popular for tourists, but the things I’m gonna be talkin about that are tourist traps are things that are specifically designed to deceive or overcharge
tourists. Things that they’re only ever gonna
get somebody’s money once, because they’re turning
out new suckers every day. The first Las Vegas tourist
trap are the club promoters on the Las Vegas strip. If there’s a rule of thumb when it comes to Las Vegas nightlife is you get what you pay for. And so all these people
that stand around the strip that offer deals that
sound too good to be true, well chances they are. And so you’ll find these
people, they’ll be offering bypass-the-line tickets,
they’ll be offering VIP tickets, maybe two-for-one drink specials, but usually the by-pass-the-line is only good early in the night, when there’s actually
no line at that club. Two-for-one drinks usually
have similar restrictions, so you might find you get to the club, and you can’t actually use those things. The really extra scam though,
is some club promoters will try to sell you VIP
tickets, and frankly they aren’t. Those club promoters,
they’re already getting paid to hand out these things
to get you into the club. Never buy a club pass from anybody standing on the Las Vegas strip. What does this second tourist trap have to do with the Roman statue? Well, it’s inside the Caesar’s Palace, in the forum shops, it’s the gelato stand. What did the gelato
stand do to you, Chris? I’m calling the gelato stand out because they charge $10 for
a small scoop of ice cream. That is crazy. Why is it $10? It’s because you’ll never eat there again, you’ll have that ice cream
once cuz you feel like it. Also, the food court in the
Caesar’s Palace, huge rip-off. They’ve got an Earl of Sandwich
in there that charges about 30% more for the same sandwiches that are sold at Planet Hollywood, which is just, well, you can
actually see Planet Hollywood right back here two blocks away. The third tourist trap
on the Las Vegas strip are the time-share salespeople. Much like the club promoters, you’ll find the time-share
salespeople all over. They’ll be walking on the strip. They’ll be inside the Hotels. Behind booths. They’re come-on usually starts like this, “Hey, how long are you in town
for, or where are you from?” Don’t answer those
people or your answer is, “I’m leaving tonight.” or, “I live here.” And they’ll generally offer you things like free show tickets,
free helicopter rides, they are really not worth it, for the amount of time
that you have to spend at their time-share presentation, right? They’re free as long as you come to their hours long
time-share presentation. I mean they won’t cost you money, and maybe it’s not a tourist trap, but that’s only if you
don’t value your time. The fourth biggest
tourist trap in Las Vegas are the rides on the
top of the Stratosphere. Three rides on top of the Stratosphere is gonna cost you $36. Those same three rides at a
county fair, no more than $10. They’re really not worth 36 bones. The fifth biggest tourist
trap on the Las Vegas strip is posing for pictures with
characters on the strip. Whether it be Elvis, showgirls, or a character from your favorite movie, you’ll be walking by and they’ll say, “Hey, why don’t we get a picture?” Actually, it just happened
to me a moment ago. Two showgirls were
standing there and said, “Hey, why don’t we get
a picture together?” Well, it’s only once you get there and get your camera
out that they then say, “Well, that’ll be five or
10 dollars for the picture.” Then by the time you’ve already set-up, well you feel victim to it. So, don’t be victim to these
people standing on the strip, thinking that they’re paid for
by the hotels, they are not. They are there to make
money for themselves. And I guess it works out as a business, cause people want those pictures, but I just don’t want you
to end up with a picture and having to pay money
that you didn’t expect. The sixth biggest tourist
trap on the Las Vegas strip are the resort fees. I hate them. I probably hate this trap the most. This is something that
hotel’s in Las Vegas used to charge a room rate, but they slowly started
charging these resort fees. And now Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian charge resort fees per
night of $39 per night. That goes straight to the hotel, that is not tax, there’s
also a Las Vegas tax of 13%. So, whatever that hotel
room rate is per night, add the resort fee plus the tax to find out how much you’re paying. It can be more than the
room rates at some hotels. You can pay in the resort
fee plus parking, too. It’s pretty crazy. Las Vegas, please stop
nickel-and-diming us. How do you get away from your resort fees? Well, you pretty much
have to get off the strip. Pretty much every hotel
in the Las Vegas strip charges a resort fee. You can check out some of the Marriotts, or Hyatt’s or Hilton’s,
that are off the strip, and not have to pay resort fees. Another set of tourist
traps on the Las Vegas strip are the cheesy restaurants
and bars that are strip-side. They’re greatly themed, but
the food is often mediocre, and the drinks are expensive. I won’t name any names but… There’s a few of them on the strip, if you want cheaper food, cheaper drinks, get right off the strip, and get inside a little
bit, into the hotels. That’s where you’ll really
find the better restaurants. By the way, you can watch my video on the best cheap-eats in Las Vegas, you’ll find the link in
the description below. It’s not about the cheapest eats, but it’s about cheap and tasty
eats that are on the strip. And, of course, one of my
favorites is In-and-Out Burger, and they’ve got a location in the link, which is right behind me on the sign. You can’t actually see it, or me anymore cuz it’s too bright, but trust me, they’re down in there, behind this green construction fence. It’s right across from Caesar’s Palace, next to the Ferris Wheel. – [Chris] The eighth tourist
trap on the Las Vegas strip it’s also restaurants, but this time it’s
celebrity chef restaurants. There’s many restaurants in Las Vegas that have a celebrity chef’s name, and why is it a tourist trap? Well, because this place is
gonna cost you more money, because it’s got that
celebrity’s name on it. You can get just as good
food plenty of places around, but you won’t pay the premium cuz it doesn’t have that stars name on it. This tourist trap amazes me
that people still fall for it, but people do, so it’s in here. It’s called three-card monte.
You’ll see these people set up underneath bridges or
in dark corners of the strip, just on the sidewalk someplace. They’ll bring a table or a cardboard box, they’ll put three cards on
it, they’ll say you can bet, they show you the cards, and
you bet where the card ends up. If it turns over and it’s the
card you picked, then you win. But it never will be, because
the game is frankly rigged. They switch the cards
out as you’re playing, so, don’t bother with three-card monte. The 10th tourist trap
on the Las Vegas strip is back at Caesar’s Palace. It’s the Bacchanal, Bashunal buffet, not exactly sure how to
pronounce it, but that’s OK, because I won’t be eating there again. The dinner at that buffet on
a weekend is gonna run you $64.99 but the lines are crazy long. So, if you want to make a
reservation to skip the line, book the VIP package. It is only $94.99. That is crazy for a buffet. You want a buffet that’s pretty tasty and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, check out the buffet at the
Aria Hotel, it’s about 40 bucks. For these next two tourist
traps, I’m joined by safety man. I met him on the strip as
I was shooting this video, and he wants to share what he
thinks a couple of the biggest tourist traps from a safety
man’s perspective are. So, safety man, what do you think the biggest tourist traps
are on the Las Vegas strip? – [Safety Man] I think slot machines are the biggest tourist trap, honestly. You know, you sit down at a
slot machine, and you but a– let’s say you put in $1,000, and you know you hit that max bet button, and you win, and these lights
go off, everything flashes, the dopamine rush in
your brain. You’re like, Yay, I’m a winner, but what really happens is you just won a little bit. You actually lost money, but
you feel like you’re winning, so you’re like, yeah, I
want another dopamine rush, you keep hittin it like a rat at a feeder. Just like I want more
dopamine, more dopamine, more dopamine, and then
they give you free drinks. So, they make you less likely
to understand what’s goin on. And then, before you know it, some people will sell
everything in their house so they can get that dopamine rush. They think that’s gonna fill
what’s empty in their soul. This slot machine just kind of becomes–
– Yeah. – you get in a relationship
with the slot machine, and that dopamine rush. You love it. It’s the same thing that
happens when you meet a woman and you fall in love. You get these chemicals in
your brain that just go off, and fire, that’s what we call love. And so it’s all kind of related, relationships, slot
machines, it’s addiction. They’re…
– Addiction’s what this place lives on, right? – Absolutely.
– Vegas is the city of addiction. – Absolutely. It’s sin city.
It’s sin city for a reason. – So, you were also mentioning shows. You thought shows were a big tourist trap. – Well, what they do is,
– Why? look behind us. They have Donnie and Marie. So, let’s say you wanna go
to the Donnie and Marie show at the Flamingo. If you buy the tickets for this, you’re gonna go, you’re
gonna have to walk through every single slot machine
saying play me, play me, as you make your way to the back. And they’re gonna try to
pull you into every bar, and get you to spend as much
money and time as you can. And they make it confusing
so you get lost on the way. And by the time you get to
the Donnie and Marie show, you’re waitin around. They
make you get there early. Now, you’re waitin around,
you’re gonna buy drinks, or you’re gonna play the slot machines that are right there
saying play me, play me. And when you get in the show,
they have a two-drink minimum, so, now you’re spending probably
like 50 dollars a person on top of what you paid for the show. – So, what you thought it was a $50 show, is now 100 dollars. – Absolutely. And that’s not counting the time you’re playing the slot machine, waiting for the doors to open. – Right. Safety man, thank you very much. – Thank you. – [Chris] And the final
tourist trap I’m gonna mention on the Las Vegas strip, well
it’s actually two combined into one number. The first one is the roller coaster at the New York, New York Hotel. I actually like this roller coaster. I think it’s fun, but
a lot of people online said they felt robbed by paying
$15 for a pretty short ride. Also, there’s the Madame
Tussauds Wax Museum, over at the Venetian. It’s $30 to go in to the wax museum and people just have the principle of why are you going to see this in Vegas? When the wax museum’s exist
all across the country. But, hey, now many places
can you take a selfie with Lady Gaga? If you enjoyed this video,
you’ll enjoy watching some other video’s from
my Las Vegas series. You can click here, here, to watch them. Find links in the description below to my entire Las Vegas series playlist, including classics like
the best cheap-eats on the Las Vegas strip,
and the worst cheap hotels. I won’t say good-bye because
I’ll see you over there.

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  2. First of all, I fundamentally disagree with the premise of your video and your misuse of the word "scam". You can expect to pay more on the Strip, just like you can expect to pay $4.50 for gas in California or $6 but that doesn't constitute a scam and neither does

    1. Disagree. First of all, I LOVE CLUB PROMOTERS. Jamie at KAOS is the man and has gotten me into see Tiesto, Steve Aoki and 4 nighttime pool parties at the Palms FOR FREE!!! In fact, all the girls I bring get drinks for free, so 4 pina coladas at $18 = $72 total cost me me and my entourage of women to see a world famous DJ. BIG FOCKING DEAL.

    It's true that there are some "promoters" that you have to watch out for, they're not real promoters employed by legitimate entertainment company, they're freelance hustlers and there are two types:

    a. People on the strip offering to get you into a strip club for cheap.
    b. Taxi/Uber drivers that are overly enthusiastic about taking you to a specific club.

    2. Agreed but DUH! Time share scams are everywhere, just like cell phone insurance.
    3. *Somewhat agree*. Caesar''s owns Planet Hollywood, so why the discrepancy in price from the same company?
    4. Strongly disagree. Those rides kick ass, IDK what you're smoking!!!
    5. Disagree. Some slut trying to guilt you into a $5 donation isn't a scam- that's a hustle. Just say you don't have any money and walk away. There, you scammed them.
    6. Probably I've never paid to stay at any hotel on the strip. The casino has always comped me.

    7. Disagree While food costs more on the strip, REAL price-gouging occurs at the airports.

    8. *Disagree*. The same idiots that buy Prada bags are free to give Gordon Ramsey $30 for a caesar salad.
    9. Agree! 3-card Monty should be illegal. The first TRUE SCAM that you've mentioned.

    10. Maybe. I never paid for that buffet, they've always let me in free because I gamble.
    11. Disagree. Slot machines a scam? Las Vegas has some of the loosest slots in the country. Seriously, Google it bro.
    11-12. Disagree. They can charge what they want. Nobody is forcing you to go to a wax museum

    13. THE REAL SCAM is the supercar and "Slingshot" rental places. Don't get me started on them because I'll be here all day.

  3. Wow. 16 winters in Vegas and I have never encountered one of these strip scams. Of course the extra fees on rooms etc. is standard fare. The big ripoff is the sales tax. Vegas used to have deals 10 plus years ago, note used to have.

  4. Hey now, don't be talkin smack about Margaritaville. We had a cheaper meal there including drinks than we did at Dick's Last Resort or the Hard Rock.

  5. whenever someone comes at me for the 3 Card Monte game, I always say, "SORRY, I DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH COLORED FOLK….. YOU PEOPLE ARE KNOWN CHEATERS…." and walk on.

    I think they're shocked at my overt racism, but impressed with my candor and brute honesty. 😉

    And when we depart, we both acknowledge the cunning wiliness of the other. Like two soldiers from opposing forces, acknowledging the skill and commitment of the opposition. 🤠

  6. good video but try tospeak calmer and not that stressed out…. just take a deep breath in from time to time. Don't stress yourself out that much…

  7. Without the traps nobody would come to Vegas. We need MORE traps if you ask me. As long as they are legal the more the fun the merrier. BTW many visitors to Vegas are from towns with 1 street light so a Wax Museum is a big deal to them as would be us seeing a Deer when visiting their town.

  8. The roller coaster cost like 25-30$ for all day riding if you don’t have time on top of you than might as well get the all day one

  9. how to get banned from youtube or get demonitized
    1:live near ceasars palace or film in ceasars palace

  10. The resort fee is straight criminal. Advertise $80 a night, but after taxes and "resort fee" it cost $150 a night..Such a joke. it is the main reason I do Airbnb when I go to Vegas, screw the hotels!!

  11. We loved Margaritaville when we visited. Their breakfast and lunch meals were great, although they were a tad bit pricey.

  12. I lived in Vegas for 40 years. I don't miss it at all now that I'm gone.
    The best view of Las Vegas is in your rearview mirror.

  13. Went out into the desert looking at the desert art while smoking a J early in the morning.. I say that was more fun then the strip itself. All the fees, all the fake that is the strip.. never again.

  14. I first went to Vegas in 1982, when it was still adults only and run by the mob. Food anywhere was dirt cheap, not too crowded, and no hustlers on the street harassing people and I loved it. I see it now in your videos and it just looks like Disneyland; congested, overcrowded and overpriced, and crawling with scammers.

  15. This video is a bit harsh. I would say some of these things are a bit expensive, but not tourist traps. Yes, the shows, buffets, and rides are all a little pricier than they would be elsewhere, but very few places have them all in such close proximity with gambling, bars, restaurants, clubs, pools, etc. You pay a little more for these things in Vegas, but if I wanted to see a Cirque show, eat at a nice buffet, gamble, swim in a pool, and ride a roller coaster all in one day, I'd have to drive to a bunch of different places, and that's in the SF Bay Area, which is way more happening than a bunch of small towns in the US. I think if you were to compare what a typical American could do in a weekend in Vegas vs what they could do in their home region, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to justify the price.

    Paid parking and resort fees are an absolute travesty though.

  16. The club promoter thing is absolutely WRONG when they ask you to get on the guest list for FREE YOU GET ON FOR FREE they never want money this guys probably never been to a club in his life. ALSO the girls with the pictures pose for tips not a certain amount of money wow so inaccurate! I have lived here for 45 years.

  17. as i continue to watch on it seems like everything is a scam lol shows? vegas shows people come here from all over the world to see them they are not scams i guess you shouldn't live your life because your too CHEAP!!!!

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