14 Men’s Spring Summer Wardrobe Essentials – Linen, Belts, Chinos & Much more – Gentleman’s Gazette

14 Men’s Spring Summer Wardrobe Essentials – Linen, Belts, Chinos & Much more – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss 14 Men’s
Wardrobe essentials including clothes, shoes and accessories. Don’t you love the time of the year when
the sun is shining outside. The grass is turning green. The flowers are blossoming and you just feel
invigorated. I love overcoats, but it’s nice to get out
your spring summer wardrobe. Brighter colors, brighter accessories and
just enjoy life again outside. In regards to your wardrobe, it’s very easy
to make slight changes and instantly create a spring summer feel and look that helps you
underline the season and stand out from the crowd. The first spring wardrobe item is loafers. Here you can see a tassel loafer in a suede
olive green. It is quite casual. It is wonderful to wear and combine with seersucker
or cotton chinos. On the other hand you can also get a tan loafer,
something in brown, it is a little more classic. Apart form the tassel loafer you could also
go for penny loafers which are very versatile especially during the summer. For colors, most people prefer tan or a lighter
shade of brown. Of course, you could also go with darker browns,
but I think it is a great opportunity to go with more unusual colors such as a light blue,
maybe green or something in gray. Sometimes it can also look great to have spectators
in two-tone colors or different materials such as suede and box calf. If you can just invest in one loafer, get
one in burgundy because you can wear it with all kinds of things and it’s a timeless
investment into your wardrobe. The second item I want you to invest in is
a pair of chukka boots that is unlined which is typical for spring. It is soft. It is slightly above your ankle but it is
just a very cool look ideally in a tone of sand or tan or dark brown. You will get lots of wear out of it and you
won’t regret investing in a pair. To learn more about loafers, please check out this guide here and for chukka
boots, take a look at this video. Number 3 are shoelaces. It’s a very small investment, but nothing
changes the look of a pair of shoes as dramatically as just different colored shoelaces. For example, there is green, there’s light
blue, there’s yellow, or something more subtle such as burgundy or purple. Fort Belvedere offers over 15 different colors
of boots and shoelaces and you can find all of them in our shop. The wonderful thing about shoelaces is that
it’s not permanent and it’s reversible. So you can take a red pair of shoelaces and
put it to your black oxfords, which creates a really different look. And if you don’t like the look anymore,
you can just exchange it and use a different pair of shoes. It’s probably the biggest bang for the buck
in this entire list. To learn how to lace your shoes properly,
please check out this video. At number four is the polo shirt in vivid
colors. Chance are you already have a white, a navy
and a gray polo shirt in your wardrobe. And while those are versatile, if you want
to spice it up a little bit, go with something that is vibrantly green or yellow or red,
maybe orange or sky blue mottled. Ideally, skip the floppy collars, get a dress
shirt style collar. And to learn more about polo shirts and the
intricasies, please go and watch our video series here. Item number 5 is the spring sport coat that
can also be worn during summer time. Just like the one I’m wearing here right
now. it has linen woven into the material, it gives
you the more crinkly texture. The colors are lighter and it’s just more
spring feeling, it’s more airy and that’s what you should invest in. To learn more, please check out our in depth
video about the hallmarks of a quality spring summer sport coat. Number 6 are chinos. It’s a wardrobe staple for men because it
can be worn to the office or dressed down and worn casually with a pair of boat shoes and
a polo shirt. We already put together an in-depth guide
about chinos with a video, so learn all about the details here. Number 7, use colorful socks. Personally, one of my favorites are colorful
two-toned socks because you can pair them very easily, because of the two different colors. But they are not over the top and too strong
that you just stand out just the way you would do with taco crazy socks. To learn more about how to combine your socks
with your pants and your shoes, please check out this video here. For summer I suggest you go with lighter colors,
such as pink, light blue, maybe light gray or green or even yellow. The 8th item you should invest in is a casual
belt. There are different kinds of casual belts. First of all, braided belts. They can either be made of an elastic material
and personally, I am not too fond of them because they stretch out very easily. And although, you don’t find the exact size,
I find over time they just lose their stretch and then they are too wide and you can’t
use it anymore. On the other hand, a stiff all woven belt
with Richard yarns either all leather or mixed with cotton yarns is very elegant yet casual
and it’s perfect for spring and summer time. The good thing about it is that it won’t
wear out and it won’t stretch out and you can wear it for years to come. Also because of the two colors, it’s easy
to combine it, let’s say with a pair of espadrilles in the summer or with a dark brown
pair of loafers. The other casual belts to look into are fabric
belts. You can have like a soft fabric belt with
D-rings made out of silk or you can have stiffer ones that are backed by leather and
have this madras patterns or anything else for that matter. When you wear those bolder fabric belts, make
sure they’re contrasting your shorts or your pants so they create a harmonious look
and don’t try to match the color exactly to either your pants or your shirt because
it will look odd. Item number 9 are boldy colored neck ties
or bow ties. because it is spring, you want something that’s
more vibrant that is louder and has a cool contrast with the rest of your outfit. Here, I am wearing an orange mottled silk knit
tie. I could have also worn this red madder silk bow
tie or the blue and green silk knit tie. Alternatively, linen neck wear looks quite
good. Silk always works. Stay clear of wool because it is too warm
and not summer enough. But a Cri De La Soie Silk Knit tie really
nice and you can find all these accessories in our shop here. Item number 10 is the open weave shirt. It’s what I’m wearing here right now and
I really love it for spring time because it is open and airy. It has a crisp touch and
air allows the air to flow through so you don’t over heat. When you hold it against a stark light source,
you can actually even see through that show you how open the weave is. But when you wear it, it’s not see through
and it’s not like you can see your underwear through it because it’s just a shirt. It looks very professional but it keeps you
cool all day long. In terms of color I suggest you stick with
whites, maybe light blues or light pastel colors, don’t go with anything dark. Also, a lot of people like oxford shirts and
while I personally like them, the weave is usually quite tight and so it’s not open
and therefore I prefer an open weave shirt in the summer. You can also look for linen cotton blends,
because it gives you that nice mottled color look paired with a crisper texture and it’s
just wonderful for spring and summer time. Item number 11 is a trench coat. Its perfect for colder climates. It’s also great for travel especially in
darker colors such as black or navy, otherwise go with a traditional khaki color. And if it has a wool liner that you can either
zip in or button in, you extend the range you can wear it in because if it get’s too
warm, you just take off the liner and you still have something that you can wear regularly
over suit or basically any other kind of classic men’s wear outfit. Item number 12, is the Harrington jacket. If you don’t want to wear a trench coat,
go for Harrington jacket because it is also light weight and sometimes they come in reversible
options such as this one in a navy and a madras check. I personally really like it because it is
light weight. I can bring it when I travel and it has a
sporty feel that I like to combine with spring summer outfits. To learn more about the Harrington jacket,
you can check out this guide here and for the trench coat, watch this video here. Item number 13 is the boutonniere. You see the nice beautiful flowers outside,
sometimes you can just grab one and put it in your lapel and it looks awesome. The problem is, you rarely find those flowers,
you don’t want to steal them from someone. Often they wilt and sometimes the pollen even
stains your clothes. To learn more about the boutonniere and how
it’s made, please watch this video and you can find our full selection of over 40 of
them on our shop here. Item number 14 is the NATO watch strap. No matter what kind of watch you have, adding
a fabric strap, just a NATO watch strap either in a classic navy and red or any other color
under the sun will instantly transform it into a more casual looking spring-summer watch. It’s just perfect for this time of the year. To learn more about watch straps and how you
can combine them, please head over to our watch strap guide here. If you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs
up! Hit that little bell, that way you are notified whenever something new comes out. And make sure to go to our channel where we
have lots of other videos dealing with wardrobe essentials and do’s and don’ts as well as
how-to tutorials.

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