14 Scariest Camping Encounters Caught on Tape

Everyone has their own style of camping. Most people have an enjoyable time that they
will cherish for years, but for a small percentage of campers, absolute horror is what they find. Here are just some of their documented experiences. 14. athletechat is finishing up a camping trip
with his family in Rexburg, Idaho when he notices a large bear approaching his motorhome
without fear. Soon it rears up on its hind legs to get a
better look at what’s inside the camper. The YouTuber and his family manage to get
away unharmed, but the teeth marks on their side view mirror will always remind them of
the time they came face to face with a wild animal in the woods. 13. This video is from a camping trip that Emory
Buckner and his friends took back in 2010. After introducing each of his friends by name,
something catches Emory’s eye. He zooms in on a small clearing in the woods
that’s just up ahead, and that’s when he sees it for the first time . . . None of his friends manage to see it, but
Emory encourages them to stay still and keep looking. Then, sure enough, the red glowing eyes return. They waste little time retreating to their
boat and speed away to safety. But just before they take off, Emory catches
the creature a final time. It’s now casually observing the group while
perched in a tree, its head cocked to the side, its faint outline barely visible behind
a pair of glowing red eyes. 12. Hina Tahir and her sister are camping in New
Jersey’s Double Trouble State Park when they notice a strange woman who is half-submerged
in a local lake. Her clothes are all white and she has a serious
expression on her face as she sways in place. To this very day, the two girls aren’t sure
if what they recorded was a live person or a ghost. If it was a person, then I have absolutely
no idea why they would be in the water while fully-clothed. And if it was a ghost, then maybe her body
is lurking in the shallow waters below. Whatever the case may be, Hina and her sister
decide to leave the woman in peace and dare not go any closer. 11. A soft rain falls in the desert and sends
all sorts of creatures scurrying for cover . . . including this unwanted guest. Watch this part and be sure to translate what
they are saying here if you can understand. A giant upside-down scorpion makes its way
across the top of his tent towards the camera with its arms open and pinchers extended. It looks highly aggressive and possibly poisonous,
but any help identifying its exact classification and behavioral traits would be appreciated. 10. These friends are too busy gathering around
a campfire to notice something is scampering behind them
just out of reach. This furless creature moves on all fours in
an unnatural way that resembles no forest animal I’ve ever seen before. If this is not computer generated imagery,
then perhaps this is footage of the rake or some other forest beast. 9. Jeff Kessler is camping in the middle of nowhere
all by himself when a low rumbling noise jolts him awake. It’s coming from just outside his tent. He bravely investigates the perimeter of his
campsite armed only with a flashlight. After some searching he finally comes across
the creature that woke him up a few minutes earlier. It appears to be an oddly-shaped humanoid
creature with broad hips and shoulders, but skinny limbs and a narrow head. Jeff only briefly catches it on camera before
turning to run. Apparently park rangers found his camera under
this heavy and mysterious structure of bundled trees, but no signs of Jeff himself. I could find no news articles to verify this
story as real, so it could just be an art project. Then again, maybe it was not widely reported
or maybe it was even a coverup. Let me know what you think. 8. A YouTuber named 11mcada and their friends
are camping in the backyard when they completely lose control of their bonfire. First they try to put out the blaze with a
simple garden hose. When that doesn’t work, they try to smother
the fire with dirt using shovels. Meanwhile, the flames grow taller and hotter
as the fire spreads outwards, threatening to reach a house that’s only a short distance
away. Also, if it reaches the cornfield behind them,
then the fire could quickly cover acres of land. The short five minute video ends before we
get a chance to see what happens next. Hopefully they did the right thing and called
for firefighters to put an end to the backyard inferno. Otherwise, if they were too afraid of getting
in trouble and continued to try and contain it themselves, then it might very have cost
somebody their home. 7. This video was supposedly taken somewhere
in Arizona in 1997. It was later found in an abandoned police
station according to the description. The group is walking towards a bright light
in the horizon and it almost looks as if there has recently been a large crash. As they get closer, this alien-looking creature
emerges and takes a few steps before noticing their presence. A giant beam of light bursts from its chest
and the group runs off before we can see what happens next. I’m not sure if this is a costume or not. I wish we got a closer look at the alien,
but from this distance, I’d say there is a possibility that this video could be real. 6. That’s the reaction of James Jones after
finding a strange human silhouette standing motionlessly in the Tennessee forest. What’s especially perplexing is how James
should be close enough to see the person’s facial features, yet their entire visage is
shrouded in darkness. Even if this was a tree, there’s not much
of a reason for it to be completely dark instead of the same color as every other tree around. It almost looks like the figure is wearing
a colonial-style hat. Maybe it’s the spirit of a soldier from
the Revolutionary War, or maybe they were a soldier in the Civil War. Let me know what you think it was and if you
think James was in any trouble on that day. 5. This is one of the more popular videos that
many people feel is clear evidence of bigfoot. The video looks a little too blurry for me
to be sure, but I don’t recognize this scene from any movie or television series, so it
could very well be real. If it is real, however, my only question is
why this 5 second clip is so short. Maybe the person became afraid for their life
when spotted and abruptly ran for cover. 4. Something has been lurking outside of this
YouTuber’s tent since two in the morning. Now it’s 6:15am and the creature is more
interested in getting inside more than ever. The cameraman timidly peaks out from his tent
and spots a tall, muscular lion pacing back and forth. It seems particularly interested in the tent
across, which fortunately is uninhabited. Eventually the lion gains access to the adjacent
tent and raids it for supplies. I’m not sure if he found anything or not,
but eventually the lion walks off a short while later. I have little doubt that he could smell these
humans and knew he was on the other side the entire time, but I guess the lion wasn’t
sure if he was a formidable opponent or not and ultimately decided to leave him alone. He breathes a sigh of relief and quickly packs
up. 3. A YouTuber named Chevalier Epstein has heard
rumors of an old haunted campground that he wants to explore. At the end of a dusty forgotten path he finds
some small buildings that are in relatively good shape for being abandoned. Still, the whole situation looks creepy even
from the outside on a bright and sunny day. When they go inside, they find it’s been
covered in graffiti and feels strangely unwelcoming, so they don’t stay for long. Chevalier decides to turn around and take
one last look at the campsite before leaving. Apparently something was taking one last look
at him as well. Their attention is still fixated on the open
door when something much closer makes a noise nearby. I guess it could have been a mouse knocking
something over, or something like that, but the timing was a little too much of a coincidence
for me not to include on this list. Let me know if you think they really saw the
door open by itself or if this was all setup. 2. A group of bigfoot hunters are searching for
clues deep in the woods when they come across something ominous glowing in the clear night
sky. Three orbs appear to form a mysterious triangular
pattern off in the distance. Every once and a while the light on top gets
extremely bright and then fades away. They can’t figure out what these lights
are, and I’m not quite sure either. Tell me if you think this was an alien sighting
or maybe even some sort of experimental aircraft. All I know is that if these bizarre lights
really are a regular occurrence around these woods, then maybe the idea of bigfoot isn’t
so far-fetched after all. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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a patch of land that literally moved on its own. All he could do was catch the scene on video
in stunned amazement. He even livestreamed the event from Facebook
to prove that this was happening in real time without any special effects. It only seemed to be happening in one spot
the entire time, centered around one tree in particular. I know that technically this shouldn’t be
possible, but it really does look like the forest is alive and breathing on its own. If you have any scientific explanation as
to how this occurs, please let me know. Otherwise, this video opens all sorts of questions
as to what happens in the deepest corners of the wilderness when no one is around.

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