100 thoughts on “14 WORST SCAMS and TOURIST TRAPS in LAS VEGAS

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  2. I had to pause after tip #1 already because I just remembered something that happened the last time my husband and I were in Vegas…

    Someone on the strip was holding a snake basically flaunting it, and I was (drunkenly) like “omg!!! A snake!!! can I touch him?!” And my husband was like “do not touch that snake!! The owner is gonna charge you 5 bucks after touching him! Do. Not. Touch it!!” Hahaha he was probably right 😂

  3. You mentioned the Cirque show called 'love' we have that booked , do you know what time it will finish when it starts at 9:30 , it says it was 90 minutes not including the interval ?? Just working out what plans I can make after the show ?? Thanks – really enjoying your videos.

  4. Great video, one thing I would mention, if you want or need an ATM, water, cigarettes go off the strip. Cigarettes on the strip are around $13.00 where at a off the strip smoke shop there around 6 bucks. Take Uber/Lyft I used to live in Henderson just off of Sunset which runs by the airport and runs into Las Vegas Blvd near the Las Vegas sign, maybe 4 miles to a nice area of Greeen Valley North with tons of stores to shop. Also for allot of fun Green Valley Ranch resort is an awesome place to stay eat gamble plus Sunset Hotel and Casino is another place, don't gamble on the strip, yes go see shows , walk the strip but cheaper to stay off the strip.

  5. The Wynn slots app no longer gives free rooms for gems. It used to be 2000 gems for a free room which wasn't too difficult to do without spending money in the app. They've now switched to a VIP rewards system where it's very difficult to get to the 10,000 VIP points needed for level 2 where you can book a free room without spending money in the app.

  6. Do not buy women anything in Vegas! I personally know women who go to Vegas with no money. Pay for their flight and hotel room and nothing else the entire time. They eat, drink, and gamble for free by dangling the possibility of sex in front of guys who they never intend to have sex with. The night always ends with an "aww you're so sweet thanks!" A kiss on the cheek and byeeeee!

  7. Great video ! What’s the name of this casino you are in around the 11 mark also do you remember the name of the slot machine behind you with the bull !? Tia

  8. Yes, i always use Uber/Lyft in Vegas. Lots of good stuff here. I can relate to much of what you said. Going again to vegas in January, maybe will do a 4th vlog. 🙂

  9. The sucked me in with that time share shit. Crazy! I got KA tickets free food free 2 nights, but it took 5hrs of my life. Effin scammers. Well done! By the way….

  10. Wow, this was a great video. First time watching your videos! I learned a lot, thank you! The last time I went to Las Vegas, was 1994. I guess a lot has changed since then. I've been watching so many Vegas videos on YouTube lately, especially the buffet videos, I love to eat!! I guess your video came up on my to watch list. Very good, the young lady is very cute. Well, I'm going to subscribe, and watch some more. ALOHA!!

  11. ‼️‼️‼️ BTW…. Amazon also sells plastic water bottle & soda caps WITH seals to “reuse” water-bottles…. 👍🤗😉

  12. The people on the strip can't charge you for anything, like pictures or CDs. Just don't give them money. Don't take the CD. If someone poses for a pic and tries to charge you after the fact without agreeing on payment before, then just walk away….unless you want to toss them a couple bucks as a tip. They literally, legally, can't charge you anything.

  13. Pro Tip #1…. don't plan an entire Vegas trip to just to typical Vegas-y things. Go to Mt. Charleston, hike Red Rock, or if you are near town, go to the pinball hall of fame for a bit and hit up local casinos. Mix it up and you avoid pure touristy areas, hence, avoid scams. And do yourself a favor and go to Ellis Island casino for their steak special in the restaurant and karaoke in the bar. It's the best time and mostly locals. And they make their own beer and root beer on site.

  14. Forgot to mention a newer Vegas novelty….buy your weed away from the strip just like alcohol. Closer to the strip is overpriced.

  15. Great video. Never been to Vegas and never will. I love your videos, especially the Vegas ones as they let me enjoy Vegas with two friendly people for free with none of the downside – too crowded there. increasingly nickle and diming, everything too expensive, too hot and too many goddamned Brits (I immigrated to the US to get away from them! 🙂 ). Thanks for putting out such great stuff guys.

  16. I love all your videos! They will help with my up coming trip in May, my husband and I are celebrating our 25th and staying at Treasure Island, any advice on a cheap way to have our vows renewed without renting a chapel ?

  17. I wont say 30$ for cover in to a nightclub with like steve aoki is bad. And if your 2 girls or a man or a girl you wil probely get in for free. And like if you go to nyc that wold be 90 probely the same with los angeles

  18. I'm sorry to say that those girls that dress up like showgirls are out of shape. I've been there recently and gambling is not the same with the slot machines as they are becoming more complicated and don't actually use coins and instead use paper.

  19. I usually don't buy bar drinks, but made the mistake last trip. 3 drinks, no buzz, $45.

    I usually just buy the 2 for $4 8% Mike's Hard lemonades on the strip to pregame, and spending $45 for watered down drinks just reaffirmed why I'll continue to get my drinks from Walgreens.

  20. I did a time share presentation in Vegas. Yes they are very aggressive, but they give you what they say, and it can be exactly how long they say if you want it.

    The only reason why you don't get what you want or stay longer than you planned is if you let them. You just have to be blunt.

  21. Definately no on taxis! I live close to Vegas and grabbed a taxi to get to my car after returning home. I was parked 5 minuets from my car taxi driver took the long way around until I mentioned I LIVE HERE I SEE EHAT YOUR DOING! Made him stop I got out and called an uber. A good tip is to check the route from the airport to where you are going as soon as the driver deviates from that call them on it! I always get where I’m going the fastest if I tell the driver “I live here” no matter where I am.look at your map app!

  22. Fun/Funny video once again however one important thing you missed was the CNF fee more and more bars/restaurants are now charging. Some are as high at 4.7% that they are sneaking onto peoples bill without in being clearly (maybe in tiny letters) advertised. Beer Park next to Paris has had one since 2016 but other places are catching up. There is short explanation about it via LasVegasAdvisor which I have attached the link below but Ive heard Park MGM is rampantly charging this fee among a few other Strip bars/restaurants…


  23. I got tickets to Criss Angel from a timeshare presentation. Lol. I loved it. It was maybe an hour and a half long. I guess it depends

  24. Was there last week and one of the CD scammers attempted to hand a CD to my daughter. Luckily I saw him and quickly grabbed her hand away. He wasnt happy!!

  25. For a person that wants an affordable night's entertainment in Vegas, I highly recommend a Triple A baseball game. There is a AAA team in Las Vegas.

  26. "What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ". EXCEPT for being broke afterwords that will follow you all the way back home 😐

  27. To avoid resort fees I have heard that you can use AirBNB instead of hotels. Is this wise and have you done this?

  28. Time share depends on who it is.. We got great tickets for Excalibur knights show and dinner.. Make sure you research them.. Because some of them are awesome and worth it.. Chris Angel show.. Just depends on what Time share

  29. Couple show girls (fake) asked me if I wanted a picture, I asked what can I get for $200, they looked at me with a discuss and kept walking, lol

  30. Been living here since 1990, some advice and locals feel free to add:

    – Not alone? Get an air bnb and rent a car in order to grocery shop and go sightseeing/hiking (red Rock, Hoover dam, Zion, mt. Charleston, etc.)

    – Going to the strip? Get an Uber/Lyft and walk the strip as much as you can. The reason is because you have to pay for parking now and also traffic sucks. The casinos are right beside each other and some provide monorail transfers so driving in the strip is not necessary.

  31. A scam that happened to me was I didn't have cash and paid for the cab ride w a credit card. I ran it on the back of the seat and asked for a receipt. The cab driver said his receipt machine is broken and no worries. I'm all set. I asked several times and he said he can't the machine is broken. He drove away and I got charged $75 for a $15 ride. Don't pay a cab w a cc. Also how can I save on resort fees and not pay them? I don't see your link on that above.

  32. Vegas local here, a few honorable mentions
    You should definitely add that when they offer free limo rides to strip clubs it's a mandatory 2 drink minimum when you get there.

    DO NOT give you number to night club promoters on the strip because they will blow up your phone all day long.

    If cabbies long haul you ( absolutely no reason to take the highway going to the strip), take a picture of their permit on the dashboard and report them to the cab authority. I used to drive a cab and i quit after 3 months because it's such a terribly dishonest industry i couldn't ethically continue to be a part of.

  33. Beware with the girls in costume,, they will ask you if u wanna take a photo with them for just a lil bit tip,but in the end they wil charge you 20 dollars each!!!! So if it's 3 of them, effin 60 dolars for a effin photo

  34. I was there 3 weeks ago with my kids outside the M&M shop and there was this guy dressed as a semi clown he comes straight over uses my kids as targets and starts making animals out of balloons…
    Of course my kids were sucked in and then he asked me for $ but my wife had my wallet in her purse and she was in the M&M shop so he started being rude and said “ill take them balloons back” so i said “ take them back then and fuck off i never told you to come over in the first place cunt face” 😂😂

  35. 100 dollars for 100 seconds, not so bad unless the bar is on ball bearings like mine was and kinda changes the game up

  36. With number #5 promoters can't get you any extra things thats what the vip host are for and promoters dont work pass 6pm. So yes promoters cant do shit this is comong from a former nightclub manager

  37. They discriminate against the disabled (especially disabled women) they don't care about getting sued so if you are going to be there a while you should partake in the money they throw.Oh,and they actually try to hit women with their cars.I been in legal crosswalks when the signal permitted me to walk some black girl actually sped through the light and attempted to hit me with the car,then she cussed at me for not giving up my rights for her.

  38. 25 year Las Vegas resident here: The “entertainers” should be outlawed, they are scum. Only none gamblers like these people downplay gambling. Never go to a club w your purse. I agree, the branded slots are a ripoff. Agree, never pay some guy $ to get nightclub passes. Total ripoff. You want to get into a club fast? Bring a hot girl. Never buy ANYTHING from street venders. Yes, NEVER go to a timeshare presentation! Total joke.

  39. i got 450 usd for going to a timeshare presentation with my wife, free breakfast and was 90 min long.. we had a little presure but we got all that was promised at the end, so i don’t agree with you guys, we did not buy but it was worth it.

  40. Thank you, someone finally covered that over promising club promoters are basically full of crap. Anyone want a promoter that will be up front and honest please contact me at 702-722-8585 anytime.

  41. I've lived in Las Vegas for 34 years and the whole city is set up to make money off of YOU! My wife and I stopped going down to the Strip over 20 years ago. Now we only go down to eat, see a show once or twice a year, or if we have out of state visitors that just have to go downtown. BTW it's not Einstein's Theory of Relativity, it's Einstein's Theory of his Relatives; The amount of relatives and friends you have grows proportionally to the amount of years you live in Vegas.
    Two more things if you find yourself in Vegas:
    1) The Strip is well lite. Their electric bill isn't paid by the winners. Remember that!
    2) If a Timeshare representative or someone selling you shows keep pestering you, just say "I'm Local". They can't get away from you fast enough

  42. Ok, so Miss Behave isn’t for everyone, but do your research before deciding because I went with my wife and we had an absolute blast. We plan on going again too because it’s not expensive and great bang for your buck for the amount of fun you can have if it’s your kind of thing.

  43. The wife and I are taking are first Vegas vacation next weekend where extremely excited and nervous at the same time. We been watching all your videos thank you.

  44. As a former street performer I disagree that it's all a scam some are yes but I personally never demanded money from anyone tipping was voluntary but appreciated

  45. As you say, Vegas is wildly fun but also full of many traps and scams. I remember not planning enough water for my family. The resort wanted $3 per liter of water.

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