– [Reacher] Hey everyone, it’s Reacher, your friendly neighborhood video host. From solar powered RVs
to mini travel pods, today we look at 15 cool
caravans sure to turn heads. (electronic music) Number 15. A startup from France has developed what it calls Tipoon, The Travel Machine. The Tipoon has multiple slideouts which can be controlled via remote control or your smart phone. The amenities include
a permanent double bed, a kitchen, a bathroom
with a shower and toilet, and numerous storage areas. It also has a space that can turn into a second bed or a dining area. It’s offered in three different
sizes and multiple colors, so I think it’s time to start planning your next creative adventure. (electronic music) Number 14. This slick conversion adds a new dimension to a popup, or should I say popout? Not only does the camper van open upwards, but a pod slides out
the rear electronically, adding about six feet to the length of the vehicle while stationary. The Doubleback comes with a diesel engine, a manual or automatic transmission, new furniture addons, and new layouts, with optional five person seating. Each Doubleback is custom built to every client’s individual
taste and specifications. While you can’t get one in North America, it’s a cool design that would be fun to see applied to vans
available in the States. (electronic music) Number 13. The Romotow caravan is
a contemporary camper from New Zealand based design firm W2. The Romatow separates itself from other campers in many ways. First, its design is ridiculously modern. It’s classier than most campers and more modern than most apartments. The second thing that makes
the Romatow caravan different from others is the way it functions. W2’s design folds outwards. The ability to fold out lets this caravan increase its overall size by 70 percent. The interior is highlighted by the master bedroom’s
wraparound windows. While this is currently just a concept, W2 is planning on seeing
if any manufacturers are interested in its design. (electronic music) Number 12. The Air Opus, which uses
inflatable tubes for its poles, allows the tent to automatically
setup in just 90 seconds. All you have to do is press a switch to get the air tubes to
start filling with air. Flipping the switch the
other way deflates them, making the process of
packing down just as easy. The integrated tent is large,
with two bedroom areas, a stainless steel sink,
a two burner stove, a work surface, a detachable
table, a storage locker and an optional awning
that also uses air poles. It’s basically a box with two wheels, that’s ideally sized for towing, and like other Opus
models, the tent is stored in the box along with any gear, while the top lid serves as a place to strap down any large objects. (electronic music) Number 11. This Prius camper van conversion is the solution for
those diehard Prius fans who wanna take their car everywhere. Camp In has created this
crazy looking conversion that adds a fiber reinforced plastic hump on the top and back of the Prius. The conversion gives you
a spacious living area that has room for a retractable
coffee table and sofa. There’s even a second floor
that has enough space for a bed. Of course, the conversion
will kill your gas mileage, since the top isn’t very aerodynamic, but just think of how
different you’ll look, pulling up in this camper. (electronic music) Number 10. Think rounded caravan,
and you probably think of the teardrop trailer,
but a new British outfit has a different shape in mind for the towable living module. Go Barefoot molds the camping trailer into a more three-dimensional
egg-like shape in its Barefoot caravan. Barefoot’s caravans contain comfort such as stylish kitchens and wall units with oak countertops, modern
fixtures and appliances as well as heating and hot water systems that work from gas or electric. The caravans also contain
an onboard water tank, luxurious seating, ample storage and a bathroom with a full working shower. Barefoot caravans offer
a unique combination of amenities in custom
colors and patterns. The company also offers to
match other custom colors for people with more specific style needs. (electronic music) Number 9. The world’s funkiest caravan, the collapsible and colorful
French-made Beauer 3X will certainly turn heads. The patented concept of the 3X is simple. At the twist of a key,
telescopic modules extend out of each side of the core trailer, multiplying its size
threefold and enlarging its living space from
43 to a 130 square feet. Amazingly, without further manipulation, all the furniture is positioned in place, and once closed, the 3X is
almost indistinguishable from a small teardrop
camper, as all windows and door openings are
hidden automatically. The Beauer 3X won’t be cheap, but if size, funky looks and fashion
is important to you, then this will be affordable for its value as a fashion statement alone. (electronic music) Number 8. Since the previous entry on our list was so cool and original, we figured we would tell
you about its sibling. Beauer is also developing the 3XC, a full-fledged van camper. The camper functions the same
way as the original concept, and can be split from
the car and root itself on the ground for extra convenience. For the most ambitious of travelers, the 3X Plus already looks
like a common trailer in its compact shape. Its trademark telescopic
expansion allows it to open up to an
impressive 366 square feet while remaining furnished as
densely as the original model. Beauer coined the term “move homing”, which refers to the freedom
of living wherever one wants. If they’re gonna keep
making these campers, would we really wanna
choose anything else? (electronic music) Number 7. Unlike several other
boxlike caravans and campers available on the market, Caravisio caravan is more of a motorhome, with high end amenities
offering comfort and luxury like that of a yacht. The Caravisio super
aerodynamic exterior shell maximizes fuel efficiency
and overall performance. Inside are two single
beds, arranged in a V shape that can be turned into
a large double bed. The rear of the living room opens up to a fold out deck inspired
by the salon of a yacht to allow you to stay connected with nature while being inside. The caravan is packed with
sophisticated technology that allows travelers to control
various in house features through an app. It also includes fingerprint activated biometric access control, truly making it the caravan of the future. (electronic music) Number 6. It might look a bit odd,
but there’s a method to this madness. It’s to show you what is
possible with today’s caravans. You can design this concept
caravan in any way you like, so it’s completely personalized to you. You provide the input,
and they’ll design it to your specifications. On the inside, it looks
like the mobile home of a Bond villain. The lavish design offers sleeping areas complete with a flat screen TV. It also has a dining
area and fitted kitchen with a sink and a dishwasher. All you need now is a swivel
chair and a white cat, and you can spin around and say, “Mr. Bond, I’ve been expecting you.” (electronic music) Number 5. If you fancy living beyond
a traditional white box, well, here’s your chance. The Base Camp was unveiled at the Caravan and Motor Home Show, with the concept being described as a crossover camping vehicle. It’s a smaller, lighter, more
distinctive looking caravan that’s easy to use and maneuver, while also maintaining a
pretty stylish and funky look. The back door entry makes for easier loading and unloading of gear. Standard amenities are available and there’s also an app that allows for security control
from any mobile device. By way of options, you
have two choices in size, the Base Camp and the Base Camp Plus. They also offer 13
different exterior styles. Shown here are the standard graphics so you might wanna pay a bit extra for something a bit more outrageous. (electronic music) Number 4. This eHome concept envisions
a fossil free future for motor homes via the power of the sun. Installed are 334 square
feet of solar panels to generate electricity
and help provide power to its electric power train. The all electric motor home uses a 107 horsepower electric
motor that can be paired to a few different battery options. According to the company, the highest possible range
envisioned is around 174 miles. Infrared heating panels
in the floor, walls, and even the furniture help heat the cabin as a second efficient heat source. The panels don’t actually
heat the air in the cabin, but they will feel less
cold for occupants. Aside from its all electric power train, this eHome also features a
mobile Y monitoring system to provide driver assistance, and its Camp Connect
smartphone app brings control to the eHome even from a distance. (electronic music) Number 3. On the outside, it’s a plain looking, unassuming travel
trailer, but when you get to your camping destination, something wonderful and amazing happens. The Dutch designed
Demarkies trailer folds out to triple its size with adjustable awning. A designer created the Demarkies trailer around 30 years ago. Despite its age, the design stands up to other impressive modern
interpretations of camping life. When the other wall of
the trailer is lowered, it becomes a sleeping
dorm with a double bed and two single beds stemming
outward from the main room. An adjustable screen could be
raised between the two beds to provide a small amount
of privacy at night. The awning over the sleeping area can provide total cozy
comfort from the elements, or it can be left up to allow for sleeping under the stars. (electronic music) Number 2. This highly compact travel trailer is a perfect fit within
the Airstream line. This molded fiberglass
segment of the RV industry has occurred through the acquisition of Nest caravans by Airstream. It continues their reputation
for legendary durability, fine attention to detail, timeless design, and innovative features. The Nest is rear entry, and
includes a queen size bed, a countertop for dining or food prep, a dual burner stovetop,
stainless steel sink, and a 3.7 cubic foot fridge freezer. Although minimalist in design, it’s still an upscale
offering as far as campers go. Expect this one to hit
the roads in early 2018. (electronic music) Number 1. When you’re planning
your next big adventure, the My Pod has you covered. It packs a ton of great features into a compact package
that is just big enough for everything you need. The My Pod is a 100 percent
fiberglass molded body on an aluminum frame. Its light weight allows for it to be towed by virtually any car. It includes a full size sleeping area, an entertainment center,
an air conditioner, embedded ceiling fan,
and 110 volt plugins. In addition, you can choose from multiple paint
colors for the exterior. The simplistic design doesn’t allow for more than two people,
but if you’re getting away from the rat race, why would
you want more than that? (electronic music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button, to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (electronic music)


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