15 Best Places to Visit in Ankara – Travel Video

15 Best Places to Visit in Ankara – Travel Video

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Ankara is a city that wears its cultures and history well, blending them into an exciting city that has much to offer travelers from around the world. Turkey’s second largest city offers an aura of intrigue and charm that will appeal to all visitors. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Ankara: Number 15
Soğuksu National Park Soğuksu National Park is a national park located in Kızılcahamam district of Ankara. It is 80 kilometers away from Ankara. Since the park is a volcanic region, the surrounding hot and cold water resources are considered as hot springs. Number 14
Salt Lake Salt Lake is located at the intersection of Ankara, Konya and Aksaray provinces. Salt Lake is a popular destination for tourists. Number 13
Ankara Castle The history of Ankara Castle, one of the symbols of the province, is as old as the city’s history. It was destroyed during the Byzantine attacks and was repaired by the Byzantines in the 9th century. Two years after the Battle of Manzikert Seljuks dominated the region. Number 12
Kocatepe Mosque Kocatepe Mosque is the largest mosque built in Ankara after the Republic. This mosque was built by combining the aesthetics of the 16th century and the technology of the 20th century. We recommend you to visit this huge building which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. Number 11
Hamamönü Hamamonu is a historical area. The 19th century civil architecture in the region has been restored and revitalized. It is a very popular area for tourists. If you come here, make sure you have breakfast. Try Turkish coffee. Number 10
Harikalar Diyarı Wonderland park is quite a large park. There are models of many fairy-tale heroes such as giants, dwarves, witches and princesses. There are models of many fairy-tale heroes such as giants, dwarves, witches and princesses. There is also a Go-kart track, theater, mini-golf course, basketball and football fields. It is a lovely place to spend time. Number 9
Mogan Lake Mogan Lake is located in the Golbasi district of Ankara. It is one of the most popular travel routes for both the citizens of the capital and the surrounding cities. There are many cafes, a picnic area and restaurants around the lake. Number 8
Göksu Park There are various restaurants and cafes around Göksu Park. Breakfast should be eaten in Göksu Park, after breakfast you can drink samovar tea. While your children spend their energy in Göksu Park all day long, you can enjoy relaxing. Explore the park with short walks. Number 7
Gençlik Park Gençlik Park is one of the historical parks frequently visited by local people. There are many activities in the Youth Park such as Tea Gardens, Restaurants, Opera House, Wedding Hall and Amusement Park. Number 6
Eymir Lake Eymir lake, which contains natural beauties, has been taken under the protection of METU University. When you visit the lake you will encounter a lush area. There are also more than 100 different bird species around the lake. When you get here, you can watch the birds and listen to the sounds of birds and have a great breakfast. Number 5
Dikmen Valley Dikmen is one of the rare places where people walk in the morning, enjoy breakfast in their cafes and breathe fresh air. The most striking aspect of the park is; It is the presence of the trees called “Sakura”, known as the “symbol of rebirth and the arrival of spring” of the Japanese. Number 4
Wonderland Eurasia You will experience all the emotions at the same time with different concepts of Wonderland Eurasia, designed for both adults and children. Excitement, joy, joy, enthusiasm, adrenaline, fear, curiosity all together in Wonderland Eurasia .. Number 3
Atakule Atakule is a 125 meter high tower. Above, There is revolving restaurant. Atakule has become a symbol of Ankara and a large part of the city looks. It includes brands such as Starbucks. Number 2
Çukurambar Çukurambar is a center of attraction with its transportation comfort, location and development level. Here you can walk in the shade of the skyscrapers, walk around the mall, spend time in cafes. Number 1
ANITKABİR! Anıtkabir is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey. It is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists.

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