15 Bike Mini Campers and Motorcycle Campers | Bike Campers (Top Picks)

15 Bike Mini Campers and Motorcycle Campers | Bike Campers (Top Picks)

– Bicycles, motorcycles and trikes. Whether you like them
with two or three wheels, we’ve got you covered. This is Reacher. And here are fifteen bicycle and motorcycle camper trailers. – Number fifteen. – The C2 from Moby1 is unique
in that it includes features usually found in larger, more
expensive tier drop campers. Large windowed doors on each
side open up to the interior. Which has a foam mattress,
comprising the full floor of the six foot, eight inch
or two meter long trailer. An external galley
provides extra storage room and a countertop workspace accessible via a large rear hatch. A ceiling mounted cabinet inside provides extra storage as well. The C2 comes in two sizes, with a starting price of six
thousand five hundred dollars. – Number fourteen. – This next entry only need a
camping spot and five minutes. And you’ve got a second home measuring seventy two square feet
or 6.7 square meters. A large rear door
provides access to a space with a sleeping area that can
fit a queen size mattress. A dining area that includes a table, as well as room for a few chairs. And a standing room of
six foot seven inches or two meters. When traveling, the trailer
offers sixteen cubic feet of storage space with the tent. Or twenty cubic feet without it. The included cooler and rack system makes for another storage area if needed. The starting price before options is three thousand one hundred dollars. – Number thirteen. – This handy little bicycle
trailer from Gentletent, offers the convenience
of a transport trailer and micro caravan all in one. In turtle mode, you have a trailer measuring three and a half feet by two and a half feet. Or 1.1 meters by .8 meters. With a total storage capacity of one hundred and twenty liters. Camping mode has an inflatable tent, which sits onto of the
trailer on a platform measuring twenty nine
and a half square feet or 2.7 square meters. The tent sleeps two people comfortably with the headroom just over
four feet or 1.3 meters high. It also has three zip-up windows, as well as a zipper
hatch that allows access to the trailer without
having to exit the tent. The whole thing weighs sixty
six pounds or thirty kilograms and will currently run you just under three thousand
five hundred dollars. – Number twelve. – Although this one is a one off design, we had to include it due
to the unique nature. It’ called the Waterbed and it comes from the mind
of London based designer, Daniel Durnin. It tows like any other bicycle trailer until the user decides to
bed down for the night. The ready to use retreat can easily be put into the water by one person. And then secured with a tie-down
to prevent floating away. A large side hatch raises to the interior, which has a small fold down side table and cushioned seating
which doubles as the bed. It weighs in at a modest one
hundred and sixty five pounds or seventy five kilograms. – Number eleven. – This entry from The USA Trailer Store is another one that
doubles as a cargo trailer and pop up camper. The fiberglass body offers twenty four cubic feet of storage space, while supporting the platform for the king size sleeping area. The tent itself can be set up in about five minutes by two people. In addition to the sleeping area, there’s also a tent room with an eight foot or 2.4 meter ceiling. Five large windows and a door
allow plenty of ventilation while six foot or 1.8 meter awning adds protection from the elements. The Quick Camp 2 weighs in at
three hundred and forty pounds or one hundred and fifty four kilograms. With a starting price of three thousand seven hundred dollars. – Number ten. – This entry, simply
named The Bicycle Caravan started as an idea in 2015. And came to fruition in the form of the minimalist trailer you see here. Access is through a hinge front door that raises to reveal an interior space with room to sleep one person. Features on this one include, five windows which provide
plenty of natural light. A removable table that mounts to the wall. And a fold up mattress that
converts to chair if needed. It has a dry weight of one hundred pounds or forty five kilograms. With a maximum weight capacity of five hundred and fifty pounds or two hundred and fifty kilograms. – Number nine. – Unlike its bicycle counterparts, this one is intended for use on the Piagio 850 as a mounted camper. The module itself employs
the same fold over system when not in use. Large windows, a sitting area
that transforms to a bed. A night stands and a
removable dining table are some of the standard features. Pricing on this one is currently around the five thousand dollar mark. – Number eight. – This one from Kompact Kamp, is a back to the basics motorcycle camper. That still manages to provide all the standard needs for most travelers. The five foot or 1.4
meter fiberglass trailer has a fifteen cubic foot storage area accessible via the rear door. The tent is stored folded
on top of the storage area when not in use. The hard top lid opens to create an area six and a half feet or to meters long. A small extension slides out to create a platform for the double bed. When not in use, it can be stewed away, allowing for a standing area with over six feet or
1.8 meters of headroom. A zippered door provides access to it all, with large mesh windows on
each side providing airflow. The whole thing weighs in at two hundred and sixty five pounds or one hundred and twenty kilograms. With a starting price around
three thousand dollars. – Number seven. – Not too big, not too heavy, not lacking in quality
but still cheap to build. Yeah, that sounds easy enough. This unconventional,
do it yourself caravan aptly named the Foldavan compresses to a width of eight inches or twenty once centimeters
when stowed away. When opened for use as a camper, it expands to just over
three feet or one meter wide. It takes less than five minutes to set up to length of just under
eight feet or 2.4 meters, providing room to sleep one person on the included two piece mattress. The company will plant five trees every time someone buys a set of plans. Which got a few peace signs
from my hippy parents. The estimated build time is fifty hours with a current price of forty
six dollars for the plans. – Number six. – This ready-to-use
shelter from Wide Path, offers another unique
take on form and function. The hard shell collapsible camper has a two piece shell
that folds over itself when not in use. Once on side, it opens to nine
feet or 2.8 meter in length. Creating a space large
enough to sleep two people. Large windows provide plenty
of light to the interior, which houses a removable dining table, a built in night stand
and cushioned seating which also serves as the bed. Current pricing will run you around four thousand
three hundred dollars. – Number five. – This model by Indiana
based Time Out Trailers, opens to almost fifteen
feet or 4.6 meters in length and five feet four inches or 1.6 meters in width when fully set up. Standard features on this one include, a sleeping area with
a queen size mattress, tinted windows, fully carpeted flooring, a chair and a floor
mounted removable table with a map of The United States on it. It all packs away into a trailer, offering twenty three
cubic feet of storage space with a total weight of three hundred and eighty five pounds or one
hundred and seventy kilograms. Pricing will currently run you around four thousand four hundred dollars. – Number four. – Unlike the other motorcycle
tents on this list, the queen size camper from Minnesota based Roadman Campers, doesn’t have a pop up
incorporated into it. The six foot or 1.8 meter long trailer opens up to reveal a twenty
cubic foot storage space. The lid doubles as part
of the bed platform which has room to sleep two people. The tent itself houses the bed as well as creating a dressing room measuring eighteen square feet or 1.8 square meters. With drip guards over the windows and an awning over the door. Owning one will run you around four thousand nine hundred dollars. – Number three. – This tow behind from
Canadian manufacturer, Lees-Ure Lite, comes in to models. Both have a length of
eleven feet or 3.3 meters when opened with the differences being standard features. The trailer measures five
and a half feet or 1.7 meters in length with a storage capacity of twenty six cubic feet. When fully set up a large zippered door provides access to the tent room. Which has a height of six and
a half feet or two meters. Both models have a starting price of five thousand one hundred dollars. – Number two. – Aspens says the Classic trailer is their best selling model. Like any good motorcycle camper, it only takes minutes
to set up into a tent offering a sleeping area
with a fold up king size bed and a standing room that has a height of seven feet or 2.1 meters. Zippered windows comes standard with the rear window allowing access to the tent if needed. Pricing on this one will run you four thousand six hundred dollars. – Number one. – In the world of motorcycle campers, this is considered one of
the more luxurious ones. And it’s named the Easy Rider, so high fives for that. The six foot or 1.8
meter long standard model has a rear door that opens to an interior featuring a sleeping area for two people. The company even makes a
trailer camper for pets. That last bit alone
gets another high five. – Hey guys! This is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (gentle music playing)

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  2. Where are you going to park any of these trailers? Isn't the point to go traveling? As soon as you park it somewhere, it will get stolen. If not, stolen with your ride as well.

  3. My brother in law has one of these, he pulls it around behind his Goldwing. I've got a nice Suzuki DL1000 that is more than capable, but I just can't afford the thing. Sometimes, I borrow bro's.

  4. Tengo un proyecto más sencillo , portable para ser remolcado por una bicibleta que cualquiera de lo que se expone aqui en menos de un poco más m3… sorpresa!

  5. The only thing I learned from this video.. Designers don't bike. I'm planning my nth bike tour and every time I try to come with new ideas on how to make the weight I carry lighter. And here I discover 'inventions' that are ridiculously heavy and almost impossible to move, even for a guy like Lance ' I never did it, but finally I did' Armstrong.

  6. I think any trailer that is bike(motorless) towable, is the best way to go, off the grid concepts don't include a gas vehicles. So anything compact/lightweight enough yet durable in it's design is what most active campers I know are most interested in.

  7. Nice, even though I can pay someone to build the same thing for a 3rd of the price of one of them, it is a good concept. Might make that concept with epoxy covered 3d printed cardboard for the homeless.
    How about mix a bike camper, with a thermal ice fishing tent, or strike a deal with the makers of the shiftpod tent makers, that would be worth buying.

  8. Love this video for ideas for my grandson and me to go camping with. But the boat camping is my favorite. Thank you for your quick response. Sorry water bed.

  9. I had a TimeOut Camper, their ok, totally off the ground camping but took me alone 11 minutes at a dead run to put up, so if it raining.. And for there class, their heavy and suggest a Wing to pull one!.. The best motorcycle touring/camping camper is Leesure Lite and most folks I rode with had them that or a Combi Camp… As for bicycles, no ideal as for that type of camper, but very interesting…

  10. Just love this video!!!No need for a bike tent, I just love camping things. it doesn*t cost anything to look.

  11. The prices on these are not reasonable for what you get. Might as well drive around with a picnic awning in your car and call it good.

  12. I don't understand why you don't just carry a regular tent on a trailer. They take up much less space and there's no compromise on living space once erected

  13. Loved all the campers. My mind is with the bicycle campers. It may not be safe in this country but I believe it will help. If you decide to do alittle travel. It is wonderful to know someone will give you an option.

  14. That's a Piaggio Ape – pronounced "ah-pay", not "ape". In Italian, it means 'bee'. Our word 'apiary' for a bee environment derives from the same Latin word. Great video-

  15. Stupid same price you can get a nice small rv trailer. now you say but it's for a motorcycle but pulling a trailer on a bike ruins the point of a bike. The only cool one was number 6 for like a car or people like me and wife that like to rough it but hate tents but it should only be 1200-1500 because again nice rv trailer for 6 to 8 grand

  16. Ideas are great, but these campers have to be tested against nature, like hurricane, against a bear trying to get in, bullet proof ness…price range under $500, under 15minutes to set up…carry as luggage for international travel…

  17. Lees-ure lite all the way. Love mine. Tows great. Easily the quickest and easiest to set up. Takes less than a minute.

  18. I can build one much lighter ,more confortable and obviously much much cheaper.4000 or 5000 for this .?I can doit within 400 $ or less.

  19. ive been looking for a camper to pull behind my smart fortwo car…someone suggested i buy one made for motorcycles since it is light weight…this just might work lol

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  21. These things are extremely expensive, too expensive for being over glorified standard camping tents like what you can get at Walmart for under a $100. You can make a tent trailer with a regular camping tent for so much less than the thousands that they want. Or better yet. Why not just get a bicycle trailer and store a camping tent in that?

  22. Shoot I'll just strap my tent to my bike trailer and when I get to where I'm going I'll just set up the tent! Save about three thousand dollars! Lol!

  23. The snag is the security issue. You would have to pay to stay on a campsite as it would be very unsafe to sleep in one of these outside of a secure area. Likewise an expensive electric bike would probably not be there in the morning when you woke up. I am assuming the idea is to stay in camp sites then rather than the freedom of wild camping.

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