15 Electric Bikes Changing the Way We Travel in 2019 2020

15 Electric Bikes Changing the Way We Travel in 2019 2020

If you haven’t been up on the world of electric bikes you may think that bikes with motors are bulky, ugly contraptions with little power. But E-bikes are quietly revolutionizing commuting
and fitness around the world. The newest styles set a high standard for
versatility and strength for today’s riders. Hi, I’m Glenn and here are 15 of the best
of today’s E-bikes ready for fun. Number Fifteen The Italian motorbike and e-mountain bike
company Fantic is aiming for urban commuters with their latest, the “Issimo Fun” e-bike. The bike uses 20-inch fat tires and features
2 different models, an urban commuter and a faster Pedelec model. Both have a 250-watt Bafang M500 motor and
a 630 watt-hour battery. The only difference is the tires, but it is
one-size-fits-all, available in one size only. The die-cast aluminum alloy frame is available
in three colors, with custom covers available. Number Fourteen Touting the bike as the world’s only full
carbon E-Fat bike, the Lamere company sells them online from Minnesota. The small company says they want to reduce
costs associated with traditional bike stores and sell directly to customers. It has a Shimano E8000 mid-drive motor. It has a replaceable rear end with a carbon
Boost rear triangle for the non-snow season. Number Thirteen This bike, seen as a modern-day e-version
of the popular mopeds of the ’70s or ’80s, was designed in California with Chinese sourcing. Monday Motorbikes Gen 7 is ready to take on
the streets at 20 miles per hour and off-road up to 45 miles per hour. The bike features a cool black and silver
motif and has a range of up to 70 miles. It also features an independent pedal and
motor drive with a twist throttle. A hefty 72 volt, 31.2 amp-hour battery powers
it. Number Twelve The small Danish bike company, Elian, is hand-building
a beautifully finished electric drive cargo bike, the Classic Cargo E-Drive. This handmade, top tier bike features a direct
drive rear hub motor, a patented torque sensor, and a tig and brazed welded powder-coated
steel frame. A 612 watt-hour, 36-volt battery provides
assistance for up to 74 miles. The large front cargo area provides plenty
of space for bags, children’s seats, or dog carrier. And there’s only 40 of these bikes built per
year. Number Eleven Legendary Bicycle maker, Raleigh is not left
out of the e-bike craze. Their Lore DS iE Step Over is a bike to be
reckoned with. A 350 watt Bosch Performance Line Speed motor
provides pedal assistance up to 28 miles per hour. It features 130 millimeters of travel front
and rear, along with plus-size tires. Shifting is via a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain. The Lore comes in two sizes and is readily
available from Raleigh. Number Ten Looking similar to a vintage motorbike or
moped, The SUPER73-S1 is a high performance, street legal, and long-range electric bike. It features a motorcycle-type seat, a large
LED headlight, a rear light, 4-inch fat tires as well as a rear cargo rack. It’s 500-watt motor and 696 watt-hour battery
gives a range of up to 35 to 40 miles. Number Nine Motion Engineering is the slogan of “Coboc”
a German bike company. They produce several sleek e-bikes and this
one is one example. They say the SEVEN Kanda’s smooth curves
bring beautiful aesthetics and added practicality. It has a SRAM 7-speed derailleur gear system
powered by a 250 watt rear hub-mounted motor. The 352 Watt Hour battery is in the downtube
and the Kanda will assist riders up to 50 miles. Number Eight Precision German bike maker Riese & Müller
are featuring their latest version of the “Superdelite”, a sleek commuter and urban
style bike with full suspension and a powerful 1000 watt-hours of total power. It features the top Bosch Performance Line
CX motor. The bike has many options and several frame
sizes and six different, but similar models can be purchased. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Seven This unusually named company’s e-bike is
a three-wheeled cargo bike that’s designed to carry youngsters in style. Butcher & Bicycles is a Danish company producing
this well-appointed family cargo bike. It is a trike, but unlike most, it tilts into
corners to make riding safer and more like a two-wheeler. The MK1-E features a mid-drive Bosch Performance
drive system and can extend its range by adding an additional battery. Number Six Czech auto company ŠKODA showed off its striking
design concept bike at Eurobike 2019, the Klement. This weird looking bike has it’s control
system in its non-rotating but tilting pedals. The pedals control both acceleration and braking. The Klement also features single-arm forks,
a rigid frame, and medium-size Schwalbe fat tires. The rear wheel, driven by a 5.4 horsepower
hub motor, has a top speed of 28 miles per hour. This bike weighs 55 pounds, has a range of
up to 38 miles, and come with two lithium-ion batteries. Number Five For offroad e-bike adventures, this Haibike
could be the perfect remedy for a hectic day at the office. This German designed and engineered e-Performance
off-roader is powered by the Bosch Performance CX250 watt motor and 500 watt-hour battery. It also has an enormous 180 millimeters of
front and rear travel with SRAM 11-speed shifting and hydraulic disc brakes. Haibike is known for its high-quality bikes,
both electric and non-electric. Number Four A limited-edition bike from the Vintage Electric
bike company harks back to the Shelby race cars of the ‘60s. They say the limited-edition Shelby bike channels
the inventive-meets-championship racing spirit of legendary designer Carroll Shelby. The bike is limited to just 300 units and
is their amped-up version of their 2020 Roadster. It can zoom up to 36 miles per hour for a
range of up to 75 miles. The bike weighs 86 pounds. Number Three A minimal sleek frame highlights the world’s
only folding, chainless electric bike. The London based JIVR wants to allow riders
to enjoy the benefits of cycling without compromises. The JIVR bike features a custom frame made
of aerospace-grade aluminum and a powerful 250 watt motor with a range of up to 30 miles. The bike weighs just under 40 pounds and it
charges quick, in only 2 1/2 hours. It has a proprietary driveshaft and premium
batteries of the same type used in Tesla cars. The bike has a companion app that lets riders
control and customize the riding. Number Two Would you ride a wooden bike? One Austrian Company hopes many people will. The Esel is a sleek touring e-bike and weighs
just under 42 pounds. The fork is made of carbon with a “My Donkey
Hollowtech” frame made of core ash wood. It features a 250 watt rear hub pedelec motor
and a 400 watt-hour battery. They say the wood absorbs vibrations, is quiet,
and is very sturdy for everyday riding, keeping the bike light
and manageable. Number One Looking at this bike, it may seem like a lego
style electric mountain bike. This premium bike is designed and built in
Italy and, unlike some that act like electric mopeds, this Moto begs to be pedaled, as it
doesn’t have a throttle. The limited production bike is a mix of aluminum
and carbon fiber with oversized fat tires. Designed to run on the toughest trails, it
weighs a hefty 85 pounds. ​ Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
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  3. It really depends on who You mean by "We"…
    Where I live, the kit to make my ordinary bike electric alone costs more than a good second hand car…
    Sorry, but at this pricing, they'll only change the way hipsters go around the city, You know, those who already ride bikes "to save the planet"…
    I'm not holding my breath for them getting anyone else off the car any time soon…
    Unless their price drops substantially, only government mandate can make them change the way WE travel…
    Same gor the electric cars…

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  8. This List is very informative but keep in mind that these are a bit on the High-End of the quality scale. There are also ebikes for a lot less money but they are not always desirable with their power and range limitations.

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  14. Been riding e-bikes for six years and my advice is make sure your bike has a throttle.
    European law is pedal assist only and believe me that is the B.S. of the century.

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  18. For sure you missed the best long distance touring bike …Riese & Muller Supercharger GX with electronic shifting Rohlof gear box and a gates carbon drive belt , note folks Governments are now taking a serious look at E-bikes/speed and the highway Laws, note Bosch are taking the view of getting ahead of any pending issues in their new 2020 designs Bosch eBike Systems and have developed software that uses a sensor to detect whether the pedelec has been tuned. If the software recognises that the drive has been manipulated, the eBike automatically switches to limp home mode. Consequence: an error code in the display indicates manipulation and electric support is reduced. The eBiker can restore the original riding settings by riding the pedelec for around 90 minutes. As soon as the system returns to normal mode, however, the manipulation check will be repeated. After the third time, limp home mode can only be deactivated by a specialist dealer using the Bosch DiagnosticTool.

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