15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People

15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People

Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers, and welcome for another amazing and informative video presented by us, here at Alux.com. We’ve all experienced those times when we’ve just had enough interaction with other people and want to get away. In these times, you need a very specific sort of vacation away from the tourist spots and busy beaches. Truly getting away from it all may seem impossible these days, but there are still some wonderful secluded hideaways that can be found around the globe. You are almost guaranteed not to miss the real world when you escape to one of these destinations. We’ve compiled an exciting list of the world’s most remote hotels perfect for people who hate people, and I’m thrilled to share this list with you today, so let’s get started. Teacher’s Cottage on Stora Dimun, which is the smallest inhabited island among the Faroe Islands, is one of the most remote places where you can get away from people and unwind. The island has only 7 residents living there, making it the ideal place to escape other humans. The Teacher’s Cottage sleeps 8 people and is fully equipped with a kitchen, shower and 4 bedrooms. If you’d like to go here, you’ll have to book well in advance because the cottage is only open from mid-June to mid-August. You’ll also have to carry all the necessary supplies since there are no shops on the island. It is only accessible by helicopter, which runs 3 times a week. The Tutka Bay Lodge sits on a splendid and undisturbed 7-mile fjord, which is at the southern end of the Kachemak Bay. It is surrounded by beautiful rugged coastlines and spruce-lined mountains that are a sight to behold. The main cabin is the primary area where guests can spend the night, but if you’d like more privacy, there are also 6 private cabins available. You can relax and enjoy the sauna, hot tub and spa facilities available in the nearby boathouse. The surrounding area offers opportunities for fresh-water fishing, hiking, kayaking and even deep-sea fishing for those interested. Tucked away in its own palm-studded island, there are no tourists for miles around the 9-acre island of Motu Teta Rangiora in French Polynesia. This offers the perfect privacy refined experience for travelers along with one of the most comfortable accommodations. There is a private chef on-site that will curate meals to satisfy your personal taste. The main cabin has 2 main bedrooms with king-size beds and 3 other bedrooms with queen-sized beds that would comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. It’s also the perfect place for sports enthusiasts who’d like to surf or practice sailing. Four Seasons Camp offers an unparalleled view of the tropical jungles in the heart of Thailand. You have the luxury of interacting with rescued elephants in the tropical setting. The camp has a 19th-century safari-style adventure theme with handcrafted furnishings in the rooms complete with wooden floors. There are a number of activities you can engage in like hiking, yoga and meditation sessions. You could also book a spa appointment in the open-air cantilevered treatment room or swim in the nearby free form pool. There are also personalized adventure tours to the nearby Mekong River and visits to the hill tribes. Mombo Camp is found in the heart of the Okavango delta in Botswana. It’s known as the ‘place of plenty’ with enormous plains that have a variety of game and predators that stroll freely around the camp. This area is known for having the best game viewing places in Africa. The 9-room resort can only be accessed by a small local airstrip. Each tent has a separate bathroom, living room, indoor and outdoor showers, and brass and copper finished bathtubs. There are game drives every morning and evening with an open-roof 4×4 that gives the ultimate safari experience. The Explora Rapa Nui hotel is found in one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. It sits on Easter Island, which is approximately 2100 miles from the coast of Chile. It is surrounded by vast ocean views, and the island’s mysterious stone figures which are nearby. There are professionally designed exploration routes throughout the island that allow you to enjoy and take in the wonderful scenery. Which all have views of both the sea and the undulating landscape. There’s a pool and a hot tub, which is perfect for relaxing and taking in the breath-taking views. You can also hike, bike, snorkel, and dive while on the island. The remote Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel is located in one of the most authentic and treasured destinations in Morocco, which is at the base of the Atlas Mountains. This is the perfect place if you are looking to get away from the hassles of the outside world. It has 14 comfortable suites, which are about an hour’s drive from Marrakesh. The walnut curved furniture and traditional Berber rugs give the hotel its authentic and Moroccan feel. If you’d like more privacy, there is a 3-bedroom garden house within the Kabsah that has a kitchen and an open-fire pit lounge. There is also a music and book library for academics and cultural enthusiasts. The Koyao Island Resort is located in the Phang Nga Bay of Thailand in one of the most remote islands in the bay. The other adjacent remote islands give you a perfect opportunity to go and explore. The resort has Thai-style villas that give a good balance between Western luxury standards and the simplicity of living on a remote island. The villas are made up of local materials such as palm leaf and wood, giving the resort a very natural feel. The free kayaking services available give travelers an opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters of the bay. This place is the perfect paradise for relaxation and recreation. The White Pod hotel was designed with a pioneering concept that has architecturally stunning high-tech tents known as pods that separately sit on wooden platforms. Situated 1400 meters above sea level, it offers unobstructed views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. Each pod has a pellet store and all other necessary amenities such as a king-sized bed, ensuite bathroom, and a private terrace. The surrounding area has 7 kilometers of ski-slopes and about 25 kilometers of sign-posted trails that give you an opportunity to disappear from the multitudes of people found in cities. There are also no bars, noisy streets or shops nearby, making it the perfect getaway. The Viceroy Hotel has luxurious infinity pools overlooking the Penatu Valley in the charming isolated village of Ubad, Indonesia. The rooms have views of the tropical rainforest complete with comfortable beds, free-Wi-Fi and private pools. There is plenty of exploring to do in the vast jungles. You may even decide to book a helicopter tour and get a bird’s eye view of the forests. You could also indulge in a massage done by special masseuses who are ready to cater to your every need. You could have your meals served in your own villa or you can decide to have your breakfast in your private pool. Private tours of the surrounding areas such as the Marine Park and game reserve can also be arranged. Find out more about this fascinating country by watching our video of the 15 things you didn’t know about Indonesia. Just click in the upper right-hand corner to check it out. The resort was originally a private gaming lodge in the middle of Kruger National Park in South Africa. It has now been converted into a luxurious lodge with intimate villas, and plunge and mini pools, among other amazing facilities. The four lodges are River Lodge, Ivory Lodge, Tinga Lodge and Narina Lodge, all of which have several tree houses in case you’d like that experience. River and Ivory Lodge offer safaris to both the Sabie River and Sand River ecosystems, which boast of having one of the most spectacular game viewing areas along the sandy banks. There is an amazing dining terrace that is surrounded by 800-year-old trees that give wonderful front views of the untamed African wilderness. This hotel is tucked away in China’s Yellow Mountains, which are located in the Huangshan National Park. There is no civilization for miles, and the only thing you see is the spectacular views of the mountains. The only way to get there is by climbing 60,000 steps to the entrance of the hotel. The smooth rock surfaces of the mountains combined with the rugged pines are silhouetted against the clear blue sky in the mountainous region. The hotel has 65 suites and rooms that are equipped with a television, Wi-Fi, a warmer and hot water. It is important to note that the hotel does not give disposable toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, or soap. This camp is located in the interior of Antarctica and is only accessible by a 5-hour flight across from the Southern Ocean from Cape Town. There are only 6 luxury eco-sleeping pods, which are about 20 feet in diameter, and they are all equipped with heating, bedding, a desk and an en-suite bathroom complete with a bathroom. The common pods are used for dining and relaxation and come with plush velvet armchairs. The in-house chef is on standby to provide hot meals at your request. There are various activities you can engage in such as hiking, gentle treks, kite-skiing and ice-climbing. The place is only open between November and January because that is the only time the temperatures are favorable, and you should note that Antarctica experiences 24-hours of sunshine. The Pacuare Lodge is located within the plush rainforests of Costa Rica and is adjacent to the nearby Pacuare River. The lodge is surrounded by acres and acres of jungle that has different kinds of flora and fauna that can be very interesting to explore. The only way to get to the hotel is through a white-water raft, making it one of the best places to escape from people if you are looking to relax and unwind. The 19 accommodations consist of elevated thatched-roof bungalows, which blend well with the surrounding rainforest. There is a spa on site that incorporates the natural rainforest resources to give you a relaxing and satisfying experience. It also offers a farm to table cuisine, which will leave you craving more. Well Aluxers, we’ve reached number one on our list, and this destination is well worth the wait. Mashpi Lodge is a breathtaking architectural piece that combines both steel and glass deep in the cloud forests of Ecuador, and it is within one of the planet’s biodiversity hotspots. The lodge has floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows, which offer an amazing and uninterrupted view of the surrounding jungle. When you book a stay at the lodge, it is all-inclusive, which means all essential necessities are taken care of such as accommodations, food, guided tours, and first class service, just to mention a few. On arrival, you get a personal naturalist guide that will plan your activities and expeditions so that you get the most satisfying experience. There are numerous activities available, such as visiting the life center to see the butterflies and plants, or you could use the Dragonfly Canopy Gondola to view the forest above the canopy. There you have it Aluxers, 15 of the world’s most remote hotels perfect for people who hate people. Are you ready to book your getaway? Make sure you chose one of these hotels and I can guarantee you that you’ll have an amazing time away from other people where you can have your own peace. Now that we’ve gone through the list, we’d like to know: Let us know in the comments And, of course, for watching this video all the way to the very end, here’s that bonus you’ve been waiting for. There is a British overseas territory called Tristan da Cunha that has a population of about 250 people, all of which have only nine last names. These people speak in their own dialect that’s not spoken anywhere else in the world, but they do speak English as well. You can only get there by boat, and the boat only travels there from Cape Town, South Africa, nine times a year. Thank you for spending some time with us Aluxers Make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video. 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  2. I don't hate people when I'm not around people. It's when I'm around them that i remember why i wasn't around them ??

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  6. 15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People:
    15. Teacher's Cottage, Faroe Islands;
    14. Tutka Bay Lodge, Alaska;
    13. Motu Teta Rangiroa, Tahiti;
    12. Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle, Thailand;
    11. Mombo Camp, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana;
    10. Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile;
    09. Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco;
    08. Koyao Island, Thailand;
    07. White Pod Hotel, Switzerland;
    06. Viceroy Hotel, Bali;
    05. Lion Sands Resort, South Africa;
    04. Jade Screen Hotel, China;
    03. White Desert Whichaway Camp, Antarctica;
    02. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica;
    01. Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

  7. Why it’s “hate people”? These are isolated places but that doesn’t mean these are only meant for people who hate people !! It’s rather adventurous !

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  9. So basically this is where movie stars hide out because they are all way too expensive for the average folk to afford.

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    Find a quite secluded place, post about it, few years it will be a town.

  12. On usual days I like the company of people however on holidays I do agree many of us wish to retreat within our own self & find our inner peaceful spot, I recollect a road trip with my parents were all 3 of us sat to rest for a while & we chose separate spots to relax on our own, long story short you got to give space to get space ?

  13. Nothing as drastic as these places, but the Robinson's Club in Khao Lak about 80km north of Phuket airport of Thailand is a great place to escape, make sure you rent a villa where you get full privacy, and all foods are included.

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