15 Things to do in Athens, Greece Travel Guide

15 Things to do in Athens, Greece Travel Guide

in today’s video we’re taking you to
Athens home to gods goddesses and enough temples to house them all the Greek
capital is the place to get a glimpse of ancient Greece this was our second time
visiting the city but with only three days we decide to focus on the
highlights for us that meant ancient ruins
lots of Greek food and a lookout pointer to the city looking her best right
around sunset in this video we’re gonna share with you 15 things to do in Athens
Greece so let’s get started let’s begin with the main attraction in a place that
has dominated the city skyline for millennia the Acropolis contrary to
popular belief in the Acropolis is not one single building but rather an
ancient citadel which holds a few different structures the archaeological
site is lined with ancient theaters altars and temples and once you reach
the top there are two places that will catch your eye the first is the parson
on an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Athena the other is the
Erechtheion another temple that was dedicated to both Athena and Poseidon
it’s hard to miss its porch of the maidens with its six straight female
figures acting as support columns okay so thoughts on the Acropolis the second
time around who would have known we would be back
here I know like three years ago that we first came here long ago
yeah just like the first visit the weather was incredible sunny we got some
really nice views and I think what I like most about it is just kind of
carving out some little space to sit down like away from the crowds and just
to admire it from different vantage points yeah because it it is really big
like it doesn’t look as big from the ground level when you actually get up
there it really takes a long steep walk yeah it’s not like a half an hour
attraction you can spend hours up there I think yeah I’m getting I’m getting alright guys so this is our first meal
here in Athens of course we had to order a great salad winning Greece and you
look amazing ingredients there’s a lot going on here
there is should we have cucumbers tomatoes black olives have green peppers
a huge onion you choke a feta on top I think maybe some oregano and maybe all
the world yeah look so yeah this is our earner in these the means are yet to
come I just love all the colors such a
colorful fresh salad what do you think good shake going into
the main yes so we ordered moussaka and that’s what I’m gonna try this is very
similar to kind of like shepherd’s pie if you’ve ever had that before I’m just
gonna cut it in half so I can show you what is it right yeah
so look at this over here we’ve got ground beef it appears like some raisins
maybe some eggplant as well some peppers and um yeah just can’t wait to dig in I
can smell a smell cinnamon yeah it looks a bit ideas oh that’s delicious I love
them I love the ground beef at the bottom looks so good it’s really smooth
and juicy very flavorful it’s really delicious so I got the cabbage rolls one
half here so you can see the filling oh my god rice we have some ground meat
that’s what I call Jack there we go so what do you think how would you
describe that that’s a lemon based sauce who does
that’s out there I’m just getting that citrus eNOS all right guys we’ve had her
lunch yeah really good it was a really good
lunch excellent Greek yeah yes so now we’re ready to do some more exploring so
we are currently walking around the neighborhood of flaca and us is one of
the oldest neighborhoods in Athens it’s right at the foot of the Acropolis and
yeah we’ve been here before it’s actually my favorite place to go for
just a random stroll in the city there’s a lot of really cool graffiti basically
we’re we were sitting here and talking about like how there’s two distinct
areas to it kind of the graffiti area and there’s also kind of a high-end
shopping kind of cafe culture yeah there’s like lots of boutiques and cute
little bars and restaurants souvenir shops and then you walk down the side
lanes and there’s a lot of homes and ruins yeah but the artists touring them
if you can your construction noise that’s what’s going on exactly what’s
happening right now yeah it’s really cool to just wander spend some time here
so that’s what we’re doing you’re friendly oh say hi to fam
Jaime Ozzy’s another cool spot to visit if you’re still in the area and you’re
not too tired from all the walking is the hill of muses also known as Philip a
Pooh Hill the squat offers some great views of the Acropolis our next stop was
the arch of Hadrian which sits right between the Acropolis and the temple of
olympian zeus no one knows for sure who commissioned the arch but it’s believed
it could have been built to celebrate the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian
and to honor his benefactions to the city our plan of action here is to be
friends and cats and then check out the ruins from there it was just a short
walk over to the temple of olympian zeus construction of this temple began in the
6th century BC and it wouldn’t be completed until the reign of Hadrian in
the 2nd century AD it took about six hundred and thirty-eight years to build
this temple but it would have been the largest temple in Greece and one of the
most impressive constructions of the ancient world alright guys so next up we
are visiting the temple of zeus and this would have been one of the largest
temples of antiquity and all that remains today are these columns behind
me but back in the day he would have had a massive statue of zeus that people
would have come to worship here so yeah it’s a pretty cool site here in Athens
also you may notice behind me that one of the columns has come down
apparently this happened about a century ago during a thunderstorm and the cool
thing about this is that you can actually see how the column would have
been built it was basically like the slabs of stone kind of like stacked
pancakes after visiting hadrian’s arch and the
temple of zeus we decided to swap ancient greek ruins for a bit of
greenery at the national garden so we’re visiting the national garden
and this is a wonderful green escape here in athens we’re actually visiting
on a Sunday and there’s so many people of schooling having picnics just yeah a
very leisurely good time and yeah it’s just very chill here it’s a nice
alternative to like kind of the more busier sites yeah it just it feels very
like a very local place and just a nice place to hang out while in town we also
visited the Acropolis Museum which focuses on the archeological findings in
and around the Acropolis but before exploring the museum we
checked out their cafe which has some tasty desserts and incredible views cake
and drinks with a view you ready for this yeah I’m also ready to rest really
so I’m enjoying sitting down we’re having a little bite before actually
exploring the museum that’s coming up next to get in Sam was all like yeah
maybe I’ll have a coffee and lo and behold yeah it looks like Okafor I’ve
been hearing about you Joe from both your dad and my dad and apparently it’s
a nice flavor so I know I’m gonna love it it’s gonna have that licorice taste
sweet licorice taste it’s the thing to drink here in Greece I’ll smell so much
like sambuca Yeah right you’re not even like dropping some ice
in there just straight up straight up that even has a stronger a nice flavor
than Lucca it’s not as sweet as sambuca wow that’s really interesting I really
like it the deserts aren’t here check it out I went for the Greek yogurt with
time honey and walnut is so that looks like the
definition of decadence Greek yogurt this is not there’s nothing better than
that I said and as far as the yogurt hired he is concerned it’s just so nice
like the sourness yeah yeah it’s got a lot going on got a good things all at
once I usually think of yogurt as a breakfast item yeah right now it’s
dessert for sure mr. baklava mr. baklava I’ve been having baclava so
much in the past few months I feel like it’d be official ambassador for baklava
around the world where does that be a dream job freeze that would be a good
job for me I could I think I could succeed oh my gosh that is some very
thick very thick it’s gonna go in and grab some of the middle filling here to
go with the ice cream whoa
whoa okay this is some really good Picabo what really stands out so much
not so many not session so many nuts in there and also a lot of cinnamon which
is it a bit of a unique twist I haven’t had cinnamon anymore in a lot
of baklava before ice cream is vanilla no I’m really enjoying a cinnamon what a
great idea I know I’m so glad we decided to eat
before visiting the museum yep the museum itself was really impressive
brimming with sculptures reliefs and freezes but the views of the Acropolis
are what really captured our attention so here we are yeah we just finished
visiting the museum so talk about a couple things first the price is five
years per person yeah that was outstanding value it’s a really really
cool mm-hmm it’s one of those museums that even if you’re someone who normally
doesn’t like to go to museums I think you might like that one yeah yeah it
turns out that a lot of the stuff you see on the Acropolis it’s a replica the
real stuff is in here well preserved you know away from wind and rain yeah
exactly and yeah it was just impressive I also love the cafe that was so nice so
chill up there reasonably priced also great views as well and so that’s just a
really good experience I thought for what we paid it was excellent value if
you guys hands down our favorite way to get around Athens
yeah creepy for a 5-day pass it only cost 9 euros
only it’s incredible value in fact the one day pass is still pretty good it’s
450 euro but if you’re staying for any more than 48 hours and obviously makes
financial sense to get this next up next is the atmosphere market
yeah in terms of all the markets here now this is by far my favorite it’s just
fascinating like one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and vice versa
and vice versa the flea market may be a great place to shop for vintage
furniture and unusual trinkets but surprisingly it’s also a really good
spot to eat so we took this as an opportunity to sample a bit of Greek
Street food so here we go this lucky let’s see if I
can get a big bite of the meat here Oh looks so good
it’s so hard to film and not eat the meat is so juicy is it juicy and tender
it’s like soaking the bread with its meeting juiciness and then all the
freshness of the vegetables right man haven’t even gotten to the vegetables
yeah absolutely different sucker exciting will went over here trying my
first Greek coffee yeah we found mostly a little cafe here in the heart of the
flea market so we thought let’s sit down for that is potent yeah strong coffee
and rich strong yeah came with a little sweet treat looks like local Turkish
delight nummy that’s really sweet update uh Sam why are we all looking
defeated on the bench right now well yesterday what have you done and climbed
up this hill and I’m wanted to make sure that all of us got to do it today then
we’re back again I’m still I’m feeling energetic and I think everyone else is
ninja scouting it over while in Athens we also climb Mount Lissa Bettis this is
a rather steep hill that rises 300 meters above sea level and it’s a nice
place to catch sunset over Athens as a travel tip there is a funicular that
takes you up and down the hill if you want to save your legs lastly we wanted
to give you a quick tour of pireas if you’re travelling onward to the Greek
islands by ferry you’ll be passing through this port city Piraeus is the
largest passenger port in Europe and if your itinerary isn’t too rushed it’s a
nice place to spend a day while in transit we had a full day here and
enjoyed walking around the harbour and admiring all the yachts and sailboats
dotting the shoreline and that’s a wrap for our guide to
Athens like we mentioned we just had three full days in the city so we hope
this video gave you a few ideas of what you can cover on a short visit as always
if you have any other suggestions of things to do in Athens that you like to
share with travelers feel free to leave your travel tips in the comments below
we’re seeing you happy travels and we’ll see you in the next video as we continue
our travels to Greece next up some Island time and century

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