15 Travel Essentials for Men | What to Pack

15 Travel Essentials for Men | What to Pack

(psychedelic soul music) – How’s it goin’ everyone. My name is Siya Zarrabi and
I’ve spent the last 10 years being a full time traveler. Now, I’ve lived out of small drawers. I’ve lived out of hotels. I’ve lived out of a tiny home. I’ve lived out of suitcases. So, I know how to travel light. But I also know the most
important things I need to bring. Since today is Boxing Day and the people who aren’t watching this
video are probably out buying a whole lot of useless crap, I thought I would make a
video on 15 essential items that every guy who’s a traveler
should bring on their trip. Now, these items don’t
include basics like: deodorant or a toothbrush or toothpaste or a passport or money or debit card. Those things you just, you
have to bring when you travel. But these are 15 essential items that I don’t travel without. I wanna say before we get started that this is not a sponsored video. None of these items were given to me to be showcased in this video. No one is paying me to say any of this. This is just coming from my own experience and things that I enjoy. (psychedelic soul music) First up, let’s get started with my favorite item, my headphones. These are noise canceling headphones. And they’re from Sony. They’re the WH-1000XM2. I don’t know why it’s such a long name. They fold up really small so that they fit in
this little travel case. They’re incredible noise
canceling headphones. When I put them on, on a flight and I activate the noise canceling I realize just how noisy a plane is. Oh my god, the engine
sounds and people snoring. And people coughing and so much going on. Like, you just hit a button
and zone completely out. I love these because
they can be plugged into the entertainment unit of the airplane. They actually come with a little adapter so that you can plug it
into the double prong, you know, adapter of the airplane. But they are Bluetooth. So, these are amazing. I never travel with out them. (psychedelic soul music) I’m excited about this item. If you do not have a
pair of these underwear, you need to buy one right now. Tell your mom, tell your girlfriend. Tell your boyfriend, tell whoever. You need a pair of SAXX. I don’t care if they’re SAXX. There’s also a company called MyPakage. There’s a few companies. But what they have is
a little extra pocket on the inside for your
boys to enjoy some freedom. No messing around with legs. They’re separate from the legs. They got their own walls. They got their own curtains. They’re tucked away. It’s like a hammock for your balls. I do a lot of adventure travel. So, I’m hiking, I’m biking, I’m climbing. So, I want something that can
keep up with my activities. And also make me not feel sweaty and feel protected and feel comfortable. These make such a big difference. I do not travel without a pair of these. (psychedelic soul music) A daypack. Daypacks are very important
especially if you’re a guy and you wanna carry your headphones. You wanna carry your water bottle. This is a guy’s purse. This is the male equivalent to a purse. This bag is from Gandys. And I really like it
because it’s super durable. Like, I try and break stuff when I get it. If you’ve seen any of my
other backpack review videos, I physically try and rip things apart in order to test them. So, this has passed many tests. It’s made of a really thick material. And it’s not gonna get
wrecked which is great because guys, you aren’t
very careful with your stuff. You have to make sure that
you have durable things so they don’t get wrecked. Also, I really like the
look of this backpack. It just looks rugged. It just looks like a guy’s backpack. It’s got two water bottle
holders on both sides. It’s got a little pouch here
if you need quick access and you’re on the flight. It’s got space for your
laptop on the inside. Which is great. More pockets on the inside so you can stuff some cash or your passport. If you’re a single guy and
you need to put condoms in here you can do that. Or a married guy and you
just don’t want anymore kids. (psychedelic soul music) Next up, we have a water bottle. So, this keeps cool drinks cold. It keeps hot drinks really hot. And it also has two sides to the lid. So, the lid can open. So, you can put ice in here if you want. Or you can just undo the
top and just drink out of it like a regular water bottle. Also, which I really like about this one is it has an attachment to
put, like, berries in here. Or you can put, like,
lemon or lime in here if you wanna flavor your water. It’s nice that this has a loop
so, if I have a carabiner. I usually do have a carabiner and I can just attach it to my belt. I can attach it to my bag if I want. If I, like, rent a bike
and I wanna ride around. This, it’s really handy to
have some sort of a handle on your water bottle. This is from purehydration.com. It’s a good name for a water bottle. (psychedelic soul music) You know guys, when you
travel you gotta look good. You gotta smell good. You wanna do your hair nice. So, I’ve been using
this company, it’s Wise. Which, I just really like
the design of their bottles because it’s like really nice wood lids. But this is shampoo and this
is, like, clay for your hair. It’s called, like, a molding clay. So, you can style your hair really nice. If you guys are like me
you only wanna spend, like, two seconds doing your hair. So, I really like that this
does my hair super fast and it stays that way and it doesn’t move. Which is perfect. These products are actually
made of birch trees. Which I thought was really
neat because I love the forest, I love the woods, I love trees. It has a really nice, earthy,
masculine scent to it. Which is really nice. It also comes with this
little refill pouch. So, when you’re out you
can just fill it back up. This container is 100
milliliters which is perfect for flying with, although it is glass. I haven’t had any problems
taking this little container with me because they look at
a 100 mils, they don’t check to see if it’s glass. But, I mean, last thing you want is glass breaking on you in your luggage. But, I haven’t had any problems. I got shampoo on my hands. (psychedelic soul music) I highly recommend just getting a simple pair of black shoes. And, you know, they’re
not gonna get scuffed up. You wear white shoes traveling. But what are you doing
with white shoes traveling? I really like these because
they’re super light. And, you know, you can
mash ’em up and, like, look, that takes up, like, next to no room in your suitcase. Unless I’m going to a
super cold destination this is what I’m gonna bring. I’ve worn these with suits. You know, you can really dress them up. You can dress them down. They’re very versatile. And I highly recommend it. (psychedelic soul music) A travel journal. Travel journals are great
when you’re traveling to write down ideas. You can play games in here. You can write down your thoughts. You can draw pictures. Actually, I took this with
me on my six month trip around the world backpacking. Halfway through the trip
my camera got stolen. Kristen and I were in a hotel in India. And I don’t know if you
guys know this story but we got robbed. So, luckily, like, this wasn’t taken. But because my camera was taken I no longer had something
to take pictures with. I ended up drawing
pictures in this journal of places I went to. And because I took time to absorb scenes and to draw images, I have
a more vivid memory of it. That’s, like, a cool carpet that I saw. This is a seashell that
I found and I did like a, I don’t know what that’s called. Like a, not a stencil
where, like, you know, I wiped the pen over it
or the pencil over it. Here’s my laptop. This was my first laptop that
I had while I was traveling so I could write about my adventures. Honestly, I don’t always write in it. But I don’t know when I’m going to feel inspired to write in it. I just make sure that it’s in my suitcase or in my backpack so when
I do want it, it’s there. (psychedelic soul music) Sunglasses. And a sunglass case. Picture if you have a
nice pair of sunglasses that they’re protected
in a case because I broke too many sunglasses to count. These are MVMT and really great quality. And they’re polarized. Make sure you guys get
polarized sunglasses. And UV protection sunglasses
to protect your eyes. Only got two of them. (psychedelic soul music) A USB stick to keep your documents safe. So, when I travel I have a backup of my passport on here. I have a backup of airline tickets. I have just, like, a backup of, you know, anything important that I need. My medical insurance. I have it all on here. I also have a backup on
the cloud, so on Dropbox. I’ll keep all that stuff there
in case anything happened and my passport got washed away
to sea, I have a copy of it. (psychedelic soul music) Typically I travel with just a carry on. But the odd chance that I can check a bag or I do check a bag, I
always bring a pocketknife. And pocketknives are very
handy for a million reasons. And I also like to bring a multi tool. Multi tool is even more
handy than a pocketknife because it can do way more. Especially when it comes to,
like, camera gear and stuff. If I need to tighten a screw or if I need to adjust something. I like having a multi tool
because it just opens up options. Plus, multi tools are cool. Guys know that. (psychedelic soul music) Cable ties. Cables that look like this drive me crazy. I just wanna cut the
cable and be done with it. Or you can use a cable tie. So, it keeps your stuff a lot more secure. Keeps it easier to access. And keeps everything clean. Nothin’ better than opening up your bag and everything is neatly organized. You can find it really easily. So, there’s two types of cable ties. This one is like a bendy wire. I think they’re called gear ties. I’ll put links to all this stuff below. There’s also this one
that’s like a Velcro. Yeah, so they both work. And you can color coordinate stuff. So, if you want USB-Cs as orange and then somethin’ else
as blue, you can do that. Very simple. (psychedelic soul music) A watch. I never travel without a watch. And I have a collection of, like, four or five different watches. It’s a lot more handy
than, you know, busting out your phone and checking
the time constantly. You can just have it
right there on your wrist. Plus, it looks good. If you guys are like me and
you like to accessorize, then I highly recommend
getting a nice watch. This one is from WeWOOD
and it’s made of wood. And then, for every watch you buy they actually plant this tree. They use some of the money
that you used towards the watch to plant the tree that
they made of your watch. So, the cycle continues. (psychedelic soul music) You’re gonna want some versatile
and breathable clothing. So, this is a shirt from Prana. Which is a really nice,
like, yoga company. Outdoor apparel company. So, it’s made of polyester. Which means it’s really breathable. And it wicks moisture. So, if you’re running
or you’re sweating that this isn’t gonna stay wet. It’s gonna let you sweat it out. See, look, I can breath right through the shirt really easily. This is another shirt
I love traveling with because it’s reversible. It can be gray or it
can be this plaid color. And that way I can wear the
shirt two different ways. It becomes two shirts. It becomes two outfits. Which is really important. This shirt is from Faherty. Which is a brand out of California. Super good quality stuff. Like, incredibly good quality. This is not gonna break. This is not gonna rip. You can climb a mountain in
this and it’s not gonna tear. (psychedelic soul music) Waterproof jacket. This is so important. And I have used this in
maybe 30 different countries. This one jacket. It’s from a brand called: NAU, N-A-U. And I always get
compliments when I wear this because it’s really, really nice fabric. And water just beads right off of it. Even, like, 10 years
later, after using this water is just, like,
still beading right off. It’s great. It’s really good quality. It’s breathable. There’s zippers on, like, the pits. So, you can open up, like, a
big zipper all the way down and really get some nice,
like, airflow, if need be. Or you can zip it up if,
you know, it’s raining and you don’t wanna get wet. This actually rolls up to
be very, very small, too. Which is important when you’re
traveling with a carry on. Yeah, so this is the entire
rain jacket right here. Which is great. So, it’s a space saver. And it also looks good. You look good wearing it. You can wear it with,
like, a shirt and tie. It’s that good. (psychedelic soul music) Sandals. Don’t go wearing cheap ass sandals like so many travelers do. Get a pair of really nice quality sandals. These are actually made in Hawaii. They’re called Island Slipper. Island Slipper right there. I got these when I was in California. And they’ve been put through hell. I’ve marched around the world with them. And they have not broke. Like, I didn’t want to buy
them because I don’t like that thong between my toes. But they’re extremely comfortable. And I highly recommend
it because walking around in sandals all day like many travelers do can be very bad on your
posture and your feet. So, I just recommend
getting quality sandals. (psychedelic soul music) A power bar. A lot of people are
shocked when I tell them I travel with a power bar. But when you gotta plug in so many things. I can have my laptop. I can have my phone. I can have, like, a camera charging. I can just plug in so much into this. This one power bar. So, I highly recommend bringing
one of these, traveling. That was it. Those are my 15 travel
essential items for men. If you are a guy and you watched this and you found inspiration, let me know. I’d love to hear your feedback. If there’s something that
you bring on all your trips that I missed in this video, let me know. We can share ideas. Maybe there’s something you bring that I’m gonna start bringing. If you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs down. Booo. Just kidding. And if you guys aren’t subscribed yet, do, because we post tons of videos on travel. Travel inspiration. How to pack. How to save money. How to get cheap flights. Where to go. So, there’s tons of useful
resources on this channel. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next video.

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