16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

100 thoughts on “16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

  1. If you are broke the most affordable places to travel are nowhere.
    Webster’s defines broke: having completely run out of money.

  2. These holidays are not for the broke ? if you have won the lottery maybe or bagpacking in hostels you may get away with it

  3. I think the title of this video should be, Where to travel on a budget. If your really broke
    Your not going to any of these places. Maybe your local park ?

  4. Cheapest places to visit and travel in the World is, 1. Mars, 2. The Moon, and finally 3. Hell! Free round trip airline, hotel accommodations, and food!

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  6. Auckland??? I used to live in NZ and I can tell you this is misinformation. Not going to bother with the rest of your video, since this is what you begin with and obviously have not done your research properly. 'Auckland has been ranked as 10th most expensive city to visit. … The City of Sails snuck behind Sydney, Australia, who placed ninth on the list with a break said to cost $23 more than Auckland's. The survey estimated Auckland travellers could save $15 by eating breakfast at a local restaurant instead of at the hotel.'

  7. Arizona is NOT cheap anymore. Everyone is moving here due to all the storms back east and the high cost of living in California. We are also getting hotter and the Monsoon season keeps moving around to the Fall instead of when used to be in summer. Housing and the cost of living is creeping up and up. Not the Arizona I'm used to. I'm researching moving to Central or South America. AZ is getting very crowded.

  8. Such a beautiful and also very interesting place! I have to include it in my top next goals! When I travel I always take my travel playlist with me, including classics like One by Metallica, Lateralus by Tool or new bands and songs like for example Wasted by Delta Parole, what travel playlists do you fellow travelers love and listen to?

  9. Going to the Philippines under DUTAE(AKA:duterte) is like committing suicide and not a good choice if you value your life and bad choices always have bad consequences as these two men found out the hard way. Remember the german tourist, who was kidnapped, ransomed for 2 million dollars and released. Then, was stupid enough to come back/returned and got kidnapped again and this time no more ransom paid and lost his head, literally (ASG videotape it cutting his head-off). Another one, a Korean businessman named, Jee Ick Joo was kidnapped by the PNP police and after the wife paid the ransom, IGNATIUS FERRO, Head of PNP Anti-Drug, hack him to pieces in their main police HQ and feed parts of the body pieces to their dogs, cremated the remaining parts and flushed down the toilet. Now you can teach others the pitfalls of going to the Philippines.

  10. As an avid budget traveler, with at least 1/4 of the world down. I can say with 110% certainly this title click bait. Because this dude is so wrong. I don't think he has traveled to half these places.

  11. It a good place to go if you are single. But it is expensive to get around the country. If you stay in Havana taxi are very expensive to use for short trips more than what you would spend on accommodation for a night

  12. What a bull shit! I travelled to 49 countries, 90 percent of this list and none of these places are cheap as tourist unless you have family there to sleep at their place, eat at their table and go around in the city without visiting anything. Flights expensive. Seriously?! Cheap places to sleep are in the crime neighborhoods and crowded crazy hostals.

  13. I mean like Faroe Islands are beautiful and cheap to travel to in november you can go directly to FO (Faroe Islands) From NYC..

  14. Move to Florida then drive down to the keys, then vlog about it like I did, best vacation and affordable long weekend.

  15. Auckland? Or you drunk ? If you want to sleep with 20 other peoples maybe. Incomparable with Vietnam, Thailand, laos Cambodia…. honduras and many much cheaper places..

  16. I would not mind to be this "kind of broke" to be able to travel to any of this beautiful places. ? right now I will enjoy the walk in the woods near me and be grateful for it. ?

  17. Nice variety of places to visit, but couldn't you take an extra minute or two to learn how to pronounce the names of the places properly? It just sounds weird to hear you say them phonetically instead of the completely different, correct way to pronounce them.

  18. Of course, it takes no money to actually get there. That seems to be a little bit of a problem for the perpetually broke.

  19. This video is one of the most painful, irritating and incorrect travel videos and overall thing I’ve watched on this website.

  20. they say 1,547$ plane ticket is cheap? that is ridiculous thats almost 4grand. They need to rethink this… Cheap is around 200$ plane ticket wow. This could be like for example I could say. There is a cheap plane ticket oh its 5grand. Just to get there, then everything only cost 50$ Oh and its 5,000$ back yeah not cheap.

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