190611 Sowon & SinB night picnic

190611 Sowon & SinB night picnic

SinB: We should have brought a mat like the other people. Sowon: Maybe manager-nim has it.
SinB: I think he left. Sowon: I think he’s about to leave. Hello~ Guys~
SinB: Let’s give him a call. SinB: Should I call? Sowon: Our outing! [Calling manager-nim] SinB: Did you leave? SinB: Ohh.. It’s nothing. SinB: Do you have a mat? SinB: Okay. Bye. It’s nothing. SinB: It’s okay. Sowon: It is too dark right? Too dark here.
SinB: Bye. Sowon: We have to do it like this right? Sowon: The manager doesn’t have it?
SinB: He doesn’t have it. Sowon: I should have done it horizontally.
Why did I do it vertically?
SinB: Why did you? Sowon: Should we change it?
SinB: That’s okay. This is horizontal. Sowon: Everyone, we’re doing G-log.. SinB: Today G-log was not uploaded right? Sowon: There are no contents to upload so we are filming the content of G-log together now Sowon: It will be good if it is like this (horizontal)
You guys might like this better. Sowon: Right? let’s buy something Sowon: But there are a lot of people here. Sowon: Let’s not act like we’re recording something. Sowon: We’ll walk like this. SinB: Beer is a must when you come to Han river. Sowon: We can’t do that! Sowon: Ramyun is a must when you come to Han river. Sowon: Where are we going to eat? Sowon: We could go to near the water.. Or.. Sowon: It’s too late. Sowon: Too many mosquitos are near the water. Sowon: Let’s find a spot first. SinB: Do you want to just eat on the grass? Sowon: Here?! Sowon: Let’s just buy a mat. SinB: Guys, G-log is ruined.
Sowon: Let’s just buy a mat. Sowon: What do you think?
SinB: It’s a waste of money. Sowon: We can use it again in the future. Sowon: What? Sowon: You must be crazy. People can hear you. Sowon: Let’s see the price of a mat first before deciding. SinB: It’s expensive.
Sowon: It’s expensive. Sowon: But it looks good! Sowon: Shall we just buy it? Sowon: Guys, should we just buy a four person mat? Sowon: 2 to 3 person?! SinB: Let’s just buy a 2 to 3 person one. SinB: Only our butts might fit here. Sowon: I agree. SinB: Since we have big body frames…
Sowon: If we buy four person one, we can use for something else later. Sowon: Should we buy a four person mat? Sowon: We’ll buy this 4 person one. Sowon: Closer.. X3 Sowon: Not over there. Look at her. Sowon: Look at her. Sowon: Ramyun… Everyone,
please wait a moment. Sowon: Ramyun. SinB: Unnie, what are you going to eat? Sowon: What about you? SinB: I like all.
Sowon: Is ppogeuri better?
(ppogeuri is prepared by pouring hot water into the ramyun bag) SinB: Why would you want to eat ppogeuri? Sowon: Not ppogeuri. Isn’t there a machine over there for cooking? SinB: I’m going to use that.
Sowon: You’re going to use that? SinB: Yeah. SinB: Would bugs fall into the (ramyun) soup? Sowon: It could happen. Sowon: Guys, is ppogeuri tasty? SinB: She only brought a mask for herself. SinB: While dongsaeng is.. Sowon: I have one more. You want it? Sowon: It’s a brand new one.
Sinb: No. It’s okay. SinB: I like to show (my face) like this. SinB: What are we going to eat, unnie? Sowon: I really want to eat omuri kimchi stew
hehe, Im sorry. Sowon: Jin Jjamppong is delicious. SinB: Jin jjamppong is tasty. SinB: Teumsae ramyun is sold a lot today. Sowon: i can’t eat the spicy one. SinB: Which way is our camera facing? SinB: I want to eat omuri. Sowon: Okay.
Sinb: Never mind. I want eat teumsae ramyun. Sowon: She is always like this.
If you recommend something, she never eats it. Sowon: I’m going to.. Sowon: Jin jjamppong! SinB: Cup ramyun.
Sowon: Should we buy kimchi? SinB: Kimchi? SinB: Unnie, choose our drinks. Sowon: Okay. How about kimchi? SinB: Don’t you think kimchi and milk don’t go together? Sowon: I’ve never said I wanted milk SinB: I just wanted to say that. Sowon: Let’s just buy kimchi. *Sorry recording is not allow in here arghh Sowon: I am sorry. Sowon: He said we have to go out. SinB: I will stay and pay for the things.
Sowon: Okay sure. Sowon: Come out when you’re done. You choose the drinks. Give me both of these. SinB: Unnie, what about ramyun?
Sowon: I already chose it. Sowon: Broadcasting in there… Sowon: We were rejected. Sowon: I am sorry.
We filmed without asking for permission. I did my best (not to show the store). I got rejected. But this is (not) a
broadcast. This is a broadcast. Actually, this is not
the first time this happened When I went to film ‘Trend with Me’ self-cam segment, this happened many times before. It’s okay. Nowadays, as there are a lot of broadcasts, there
are more people refusing filming at their place? It’s very… But refusing… Everyone, the weather.. is very good! You all are also alone now… It is a bit embarrassing to talk because I am holding two cameras It is a bit embarassing. It’s embarrassing. People are looking at me. But no one recognizes me. I should work harder. People… There are.. many people are here.
There’s not that many but there is quite a lot. So, I’m gonna escape from here. I brought Meonji here before. Meonji. Meonji ya. Youtube? Oh, you mean they
might have thought that I am a Youtuber? That might have been it. SinB ya, please hurry up. I’m holding two cameras right now. Everyone! Two cameras! This feeling, no one will know. The feeling of embarrassment. Where is SinB?
Wait.. Please help me! I forgot about this. SinB is probably making ppogeuri by now. I should head back there, right? Wait a second. We’re at Han river.. We’re somewhere at Han river.. Wait a minute. SinB is still in the convenience store. Hold on. Where are we supposed to go? We can’t do it here. We can’t do it here. SinB: Why? Sowon: I don’t know.
I don’t think we can do it here, either. Sinb: Did you end it already?
Sowon: Not yet. Sowon: Should we end it for a short time? Sowon: Should we turn it off for a short time? Sowon: Everyone, I will turn it off for a short time. Sowon: Sorry, sorry guys.
I got a phone call. Sowon: Aigo, I turned it on in portrait mode again. SinB: You’re such a fool. Sowon: Guys, lemme open it again.
I’m very sorry, guys. I did it in portrait mode again.
I must be crazy! Sowon: What do I do?
SinB: You’re stupid. We just continue like this. SinB: Let’s so be.
Sowon: Yeah. Sowon: How it is manager-nim?
This is V app. Sowon: Why is my face so oily? Manager: Okay… Sowon: I’m going to eat first. SinB: By the way… Look at this. Manager: Please set at the best angle. Sowon: Mine is overcooked. SinB: Wait a second. Sowon: SinB bought these. SinB: We didn’t know we weren’t
allowed to film. Sowon: We didn’t know. Sowon: Ohhh~ Sinb: Haven’t had this in a long time. Sowon: Okay. Sowon: Manager-nim came here
to help us. Sowon: We told him that we’ll do it
by ourselves. Sowon: We couldn’t do it by ourselves. Sowon: Manager-nim, how
do we look? SinB: It’s dark right?
Manager: Looks red. Sowon: Red? SinB: Looks red? Try
with no filter. Manager: Filter?
SinB: Uh. Sowon: Let’s eat fast. Sowon: And let’s move to a bright area.
Arghhh it’s hot! SinB: Wouldn’t this make it bright? Sowon: This is just an eating broadcast. Sinb: Manager-nim, is this yours? Sowon: It’s good. Sinb: Manager-nim, it will be good if
you can come closer. Sowon: We… SinB: They’re saying we look like bad students. Sowon: Can you guess why we’re out suddenly? Sowon: We just wanted to get some fresh air. Sowon: I told other members to go with us. SinB: But all of them declined. Sowon: So just us came here. SinB: One member didn’t come
because she had to play a game. SinB: And another member didn’t come because she had to watch a drama. Sowon: And another member wanted to go to
the practice room after eating. Sowon: Another member went to her house. Sowon: Try to guess the members.
Don’t you think they’ll figure it out? Sowon: Why is it so delicious?
SinB: What? Sowon: It’s delicious. SinB: They’re asking us if mosquitos are biting us? SinB: Mosquitos haven’t bit us yet. Sowon: Firstly, the member who is playing
a game. SinB: A farm game.
Sowon: She rather wants to play a farm game. SinB: Why would you want to take care
of farm? SinB: I told her that I’m going to
destroy your farm. Sowon: This member doesn’t usually watch
drama, but she wanted to watch it. SinB: Why today!! SinB: She insisted on watching the drama again. Sowon: At first, we thought of going
somewhere further if the members were joining. SinB: Yes, we were planning to go far.
Sowon: Somewhere near the beach. SinB: We wanted to do that but… SinB: It didn’t work out. Sowon: Manager-nim, your arm
must be hurting, right? Is it okay? SinB: Give it to me when I’m done eating. Sowon: Why are you laughing ? Sowon: Do we look like beggars? Sowon: Do I look like a beggar?
SinB: Do we look like beggars? SinB: Game Eunha, Drama Umji, Practice room Yuju. SinB: That is wrong. SinB: Drama Yerin?
That is correct. SinB: Practice room is 100 percent Yuju. Sowon: We tried to convince them
for like 20 minutes. SinB: That’s right. I tried
(so hard in our group chat). SinB: No one wanted to come with us.
So I said.. SinB: “In the future, I won’t give you anything,
I won’t do anything for you.” Sowon: But Eunha is really funny. Sowon: “I would’ve gone with you if it was any other day.” Sowon: Okay then. SinB: I told her to clean the dressing room then. Sowon: Did you hear what she said? SinB: “Ermm…Okay…” SinB: “Eunha unnie seems to be a homebody?”. Sowon & SinB: She’s not. SinB: Eunha unnie is keep saying
she’s a homebody. Sowon: So this was mentioned earlier,
she would’ve gone out if her friend called her. SinB: Thats right! SinB: Unnie, they are saying Eunha unnie will
go out if we buy her a hamburger. SinB: Nope. Sowon: That friend might… Sowon: …look simple… Sowon: …but she is not. SinB: Eunha unnie only does something
when she truly wants it. Sowon: When she’s hungry and we tell her to
eat together…. Sowon: She’s kinda hungry, but she wouldn’t
eat because she doesn’t crave.. Sowon: She doesn’t eat until someone finds
food that she wants. SinB: “Did she buy macarons
yesterday?” Unnie bought it for me. SinB: 2 boxes of macarons. SinB: I already took the picture to upload it. SinB: But I forgot to upload it. Sowon: Can we talk about it? Sowon: My emotion.
SinB: Ermm… Sowon: Can I? I can, right? Sowon: We exchanged text messages
around 11:50 PM. Sowon: I was on my way to the
dorm with manager-nim… Sowon: I received the text. Sowon: I searched for all the nearest bakery
stores that sell macarons. Sowon: Most of the stores were open
until 12 AM. Sowon: I was about 5 minutes away from it. Sowon: Since it was close to closing time,
so I gave a call. Sowon: “I’m on the way but are
macarons available?” Sowon: They were like “Yes we have it”. Sowon: “Within 5 min I’ll arrive, so, please
save some macarons for me” Sowon: “I will arrive soon” Sowon: I hung up the phone, I ran to the store… Sowon: …and she handed the macarons “Here it is”, as soon as I entered. Sowon: Momentarily kinda… Sowon: I felt like I was a husband… Sowon: I looked like a husband
buying food his wife asked for. Sowon: My wife… SinB: She might have thought she really
wanted macarons badly. Sowon: That’s so funny. Sowon: Too cute. SinB: It’s itchy.
Sowon: Why are you doing that? Sowon: We are not like this. SinB: My hair color is brighter
but it is not visible here. SinB: The color already came off. Sowon: Already seen the color.
SinB: Oh, really? SinB: It’s pretty, right? Sowon: It’s like ash blue? Sowon: I want to drink the soup.
What do I do? SinB: I brought a straw for you,
so you can drink out of that. Sowon: She wants me to drink it out of
this straw. SinB: Someone got bit by mosquitos 13 times. Sowon: Wow, it’s mosquitos’ fault. Sowon: It’s been a long time since
I’ve eaten ramyeon at Han river. SinB: Really, unnie… Sowon: The first time since debut. SinB: Me too. Sowon: Really.
SinB: When we escaped.. Sowon: Me too x2
SinB: The first time since then. Sowon: The famous story.. SinB: We should have done more… SinB: Why on earth did we play dodgeball
after escaping. Sowon: It was over there. SinB: Right over there.
Sowon: Near the basketball court. Sowon: This is so good! SinB: We’ve never talked
about the escape story? Sowon: We did many times before. SinB: We did talk about it.
When we were trainees, it was so hard on us. Sowon: We’re talking about escaping
while manager-nim is here. Sowon: You know right? Sowon: We were hungry. Sinb: Manager-nim,… Sinb: …can you ask us questions
from the comments you see? Sowon: That’s right. Like an interview. Sowon: You can see the comments there, right? SinB: I think you can turn that off. SinB: Someone is asking for a spoiler. Sowon: Manager-nim, you weren’t sitting on the ground all this time. Sowon: Please ask us questions. Sowon: Good questions. SinB: Do it like an interview. Manager: The questions are not coming up. Sowon: Anything you’re curious about. SinB: Where is the meat? SinB: Sound of nature. SinB: My saliva suddenly dripping. SinB: A dragon lives nearby~ SinB: It can happen. SinB: They might have not heard it. SinB: I think only we heard it. Sowon: Really? SinB: I don’t think they heard it. SinB: A charming girl group..?? SinB: Guys..! It wasn’t us! Sowon: That’s right. SinB: It wasn’t us! SinB: I didn’t do it! It really wasn’t me! SinB: It wasn’t me! SinB: Not me! Sowon: It wasn’t us!
SinB: They’re saying we’re down to earth. SinB: It really wasn’t us! SinB: The people next to us did it. SinB: The people next to us are drinking beer. SinB: They really think it was us.
Sowon: That was so funny. SinB: It really wasn’t us. Sowon: Please watch the replay. SinB: It wasn’t us. Sowon: That was so funny. SinB: They’re asking if we ever tried
brown sugar bubble tea. SinB: That tea is way too sweet for my taste. Sowon: It’s very sweet, but it’s delicious. SinB: I really like bubble tea,
but not brown sugar bubble tea. Sowon: How come you didn’t eat with kimchi? SinB: I did. Sowon: I’m done! SinB: I was told not to eat flour. SinB: But you’re eating very well. Sowon: She went to hospital, they told her to avoid eating flour because it’s not good for her body. Sowon: They told her to avoid it if she can. Sowon: By the way,… Sowon: She was telling me this story
while eating a snack. SinB: “Unnie, this popcorn is made with corns.” Sowon: So funny. Sowon: Why’re you not giving us the questions,
manager-nim? SinB: Recently, what movie did you watch? SinB: Didn’t you watch “Parasite”? SinB: I didn’t watch it.
Sowon: Why didn’t you watch it? SinB: Because I had to record
something. SinB: Now we can say recording. SinB: I had to record something.
I had a cold recently. SinB: Guys, please be careful of AC.
Sowon: But… Sowon: Besides our comeback,
we do a lot of recordings. SinB: That’s true. Sowon: I don’t know why when we mention the word “recording” they conclude to our comeback. Sowon: Jin Jjamppong is really good. Sowon: Really delicious. SinB: I had Jin Jjamppong before. SinB: “What song do you listen to lately?”
I listen to our title song a lot. SinB: Daebak!!
Sowon: Me too! SinB: It suits very well with this summer night. Sowon: I like it so much that… Sowon: I was listening to other artists’ songs on Melon,… Sowon: …but I wanted to listen to our song
so badly so I went to listen to it. SinB: But the B-side tracks are
also very good. SinB: I think B-side tracks are good too. SinB: Maybe not.
Sowon: I like it. Sowon: Why? Sowon: It’s good. It’s a good thing. Our company always want to fill the album with new B-side tracks. Sowon: It’s hard on us when preparing… Sowon: When you look at the conclusion… SinB: She’s trying to say
this album is well packed. Sowon: It’s well packed. Sowon: I like it.
SinB: Isn’t there a controversy about this? Mint… SinB: There’s a group of for mint
and against mint. Sowon: Are you for mint? SinB: I’m for it.
Sowon: I’m against it. I like mint. Sowon: See. It splits here.
Manager-nim, what are you? Sowon: Are you against it? SinB: Why?? Sowon: I don’t like it.
SinB: I really like mint. SinB: You don’t like mint choco either? Sowon: But…
SinB: Why?? Sowon: Let’s watch it together.
SinB: It’s locked. Sowon: Is this cell phone on? Sowon: Why?
SinB: Sonhyung said “Hey, you really yourself.” SinB: Hey! It wasn’t me! Sowon: That? the sound of nature? SinB: It wasn’t me. Sowon: It really wasn’t us. Sowon: It was so funny. Sowon: What do I do? kimchi… Sowon: Kimchi… Sowon: Why don’t you smell it?
SinB: No! Sowon: Just one time.
SinB: Why is she telling me to smell it? Sowon: It smells like kimchi. Sowon: Manager-nim, please give me the phone and find wet tissue for me. Sowon: Thank you. SinB: They’re saying mint tastes like toothpaste. Sowon: It is showing. SinB: Isn’t that a good thing? SinB: Unnie, do you want to go somewhere more bright? Sowon: Should we? Can we clean this later? SinB: Bad thoughts! SinB: Let’s not have bad thoughts! Sowon: Really cute! SinB: I really want to watch “Aladdin”. SinB: Unnie, do you want to watch “Aladdin”?
Sowon: Right now? Sowon: Now? Sowon: Okay! Sowon: Okay! I want to watch “Aladdin” too. SinB: For this kind, you got to do it right at the moment. Sowon: Thank you~ SinB: Naver… Sowon: I want to watch “Aladdin”. SinB: I’ll search for “Aladdin”… SinB: How do I look up? Sowon: Nearest… SinB: Aladdin.
Sowon: No. SinB: Why? SinB: You typed it wrong. Sowon: When you search for the nearest… SinB: Manager-nim, I don’t think you have to
do that anymore. SinB: Actually, I think you should. SinB: Umji said she watched “Aladdin”
by herself. Sowon: Right here. SinB: What?
Sowon: Right here! SinB: But it’s not the website.
Sowon: This will lead you to the website. SinB: You’re a genius. SinB: Manager-nim, I don’t think you have to do it anymore. SinB: It’s… It’s okay. Sowon: If we reach there in 15 minutes,
we can watch it. SinB: Let’s watch it next time. Sowon: That one is the last showing. Sowon: I’m not using the dirty one. SinB: Didn’t you wipe kimchi with this? SinB: Didn’t you wipe kimchi with this? Sowon: No~ Sowon: I’m not like that. Sowon: Do you want some?
SinB: Yeah. SinB: There’s a song called “Hope”
on our B-side tracks. What is that? Sowon: Gidae! (Hope) SinB: Ah, gidae. SinB: I think I have a hiccup. Sowon: Just speak naturally. SinB: Someone was asking if there’s “Hope” on the album. Sowon: I was doubting myself.
SinB: We don’t have it, right? SinB: “Hope”
Sowon: “Hope” is “Gidae”. SinB: I’m sorry. Sowon: Let’s clean up here first. SinB: Yes. Clean up…
Maybe you can record this for G-log. SinB: For G-log, we’ll do it together. SinB: Unnie, I bought this for 40 cents. Sowon: What?
SinB: This bag! Sowon: They won’t bag this if you don’t buy the bag?
SinB: No. Sowon: What if you bought a whole bunch of
stuff and you don’t have 40 cents? SinB: I think they’ll just carry in their hands.
Sowon: What if they can’t? SinB: Then they just need to unload some. Sowon: Here, you…
SinB: Buy less. Sowon: Ms. Banned from eating flour.
Why did you buy this? SinB: I bought this just in case if we wanted to rinse our mouths with this after eating flour. SinB: I’m not sure what I’m saying.
Sowon: Why would you want to rinse with that? SinB: There’s a saying
“Sweet, salty, sweet, salty”. SinB: This one is sweet.
Salty. SinB: Do you have any question? SinB: Someone keeps asking the brand of
this shirt. I don’t know. Sowon: I have a hair band here to show
our faces together. SinB: I really like It. Sowon: Did you finish the milk?
SinB: No. Sowon: Manager-nim, we can leave this here
temporarily, right? Sowon: No? Why? Sowon: Someone is going to take it? Sowon: I don’t mind. This is trash anyway. SinB: She’s really bad. Sowon: This is trash anyway.
I’ll be thankful if someone does take it. SinB: You’re not going to take the mat? Sowon: Of course I will. SinB: Didn’t you say it was trash?
Sowon: I was talking about this stuff. SinB: Ahh. SinB: Unnie, you really… Sowon: Hey! Sowon: Hey! How could you say that to unnie? SinB: How can you think about leaving the trash behind? Sowon: First… Sowon: The ramyun soup splattered
on my clothes again. Sowon: Could you hand me some wet tissue? SinB: Manager-nim, do you have
wet tissue over there? SinB: We don’t have any?
Sowon: Please give me some wet tissue. SinB: Please leave it down here. SinB: “Call Eunha to come over?” SinB: I want to do that too! SinB: I want her to be here too! I tried to convince her for like 20 min, but she wouldn’t come. SinB: Manager-nim. SinB: I’ll be quiet now and start cleaning. SinB: What is this? SinB: Daebak! The smell of grass! Sowon: We’re going to
go somewhere more bright. Sowon: “Raging ttin!” Sowon: “I like SinB unnie so much.
What do I do?” SinB: You should keep liking me! Sowon: I must be invisible. SinB: Manager-nim, this… Sowon: Looks like it. Sowon: I’m right next to her like this. Sowon: I like SinB more than you! Sowon: What are you doing? Sowon: Ajumma ttin! SinB: Is this poop?
Sowon: Ohhh??????? SinB: Is this poop? SinB: It’s dirt. Sowon: Don’t touch it.
Why’re you touching it? SinB: No touch. Sowon: There could be many dogs around… Sowon: …here. Sowon: How’s the choreo this time? SinB: We can’t talk about that. Sowon: This time, choreo… Sowon: I have nothing to say. Sowon: Because it’s so good. Sowon: There are songs that grow on you as
you listen to it. Sowon: You know…but… Sowon: When we heard it for the first time… it wasn’t even after several times. Sowon: The only song that everyone agreed
that was great was “TFTMN”. Sowon: This is the 2nd time since then. Sowon: Let’s go to a more bright area. Sowon: Manager-nim, wet tissue… Sowon: Don’t go anywhere. Sowon: I realized the importance of managers. Sowon: Just realized. SinB: Just realized. Sowon: Our guardians!
SinB: Just realized! Sowon: They weren’t watchers.
SinB: Just realized! Sowon: They’re guardians!
SinB: Just realized! Sowon: You want to watch “Aladdin”? SinB: I do. Do you think we can watch it
if we get there in 15 min? Sowon: Yeah. Sowon: Even though it says it will start in 15 min, it will probably start in 25 min after commercial. Sowon: But… SinB: But we’re too late. Sowon: To leave in the middle of Vlive is… SinB: Too late! x2
Sowon: Too late! SinB: It’s cold.
Sowon: It’s not cold. Sowon: The weather is nice!
SinB: Nice! Sowon: Nice! Nice. Sowon: Hey, let’s ride that cruise ship
next time. SinB: Does that look like a cruise ship to you? Sowon: No… Sowon: Let’s go over there! SinB: It looks scary. Sowon: No… Yeah, it does look scary. SinB: Closer 37S.
Sowon: Nope. Sowon: You are too much… Sowon: Aren’t you showing way too much of
the location? Sowon: It’s here. Isn’t here scary? Sowon: Go away! Sowon: It’s here. It looks scary. Sowon: There are a lot of delicious food
to eat here at night. SinB: We’re kind of tired. Do you want to sit? Sowon: We sat down not long ago.
Over there looks good. Sowon: Manager-nim, please sit over there. SinB: We’ll take a picture of you.
Sowon: Sit down please. Sowon: Pose for us. SinB: Looks like someone spilled
tteokbokki soup here. Sowon: We have to get some light.
But there is not a lot of light here. Sowon: Why is this being like this? Sowon: Hey, do it together… SinB: It’s because I have
a lot of greed for G-LOG. G-LOG… SinB: I’ve been appearing on G-log regularly. Sowon: Is this better? Sowon: What the hell? Sowon: Why is it so dark? SinB: The headlights are on. SinB: We are looking for someone’s car headlight. Sowon: Right. Sowon: Here, here. SinB: We are in front of someone’s car.
Sowon: Here, here. SinB: Here, Here. SinB: Why is this stopped? SinB: Hey, pull yourself together. Sowon: We are getting the lighting
from the car’s lights. Sowon: If that person leaves,
the lighting would also go away. SinB: My arm hurts now.
Sowon: Me too. SinB: Should we put it on the floor? SinB: Let’s put it on the floor and lie down. Sowon: This spot is too…
SinB: Why? Sowon: There are cars. Sowon: While we’re sitting down in front
of these lights… Sowon: Manager-nim, could you hand me
that mat? Sowon: Without unfolding this,
let’s try to fit our butts on here. Sowon: Come here. SinB: On this small thing.. SinB: Two butts are attempting to fit here. SinB: You sit down on that half
and i will sit on this half of it. Sowon: Okay.
I sat exactly on half of it, really. Sowon: We’re sitting in the middle of the road.
People are looking at us. SinB: Could you take a picture of
how we’re sitting down? Sowon: Please take a picture and show it! Sowon: Here is, guys… SinB: If we are to explain where we are,
Sowon: Here is really a road. Sowon: A road without any cars. SinB: It says if you’re not going to read
comments, then just go and play. SinB: What are you talking about?
We’ve been reading it. Sowon: So funny! Sowon: We’re like this! Sowon: What’s with your leg?
SinB: I don’t know. Sowon: SinB, your legs… SinB: They are asking whether
there is any TMI to share today. SinB: Today’s TMI is… SinB: I made a promise not to eat
flour-based food starting from today. SinB: That promise was broken just now. Sowon: At first, we were going to beef. Sowon: SinB didn’t want to eat it. Sowon: I said, “What if it’s my treat?”
Then she said, “If so, she said
it’s a different story.” Sowon: Should we film that side
without showing the car plate number? Sowon: Come on.
SinB: I don’t think it will come out. SinB: What’s wrong with my legs? SinB: But it is cold at night.
Sowon: You feel cold? SinB: Doesn’t it feel cool at night?
Sowon: No. Sowon: I think I feel hot more easily.
I used to feel cold more easily last time. SinB: As expected from
someone born in winter~ Sowon: When were you born?
June. SinB: June.
Sowon: On the 3rd. SinB: Em. Sowon: That is why you feel
both cold and hot easily. Sowon: A difficult person. Sowon: A difficult person. Sowon: She’s very sensitive to cold. Sowon: It’s good.
SinB: That car is lighting us up. Sowon: “Give us a spoiler about the concept!”
There is no spoiler to give you. Sowon: It’s just good. SinB: Should I give a spoiler? Sowon: Is that a spoiler?
SinB: Yes. Sowon: You are sleepy? Sowon: We’re very mature?? SinB: You want us to become mature? Sowon: But one thing for sure is… Sowon: …that it’s really nice. Sowon: When we go somewhere
and do something,… Sowon: …the staffs that listen to it
for the first time,… Sowon: …they say that. Sowon: That they like this song the most.
SinB: They say this upcoming song is the best. Sowon: Aren’t we hyping it too much and
they end up being disappointed? SinB: The song this time round
is not really good. Sowon: Don’t have expectations! SinB: It’s just a song.
Sowon: Just listen to it. Sowon: Should we eat this? SinB: This is delicious. SinB: “When will we return to the dorm?”
Probably after this Vlive. Sowon: You can’t eat bread? Why? SinB: Look who’s there? Sowon: What? Why are you here? Sowon: Then, have some bread
and go. Sowon: Another manager-nim came. Sowon: Is this how they detect us? SinB: It’s delicious. Sowon: Take it all. Sowon: No, don’t stay there. SinB: Unnie, you cannot
be there. Sowon: She’s right. You are blocking it.
SinB: You are blocking the light. SinB: You have to go the opposite way. Sowon: WTF? SinB: Delicious, isn’t it?
Sowon: Yes. SinB: “Can you call the members?”
Sowon: No. SinB: Can’t. SinB: They are saying Cosmic Girls
got 1st place today. SinB: My Juyeon. Sowon: Congratulations!
Sinb: Congratulations, Juyeon! Sowon: Congratulations, Exy!
SinB: You didn’t reply to me. Sowon: It’s delicious. Unnie,
is it possible for you to give me one more? SinB: It’s delicious, right?
It’s delicious. Sinb: Unnie, they are saying
there is a crown on top of your head. SinB: It really looks like a crown. Sowon: Do you want to try it also?
SinB: Manager-nim, you can’t stand there. Sowon: Give me one. Sowon: You are not coming out. Sowon: For how long did we do it? Sowon: 30 minutes?
SinB: We did it for a long time. Sowon: “Tied hair SinB is” what did you say?
It is crazy? SinB: I am crazy? Sowon: You should have only taken one bite. Sowon: What do I eat? Sowon: It’s dirty! SinB: They didn’t see it, right?
Sowon: They can see it now. Sowon: No. Sowon: Finish eating it. Sowon: No, this.. Sowon: Quietly. SinB: We will just do it horizontally
could you guys just turn the screen? Sowon: I am dumb. SinB: Really. She kept saying she would restart
it horizontally but kept doing it vertically. SinB: I should have started it. Sowon: This… but why I… this.. Sowon: V app-nim, I think you could improve a little. Sowon: Even in the middle of broadcast,
changing between vertical and horizontal mode Sowon: If we can adjust it like that,
it will be great. Sowon: I think a lot of artists
will agree with me. SinB: I’d also like to make that suggestion.
Sowon: Me too. Sowon: ‘V PICK!’, are you watching this? SinB: Submit it in the suggestion box. SinB: Ttung! Both: Ttung! SinB: Steamed egg. SinB: Now, we will slowly… SinB: …film G-LOG a bit and then go off. SinB: It wouldn’t be fun if the same thing that
came out in V LIVE comes out in G-LOG, right? Sowon: Then, everyone… Sowon: …you all,… Sowon: We will see you all on July 1st. Sowon: Please look forward to it! Sowon: We didn’t give any spoiler today. SinB: Before that, there is something else.
Sowon: What? Sowon: Okay, okay. SinB: There’s something.
Sowon: There’s something. Sowon: It’s an announcement! SinB: Today,
Sowon: Today? Sowon: There is? SinB: Not. SinB: Not yet. Sowon: Today or tomorrow? SinB: Today, tomorrow… SinB: The day after tomorrow, the day
after that, the day after that… Sowon: There is something. Sowon: Thank you everyone! Sowon: Including this car owner
for the light. SinB: Bye~ SinB: Good night! It’s already
past midnight. Go to sleep soon. Sowon: Good night!
SinB: Bye! SinB: Bye! Sowon: Bye!
SinB: I am really going to end it now. SinB: Bye!

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