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– [Glen] What are the
things you need for camping? Have you thought about the trivial things like charging your cellphone, zapping those pesky bugs that like to take a bite out of you. Well, we have. So we’re doing some of the work for you. I’m Glen and today we’re bringing you 20 interesting camping gadgets and gear to make your camping experience both comfortable and fun. (light music) – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. – [Amber] Number 20. – [Glen] The Hot Pocket is in an instant heat solution to keep
your sleeping bag warm during cold nights, now available for backing on Kickstarter, this comes in three sizes,
small, medium, and large. A USB battery pack generates heat and can be used to preheat your bag. A separate power pack is available to keep the battery pack charged while you’re out camping. The Hot Pocket is
expected to ship worldwide in November of 2019. (light music) – [Amber] Number 19. – [Glen] A perfect surf
travel bag, the Boardswag, can carry up to three surfboards and sleep one person. The bag features a top compartment that holds the three boards and a zippered bottom compartment that holds a detachable
inflatable tent for sleeping. Invented by two Australian surfers, this can be set up in under one minute. And includes a dual-layer,
waterproof canopy, multiple anchor points, a large doorway and fly screen, and dual fly windows. (light music) – [Amber] Number 18. – [Glen] An innovative triple hammock, the Tentsile Trillium Hammock can be anchored to three strong
trees with ratchet straps. It fits three adults or
two adults and two kids. And is secured by heavy-duty webbing. The best part for nature-loving people is that Tentsile plants 18 trees for every tent or hammock they sell. – [Amber] Number 17. – [Glen] The Tentsile Vista
is a suspended camping convertible tree tent built using the hammock in the last segment. The tent features three entryways, see-through insect netting, and the rain fly enclosure
for light rain and weather. The tent can be built by adding a ladder to the central hatch,
securing mesh netting to built-in pole sockets,
and adding a rain fly roof. – [Amber] Number 16. – [Glen] A 32 ounce water bottle equipped with stream,
mist, and shower patterns, Lunatec’s Aquabot can
be used to clean gear, put out fires, hydration,
and keeping cool. The bottle uses a variable flow trigger that works upside down,
three attachment points, and pulse and stealth modes. It can be disassembled without tools for maintenance and cleaning. The bottle is BPA free and can shoot a stream
of water up to 25 feet. – [Amber] Number 15. – [Glen] Made by Disc-O-Bed, the Cam-O-Bunk are portable bunk beds for camping made with high-grade polyester and a powder-coated
rust-resistant steel frame that can hold up to 500 pounds. Easy to set up with no tools required, these are usable as either a single cot or bunk beds for indoors or out. These are packed and
stored in two canvas bags and come in a variety of sizes. (light music) – [Amber] Number 14. – [Glen] The Nube three-in-one, the complete Hammock Shelter, comes with an insect
shield, rain protection, gear storage system, eight stakes, eight sets of cords
with reflective tracers, and a compression bag
with stake attachment. Huge interior space
allows you to store gear off the ground and keep it dry. (light music) – [Amber] Number 13. – [Glen] The Suaoki Tent Lantern, the lantern features three lighting modes including SOS blinking, high and low brightness. The lantern also folds down completely and a hidden hook lets you hang the lantern where it’s needed. (light music) – [Amber] Number 12. – [Glen] Lioncooler is an app-controlled, rechargeable smart solar
refrigerator freezer. The cooler can charge with solar panels, AC, or 12-volt DC in the car. And with advanced battery technology, charges the cooler in four to six hours. The luggage-style design
uses six-inch wheels for rolling on any terrain. A removable lid makes it easy to clean and to access the inside of the cooler while a smart app lets you remotely change the temperature when needed. (light music) – [Amber] Number 11. – [Glen] Keeping the bugs away while camping is probably one of the most important things you can do to make your camping
trip comfortable and fun. The Rugged Camp Camping
Lantern and Bug Zapper is precisely the thing you need. The lantern comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and protects you from bugs in a 16 by 16 foot area. (light music) – [Amber] Number 10. – [Glen] The Go Time Gear Life Tent is a two-person wind-proof and waterproof emergency survival shelter. The shelter is made out
of puncture-resistant polyethylene material that locks out snow, rain, and wind. The interior keeps you warm by reflecting your body heat off the tent walls, helping you to keep comfortable. Also included is a 120-decibel
emergency survival whistle that can alert rescue
personnel up to a mile away. (light music) – [Amber] Number nine. – [Glen] Made by Coop Home Goods, these memory foam camping
and travel pillows made in the United States can be taken camping,
hiking, or backpacking. These have a hypoallergenic
and dust mite-resistant cover made from bamboo-derived viscose rayon and poly blend, keeping you cool and comfortable. The stuff sack for compressing the pillow and saving space is
useful for easy packing. (light music) – [Amber] Number eight. – [Glen] The LaidBack
Pad is a memory foam pad that you can take
anywhere, take it camping, hiking, on solo adventures. These can be put together
with the built-in connectors and used as one big pad for a tent. The six-foot by two-foot wide pad is almost three inches thick, has a soft fleece cover
and a polyester casing. (light music) – [Amber] Number seven. – [Glen] An excellent
item for truck owners that like to go camping, but don’t want to tow a trailer around is this Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. The canvas is 100% cotton duck canvas and is water-tight,
breathable and durable. A tunnel-shaped design gives this a five-foot high ceiling. Five windows including a cab-access window and a covered entry. (light music) – [Amber] Number six. – [Glen] The Green
Elephant Pop Up Utilitent is a water-repellent polyester portable changing room. The Utilitent has a rain cover for inclement weather
and a no-floor design keeps the tent clean. Mosquito netting at the top shower opening lets you maintain privacy while giving you lighting and air circulation. (light music) – [Amber] Number five. – [Glen] You can transform
a bucket of water or your sink into a shower with the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower. The shower head sticks to any flat surface with the provided suction cup or you can use the S-style
hook to hang it overhead. A rechargeable pump allows for up to one hour of use and charges with a computer,
car adapter, or laptop. (light music) – [Amber] Number four. – [Glen] Made with environmentally
friendly materials, the Asanmu Solar Shower Bag is leak-proof and can carry
up to five gallons of water. A temperature gauge and see-through back let you monitor the level of the water and the temperature. (light music) – [Amber] Number three. – [Glen] Equipped with
intelligent charging technology, two USB ports, and a Nomad 7 Solar Panel, thing Goal Zero’s Switch 10 Multi-Tool kit can charge your smartphone, camera, tablet, and other gadgets with the power of the sun. The kit comes complete with a flashlight, power cables, and a fan tool. The ultra-thin design makes it easy to take along on day trips or long treks without the need for power outlets. Replaceable lithium-ion batteries can be charged up in just
four hours of sunlight, using the solar panel. (light music) – [Amber] Number two. – [Glen] Seen on Shark
Tank, the Luminaid Packlite two-in-one phone charger lanterns can charge your smartphone or tablet and the long battery life gives you up to 50 hours of light
on its low setting. The battery can be recharged in 12 to 14 hours of direct sunlight or in one to two hours with a USB cord. This has five brightness settings and is lightweight, portable, inflatable, and 100% dustproof and waterproof. (light music) – [Amber] Number one. – [Glen] The BioLite Campstove 2 is a wood-burning and
USB-charging camp stove. This features an integrated battery, an updated LED dashboard for
improved feedback and control and 50% more power than the original. When you burn wood, the fan creates a smokeless fire for cooking and turns the heat into
usable electricity. The stove can charge devices with the three watts of
power that it generates. This is also compatible with the BioLite portable grill and kettle pot that are sold separately. (light music) – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Mind’s Eye Design. We love to hear your feedback. So please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know. Then if we use your idea, we’ll give you a shout-out in that video. But don’t leave yet, keep watching because there’s more. (fast music) (upbeat music)

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