-20 in a Tipi Hot Tent!! Winter Camping at Allstones Lake

-20 in a Tipi Hot Tent!! Winter Camping at Allstones Lake

allstones lake! snow on the ground allstones lake is the destination with bo, my boy Nick this weekend oh this one should
be fun! We’ve got Bo’s tipi tent this weekend with the wood stove hopefully it
gets us through these winter conditions should be good time though a bit of a
climb ahead of us pretty chilly but – each Celsius right now we’re potentially
expecting minus 20 Celsius overnight so hopefully that still keeps us nice
and warm like boys been promising us the film on it’s all uphill and we’re
the trees and I kind of like it’s just a whole lot of me sucking wind right now
oh this is brutal I’m sort of shape right now but if some pretty views is
Abraham lake in behind Nick here and I mean we don’t really get a whole lot of
use like you can see the lake but we’re pretty pretty clouded in this is what
we’ve been dealing with it’s pretty much uphill the whole way oh yeah like I said
it’s just tough to film cuz she’s all we see and I’m sure you guys all want to
hear me suck and win so sure you guys are tired of hearing it already finally out of the trees a little bit
get some views so you can see back this way there’s Abraham lake back here so
where we started out little bench here that’s been knocked over for a nice
little lookout the trail continues up this way back
into the trees this is how we got four views today so far it’s pretty minimal
it’s okay though all stones is going to be pretty high feel it and if not I got
these two handsome jets to stare out all night so gonna hear something super cool
so listen to this is that not freaking perfect whoa
Sloan’s lake you can barely see it but we made it here so we just draw packs
and find a flat spot here to get that teepee set up hopefully we can find a
spot here because a bunch of deadfall here already and they saw a bench of the
fire pit here so good dinnertime views if we can find a spot alright so we
change locations there was not a sufficient flat spot for the teepee I
thought I lost ball it so we came to the other side of lake and we are set up
here now wood getting bucked up home sweet home both building us a little
fire you need some heat on you get some food coming out the top yeah like we
literally just got this started noticeably warm in here though like holy
crap wow this is winter camping voice dropping yeah we literally watch all
this way to hang out in boat and that’s pretty much all we’re gonna do for this
tonight fat pile of wood beers going got some legal cannabis going yeah this is
really good right now oh stove knowing warm food in the
bellies it’s pretty good you’re the snow coming down
oh I don’t even know how to film this trip guys obviously I have no clue feel
like it’s just gonna be a lot of inside the tent shots from this point because
pretty more so oh hell yeah this is this is wicked six o’clock yeah
this is this is gonna be the most thrilling video I ever put on YouTube
telling you guys right now but man this little stove is pumping out heat like I
mean I’m laying right now in a -7 sleeping bag like hardly draped in it
and I am freaking warm like I keep having to fill this Seaton bag off me
I’m getting too hot yeah this is a wicked little setup you
got Bo I like this thing man yeah snow is coming down you really see much
but yeah back inside we go okay going oh I just feel the warmth coming out of
here Oh melted some snow it’s the water going I’m making a hot chocolate I do
love that pitter patter the snow I’m dropping on the turf though 7:30 in the morning snow on the other
side without snow she snowed a lot last night I woke up at about 3:00 in the
morning and I had this leaning on my face these two dudes have got us through
the night though they kept the stove going I woke up once I woke up at 3 a
night to pee with that thing laying on my face but holy crap almost finished being packed up we have
users right now Wow oh that’s pretty hell yeah you nice walk out of here
gonna have some views might actually be a tree guys that ibrahim lake looks like
today no view yesterday and absolutely epic use today
so there’s abraham lake for you guys we just found where we took a wrong turn
yesterday so if you’re coming into all stones right when you leave this point
here at abraham you duck back into the trees and you’re gonna see two spots of
flagging go to the left if you go to the right he takes you the far north end of
the lake so we ended up walking all the way back cross the lake yesterday added
about two and a half clicks toward a so we could have in a camp like the power
and a half earlier you don’t give use like this in the summertime and it is
absolutely dead quite peaceful here like the snow just muffles every sound it’s
it’s hard to explain this is pretty incredible shit though a scissors yeah
you said her best perfect wow this is pretty unreal so abraham
lake down here gorgeous normal happy day today very happy today
oh we just keep getting epic views like this here awesome we were back in the
trees true but here’s to be our last view the trucks absolutely sick trip
whoo it really filled a whole lot coming out of there it’s pretty tight in the
trees and really not a whole lot to see so just got out of there back to the
trucks need really good time but you know got some views today so
that’s where we were way up in there it’s highly 11 right here david thompson
highway right along abraham lake nick bowl this is an absolute blast voice
absolute blast will definitely definitely have to get out and try and
do this again well let’s get end this one here ladies and gents if you guys
enjoyed this one smash that thumbs up let me know if you guys want some more
winter trips we are definitely looking forward to try and getting out some more
yeah as always guys I am Maddie thank you guys so damn much for watching
and I will see you guys on the next one

23 thoughts on “-20 in a Tipi Hot Tent!! Winter Camping at Allstones Lake

  1. AWESOME !!!! I can not wait to do some hot tenting this winter !! Nice camping spot guys !! That's a nice set up ! I have the same stove !! Good stuff man !

  2. Hi Matty Outdoors ? Fantastic video?? You inspire me with your videos. I am alot in the forest and nature, and I am recording my adventures just like you, to share it on my Youtube channel???️??️ Thank you so much.

  3. Now i have winter hiking buddies.. thanks for turning what might of been a solo winter trip..To an epic group hot tent trip, matty and nick. Your welcome to come anytime boys…

  4. Now that I don't coach hockey I can start doing more winter camping. I'm building a couple of pulks in the coming days. I'll probably build a stove instead of buying one. Then I'm going to do the Brazeau Loop in winter to show everyone what's possible.

  5. Immediate thumbs up. That spot looked cool. Amazing how warm it can get in there. I’ve been warm in mine at -4F. Have fun this winter. ?❤️??☃️❄️⛺️?

  6. Heck yeah dude! I’m headed out this weekend with one of my hot tents. We don’t have near that amount of snow though.

  7. Hey great video Matty… I think you captured it perfectly!! It was indeed an awesome trip, I really enjoyed myself. A tough hike up on Saturday, but it helped make for an all round great trip. And the views on Sunday were as good as it gets. Thanks so much to you and Bo for having me along. Take care man.

  8. You guys got me wanting to get out on the trail again! I'm away at work untill mid December. Hopefully I'm able to get out then. Of course if I had a hot tent there'd be no issue! Pretty sweet man!

  9. Another item to add to my Christmas wish list haha. That’s a killer set up! Might have to try to get out with this crew this winter and see it in person 🙂

  10. That was fricken awesome! I've snow camped a couple of times, but never with a hot tent! Looks like a lot of fun. Nice to see a couple of familiar faces along with you too.

  11. I am curious about the time and process of cleaning and packing up that tent stove- like- how long does it take to cool? How do you clean and then pack it? How much does it weigh and what sort do you have that can fit in a pack not a sled? Are there any safety concerns for venting correctly?

  12. Awesome trip! I've only done Allstones in the spring, so it's sweet to see what it looks like up there with real snow on the ground 🙂 how'd you like that hill? I feel like it might actually be easier in the winter, when the snow can give you a bit of traction, as some places get pretty rough pretty quick in the summer.

  13. Oh God..if u are struggling, this one will kill me as a day hike even lol. Almost did this one this summer but a bear took the trail as we were about to embark it. Cool tent!

  14. You had me at Legal Cannabis! haha I love winter camping but never tried the hot tent setup…. It's officially on my bucket list

  15. It is certainly hard to beat winter camping in a hot tent. Just for reference when there is sufficient snow on the ground it is possible to make a snow platform and level out almost any terrain. So if the first site had a good view, you could have make a snow platform for the tipi to rest on.

  16. Guess who’s back in Hinton?
    Oh yeah! Back in the land of elk and money!!
    Haven’t had any time to play or L and W pizza yet. But will be before I know it. Even less time for social media but hey!
    Love some hot tent , beers and cannabis time! Had to lay off the Cannabis to pass some pre hire tests if ya know what I’m sayin. ? it was horrible!
    Can’t believe I’m looking at some sweet mountains again!
    Awesome trip buds!

  17. Did you have issues with the ground thawing inside the teepee? Looked kinda muddy. Maybe a ground tarp?
    Also, Matty, I bet you have awesome scenery shots! Ever think of doing a calendar?

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