20 Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Guide

20 Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Guide

Good morning from Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re back in one of our favorite cities in
Europe. It has been over three years and it is so
cool to be back here again. Yeah, so we’re going to be spending a week
here and we decided to film a little guide. We’re going to be exploring the New Town,
the Old Town and everything in between and we’re going to show you 20 things to do in
Edinburgh. Let’s get started. Our week in Edinburgh was action packed! We sampled gin and Scotch whisky, wandered
down tiny closes, braved the crowds along the Royal Mile, ate our fill of haggis, and
even visited a castle, a palace, and an abbey. So, if you’re looking for things to do in
Edinburgh on your visit, this video guide will show you all of those attractions and
then some! So next up we’re visiting the most iconic
site in the city. We’re going to Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is hard to miss as it dominates
the city’s skyline. The first thing you should know about the
Castle is that it’s not just one single building, so once you’re inside there’s
quite a bit to see and do; you can tour the Royal Palace, see the Crown Jewels, watch
the firing of the one o’clock gun, step inside St. Margaret’s Chapel, visit the
National War Museum and so much more, so give yourself plenty of time. Just across Edinburgh Castle is the Scotch
Whisky Experience, where we dropped by for a fun whisky blending session. Okay so now it is time for the fun part. What are we doing? Yes. Now here comes the science. We get to make our own personal blend. Oh. Name of my blend: Sam ‘I’ Am Shazzam. And I’m going with 60% grain and 15% Speyside
because that is going to give it a smokey, strong and sophisticated taste. Much like its creator. We also made time to visit the famed Royal
Mile, which is the busiest street in Edinburgh’s Old Town. There’s quite a bit to see along here, so
we first popped into the Royal Mile Market, which is set inside a former church, and from
there we continued down the street, visiting little souvenir shops along the way. You’ll have no trouble finding a kilt here! In Edinburgh you can take a number of different
tours. There is a walking tour, there is a haunted
tour, there is a literary tour, there is a Harry Potter tour. There is just about any tour you can think
about. Basically something for everyone. And no visit to Edinburgh would be complete
without some haggis, so we stopped by the Whiski Rooms to enjoy this dish. Okay, so let’s pretend it is someones first
time in Scotland and they’ve never heard of Haggis. What is in it? Yeah. So the name of the game of Haggis basically
is Sheep’s pluck. It contains heart, liver and lungs and it
is cooked inside the sheep’s stomach and also it has oatmeal, spices and onions so it has
got a lot of things going on. It is a very savory dish and I can’t wait
to try it again. So let’s just smother them in gravy. Nice and creamy. Drown them. So neeps and tatties, if you’ve never tried
them before, are basically Scottish for turnips and potatoes. And they’re kind of like in a mash type of
consistency so they’re nice and soft. So I’m just going to grab a little bit of
both because man they’re good. And this is all part of what makes this such
a hearty meal because you’re getting a lot carbs so. Oh, that is wonderful. Another attraction you can’t miss in Edinburgh
is Holyrood Palace. This is the official residence of the British
monarchy in Scotland. You can grab a headset on your way in and
enjoy an audio tour of the palace at your own pace. And of course, we couldn’t leave Holyrood
Palace without also visiting Holyrood Abbey and the gardens just behind. Having already tried Scotch whisky, we then
made time to visit the Edinburgh Gin Distillery, for a fun gin tasting in a cozy den. So we are starting the experience with a gin
and tonic. Yeah. Starting off with a bit of a milder form here. Yeah. Not doing straight gin quite yet. So the cool thing is it has an orange peel
in it so it should give it a bit of zest. Yes. And then things got a little tipsy… Where is the Cannonball? So what is this one? What is this one at? 59? 57.2. 57. What was this one called again? Military. Cannonball. Military grade. Hahaha. Military grade. Doesn’t take long to start forgetting this. So it is 57. Point two percent. Tell us, where are we now? So we’re at the National Museum of Scotland. It is my favorite museum in all of Edinburgh. And who can we see here? We can see Dolly the Sheep. Dolly the clone sheep. And a cool tip when you visit this museum,
and we didn’t know this before the last time we were in Edinburgh, is that you can come
up to the seventh floor for some amazing views of the city. Princes Street Gardens is another great place
to visit, especially on a sunny day. If you had visited during the Medieval Ages,
you would have found a swampy, polluted loch, but today it’s one of the nicest green spaces
in the city. So we are now visiting Dean Village and this
is one of the most picturesque parts of Edinburgh that we’ve seen. It is also really calm and chill here too
so it is a little bit away from the downtown core which is awesome. And we came here early in the morning so no
one else is around. We’re just walking around with our cameras
like snapping everything. It is so pretty here. So we made it to the top of Calton Hill and
this is a very short and easy climb but you get some pretty cool views of the city so
we’re going to show you those next. So we are currently going up the Scott Monument
here in Edinburgh. The tiny spiraling staircase. Argh. The Scott Monument was built in honor of Scottish
writer, Sir Walter Scott, and it’s the largest monument to a writer in the world. It has a series of platforms at different
levels, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the New Town. For a little taste of nature, you can visit
the Royal Botanic Garden which is not far from the New Town. Another activity we really enjoyed was taking
a food tour with Eat Walk Edinburgh. We got to try a lot of delicious bites and
beverages along the way, and one of the highlights was visiting the Fudge House. So this we’re going to enjoy. Right now we are heading inside The Fudge
House for a little something sweet. Let’s do this. And fudge is one of my favorite foods. Also we’re going to learn about tablet I think. Part of the tour we get to choose one bar
to take with us and eat along the way. And they have over twenty varities of fudge
here so we’re struggling. You know what this has been the hardest decision
I’ve had to make all week. Picking which one. What flavor of fudge. Another fun way to explore Edinburgh on foot
is by wandering down the tiny closes. These small alleys were often named after
a memorable occupant, and the Old Town is full of them. While you’re in the Old Town, you can also
visit St. Giles Cathedral, which is one of the main landmarks on the Royal Mile. And if it’s art you’re looking for, you
have a few options with both the Scottish National Gallery and the Scottish National
Portrait Gallery in the New Town. Lastly, we can’t forget the nightlife. Whether it’s a cozy pub, a live band, or
a ceilidh you’re after, Edinburgh has it all. And that’s it for our visit to Edinburgh,
Scotland. We hope you enjoyed following our travels
and that this video gave you a few ideas of things to do, foods to try, and places to
visit around the city. As always, if you have any other suggestions
of things to do in Edinburgh, feel free to share those with fellow travelers in the comments
section below. Until next time!

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  16. — hike along the banks of the Union Canal from the Lochrin Basin at Fountainbridge out to the University of Edinburgh Boathouse
    — hike along the banks of the Water of Leith (very scenic around Dean Village and Stockbridge)
    — stroll around The Shore at Leith, Edinburgh's historic port, dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant
    — visit South Queensferry (buses and trains go there) for views of the world famous bridges across the Firth of Forth
    — catch a train across the famous Forth Rail Bridge to Fife, stroll along the beach at Burntisland and Kinghorn (about 40-45 minutes from Waverly or Haymarket)
    — visit Craigmillar Castle (Edinburgh's "other castle"), just 15 minutes by bus from the city centre – it's behind the Royal Infirmary (the new hospital)
    — enjoy the tranquility of the gardens at Dunbars Close, just off the Royal Mile behind Canongate Kirk (everyone walks straight past it on the way to Holyrood!)
    — grab some fish & chips at Portobello Beach, 15m8nutes by bus from the city centre
    — catch a train to Linlithgow Palace, about 20 minutes from Haymarket
    — visit the magnificent St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile, and don't miss the stunning Thistle Chapel
    — visit Greyfriars Kirkyard, and maybe experience the Mackenzie Poltergeist!
    — catch a train to Dunbar in East Lothian (about 25 minutes from Waverley), visit the ruins of Dunbar Castle, where the English King Edward 1 fled from the Scots in the War of Independence. Enjoy some fish and chips by the harbour.
    — take a trip to the Glenkinchie Distillery, near Pencaitland in East Lothian, the home of "Edinburgh's single malt whisky" . If you have a car you could make a day out of it and also visit Rosslyn Chapel, about 15 miles to the west.
    — grab a pie from The Pie Maker at South Bridge, visit the nearby Surgeon Hall Museum
    — enjoy lunch and a pint outdoors along the Grassmarket in the Old Town on a sunny day
    — listen to the pipers busking along the Royal Mile (don't forget to drop in a few coins if you take their photo or video!)

    etc etc etc!

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  35. I always enjoy your travels. Thanks for giving me your insight on Edinburgh. We've been inspired enough by it to film several 4k walks for our channel. Thanks for showing us it's beauty and making such a pleasing film to watch. All the best to you.

  36. I always enjoy your travels. Thanks for giving me your insight on Edinburgh. We've been inspired enough by it to film several 4k walks for our channel. Thanks for showing us it's beauty and making such a pleasing film to watch. All the best to you.

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