20 Things to do in Santiago de Chile Travel Guide

20 Things to do in Santiago de Chile Travel Guide

Our trip to Chile wouldn’t have been complete
without a visit to the capital, so towards the end of our stay we decided to visit Santiago.
We had 4 days to discover what the city was all about, so we set out to visit the main
attractions, sample Chilean food, and explore various neighborhoods on foot. We may not
have been able to see it all, but the following is our experience in the city. For anyone
planning a similar trip, here’s a look at 20 things to do in Santiago de Chile on your
visit: So today we are visiting Santa Lucia hill.
This is actually an extinct volcano right in the middle of the city. It is 69 meters
tall and we’re going to go check it out. Santa Lucia is an urban park smack dab in
the middle of Santiago and it’s a popular hangout in the afternoons and weekends. The
hike is a pleasant one with lots to see, including fountains, spiraling staircases, defensive
forts, sprawling gardens, and cool lookout points. Lastarria is a neighbourhood located just
east of Santa Lucia hill and it was once the bohemian hub of the city.Today it is very
popular with tourists as it offers an outdoors flea market, an international mix of cafes
and restaurants, and live music. And now we’re going to take you to what we
think is the best ice cream shop in town. It is called Emporio La Rosa. Lots of great
selections and we’ve been coming here almost every single day we’ve been in Santiago. So
that says something. A little bit more than we’d like to admit. Yes. Let’s go in. Sam, you got your favorite flavor. Want to
show us? Yes, dulce de leche, right here. Dulce de leche. Let’s take the first bite.
I mean they gave such a generous portion here that not only do we get a cone but we also
get a cup as well. So it doesn’t melt and overflow. I really like that idea. They should
do that in more places around the world. Okay. Are you having a moment there? That is divine.
You know what, you know what really makes this dulce de leche flavor so good. Especially
at this place is that it is a little bit salty. Normally it is just really really sweet but
there is this kind of little tinge of salt that just makes it awesome. That is unusual.
Love it. Love it. So I got some ice cream as well of course.
So this is actually raspberries and mint. So, I’m not a huge fan of mint but I really
like raspberry. Now that is an interesting combo. I’ve never had that before. What can
you taste more? The raspberry or the mint? Definitely the raspberry? Yeah. Not too much mint? The mint is a very
subtle aftertaste. It just makes it a little bit more refreshing. So yeah, I’m a fan of
this one. I’d recommend it. For panoramic views of the city, ride the
funicular to the top of San Cristobal Hill. You can catch the funicular at Pio Nono station,
and either pay to stop halfway up the hill at the zoo, or ride all the way to the summit.
Keep in mind that the lines tend to be a bit longer on weekends, especially as you approach
sunset. Okay, so we rode the funicular and we made
it to the top of San Cristobal Hill. And you get some pretty cool spectacular views. You
can see the Andes and they look like they’re within reach. I know, it almost makes me want
to go climb them but I’m a little too lazy. I think we’ll go get food instead. Another
time. So it is time for a little afternoon snack
in Santiago. Today we’re at a restaurant called Galindo and we’re going to be trying a dish
that is called Chorrillana. And this is a lot like a Canadian poutine. Now if you’re
not too familiar with Canadian poutine that is kind of like when you get some French Fries
with gravy and cheese and other ingredients over top. So this is going to be similar but
with a Chilean twist so we’re waiting for the food to arrive now. Well as you can see the food has arrived and
the funny part is this is listed as an appetizer or a starter for one person. If you have a
look at that, that is enough to feed two grown people. I think Sam and I are going to struggle
with this. It is our main. It is our main. For two. Definitely. Alright Sam, so it is time to give us the
tour of the plate. Yes, so before I tuck into this tasty little treat I’m going to explain
what we’ve got here. So we have tenderloin, onion and scrambled egg on top of those french
fries. It is actually a little bit different from the first time we tried Chorrillana because
that had a fried egg on top and also sausage. Yes. But this has a lot more meat. This is
a very generous portion. So dig right in hungry boy. Thank you, thank
you, thank you. Yeah. Enjoying that? Oh, yeah. Wow, those are like really tasty onions. You
can tell they’ve been marinated in something. I think they’re caramelized. Yeah, caramelized
onions I think. And the french fries are a golden perfection. It is just going to be
an awesome filling carb loaded delicious little treat. So we’ve had this dish a few times since we’ve
arrived in Santiago and no two Chorrillanas are the same. This one is different, I mean
it has no sausage or hot dogs and that was our first experience trying Chorrillanas.
And also this one has scrambled eggs instead of fried egg on top. So it is kind of nice
that you can always find a bit of variety when you go to a different restaurant. And
I think I am ready for my first bite. Got a little bit of everything in there. Mmmm. Wow. That meat is tender isn’t it? It is tender.
It is tenderloin, so it should be tender. It should be tender. Wow. That is nice. In
a way it is kind of nice that they only have the beef and there is no sausage because like
this is a really good cut of meat. It is very juicy so the flavors really come through.
You don’t have too many competing tastes. Yeah, you don’t need a whole lot of ingredients
with this dish. Not when it is done well. Plaza de Armas is the heart of Santiago’s
historic centre and it’s not a bad place to do some people watching. There are lots
of benches under the cover of palm trees, and the place is buzzing with activity no
matter the time of day. Hi, pup. You’re getting a massage. Are you
enjoying your massage. You have a nice smile pup. The Metropolitan Cathedral is located in the
historic centre of Santiago overlooking the square. The construction you see today dates
back to the year 1800, since previous cathedrals were destroyed in earthquakes. When it comes to sunsets, Santiago knows how
to put on a show. The best-known spot in town for 360 degree views of the city is Sky Costanera,
with an observatory that is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Alternatively, you could enjoy the
free views from one of the city’s residential skyscrapers like we did. Since we were renting
an AirBnB apartment for the duration of our stay, we had access to our building’s rooftop
terrace and the views were pretty spectacular. And a way to cool down here in Santiago is
to go and get yourself a Pisco Sour. This is a really refreshing drink. Basically, it
is a pisco brandy which is a grape brandy and then you combine that with citrus juice
and there is egg white on top. And if you can see this there is a little bit of a brown
kind of caramel color. It is called bitter. That is bitter, exactly. So let’s try this
out to see if it is good. Salut! Yeah, that’s real nice. Very refreshing, very
sweet but also quite tart as well. Santiago’s Central Market is the place to
come for the freshest food. Inside the market you’ll find butchers and fishmongers – it’s
okay to skip that part – but if you continue your exploration, you’ll find rows of restaurants
serving up everything from grilled fish to ceviche. We really like our ceviche, so we
found a place serving exactly that. (Music Playing) Parque Forestal is a park that forms a long
stretch of greenery along the Mapocho River. It’s a nice green escape in the middle of
the city and we noticed it was really popular with couples who were just lounging around
on the grass. Palacio de la Moneda is the seat of the President
of the Republic of Chile. This is where you can come to watch the changing of the guard,
but keep in mind that it only happens every other day. We just missed it! Just underneath Palacio de La Moneda, you’ll
find Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, which is a cultural centre featuring exhibitions,
design shops, and a small selection of cafes. It’s a nice place to cool down and check
out some art if it’s a really hot day out. So we found this empanada shop. It is called
Zunino and it was packed. It is probably about one thirty right now so the line really was
stretching out of the establishment but we managed to place our order. We ordered one
cheese empanada and one pino empanada. What is kind of unique about that place is that
is all that they do. They only have these two varieties. You either get your pino beef
or your cheese. So it is a very small selection but I think that means they really know how
to make a good empanada. Alright, and I’m having the cheese one and
it is still piping hot. This looks really cool. I can tell that the pastry, already
before biting into it, is going to be really flaky. Yeah. Mmmm. Is that the cheese one for real? Or
is it beef? Oh, yeah that is the cheese one. Oh yeah. I don’t know how you can tell. And
you know what? This is really good quality one. Like you can tell just from. If you can
get close up in on the pastry here. The attention to detail of the pastry like it is just so
flaky, lots of layers, buttery and is just melting right in my mouth and then that gooey
cheese. Oh, that is just a winning combo. Alright, so I tried the cheese ones. The cheese
one was really tasty. Now time for Pino. Mmmm. Have a look in there. Juicy. Look at that. So, this one has beef, onions and olive. That
I’ve got the pit in my mouth right now. Excuse me. And it also has egg but I haven’t bitten into
that part yet. So like it is really nice and juicy inside. It is still warm. What surprises
me though is the size. Like when we made our empanada video in San Pedro de Atacama like
those were massive empanadas. They were almost like bigger than like a main course plate.
But these are more snack sized right? Yeah, I would say they are about half the size of
the ones we had in Atacama. Um, so yeah I kind of like it because I struggled to finish
those big ones. Like the ones we had in Atacama were really good for sharing but this is like
a good individual size. So it is not going to ruin your lunch or dinner so long as you
have it as a snack. Mmmm…hmmmm. And the quality? It is really good. Look at
those onions. Ooh. So apparently there is a bit of a craft beer
scene here in Santiago. And Sam, you’ve just been sampling everything you can. Yeah, there
really is. Well, it has been really hot in Santiago lately so in all fairness to my defense.
Excuses, excuses. But this is really good quality craft beer.
Um, a lot of the ones I’ve been having have actually tasted a little bit like grapefruit,
so I’m interested to see what this one over here tastes like. Do you remember the name of it? Schopp. What
kind of chopp? This is amber. Amber schopp. Alright. And it does have a little bit of
a grapefruit taste. Why does it taste like grapefruit? I don’t know. That is the way
they make craft beer over here. They’ve got some kind of secret here in Chile. It tastes
good. Bellavista is a neighborhood located just
northeast of the city centre. It’s a cultural hub with lots of theatres, cinemas, cafes,
museums, and restaurants. The most famed home in the neighbourhood is La Chascona, the home
of the famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Unfortunately, no filming or photography is allowed inside
the premises. When it comes to art, you have a few choices.
Just across Parque Forestal, you’ll find the National Fine Arts Museum focusing on
Chilean paintings and sculptures. And then directly behind this museum, you’ll come
across the Museum of Contemporary Art, which focuses on pieces from the turn of the 19th
century. Last but not least, you can wander around
the small neighbourhood of Paris-Londres. This neighborhood features cobbled streets,
restored mansions, and it’s a nice little walk if you’re in the area. And that’s a wrap for the Chilean capital!
We hope you enjoyed this Santiago travel guide and that it gave you a few ideas of things
to do, places to visit, and Chilean dishes to try in the city. As always, if you have
any suggestion of things travellers should add to their Santiago itinerary, feel free
to share those with us in the comments below.

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