Hey guys! Right, today I’m going to do a really, what I think, is a well needed video. Because the amount of people I get come to me every single day, via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter, and they are convinced that they just can’t afford to travel, that they’ll never be able to get enough money to do what I do or do what all of their are friends doing. Now, if you decide to take everything I’m about to tell you and use all of them, then yes, you can be like a lot of people out there who do really travel the world for free. Am I echoing? Sorry! Kitchen! Fair lighting. Kind-of-ish. Oooh. So, yes. There are people who genuinely don’t spend the money and live off the goodwill of other people. Um, which you can take how you want… you can… you know everyone’s got their own view on that one. But if don’t want to be that extreme then just take some of these 20 tips on traveling the world… for free! Couchsurfing is huge and I’ve used it a ton of times in Australia. If you don’t know what couchsurfing is, where have you been?! Couchsurfing is basically you find a local to stay with for free. 100% free. They open up a spare room, or a couch, or a blow-up mattress on the floor and you can crash at their’s. And it’s an amazing way to get to know a country by staying with a local because they have so much knowledge and information that you really get to appreciate a culture and a way of life by seeing a local live like that. Now, I myself have never done woofing. As.. as a full-time traveler, I kinda need to be able to save money and make money. So how woofing works is, you get your keep, which is your accommodation and your food, in return for a few hours work. That work will depend obviously on the ad listing and you have to discuss it before you get there. So really take something you’re happy to do for free room and board. But it’s an amazing way to get a small little job, which again like couchsurfing, really makes you appreciate a country and the culture a lot more. Homestays are very, very similar to woofing. However, someone will open up their home to you and maybe they have a business and you help them out with it. So it’s two very different websites that offer kinda very different experiences. Woofing is more you do a lot of free picking, cultural work, working outdoors, which is great. And homestays are completely different. And sometimes they may ask you to just clean-up for an hour a day. So, I will put the links to both of those down below. House sitting is absolutely amazing if you can get in. When people go on holiday and they just want someone to come and look after their house, and maybe feed their cats and dogs, then you can do that and you can stay in some pretty incredible houses, may I add. Some like mansions. So all you do is you go onto the website and you put in your details and contact between you two if you know that you’re gonna be free for a month in Adelaide in Australia and someone is going away for 3 weeks, look after their home. Rent is the biggest part of your budget gone basically when you travel. So anything with free accommodation is great. Now don’t get me wrong. Some volunteer places ask for a lot of money for you to go and work for free. However, if it is something you really want to do then the rewards can be fantastic. Just make sure you research your organization or program really really well. And also, what I recommend, is going onto their Facebook page and talking to people who have been on that program before and see how they found it. But volunteering is great because you can give something, get something back, and visit a country practically for nothing. 6 kind of comes… actually there’s 20 of these I don’t know how I’m… #6 comes with something that’s quite trendy at the moment, but highly illegal in lots of places. And that is, dumpster diving. You want to get a free meal, but hate how Tesco, Asda, Kohl’s, Woolworth’s, IGA always throw out packaged food? If you really hate that, then dumpster diving might be for you. I am not recommending you do this, may I put that down now. Because it is illegal. But, just saying, people do it. When big supermarkets, or even small shops, throw out loads and loads and loads of packaged food , that’s nothing wrong with them but physically can’t sell them because it’s past the sell by date, then some people go into the bins and get it. That’s all I’m saying. Again, I have not hitchhiked ever. I’ve been picked up on the side of the road in country towns I’ve worked in for them to take me from one end of the country town to the other. I have never gone long distance. And again, due to safety reasons, I will not recommend this. But if you like hitchhiking, if you’ve done it before, if you feel safe and confident, then go for it. Because you can travel a lot of miles for free. But please. Take into consideration your safety and well-being before you do it. I am not recommending this, I have never done it before myself, so I cannot give anyone advice on this. Putting that out there. Lots of hostels around the world will want you to clean for a few hours a day and you get to stay in the hostel for free. Which is really great short-term. Fine with a lot of people long-term, then end up not liking it. But you can’t complain when you’re working 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and you’re getting your accommodation paid for. Coming in at #9. Whilst you’re there, lots of hostels have free food bins. So that’s another way that you can reduce your costs on food. Free food bins are great because when people leave the hostel they empty out their little bags from the fridge and throw everything in the free food bin. And it’s like first come first serve. All the backpackers are like waste deep in there searching for all the good stuff. To be honest, when I’ve been really low on money they have been a god sent. #10… we’re halfway there. Granted, you have to pay the up front costs of getting your tent and sleeping bag, but if you’ve already got that there are tons, and I mean hundreds of places across the world that offer free camping zones. And even if you have to shell out a little bit of money, um, just to be able to use their facilities, like their toilets and their kitchen, it will be a lot cheaper than staying in hostels or hotels or even guest houses. So if you like being out in the bush, if you like being one with mother nature, then grab yourself a tent because it’s a great way to save money. Number 11! Exchange your skills for food, drinks, money, or bandanas. Whatever you want at the time. Can you cut hair? Are you a trained hair dresser? Can you make jewelry? Can you do henna? Caricatures? Trust me, lots of people do this, especially the hair dressing one. Put up advertisement, or sit upstairs on the roof-top bar of your hostel and do carricatures and charge people a bit for a quick carricature Or something like that If you got a skill then you could offer especially with something quirky, then people will pay for it. And even if you don’t want money for it, you can get a meal out of it or a few beers. No. 12: I’m actually getting quite good at this Work in an industry where there’re opportunities to travel. That’s probably one of the easiest ones. Really. If you think about it, working as travel agents, working at HTA Travel, or work in an industry where it would benefit the company to sent you away on trips or conferences ’cause that’s a great way To get a few countries out of your bucket list. No. 13 Now lots of backpackers try and do this in Australia and lots of them die. They would cycle through the outback. Which is the most – okay some people do it, but they’re extremely prepared and well trained. And I mean seriously, extremely prepared and well trained. When I worked in outback bars, the amount of people who used to cycle through the outback would see them, and we had to stop them. And we’d say, “There is nothing here for the next day. You’ll be cycling out, and you have a two liter bottle of water with you.” There is no shade. And it’s like, do your research! But if you’re going to be doing short distances, then walking place to place will save you on public transport costs and if you’ve got a bike, you want to cycle across the country, amazing! Number 14: Frequent flyer points. Now, this is one you can help me with because I don’t have frequent flier points… um… which is probably really shocking, for the amount of flying I do. So if you’ve got any advice on what’s best, how I go ’round it. But so many of my travelling friends use frequent flier points. And not only can you save up over time for a whole flight, if you fancy, you can even upgrade to business class with your points and treat yourself. Number 15: Car sharing. Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and it’s really great: One, meet people, two, save the planet; and three, get from A to B. Number 16: Car moving? I’m not too sure what this one’s called. But for example, let’s take England, someone has a car. They pick it up in London, drop it off in Birmingham. That car hire company will need someone to bring it back from Birmingham to London. People are doing it a lot in Australia and you basically collect the car… from Brisbane, and you have X amount of days to drive it back down to Melbourne. So, you do have a time frame, but so long as you’re not picky with when you’re gonna be moving about, check out some of the car hire companies and see how you can go about moving their cars for them across the country. Number 17: Work on a boat or cruise ship. This is a huge one. If you can get on a cruise ship, granted, you’re at sea a lot. But you can get paid pretty well. Granted, again… it’s a lot of hours from what I’ve heard. You don’t see land; you don’t really see that much of anything. But if you work 6 months out of the year, you have 6 months left. And you haven’t spent a single penny working. So… if a life at sea is for you, then check out working on a cruise ship. Number… 18: Visit free attractions. Cities and even small towns are filled with free museums, free art galleries, beautiful parks, great beaches, that are all absolutely free. So you don’t need to go on these ridiculously expensive tours to really see a place, or learn about a place, or enjoy yourself. So take advantage of everything that is free. Number 19 Should be… become a travel blogger! I suppose. But… you kind of gotta give it quite a few years. And even then, everything you earn from your blog doesn’t cover it. It’s really tough. Trust me. I’m so glad I went full time with this. Nah, I’m only joking. If you think travel blogging is for you, then let me tell you this right now: You will not make any kind of significant money for the first few years. And even then, it won’t be enough to cover your entire travels. But if you want to do it, if it’s your dream, then be very dedicated. But this video is not about how to become a travel blogger. But if you would like that video, let me know! And Number 20, finally: Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy a walk on the beach. Enjoy sitting in the park with a good book and a sandwich. Just enjoy the really simple things that cost absolutely nothing. And take in where you are when you travel. Breathe it all in, look around, and enjoy it. Okay, this has been a horrendously long video, and I’m gonna have to go ’cause I’m going out for luncheon. Don’t forget, hit the “like” button if you really did enjoy this, and what are some of your ways of traveling the world for free? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget, you can subscribe keep up to date with all my travels and get some advice as well. There’s also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, all at PsychoTravel, the links are all down there along with my website, so feel free to check that one out. That’s all my blog posts which are all very different from the kind of videos that I do online. Okay. I will see you soon, my little psychos! *kiss* Bye!

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  2. So after paying the registration fee, who will take care of the flight and visa ticket if you're in another country

  3. traveled around SE Asia by hitchhiking with girlfriend, was best experience of my life…meeting soo many people…its best way meet locals xD

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  6. The people in the comments section is not your audience. Just random assholes sadly. They just saw the title and came to the video.

  7. I am a couchsurfer and it is good way to save money when traveling. Just be mindful to bring your host a small gift that is unique or cultural from your country. People abused couchsurfing as well. There is always the expense of increased electricity, water bill, cleaning bill and amenities and if you are hosting 50 persons a year that adds it.

  8. Oh yes, if you accept to be a kind of "slave", then you can easily stay for free at someone's farm (for example). It happened to me. Bad memories… ?

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  12. I’m doing house sitting and loving it!!
    Travel, live for free, explore countries and keep inspiring others to live their dream life.
    It’s possible!
    I’m older, so hostels or couches are not my thing…

    Happy journey!

  13. HelpX is better than WWOOF, not limited to organic farms and it's one membership fee for the entire global network. WWOOF has a different membership for each country, super lame. In the US, ATTRA is also a way to find farming internships, but it's for more serious wannabe farmers who want to spend a full season somewhere.

    I know how to stay somewhere for a long time, the issue for me is the travel cost, not food or shelter. HelpX and camping pretty much cover all my shelter needs. But the travel part is expensive. I'm afraid of hitchhiking but it might be the best answer for me, truly free. I like the idea of selling stuff along the way to get money to pay for flights and basic needs. I'm good at devil stick juggling, I could perform on the street to draw in people to buy the sticks I made. Also thinking make bowdrill friction fire sets and demo those to sell them. Neither of them is hard to make and I'm good at both and they both have an innate attraction to most people.

    Looking into the ebike/solar trailer combo for long-range touring without busting my ass too hard. I bike commuted for 8 years, it gets hard. Being able to get up those hills with help would be amazing, most of the flats wouldn't need any assistance and a trailer would be more agile than panniers.

    I've had a car the last couple years now and it's already becoming more of a pain than it's worth. Fucking things suck money out of you like a vampire. I'll keep this one running as long as I can by doing most of it myself with the help of youtube videos to get my money's worth, but it's time to work on other options and be free again.

  14. WWOOFING, VOLUNTEERING or BLOGGING with ads is NOT travelling for free…. ur being paid in kind… hitch hiking dumpster diving and stealing is free but it wont get u out of USA or EUROPE… Putin wont give u a free visa…

  15. Some of these tips don't seem very responsible. They seem to encourage mooching off strangers and participating in dangerous activities.

  16. In many cities you have FREE WALKING TOURS (at least I've seen that in Europe and personnaly did some in Dublin, Edinburgh and London), the principale is easy: you meet at a meeting point with others people (or not) in the city center and a guide will walk with you in the city and explain you the mains buildings, history… What ever the case it is! At the end of the tour, you just pay whatever you wan! So you can not pay if you want (or can't) but I do recommend to give at least a little something just for consideration and because the guides needs to pay playbills too ahah
    (you can ever have themed walking tours, I've did ghost stories tour in Edinburgh, Harry potter tour…)

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  20. 1. Couch surfing
    2. Woofing
    3. Homestay aka: work away
    4. House sitting
    5. Volunteering abroad
    6. Dumpster diving
    7. Hitchhiking
    8. Work for accommodation
    9. Raid free food bins (@hostiles)
    10. Camping
    11. Exchange your skills
    12. Work in a travel related industry
    13. Walk or cycle
    14. Frequent flyer points
    15. Car shares
    16. Rental car moving(?)
    17. Work on a boat/cruise ship
    18. Visit free attractions
    19. Travel blogging
    20. Enjoy the simple things

  21. Ride freight trains and raft down small rivers and stuff, how is dumpsterdiving illegal that’s insane

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  23. I know a few folks who have done couch surfing, it is a very generous act, house sitting is awesome for the sure (i did this in France for 2 weeks), now I will be honest, don't make a list of things you have not tried because it is seriously bad advice to share things that can be risky as well.

  24. this is true guys i've been doing those tips specially couchsurfing ,work way,homestay , hitchhiking , hosteler ill recommend to do it the same and you can travel by free as i was doing it doing my last travel please give some hugs and red button on my channel and ill do the same thank you ?

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