79 thoughts on “2005 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning DVD

  1. When I was 9 I begged my mom to order this DVD, and would literally watch it and all the bonus features non stop. This brings back such happy memories! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  2. I have this i didnt go in 05 i found it in the dvd part of goodwill and i watch it nonstop ! i miss disney

  3. It's sometimes hard to explain "early 2000's" culture.ย  This video is it.ย 
    Also, I chuckled at 8:00 where they use the music that now serves to transition between scenes in It's Always Sunny…
    Thanks for posting, I didn't know this was what was missing from my life. Lol

  4. I played this non-stop when I was younger. I really wish Disney would put out more stuff like this!!! Thanks for the upload! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. The song at 6:26 is called "Ginger Snap" by Christian Mondstein and Jo Part and was in the Enzyte commercials featuring Smiling Bob.

  6. If I'm paying 100s of dollars to go to disneyworld I'm sure as hell not going stop to enjoy a bench

  7. I used to watch this video every day and call it my favorite disney movie. I'm talking THOUSANDS of times I watched this. anyone else?

  8. One of their best WDW VP DVDs
    They actually put in an effort rather than cutting in old clips or repackaging the previous years discs
    Like seriously the last 3+ years hasn't change gas it?

  9. This one is seriously the BEST!! I worry I will wear my DVD out. All the years since are just too schmaltzy. I love how this is all about FUN!!

  10. i watched this EVERY DAY when i was home sick from school. it came out when i was in preschool so it was always out of date but i love it so so much

  11. Honestly, this Disney Planning Video was one of the biggest pieces of my childhood. I used to watch this video on repeat!

  12. I haven't seen this in like AGES The last time I saw this was 2003 when I was like 4 years old sniff good memories. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. The best, and my favorite of the Vacation Planning DVDs – None after have lived up to the awesomeness of this. It was the first Vacation Planning DVD I ever saw on my first ever WDW trip, so it holds a special place. I watch this at least once a year, and for sure before every WDW trip.

  14. I wish I could make stuff like that like a full 30 minute day per park at Disney world all 4 parks into a modern day at Disney world make LILO and stitch ride space mountain at magic kingdom the villians ride haunted mansion woody and Jessie ride toy story mania a bunch of characters like a dozen ride tower of terror or is it turning into mission breakout with music numbers like Disneyland fun at the sing along songs

  15. Is this group a characters at the old characters on holiday bus Mickey Minnie goody Donald Pluto chip dale hook Pinocchio baloo and rafiki

  16. The Disney Hollywood studios version is boring and short except one funny thing with the Eco lake dinosaur with the human and the power rangers were in it

  17. A: Whatโ€™s your favorite Disney film?
    B: oh, I like Sleeping Beauty. I grew up with it.
    A: Eh, that movie was alright. I prefer the disney home movie of 2005

    Seriously though, this movie is superior to all films ever

  18. This vacation planning program is a whole lot better than the one I got in the mail back in 1999 as it has a whole lot more fun and games.

  19. This was, by far, their best vacation planning video. I can still repeat some of the lines by heart. Take a note on this blast from the past Disney

  20. I watched this EVERY single day several times a day when I was a kid. It made me so happy to watch. It's kinda embarrassing that I know it word for word.

  21. How is it possible that one video from 2005 video would use SO MANY package music tracks that ended up becoming more famous from It's Always Sunny and boner pill commercials?

  22. This is my favorite Disney Vacation dvd video.ย  I saved it from when they sent it to me in 2005.ย  I was 42 years old and now I'm going to be 55 years old next month!

  23. Apparently 2005 is the first year they sent out a DVD instead of a videocassette. Here's the planning video from 2004 https://youtu.be/FzXMhY8Wxdw

  24. The memories and nostalgia I feel while watching this. โ˜น??

    Man, I love Disney world in the 2000s

  25. Oh my god I just had this DVD flash into my mind and I HAD to find it cause our copy is at my parentsโ€™ place. I know what Iโ€™m doing tomorrow…

  26. 5:03 MK 7:03 Carpets 8:09 Peter Panโ€™s โœˆ๏ธ 8:20 Barnstormer 9:13 Toontown Fair 10:20 ? Escape 11:50 Philharmagic 14:17 Epcot 14:38 Soarin 15:27 Space 16:51 ? 18:15 Test Track 18:47 Shrunk 23:37 MGM

  27. Watching this just gave me ultra nostalgia. I used to watch this ALL the time just like yโ€™all did!

  28. Iโ€™m going to Disney World for my senior trip this year and I cannot fucking wait. Itโ€™ll be my first time going.

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