2017 Tourist Scams In The United States Of America USA

2017 Tourist Scams In The United States Of America USA

Oh hey, You’re there.
You didn’t hear? Today’s class is cancelled. Instead of teaching today I’m
going to tell you about some common scams in the United States. I know
there’s a lot of videos out there telling you about scams, things that are
common all over the world, but today I’m going to tell you about some scams that
I have seen over the course of my lifetime. Some of the most innovative and
some of the most creative scam, I’m showing you this to keep you safe when
you come visit our country the United States. So come on with me we’re going on a little field trip today. Let’s go. Let’s say you just arrived to the airport.
You’ve got your luggage and you come out here on the curb. There’s a man
standing there who says “Taxi!” “DO you need a taxi do need transportation?” You say yes, I do and he takes you over here to what is not a taxi but it
is a limousine service. Now there’s technically nothing wrong with going
with the limousine service, but you need to be careful how you do it. Here’s how the scam works. You get in the vehicle and he drives you to a hotel
let’s say the Ritz Carlton Hotel downtown. He knows you’re spending some
money. So, if you took a taxi let’s say it’s 10 miles. It might be 35 bucks. He
takes you down there and he tells you it’s 150 bucks. Well that’s gouging. That’s ridiculous, but at this point there’s really not
much you can do. You accepted his service. It’s your fault that you did not ask in
advance. So how I do this is I prefer to go with the limousines. A lot of the taxis
in the United States are terrible. Some cities have great taxis. It all depends
on where you’re visiting. What I do is…. The guy says “hey do you need a taxi?”
“Do you need a ride?” Well yes I do. You need to ask them upfront what is the cost.
does it include taxes? Does it include your gratuity because in the United
States you need to tip. Anyone in the service industry expects a tip. So just
ask them, “hey I’m going downtown to the Ritz Carlton Hotel
much is this going to cost?” He says “well I charge $72.” You can come back and say,
“Hey buddy can you do it for 45?” Sure I can! Get in! Well, you just got a lot
nicer service for about the same price as a taxi. Be careful because next time
you could be a victim. Possibly one of my favorite scams of all times is the
taximeter scam. So you get into a cab that looks like this. He has a meter. You
think nothing of it. So, he turns on the meter. It’s a normal rate. It seems normal.
Everything’s fine but what happens is he switches his rate. Now it started at
five dollars and it’s going to charge you five dollars a mile. So your 10 mile
ride is now going to be about 60 bucks because they’re going to get you sitting
in traffic – and how are they able to do this?
Well they just switch the rate. Do you see over there? The little number one? Now he’s on
rate number two. Now he’s on rate number three. Now he is on on rate number four. This thing will add up
really fast and it pretty much gets people every time. After all, he
did run the meter. When you get there to your destination what are you going to
do refuse to pay him? Your luggage is in the trunk. There’s not much that you can
do at this point except pay the driver and know that you got scammed.
This next scam is probably one of the most ingenious ones I’ve ever seen. The
first time I saw this happen it absolutely blew my mind. So this is
how it works. Most of the time you’re going to find this at a Greyhound bus
station or maybe an Amtrak. Any transit or maybe in front of a hotel. Anything
within an urban City where it’s very easy to disappear. I’ve seen it at an
airport but it’s very hard for people to get away from the airport because
they’re often in isolated locations. What happens is you come off your
grey hound bus or maybe you’re sitting around waiting on a transfer. Regardless
you’re outside you’re smoking a cigarette.
You got your luggage there, your protecting it, and you’re playing on your
iPhone. People have 600$ – $700 phones now. Whatever expensive phone you have.
Without an expensive phone you might not be a target for the first one. For the
second way this works they don’t care they’ll take anything.
These people are professionals. They do this every night. so you’re out there and
a lady or a man, I’ll play that role. They come up and they make friends with you.
“Hey how you doing? Oh great.” They’ll set down their luggage right
next to you. They seem legit. They have luggage so they’ll ask you, hey my
phone’s dead is there any way I can use your phone to call for my ride?
I don’t think they know how to get here. They’re coming from a hundred miles away.
It’s my boyfriend, my husband, or whatever. So you being the good person that you are,
you offer to let them use your phone. So they call, “hey, hey, how you doing? Oh nice
to hear your voice. Well yeah my phone was dead. Oh I’m down here at the
Greyhounds between 22nd Street and East ninth Street.
Okay, well I don’t know the address here. Well do you know the address? Do you know
the address? I don’t I think it’s on the side of the building.” While you are not thinking
anything of it, they go walking around the side of the building to look for the
address or whatever. It is the excuse that they came up with. so you’re sitting
there you don’t think anything because the ladies or man’s luggage is sitting
right next to you . After about 15 seconds or 20 seconds you start to get a feeling in
your stomach like hey hey where did these people go? Where’s my phone,
where’s my phone? Well she has to come back her luggage is right there. She’s
not coming back! So after about two three minutes you decide to look through her
luggage see what she has she’s not coming back you go open up her luggage
what’s in here trash nothing you got a big nothing her $10 Walmart bag she just
traded that for your $700 iPhone the second way this one works
they used the exact same line hey can I use your phone I got a
call from my ride she might have her luggage she might not even have luggage
what they do is you hand her the phone she might just take off running well
what are you going to do you have all your luggage right there you go chasing
this lady down as soon as you run off her accomplice comes running right in
and takes your luggage boom they’re gone so now you’re sitting there with no
phone no luggage nothing just whatever is in your pocket
and the clothes on your back and it happens that fast so next time you come
to America be careful be careful of this scam don’t be naive another common scam
happens with car accidents a lot of times you get to the airport you go to
the rental car you’re being watched or you’re driving down the road rental cars
are going to have out-of-state license plates and there’s going to Google a bar
code in the corner so these know how to spot this and what
happens is is they’ll sit let’s say across the street from the rental car
they see you come pulling out great in a rental car it’s a busy night Sunday
night one day all day at the airport they see maybe like the Asian maybe you
just look like you don’t belong here or they’ve watched you inside the
terminal well what happens is they’re going to wait for you to come pulling
out they’re going to follow you they’re going to hope you get into an area
that’s not so the traffic’s not so heavy a lot of times these rental car areas
are in the middle of nowhere so it might have been pulling just right out of the
rental car what they’re going to do is they’re going to get behind you and
they’re going to smash into your car sometimes often pretty hard obviously
you are going to get out and go look at the damage you’re going to need you know
all their information well it doesn’t work that way as soon as you get out of
the car with all your luggage in the car there’s a gun to your head
and what happens there’s nothing you can do man you give them the car they don’t
really want the car that’s not what they want they’re going to drive off with the
car the other guys going to drive off they might not
even have license plates on their car or they might be hidden he’ll drive the
other way the guy in the rental car is going to drive it five ten blocks from
there and steal all your stuff in the robbery they took all your money they
know you’re coming into an airport you just walked into a rental car it has no
gun sign in America many people are armed so it doesn’t work this well with
just a normal car so they’re looking for tourists and tourists also have they
carry a lot of money they’re here for a while credit cards whatever they want
anything they can get so watch out for that rental car scam how do you combat
it well just keep driving call the police
try to get their license plate number but don’t stop and get out of the car
that’s what they tell you to do don’t do it call 9-1-1 especially if you just
came into a city and someone rear-ended you that’s just not right things like
that they the chances of that happening are slim and none so call the police
just keep driving try to keep them behind you if you get into a high
traffic situation maybe you can slide in behind them and start following them but
be careful because if you’re behind them they can block your freedom a moment so
you see what I mean but be careful this scam has made it’s an old-school scam
but in the last couple months I just hear about it it’s on the news every day
they’re doing it everywhere they’re following women home from late night
shifts at the hospitals because they know they’re all alone and they know
they’re leaving a hospital and they’ve got the uniform on they’re probably a
doctor or a nurse and they have they have money so be careful about this one
another common scam involving cars and your rental car is the fake valet scam
and this happens a lot in suburban shopping areas in upper-class areas
where you wouldn’t think that there’d be thieves out there but they are so what
happens is you were shopping all day at the mall they might be watching you
because these have all day to do this this is what they do for a living
you were shopping whatnot and then let’s say you’re going to go to a restaurant
over there well they kind of follow you and then they’re standing out in front
of the restaurant or their buddy is with a jacket on that says valet so you come
pulling up and there well how much is the valet well it’s free first thing you
need to be suspicious of nothing in America’s free there’s very few places
that still offer free valet service I can’t think of any of them so what
happens is you get out of the car you go into the restaurant you think
everything’s fine well you come back out where’s the valet guy you go back in and
ask them they say well we don’t have a valet well what just happened they stole
all that stuff that you spent all your money on while you were shopping in
there plus they got all your valuables and there’s nothing you can do you don’t
have a ride home now you have to call a taxi the police aren’t going to find
your car for probably a week or so they’ll find it two miles away the
rental car company isn’t going to be happy with you they made a lot of
problems my solution for this problem just park your car yourself I know in
some downtown areas you have to use the valet but they will be clearly marked
the street signs will have valet zones they will also have valet jackets on but
there’ll be more than just one of them and if you don’t trust them walk into
the restaurant and ask them is that your valet so let’s say you want to go to a
sporting event baseball football basketball very popular in America so
the guys are outside selling tickets in many cities it’s legal for them to sell
tickets most people are very legitimate about this but I hear people getting
ripped off just for even petty amounts like a twelve dollar ticket and it’s not
real so how do you how do you combat this what you need to do is I I buy
tickets off of scalpers all the time but I buy them close to the door and if it’s
an expensive ticket like a fifty sixty dollar ticket I tell them yeah I’ll buy
it for you I’ll buy it right at that gate you come up to the gate with me and
I will pay you through the gate sometimes they might
not like it okay great so I’ll pay you here in front of everyone and you stand
right here and you watch them as you’re going through if the tickets good say
thank you that’s one thing you could always do because sometimes you buy them
five blocks away from the event and what are you going to do the guy’s not going
to be there when you come back and this still happens it happens more often than
you’d like to think and it just kind of ruined your night
ruined your day so watch that one the fake ticket scam I hope I didn’t
frighten you guys away from visiting America it’s a beautiful country a great
place to visit I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun just use this arm yourself
make sure you have knowledge knowledge is the key once you have knowledge about
things that can happen you’ll be able to prevent this thank you for watching make
sure you subscribe to my channel leave your comments below hit like and I’ll
see you guys next time

67 thoughts on “2017 Tourist Scams In The United States Of America USA

  1. I recently saw a crime documentary where Amercian scam artists were targeting foreign tourists leaving the airport rental car in Miami, Florida. The thieves robbed and killed a couple visiting The United States from Germany. That is crazy I have never heard of that before.

  2. 6:00 Good advice is if someone asks to use your phone for someone to pick them up, say sure honey, give me their number and I will call them for you ..lol

  3. Call the police immediately if your phone is stolen. With GPS they can track it. Since you don't have a phone, you can ask a person nearby to call for you or go into the nearest business and ask the employee at the desk.

  4. The phone one and the person with the empty bag is extremely common out here. Me being a nice guy would hurt me to say no but then again that's what they feed on so fuck them!

  5. I didn't know about the phone one, but it's so weird because I was picking a friend up from the Greyhound station last summer, and this woman genuinely needed to use my phone. Naturally I felt wary — the existence of scammers and thieves in these places in general was not a new idea for me, but I was empathetic and decided that as long as I watched the entire time, and I had no bags, I would be fine. Perhaps not wise thinking on my part. She logged into her facebook messenger, texted the guy, and gave it back. Nothing bugged, nothing taken or messed with. No calls made to expensive toll lines. I realize in retrospect that I was lucky I trusted someone who genuinely needed to borrow a phone, but now I feel like it was probably more rare to find a person who genuinely needed to borrow a phone than a scammer looking to steal one. It sort of makes me feel bad for her, because absolutely no one else must have believed her when she asked to use their phone.

    We even made good conversation and I added her to facebook afterwards. Just the fact that these things actually do happen makes it all the worse than people use these narratives as a basis for their scams.

  6. About the phone borrowing – if someone is asking to borrow your phone, just ask them what number they need to call. Call the person and let them know that their friend/relative/etc. is waiting to be picked up.

  7. That almost happened to me with the phone. This woman came up to me and said the same type of story you told, and said makes use the phone. I offered to call the number for her she declined and left.

  8. Thanks for the heads up ..the whole world is out to rip innocents off ..sad but true ..off to New York in a couple months will be on my toes more now you have educated me ..the gist is trust no one believe nothing and be sceptical of any unsolicited walk ups to you ..thanks …

  9. had a guy ask to use my phone he didn't want to give it back tried to take off I had to chase him down and threaten to really hurt him he got scared and gave it back if your ever going to let people use your things be prepared to fight to get them back

  10. The only way I let people use my phone, is if I'm holding it the whole time.

    For example, when walking into town a couple months back, a couple of kids, about 13 y/o stopped me asking to use my phone. I unlocked it, let them dial the number, with it still in my hand, and then put it on speaker.

    Once the call finished, I removed the number from my calling history (the kid asked me to) and that was that.

    Also, kudos to the kid that said to delete the number he dialed from my phones history, that's clever and protects who he is.

    There's safe ways to be a good person.

  11. This video is awesome I have friends in Baltimore and when you said about airports and being watched I made a few observations I noticed I was being looked at by this woman and I think to myself go on try it so I went to the toilet emptied everything out this small bag I had put all the rubbish in from my flight I get outside she comes up to me asks to use my mobile I said well why would I have one you saw me inside and you saw and heard me use the payphone clearly you know am not from here didn't know what to say then this guy snatches the bag runs off with her I pissed myself with laughter almost knowing all they'd get was literally trash and the note I wrote inside the toilet saying good riddance to bad rubbish you scummy c**t I hope you get as much as a laugh as I did I wish I could see your face, sincerely don't underestimate the British ?? Good video man it's awesome you did this to help people it has inspired me to do a similar video for tourists coming here I love your country everywhere had good and bad I look forward to my next visit??

  12. If your phone is dead I carry a $10 charger with cords for both iPhones and Samsung’s. So, the phone one won’t work. But also, I always say no, or I’d call for you.

  13. When those people say can I use your phone? I always say oh I’m sorry my phone is low battery and I’m waiting on an important call that’s it period and they walked away….

  14. 1) Use lyft
    2) Don’t let people touch your shit and don’t get distracted. (Or be sure you can out run them if they bolt)
    3) Getting car jacked isn’t really a scam as much as it’s just a crime.

  15. I had that almost happen to me with my iPhone.

    The scammer didn’t expect me to pull out a cheap flip phone to let them use

  16. That stupid with the phone I would not hand them the phone, is it yourself and then put it on speaking home

  17. Yes, scams do happen here in the USA… Outside LaGuardia airport, a guy came up to us as soon as we were outside the terminal rushing us into his car and grabbing our bags. We went along at first but when we left the taxi area, it all starting feeling odd, so we bailed. Of course, the guy was furious. All I can say is be cautious in a strange city (anywhere in the world) and follow your gut. If it seems weird or fishy, it probably is…. There's nothing wrong with being smart and alert.

    BTW, I found the video informative and entertaining. Thanks, Man.

  18. I've never let a stranger use my phone, I excuse myself and tell them I don't have credit, or that it is too expensive for me to call someone in their country and say that I can't afford it. If the person seems legit, I do offer them the option to give me the number they want to call, and I put on speaker phone while holding onto my cellphone. Never give your phone to a stranger when you can put them on speaker phone, it is not like they are going to take a private and delicate cellphone conversation with someone over a strangers phone anyway. If you hand over your cellphone to a random stranger on the street, ESPECIALLY in a foreign country, you are just stupid as fuck.

  19. Compared to China (even when I was a local and native Chinese speaker, someone TRIED to SCAM ME), America is way safer. People here are often more stupid and lack the courage to actually pull off scams on the level the Chinese do.

  20. I'm glad you told me about that phone snatching scam because it happened to me in high school where a freshman asked to use my phone to call his mom but he started to walk away while calling and me not trusting people, I started to follow him and he refused to give it back to me. Until some of his friends were telling him to give it back to me. I don't understand why he tried to take it because it was pretty old and shitty compared to his iphone6…
    You just enforced the idea of me not lending my phone to others which is a good thing.

  21. Thank you for making this informant video. Knowing the fact and ground reality can protect us from becoming the victims in the strange country. For example, we had wrong information about the country Spain and the Spanish police. We were believing that being the member State of European Union Spain is a SAFE country and police work according to the law. At the departure area of Valencia airport, under a lot of CCTV cameras, we became the victim of the organised group of thieves. One member of this criminal group ran away after distracting my attention but their 3 members (2 Gypsy ladies + 1 male) were still sitting outside the toilet and their 5th. member (gipsy lady) was in the toilet with the stolen bag of my wife. These culprits were 100% arrestable so I start shouting for the police-help but no one came to help us. We ourselves went to the upper floor to knock the door of police-office and 2 police officers opened the door in a very aggressive way, shouting at us like the barking dogs ready to bite us. They showed no interest to help us in a practical way. The maximum help of police was the "lollipop" of the incorrect & useless police report, (No investigation & no prosecution). Police played dirty games with us and later I found out that the airport authority + police destroyed the CCTV recording of the (crime-evidence), while police lied to us about having the CD recording of the [crime-evidence =CCTV rec.]. On complaint, the Ombudsman just tried to cover up the corruption of the Spanish police. To attract tourist Spain always advertise that Spain is the safest country in the world and Spanish police are the best police. If Spanish police are best then does it give them right to play dirty games with the non_Spanish victims of crime tourists?

  22. so whats the best way to scam as of right now? something nobody knows about? I am trynna make some money

  23. Nice Dramatization! No offence but you look like an early retired hustler yourself! Thank for the tips anyway…!

  24. What about the atm scam where people put a machine into the atms inside places like Mcdonalds that clones your credit card?

  25. Years ago, I took a taxi to a shopping area from my home, it costed fifty something dollars. Weeks later, I took another taxi, same company but different driver, to the same location, and it costed thirty something dollars. I was scammed. ?

  26. Thank you Bro and please keep doing these types of videos to help not just tourists but everybody who is at risk of getting ripped of here in America, including ripoff scammers selling cars, chattel property, real estate, and all the things that scammers try to sell knowing they are really just stealing all they can. You do a GREAT job. Thank you!

  27. The car accident scam happened to me in I was in Los Angeles 2 springs ago. Worst of all, it wasn't even a rental, i took my dad's large SUV with Minnesota plates down there. They knew we weren't from the area. This is a good helpful video, I learned a lot.

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