2019 The 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Ports For Cruise Ship Passengers

2019 The 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Ports For Cruise Ship Passengers

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today’s video is about the ten most dangerous cruise ports for
cruise ship passengers I thought I’d mentioned this because thirty million
people are expected to go on a cruise this year 2019 the number is growing by
five to seven percent a year and the families and travelers or you know
always wondering well what cruise is the best cruise to go on you have to decide
what’s the right cruise line for you then you have to figure out the right
ship and you have to figure out the itinerary and the itinerary can be a
make or break for a good cruise cruise with happy memories or cruise with not
good memories whether you’re a couple like these guys look into it to enjoy
themselves a little getaway or it’s a family it’s not easy to sometimes make
these decisions but they’re necessary and I’m going to talk about what cruise
lines are doing to combat some of the worst cruise ports out there how to keep
the business rolling and how to keep the families and travelers coming in because
they have armies like this of the staff and crew ready to pamper you and spoil
you rotten now let’s start with the list in reverse order the number 10 most
dangerous port or cruise travelers believe it or not is st. Lucia beautiful
place gorgeous island but man if you walk off the beaten path
you are in trouble people are getting mugged in daylight by armed robbers with
guns it’s not good it’s a third-world scenario just a couple of blocks away
from where the cruise ship docks El Salvador well not a surprise for a lot
of us to hear this news El Salvador for years has been a very unstable country
and it’s almost impossible to find photographs of a cruise ship coming to
visit El Salvador people and cruises have been avoiding this area for a long
long time this next one surprised me st. Thomas si US Virgin Islands this is
a US Protectorate Americans don’t need a passport to come here but if you end up
in the wrong part of town you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle
unfortunately for st. Thomas they had a terrible
hurricane visit a couple years ago with Irma and Maria and a lot of the island
got wiped out so there’s a lot of desperate people there ya wanna stay on
the beaten path do a tour go up here we’re like I did on the cable car and
grab some of these great photos but make sure you’re on an escorted tour and you
should be fine number seven on the list is Antigua another gorgeous Caribbean
island with resorts everywhere and that type of thing if you’re going to one of
these resorts are you coming in on the cruise ship and you’re going to take a
tour you’ll be fine but if you’re just walking around in the
daytime and you a head into the wrong part of town you might be in trouble and
there have been incidents Saint Kitts and Nevis is number six unfortunately
another area of the Caribbean beautiful topography great geography but again
you’ve got to be careful where exactly you’re headed when you get off the
cruise ship hanging around here is okay these are the the hots tourist spots
there’s security here you’ll be fine but a couple blocks from here you might not
be number five is Mexico Mexico has always been on the list as one of the
most dangerous areas for cruise passengers but keep in mind to be fair
to Mexico it’s a fake country this footage here is
taken in Mazatlan and Mazatlan itself has been a great place to visit then
Cruise Lines boycotted it for a while because of gang violence now they’re
coming back to it this is my own personal footage of masa lon
I love it here it’s great never had a problem being here now a couple of times
but again if you’re in the main streets you’ll be fine but if you’re gonna go
off into the borough’s you aren’t asking for trouble because if you come off
looking like a you know a bit of an overweight well-to-do tourist you’re an
easy mark so watch yourself and that could be true anywhere of course it’s
even true in Miami and San Francisco in Los Angeles I mean it’s true everywhere
but you know just watch out for yourself cities all across Mexico are investing
heavily in security the Mexicans know how much tourism means to them and they
want the cruise ships to keep coming with those thousands and thousands of
tourists and so you gotta watch yourself and you’ll be alright the number four
country on the list is Guatemala there’s no surprise we’re hearing about
so many people trying to get out of this country gang violence and that type of
thing it’s rather unfortunate but it is you know a fact of life
not very many cruise ships visit Guatemala these days again you know it’s
just too scary to go there and so cruise lines avoided number three country
unfortunately Venezuela and it’s only going to get worse the political unrest
there the rampant inflation the hunger desperate people
Venezuela what more can I say I think I’ve already said enough
not very many cruise lines go anywhere near here number two most dangerous is
Honduras this is Roatan here Roatan itself this
area here you should be okay there really no incidents happening exactly
right at that spot but interior of Honduras and just out of town oh you’re
taking your life in your hands it’s really third world desperate people at
desperate situations and you just have to govern yourself accordingly the
number one country the number one place that is most dangerous for cruise ship
passengers this is a shock it’s the closest to the USA it’s the Bahamas
here’s a shot of Nassau with Paradise Island over there on the left and
downtown Nassau on the right Nassau Bahamas a lot of incidents of
pickpockets and robberies muggings all depending on you know what time of day
or night Cruise Lines love it because it’s handy but you’ve got to watch
yourself now what are the cruise lines doing about it well in the Bahamas right
here Cruise Lines are spending hundreds of millions of dollars building their
own private island getaways where you won’t run into the locals it’s a sad
state of affairs but it’s true cruise lines throughout the Caribbean of like
MSC on the first set of photos and now here Royal Caribbean with Coco Key
Disney Norwegian Carnival they are all span during hundreds and hundreds of
millions of dollars to develop and build out their own private island getaways
and that way the family can enjoy the beaches without being hassled by any
beggars security keeps everyone in the perimeter and this area
here becomes a family playground mom and dad can relax honeymooners can relax and
so on this is the way of the future cruise lines have seen it for decades
they’ve already invested they’re gonna continue to do so because they want your
vacation dollars and they do not want you worrying about what’s gonna happen
to you if you get off the ship and there you are those are the ten most dangerous
ports what the cruise lines are doing about it
join me Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Time Saturdays at two o’clock
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100 thoughts on “2019 The 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Ports For Cruise Ship Passengers

  1. Interesting to hear about some of these countries, Tourist harass. I wouldn't thought of Bahamas. As a Tour Operator in Jamaica, please to say. We take Tourism very serious, it one of the live vain of Jamaica economy. We always ensure the safety of tourists visiting our country. In Jamaica, we wont accept such acts committed against tourists. Very good video, always thanks sharing info with us.

  2. Central America very dangerous place we just stay close to ship shopping close by bought a Panama hat at Cartagena Panama Canal Cruise!

  3. I’ve been on 2 Cruises the last was June ‘19 ALL the places for me were fantastic Altogether I’ve been to 9 Caribbean Islands and love the Caribbean
    So far always treated with kindness from the locals Of course I stayed most of the time in Tourist Village
    Belize is gorgeous but we were warned not to go into the town
    I get it visiting not the same as living there
    Here in the US Md I’ve been attacked grabbed robbed 4 times- though long ago

  4. Why bother going to the Caribbean, it is a third world country full of scammers ! We got scammed via taxi driver who told us he knows a better quieter D.R. beach for the same set price. As it turned out the beach was garbage ! he then demanded more money to drive us back to port.The junky rust buck was not mechanically sound either. Will not be back , not safe !! Friends beware when travelling to the D.R. violent crimes/scams are up rampantly. Furthermore, police are nowhere to be found !

    As President Trump, quoted " It is a shit hole country ! "

  5. Just going on my first cruise. Glad he didn't mention Bar Harbor Maine, Saint John New Brunswick, and Halifax Nova Scotia!!

  6. I watch your vids often, but this one, I have to wonder where you get your DATA from for this video. We think you need to put up analytics. we have been deep into some of these countries after getting off the ships and never have we felt uncomfortable or concerned for our safety. Here in Chicago you have a greater chance of getting mugged or targeted on Michigan Ave than most of these countries you named. However, for anyone who cruise and want to see the country sides, stick with an official excursion from your cruise provider of choice, if anything goes unsatisfactory, they will reimburse you without much push-back.

  7. love your videos but you deadass need a better microphone and better quality video, but still, love your content

  8. I use to work on cruise ship st Kitts was the scariest place that I've been then Acapulco than Bahamas I did not been to Jamaica but I've heard it's dangerous too

  9. Thanks for a video with such misleading information. PS. If you're going to portray yourself as an expert, please know how to pronounce the name of the destination!

  10. Please keep in mind that some of these locations are not traditionally dangerous. Many of these shipping ports are bad, because of the huge volume of loud, ignorant and abrasive tourists who arrive and give locals bad attitude. Things move much slower in the islands and they don't like to be rushed. Bringing an air of entitlement will make you a target. Don't put your wallet in your back pocket and don't carry a purse. Don't wear expensive jewelry or watches. Wear an under-the-shirt security wallet and maybe a stealth daypack. Never wander off into side streets and use common sense if you have any. If your cruise offers excursions, go on one of those. It gets you off the ship and brings you adventure.

    I've been going to Saint Lucia since 1968 and have never had a problem. I have even stayed in areas that are very remote. Castries is the main city and it is fine if you stay on main streets and don't dress like a tourist. Avoid walking around at night in any of the islands or ports, as that is when most of the crimes occur. Same is true anywhere in the world.

    Mexico can be okay, depending on the port. Cozumel is a decent island town, but there are swarms of vendors and you will have to run that gauntlet. Don't try to buy drugs or controlled medication. You will be mugged or arrested. Take an organized tour to the ancient ruins for best attraction.

    Honduras is scary. We sailed to Roatan and were taken in a bus to a private beach several miles away. The beach was nice and uncrowded, but it was surrounded by 18 foot fence with razor wire and patrolled by guards with machine guns. Honduras is beautiful and lush, but desperately poverty-stricken. It is sad. Try to purchase handmade goods from vendors on the dock. They will be very happy. Even though much of it is the usual stuff you find everywhere, you'll make their day.

    Antigua is generally fine if you don't wander around looking like a target. I went there in 1979 and it was safe as milk, but times change. Much of the perceived danger is targeted at cruise ship passengers, because they tend to be loud and flaunt their money. Cruise ships are mass-market now and locals tire of the superior attitudes and herd mentality.

    Paradise Island is completely over-developed and generally considered safe, but over the bridge in Nassau, it can be a different story. I have walked to Nassau many times, but mostly in the 1990s when it was safer. The very last time I went on foot to Nassau, I definitely felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but it was late at night, so my mistake. During the day should be fine. Bahaman people are extremely friendly and cordial.

    I can't speak for the other locations, but I'm not surprised that El Salvador, Guatemala and Venezuela are on the list. Jamaica should also be high on the danger list, but it is not mentioned in this video.

    My vote for the SAFEST place I went on a cruise? That would be Grand Cayman without a doubt. Grand Cayman is very upscale and very expensive. Belize is still relatively safe if you are sensible. No place is truly "safe", but common sense goes a long way. If you want to research a place you plan to go, visit the U.S. State Department website and see their section on travelling abroad.

  11. Going go Nassau in October. Will be there with a bunch of people. Somrtimes i carry a fake wallet and keep money in money belt

  12. I see that a lot of people don't agree with this list but, the list is compiled by the number of incidents reported by cruise ship passengers and the crime rate as reported by police.. You could go almost anywhere and not have a problem, that doesn't mean the place is safe, it just means you got lucky. Ignore their warning at your own risk.

  13. I grew up half in one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas and crime was never an issue. Nassau and Freeport are, however, a different story. I worked with he U.S. Embassy in Nassau on the growing issue of of street gangs (an element brought over from the U.S.). I have ridden around the island of New Providence with the then, Chief of Investigations. It was the middle of the day and there were times when even he was a little nervous. The police try to keep Paradise Island and Bay Street safe for tourists but it has become more difficult in recent times. Unlicensed jet ski rentals have had issues with sexual assaults and even Arawak Cay, a great area that serves native foods, and sits between Bay Street and Cable Beach, has become dangerous for tourists, especially at night. You will take your safety into your own hands. The Bahamian people are wonderful, warm people and it is a shame that a very small minority paint a very negative picture.

  14. Don’t forget the ship itself is dangerous with murder, rape and disappearance and they don’t do anything because they have no cops. Over 200 people have just disappeared. Make sure u go on your trip with friends. Don’t leave ur kids at the kids play everyday. Older kids you warn them about some men and women like to touch kids in the wrong place……..I went all over Europe by myself but I would never go on a cruise by myself. Just please be careful.

  15. I went to hondurous and Nassau I loved hundourus when I went. Just don’t go out of line and you’ll have one major fun! Nassau we took a trip around and saw some stuff. Not my favorite place but very informative.

  16. So summary is, never get off the ship at the foreign ports except for those that are owned by the cruise line like private islands for example.

  17. went on a cruise last January, stopped at Acapulco, NEVER FELT SO SAFE, there were 2 of us, 2 senior women, 2 police officers met us when we got off the taxi and followed us until we got on another taxi to go to the pier, they even verified the license of the taxi driver and asked them how much they would charge us… no… not all of Mexico is unsafe

  18. I'm under the impression how the cruise lines combat these problems is they leave port before the cover of Darkness

  19. Lots of fear-mongering in this video. IMHO. I just came back from another cruise; Cozumel, Honduras and Costa Maya. We did research before going and had plans/places picked out to save time. NO problem in any of those places. Lovely people in most places. Just use common sense and don’t go into unknown areas by yourself. It is the same as visiting any state here in the US, or any country around the world. Stay vigilant and don’t be a flashy dumb ass

  20. Don't go away from the pier in St. Lucia! Last year, a man from my cruise ship in his 80s was robbed and stabbed in front of his wife.

  21. While not a particularly dangerous port of call, Jamaica (both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay) has to be high on the list of the most annoying cruise ports. Outrageously aggressive vendors (I witnessed a lady pull an elderly lady off her feet, trying to pull her into a store), cab drivers who will tell you one fare and then claim they said another or offer a round trip fair and abandon you and police that will look the other way to people trying to sell you dope right outside the port security area. After a particularly nasty confrontation with a vendor who grabbed her by the hair and tried to braid it, my daughter won't even get off the ship there.

  22. American tourists in general can be spotted from miles away, they might as well wear a sign with “i’m a rich tourist pls rob me”.

  23. I was in Jamaica twice-1980 and 1990-no problem either time. People were very friendly then. That being said, I have no idea how it is now. With regards to Bahamas, I was 2 times as well, but it’s been quite awhile. Within the last year, though, I remember seeing in the news that the State Dept issued a travel advisory for the Bahamas. I don’t know if it’s still in effect. Bottom line use common sense-whether you are on vacation or not.

  24. I can see Nassau, and the obvious ones like Guatemala and El Salvador (Belize is conspicuously missing). But the rest is basically "don't go into bad parts of town" similar to ANY US city.

  25. Nassau, rightfully so #1. Me and my mom was chased around the sellers area to buy T-shirt’s and trinkets…. after we said NO! Super aggressive and evil miserable destitute people out there.

  26. My work initially as a yacht skipper and later as a pilot has taken me all over the Carribean.. I stay within the hotel compounds and see no reason to go outside. I'll be happy if I never visit the Caribbean again. Poverty = crime. Stick to Europe.

  27. Not surprised at number one especially now when they just got destroyed by a hurricane. I’m going on Royal in November and it’s stopping in the private island can’t wait.

  28. So every video I watch that is packed with susan collins adds, gets this post.  Susan collins sucks ass and is one of the worst people we have ever had in office. that is all

  29. I been to most of those places he talked about I went to st.lucia st.thomas and we went all around the island very nice also I been to rotan island very nice didn’t feel dangered

  30. Thanks, But what you said about Thomas is not true.The people are very nice and it is a very safe place. Celebrities walk around without security . This is my home and it's nothing as you've mentioned!

  31. Surprised you didn't mention Rome, where you are almost guaranteed to be targeted by pickpockets, especially on the underground. Okay, it's not actually a port, but it's on all the cruise itineraries.

  32. There are dangerous places to go in every country. I love Mexico, especially Cozumel. Beautiful waters…great scuba and snorkeling. You just need to use common sense and stay in Tourist areas an don't engage in criminal behaviors, i.e. drugs, which bring you into contact with dangerous people.

  33. shocked Bahamas ,wow ,visited naasau felt vey safe even at night,times have changed, worst was Jamaica,robberies etc,dishonest airport shops,you pay and they never bring to plane,

  34. A part of the problem Bruce is how you yanks dress when you go ashore. (I've been on lots of cruises with Americans) leave your Rolexes and jewels in your cabin safe. Dress down! Tatty t-shirt and jeans. Old trainers. No back -to-front baseball caps. No baseball caps at all! If you dress like Homer Simpson you are almost inviting unwelcome attention!

  35. I agree with Antigua being on the list. The cruise line even warned us about going ashore. The locals hated us. They would walk directly at us with hate in their eyes. We were with an older couple and she had MS and was on a small electric scooter but they still walked right at us. We only went about 2 blocks and headed back to the ship. This is the first time I was ever afraid while on a busy street in the middle of the day. Never going there again.

  36. Don't know where these statistics came from, but the Bahamas felt really safe to me and my mom. I went straight off the ship to hood for real Bahamian food and drinks–no fear–no problem!

  37. Its everywhere you go when tourist are involved plus how you present yourself. For old guys leaving the boat wearing socks with sandles,shorts past your knees,Hawaiian shirt,Rolex on and wallet in the back pocket etc…it just screams "mug me".

  38. Hong Kong should be the newest entry on your list because ever since the CCP has firmed up the grip on the land, justice, and the judicial system has been eaten away; and has been relegated to merely a police state. Do not go to HK even if you are transferring flight or docking into its port. The CCP has been known to nab anyone they deemed necessary.

  39. In no particular order: Honduras (well, not Roatan where the boats go), El Salvador (where nobody goes), Venezuela (where nobody goes), and #1…drum roll please……………..North Korea!

  40. You make avoiding becoming a victim of crime seem overly complicated when its really very simple… Never go anywhere there is an overwhelming concentration of black or mixed race individuals. Sorry Snowflakes but that’s reality.

  41. What about Rio?!! Also stopped at Guayaquil, Ecuador on a cruise a few years ago and the entire time we were on a tour (bus and walking around town) we were surrounded by MANY police. They stayed with us all day. The bus was surrounded by police motorcycles and cars on all four sides. When we got out and walked, they all walked with us – carrying machine guns!!! I walk slower than most, so my "bodyguard" stayed with me, bringing up the back of the group. By the end of the day we were good buddies! When we stopped for lunch, some were standing guard inside the restaurant and some stood outside – front and back of the restaurant! I was never so happy to sail away at the end of the day.

  42. I don’t feel comfortable in Nassau anymore. We’ve gone there many times in the past. The city is so dirty now and appears more desperate than ever. Everyone’s experience are different but no matter how you slice it, we live in a more dangerous world now. Keep your head on a swivel and trust your senses. If you feel uneasiness there is a reason for it. Be safe in your Travels in the US and the world.

  43. I don't know what you have against the caribbean but the US ports are all much more dangerous. Guns are every where and the death by homicide is highest in the world. Locals in the caribbean are usually exploited by the US tourist and not how you are posting. Please reflect the truth not your blind opinion. Police records, and poled over the numerous ports in the world. I guess that there is no crime in North America, South America, Europe, Africa nor Asia, or is it that the do not have cruse ships going in nor out. With a title like yours, I was hoping for a non-bias complete picture. I am disappointed! All this will do is tarnish the reputation of these small economies who rely on this sort of business, sad!

  44. Bermuda would never make this list. If you're looking for somewhere safe and beautiful, please take a cruise to Bermuda.

  45. hmmmmmm . . . .lemmee see . . . .3 grand for a cruise to a suspectable port or 3 grand for a car that hopefully lasts a couple years so I can keep getting to work?

  46. Sorry, but there are no Desprite people in St. Thomas who are attacking tourist. Were are you getting your facts from? As you said St. Thomas is a US territory received hurricane recovery money. I advise tourist don't go looking for drugs on island. You are asking for trouble.

  47. Wait tourist are dangerous to each, more than locals. Cruise lines are building its own islands has more to do with money than safety. Anyone who would prefer a man made island over locals, should just check into a resort in Florida and save their money.

  48. St Thomas like most places beggars barkers and bus drivers ,st Croix is small but pretty good now but like anywhere you've got to be street wise ?

  49. These ports are places dominated with people of color. It must be stated that White people stand out and are the ones mostly at risk. People of color blend with the locals especially in the Bahamas where I have visited many times and travelled off the beating path without incident.

  50. Saint.Lucia is not dangerous.If you flash jewellery you shouldn't be in trouble. I live there and everyone is friendly. So why are we on the list your making our rep bad.??????♥️

  51. Video is ridiculous most of the list is ridiculous clearly a person who lives in a bubble made it ??‍♀️

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