2020 SPRING SUMMER TRENDS at ASOS – Haul + Styling Ideas for this years Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

2020 SPRING SUMMER TRENDS at ASOS – Haul + Styling Ideas for this years Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

if you want some
spring summer 2020 trend inspiration that you can buy on ASOS now keep
watching today’s video hey you lovely lot I hope you’re all
doing well I’ve still got the tail end of my cold but we’re going ahead with all of
the fashion videos for January 2020 today I have an ASOS take on the
spring/summer 2020 trends now I keep on saying in 2020 twends but managed to get out so
that’s all we’re going to be focusing on today I went on the ASOS website had a
little bit of a browse for some of the trends that you will be seeing hitting
on the high streets coming into spring and summer and these are ways I’m going
to be wearing them so I’ve got a couple of outfits for some of the trends and
just one outfit for others but I’ll be doing my usual inserts here so let’s
just get into today’s styling video and all about the juicy 2020 spring/summer
trends a lot of you possibly already own that polka dot pieces in your wardrobe
but it is set to be a big print for 2020 I picked up three pieces I’ll be showing
you how I styles them in the inserts we have a silk cut skirt from River Island
I have a new look nude dress and I also have a new look spotted dress polka dots
were seen everywhere and on two of my favorite designers catwalks that’s Gucci
and Balenciaga I’m guessing that you’re gonna find polka dots everywhere on the
high street when the shop start filtering more of the clothes for the
new season I picked out this skirt from River Island at first it also fits
pretty well into kind of the 90s clean lines and minimal aesthetic you will see
going around for spring/summer 2020 as well and I think it’s a great piece to
dress up or dress down then we have the beige front slit dress from New Look Now
beige again is a color you’re going to see everywhere and tone on tone so
basically go for a full tonal outfit in beige its going to
be a big thing for spring/summer so I saw this dress and thought it’s kind of a
good take on both of the trends and finally another dress from New look
because I love their dresses for fit and affordability is a classic black polka
dot wrap dress this is more of a longer length and again I think you can have so
much fun styling these up for day for night and even for the office as well
always gotta have a cheeky prosecco when I am filming the next spring trend that we’re
going to talk about is Bermuda shorts you will see these babies everywhere on
the high streets at the moment there’s not that many styles available but I
managed to find this NA-KD style on the ASOS website as they are black I thought they’d
worked really well with a black blazer like all do my favorite styles on the
catwalk with Bottega Veneta and Chloe so if you want to go and have a little
Google and get some outfit inspiration then I love those two brands and their
takes on the Bermuda shorts wearing them more as a tailored piece which is why I love them styled with a blazer leather also leather is going to be key for spring/summer so and
leather bermuda shorts if you can find any there wasn’t any on ASOS at the
moment but I know that they do do a pair in Zara and like I said again
they are probably yet to come on the high street so these kind of trends are going
to prepare you for things you can start thinking about to invest in for your
wardrobe for the new season the color at the moment is going to be lilac now I
saw a lot of lilac on the high street last season last spring summer and I
don’t really jump on board with it I don’t wear too much color I picked up
this at Monki rib knit t-shirt I thought it’d be a really simple way to
add color to an outfit and t-shirts are really easy to style so if you’re like
me you can maybe start injecting a little bit of color just for the t-shirt
first to start off and I would love to have a lilac suit but I’m not sure that
I would have the balls per se to rock it but maybe we’ll get there with color if
I experiment a little bit more as we move through the spring summer months I
touched on the 90s trend clean minimal lines earlier with the skirt and as well
as tank tops and simple lines one thing you will see in abundance is going to be
90s inspired handbags I picked up these two and as I would just quickly show you
them so the first is this crock print I thought I’d go for
Brown bag I don’t actually have one this was 18 pound and it came and the handles
a little bit wonky it doesn’t look the best quality it is gonna emulate the
nineties style if that’s what you’re after but personally the other backpack
I picked up feels and looks a lot better quality I
think it’s only like 2 4 pounds difference this is very much like the by
far handbags you might’ve seen but this is my fave and I can’t believe that this
bag is only 22 pounds I shared it on my Instagram if you don’t follow me it’s
@charlottebuttrick you’ll get more today outfits things that I’m loving I share
links for products I do a style Q&A every Sunday as well so if you’ve got
any outfit questions things that ask away
if I’m or styling videos on that platform as well but this to me it looks
very much like a Gucci inspired bag the Gucci horse bit slightly retro bag is
meant to be one of the big bags for the next coming season so I absolutely love
the shape of this one got a hobo style shape we have a buckle detailing that’s
not too similar to Gucci so it’s not trying to completely rip it off with a
double Horsebit Its just a lovely shape that will go with so many outfits I mean it
does look like a designer piece to me so if you were gonna buy one thing I’m
showing you today I would say get yourself this baby for 22 pounds I’m
actually in love that’s kind of one of my missions as well to find some bags
that aren’t designer but they look good quality they are good quality and they
last so you don’t spend the earth on a decent bag because I do think you can
tell normally the difference between high end and low end baga but this one I’m so
happy with a top you will start becoming more familiar with is the polo shirt top
think kind of clean rib knit styles this one is from Monki I
picked size medium but probably only needed a size small it’s a very
athleisure sporty masculine vibe Prada absolutely killed it on the catwalk for
spring/summer 2020 with the polo shirt and the ASOS again there wasn’t a
massive variety but I did find two beige polos again one of the staple colors of
spring summer 20 but also a color that literally goes with everything in your
wardrobe and not going to get bored with so go for
black-white beige in your Polo and ribbed, I think keep them pretty basic minimal it’s just
going to be a new layering basic staple and an update to the white t-shirt not
only a trend piece but for me a forever wardrobe staple is a black dress but
obviously they come out in lots of different shapes lots of different
styles for spring/summer 2020 a lot of the catwalks or lots of cutout pieces
again clean simple minimum lines but one to kind of watch out for maybe good
go which I will try it is a puff sleeve dress this one is from a brand I haven’t
heard it before milk it vintage and we do have a very nice V cuff at the back
according to Moda Operandi 75% of the designer trunk shows on the catwalk
included a black dress for spring/summer 2020 it’s something that you can have
fun with you can play around with try different styles I have a Zara black
slip dress in my wardrobe I literally wear for every wedding and event
I always go to it such a fail-safe always figure flattering so if you can
find an LBD do you love and it’s maybe a little bit more pricey than you were
thinking of spending it is definitely worth investing in because you will wear
it over and over if you get the right style the right fit for your body and
the kind of clothes that you love hi guys I just wanted to insert here some
styling inspiration for how I will be wearing the ASOS pieces I picked up
in this spring/summer 2020 trends haul everything will be linked in the
description box below I hope you enjoy the looks but if you’d like to see more
from me you can skip to the end of the video not everything is on the high street yet
spring/summer so these Styles will start filtering through and hopefully its given
you some inspiration if you did enjoy this video please do watch more of my
videos that are on the screen here subscribe if you would like more fashion and style
inspiration with two videos a week on a Sunday and a Thursday from me thanks
so much for watching hopefully next time I speak – I’ll have my normal voice and
be back to full health but I will see you very soon bye

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  1. Hi Guys, today I'm looking at the spring:summer 2020 trends that are already available at ASOS. I wanted to share some inspiration for how I will be styling new season trends and pieces you can buy now from ASOS. I'll be back on Thursday with a Topshop minimal off duty styling video xx

  2. Hello Charlotte and a good video you’ve done thanks showcasing your ASOS clothes haul and try ons for the trends of 2020 and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got a sore throat and I hope you recover pretty soon and I hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and wish you a belated happy new year also please feel free to checkout my channel and I hope you subscribe to me thanks like I’ve done for you so that’s all for now so until then take care and cheerio

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