2020 Wonder Front Twin Bed

2020 Wonder Front Twin Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re very excited. Today we’re gonna have a
look at the 2020 Wonder FTB. What a great floor plan,
24 feet nine inches long. Seven feet 10 inches wide,
under 10 feet exterior height. If you’re looking for a small motor home that has lots of versatility for sleeping, storage space, a huge rear bathroom, you’re gonna absolutely love
the Wonder FTB for 2020. Come on inside, let’s have a look at the interior of the
Front Twin Bed model. Hey, we’re inside the Wonder
FTB, Front Twin Bed model. Look how beautiful and spacious this is. Just learning how to cook, reading a book, and by the way Tim Wickham, one of our Leisure Travel Van owners, a gourmet chef himself. He should write a book. I’d love to read his book, Tim. So this is what’s beautiful about the FTB. Look how much room we have. Look how much space we have. We have a beautiful living area. This is a non slide motor home. Once again, 24’9 in length,
under 10 feet in height. We’re 6’5 interior height, 7’10 wide. In this particular area here, as you can see we have two
twin beds that are sofas. I can take this area and
use it as a lounging area to watch TV, sit back and relax. It pulls together and
makes into a queen bed. I have two separate twin beds. I’m going golfing with the guys. Bed over there, bed over
here, absolutely fantastic. Lots of natural light. Two great big picture
windows on both sides. Beautiful campground area. We have the awning style windows. I can open up windows on both
sides, cross ventilation. And I really love this feature, we got beautiful night time shades. Look at that, locks right in place. I can have the windows open and it’s not gonna blow out of the way. I love the LED strip lighting
underneath the cabinets. And speaking of cabinets, look how much storage space we have. Look at this, storage, storage. Over on this side, storage. Up front, more storage
area, absolutely fantastic. And speaking of natural
light, look up here. Our beautiful skylight,
opens up, lots of fresh air. Hot sun in Arizona, can
have the skylight open. And where I am, where we have a few
mosquitoes once in a while, I can have a beautiful screen over here so that we have no mosquitoes getting in. But you’re gonna love the natural light and all the fresh air. Another great option on
all Wonder motor homes we have the Winegard T4 satellite dish. It does Dish, Direct, and Bell. So if you want a satellite
dish with your TV, you wanna be connected all the time, that’s a great option to
have with auto acquisition. Another great option is
solar panels up on the roof, we use a flat panel that lays
completely flat on the roof. And you can go with 200 watts of solar or 400 watts of solar. So in all Wonder motor homes we have beautiful wood color called natural rift. We also have two new glamor
packages for the upper cabinets. Bianco White Fenix upper cabinets or Shadow Gray upper cabinets. If you don’t order the glamor package, you would then get the natural rift wood. Also another nice little change, we’ve gone to curved cabinets on all the upper cabinets on all the Wonder models for 2020. Beautiful curved cabinet doors. And we talked a little bit earlier, look at all these beautiful
storage compartments, European hidden hinges. Even more storage underneath
the sofa/bed, look at this. Beautiful storage area there and even more storage
over on the other side, but look how much storage you
have, absolutely fantastic. This is great, we go from two sofa areas into two bed areas, two
single beds, look at this. And I’m well over 6’1, 6’2. I forget how tall I am,
I’m shrinking though. But look this is absolutely beautiful. Nice big single bed, both sides or if I wanna pull them together. Look how simple this is. This just pulls across,
and this just pulls across. And I make myself into
one queen sized bed. That’s perfect! So bedroom area, living room area, and now a dining room area, look at this. Also great little
computer desk for working. How great is this, playing cards, have a drink holder built right in. Just absolutely fabulous swing out table. And underneath both of the twin beds, I got USB plugs here. I have inverted plugs
here as well for charging. So that’s absolutely great use of space. Built in TV right here with a soundbar, plus it comes with a swivel arm base. So I can watch it while I’m cooking, I can watch it when I wanna watch TV in the living room area or in bed. Just an absolutely ingenious design of the TV built into the wall. Above the TV with the
soundbar built right in, we’ve got our smart Blu-ray
player, which makes my TV smart. And we have all of our
control panels here. Up here this is a nice
little standard feature on all of the Wonder motor homes, is our Winegard 2.0 wifi
booster with 4G capability, TV antenna and radio antenna. So it’ll pick up free wifi and boost it from about a 500 yard radius or you can buy a 4G service from Winegard, or you could from your phone supplier get a second sim card. Put that sim card inside the wifi booster and you’re your own walking hot spot. And up here we’ve also
got an HDMI connection and some other cable connections for your satellite dish. And everything is easily accessible. And we also invert all of these plugs so you can run it off of
your inverter as well. So a new feature on all
Wonder homes for 2020 is the Firefy multiplexing system that goes on all Wonder motor homes. And what that basically means is you can control the entire
motor home right from here. I can put on my porch light, I can turn on my generator, I can set the auto-gen start, or I can set the
generator for temperature, batteries, time on and off. It’ll automatically come on. You can see I have all my tank gauges right here in the woods. My fresh water’s almost empty, I’ve got 15% gray, my
block is pretty much empty, and I have 41% propane. So I can control the entire motor home on this multiplexing system. I can turn all my lights
on and off, look at that. You can set up different lights, porch lights on the outside, the awning light, I can
turn that off and on. I can turn off all the
lights if I wanted to. Once again we go over to here. This is my generator, my auto-gen start. You can see auto-gen start. I can set it for however
I want it to do it with temperature inside the motor home, or by batteries or time. Back over here I can control the entire air conditioning
and the heating system. I can turn on the air conditioner, I can turn on the furnace, all done here. Don’t forget we have a
15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump. So you have two different ways
to keep the motor home warm. And of course the 15,000
BTU air conditioner’s gonna keep you nice and cool throughout the entire motor home. So everything is controlled right here and you’re also gonna notice
little secondary outlets in each different area, where I can control things inside this little area of this motor home. Accent lighting, galley lighting, the water pump master switch
for all the lights right there. So you’re gonna find these little control centers throughout the motor home. So this is your main control center. This can tell you exactly what’s going on with the motor home. And we have LED lights
throughout the entire ceiling. Once again you can turn them all the way on, all the way off. You can also, if you
hold the ceiling lights, it’ll be dimmable. Beautiful accent lighting in the cabinets. And in the floor area, LED lights, you have lots of beautiful
light inside this motor home. As we’re back from the living room area into the galley area, look at this. Great big, beautiful hanging closet. I mean this is some serious
hanging closet space. Look at this, I can fit
inside the hanging closet. Huh? Oh yeah, you gotta like that. That’s some serious hanging closet space. Talked about this a little earlier. This is beautiful, I
love this little table. You can actually use it
as a counter extension. You’re working in the galley. Tim Wickham. You’re gonna absolutely love that. As you work your way down,
some more storage area. Look how deep that goes. Nice big area for storage, clothes, pots and pants, whatever you wanna do. This is our breaker box for our
electrical and our fuse box. If you ever have a breaker
pop, it’s right in here. If you have a fuse
problem, it’s right there. Easy access to that. Pantry area here for storage. And once again a big pantry area here and more deep storage
back in this area here. We also have a night shade
on the main door window. Very nice. And up here we’ve got our control center. So we have our optional 200 watt or 400 watt
solar panel controller. And this model has the
energy upgrade package with the 2,000 watt Xantrax
pure sine wave inverter. And we also have our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater control
center right here. Nice little control center here, nice little upgrade optional on the Xantrax 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter with the AGM batteries. If you don’t take that option we go with a 1,000 watt
pure sine wave inverter with lead-acid batteries. So control center easy
to access right there. So a great thing about
the multiplexing system, here’s one of our control centers. So once again I can turn
lights on, turn lights off, porch lights outside,
awning lights outside, assist handle built right in here. So I can turn the light
on and off right there. Camp mode for our step right there. Little place here for putting your shoes. As you can see I have three pairs of shoes with me on this trip. Battery disconnect switch here, that turns off all the
power to the motor home. Fire extinguisher right there, of course. If we look up here, we’ve
got our fantastic fan. This one has the optional fantastic fans with the rain sensor. What that basically means, you can set it for temperature. If it starts to rain outside, it will automatically close. You also got the upgraded
fan in the bathroom as well. We’ve got our 15,000 BTU
Dometic air conditioner with a built in heat pump. That’ll keep ya nice and cool, also if you’re plugged into 110 power or have the generator running, you can also run some
heat off of this as well. So 16,000 BTU furnace or
you can use the heat pump or it’s an air conditioner. This is one big galley area. Look at the size of this. Beautiful two burner spark ignition stove. So that’s simple to fire up. Make sure that the stove is completely off before you close this down. It also has a built in splash guard, which is very nice to have. It goes flush, it gives
you more counter space. We have our beautiful awning style window. Once again we have day
time shade built in. The awning style windows, so lots of fresh air
coming into the motor home. We also have our beautiful deep stainless sink, chrome faucet. We also have our accessory channel. I like this. I can have all my
utensils hanging on there. We also have an inverted plug. If you got a coffee maker,
you can plug it into that. Nice big solid surface Corian. We have two different colors of Corian. This is the Antarctica white. We also have the stone Corian as well. And above the galley
we’ve got some storage. Once again this our optional
glamor package in the white. So nice big storage area
here, European hidden hinges. I like how everything
closes and locks in place. Love the cabinet lighting up above. As we work our way down, look
at the size of these drawers. Full pull out drawers, wood, they’re line. Great little area here, look at this. Lots of storage space. Look how deep this is, for pot and pans. Look how deep that is, absolutely great. And more storage underneath here. We also have our Truma AquaGo
Cover Plus hot water heater. Easy access to that. Easy access to our water pump. Easy access to our furnace. And it’s got a built in garbage can. And this is a great little use of space that we’ve developed in here
for cutting boards, very smart. We have our convection microwave. Nice little microwave. So you can actually bake with it, and it’s also a standard microwave. So when you order the
energy upgrade package, the microwave is inverted. This is the brand new
Dometic three way fridge. So the great thing about
a three way fridge, is it allows you to run it on propane, you can run it on 110
power and 12 volt power. And this is the new fridge, so it opens two different ways. Look at that, opening
this way, 6.7 cubic feet. Or I can open the fridge this way. So I’m in the bathroom, I
need to grab some water. I can easily do it, I don’t have to walk over to this side, get in somebody’s way, look at this. Fridge opens either way. That is absolutely fantastic. It’s shower time. Yes, that’s right. If you need you a little
more room in a bathroom you’re absolutely gonna
love this motor home. Look at the size of this
shower, absolutely unbelievable. Look at this, built in shower door. Once again I’m well over
6’1, 6’2, look at this. Handle for getting in and out. We have everything built
into the wall here. On our shower head we’ve a switch for kind of slowing the
water flow down, serve water. And you have all your
shampoos and your soaps. Look at this, built right in. What a great use of space, LED light. Once again the skylight
for some natural light, but this is the largest shower that we have on any Leisure
Travel Van motor home. It’s a three piece
residential style bathroom. You’ve got a great storage
area underneath here. Two beautiful Coraian countertops. We have the Antarctica white
and we have the stone color. Stainless sink, chrome faucet, I love the accessory channel, for putting your cups in, toothpaste, toothbrushes, everything right there. Nice big dressing mirror, and by the way make sure you check out our Leisure Travel Van store for Leisure Travel Van
clothing and accessories. And this has got the fan upgrade with the rain sensors built right in. Once again over on this side we have our multiplexing, right, for turning the lights on and off. I can also turn my water pump. That’s a really nice,
smart little feature. I don’t have to turn the
water pump out front. If you’re going to the bathroom, you don’t wanna wake anybody up. I’m just gonna turn the
water on right there, nice. And you’re absolutely gonna
love the new porcelain toilet. And it’s got a built in
rinsing cleaner right there for the toilet bowl. Nice bathroom and it’s
actually a really good height, we have it set up in the air a little bit, so it’s easy to use the bathroom. So just an absolutely beautiful three piece dry bath in the Wonder FTB. And I love the size of
this medicine cabinet. Look at the size, that is one big residential style medicine cabinet. And for privacy, a beautiful pocket door. But look at this beautiful ultraleather. This is the mountain, we
have three different colors. We have mountain, earth, and fog. Fog’s a new color for 2020. Ulta leather synthetic man made leather. Doesn’t get hot, doesn’t get cold, doesn’t mold, doesn’t mildew. Absolutely fabulous material. And you can see that the
passenger seat turns in swivels, I can just turn it back here like this. And now I’m back into the cockpit on the beautiful Ford Transit chassis. 3.2 liter IV turbo diesel, six speed automatic transmission. 185 horse power, 350 foot pounds of torque to roll you down the highway,
fantastic fuel economy. I absolutely love the feel of the steering wheel, the leather wrap. And all the controls are built right into the steering wheel. As you can see, I can see exactly what’s going on in the motor home. I can scroll up, I can scroll down. I can see my average fuel economy, my trip meter, and my trip odometer, distance to empty,
everything is right here at my fingertips. We’ve got power windows, and locks, and steering wheel, and brakes. And you’re gonna absolutely love this, we have the Ford Sync 3 navigation system. Now we order that on all Leisure Travel Van Wonder motor homes. And if you’ve never used a Sync 3 system, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s all voice activated, you can talk to it, it’ll find you exactly
what you’re looking for. Please say a command. Find me a gas station close
to me with diesel fuel. Please say a line number. And as you can see right there, brings me all the different gas stations. One. Setting new destination. And that’s how simple it is. What a great safety feature to have. If you’re driving down the highway, and you don’t exactly know where you are, just simply talk to this system, find whatever you need. It does Apple CarPlay,
it does Android Auto. It’s absolutely fantastic. Simple system to use. I love the urbanomics of the chasis. Everything is right at my fingertips, including the six speed
automatic transmission. Simple to put it into gear, but over here I can up the transmission, or down the transmission. If I’m going up grades
or going down hills, control it right here at my fingertips. I love that air conditioner of course. Absolutely fantastic. We have airbags in the chassis as well, driver and passenger side. We’ve also got some great charging areas, 12 volt charging there, USB charging here. We’ve got our built in backup
camera right over here. This is the actual remote
for the backup camera. And I can leave the backup camera on if I’m towing a vehicle. It’s right on the auxiliary one, you can see there’s the backup camera. And look at all these great
little storage areas over here. Nap lights right over there, but lots of great little storage areas. Back down in here, lots of storage. And everything is panoramic, this is what I love about
the Wonder motor home. I’m panoramic, I can see
everything through my windshield. Some other great features, we have Bluetooth and streaming Bluetooth
all on the Sync 3 system. Couple other nice little
features that we do on all of our Leisure Travel Vans. We have our exclusive roadside assistance program for two years. That’ll give you technical support. If you run out of fuel it’ll come and get you fuel or liquids. If you lock yourself
out of the motor home, it will also get you unlocked. RV mobile mechanics, we
have concierge service. Everything free for the first two years from Leisure Travel Vans on our exclusive roadside assistance. We also have MyLTV. Make sure you join that when
you own a Leisure Travel Van. Leisure Travel groups you can join, information videos on
service and maintenance. Do the calendar contest
that we do every year, which is absolutely fantastic. So MyLTV, it’s a great resource center for all Leisure Travel Van owners. Well, that is one spacious, incredible interior non
slide out motor home. And if you thought the
interior was fantastic, let’s have a look at the exterior. Curved wall, the frameless glass. Let’s talk about the paint, look at this. This is our beautiful silver color. When we talk about paint,
this is really important. We paint each color three times and then two coats of clear. So we have seven different
exterior colors for 2020. Silver, graphite, euro sport, denim, bordeaux, champagne, and euro sport. So what powers the
beautiful Wonder motor home down the highway, of course, is the Ford Transit chassis. It has a five cylinder turbo diesel, 3.2 liter, 185 horsepower, but 350 foot pounds of torque. Like a rocket ship goin’ down the road. Lots of power and great fuel economy. It has a six speed automatic transmission. It is an absolute dream to drive. Handles fantastic, very little body roll. Just fun to drive, and look how beautifully
aerodynamic it is. You can see how we contour
the fiber glass sides and the front mask on,
very panoramic view. 178 inch wheel base, so a nice beautiful ride when
you’re going down the road. A couple of the great safety features that Ford has on their chassis, they have lane keeping
assist, and driver alert, just in case you’ve been
driving for too long, it’ll let you know. Pull over, get a cup of coffee. Great little safety features
on the Ford Transit chassis. Standard aluminum rims on
all of our Ford chassis that we buy as an option for Ford, comes on all of our Wonder motor homes. I like how the mirrors fold in. Once again, we’re seven
feet, 10 inches wide, so nice small little motor home. Nice little courtesy light
when you open up your door. I love how we’ve got the fiberglass step for getting in and out of the
chassis and the motor home. You can see how we have our integrated fiberglass side moldings that integrate into our
beautiful curved body. As we work our way down, we’ve got some great
storage areas right here. Nice big storage area, fiberglass door. You can see how that’s not gonna fall and hit me on the back of the head. Galvanized sheet metal compartments and we spray foam underneath here, to keep it nice and quiet when
you’re goin down the road. Also prevents any stone damage. They’re all lined, just
a beautiful way to do it. I love the way it locks down, you can see how it locks
in place just like that. We open up this compartment, this is where we have our
inverter and our batteries, and a great option on the 2020 Wonders, energy management upgrade, where we go with a 2,000
watt pure sine wave inverter and two AGM maintenance free batteries. So great upgrade option if you love to do a lot of dry camping. Go with the bigger inverter and the maintenance free batteries. So standard on the 2020 Wonder would be a 1,000 watt
pure sine wave inverter and lead-acid batteries. Up above we have a great
storage compartment for lawn chairs, can slide
in here, great storage area. We also have our awning button right here. So when I wanna put up my
awning, awning switch right here. Nice electric awning. You can see we have LED lights built in to the awning as well. So this awning’s gonna come
out over 12 feet in length and it’s gonna come out
about seven feet in width. I really like this awning, it’s got built in legs if you
have a bit of a windy day. Today we have a beautiful
day by the lake here. This is one beautiful view, look at this. You can put the awning legs down and I can tent peg them into the ground. Very simple to do as you can see. So on a day like today, I
have no wind whatsoever, and this beautiful lake view. I’m gonna tent peg it in. If it got a little windy
out, little bit of a breeze, I can actually lock the
awning into the motor home. And as you can see, that’s
how simple it is to do that. So now it’s locked in place. I can have my awning out with
a little bit of a breeze. If it’s seriously windy outside, don’t put out your awning. There’s no sense in losing an awning, but what a great little awning. Box awning, electric
power, built in LED lights. Tent peg it in or lock
it into the motor home. And as you can see we have our beautiful LED lights on the outside. You control the LED lights
with the awning switch inside the motor home right here. ‘Kay so we work our way down, we got our beautiful, sexy
frameless glass windows, look absolutely fantastic. Nice little tint to them. Now these are awning style windows which means as you can see,
I’ve got the window open. So I can have cross ventilation
throughout the motor home. If it’s raining outside I don’t have to worry
about closing the window cause no rain can get
inside into the motor home. So love the frameless glass windows. Nice little option on 2020 Wonder motor homes is keyless entry. I can actually lock the motor home. You can hear the double click, locks up. And I can unlock the motor home. So nice little option if
you wanna go keyless entry. Now that I’ve unlocked the motor home, you can see I can open the door, and my step comes out. So this is now in travel mode. So every time I open and close the door, the step will go up and down. Don’t panic if you have it on camping mode and the step is down, when you turn on the ignition, it will automatically go up. To do that, we have a
little switch right here. So now I’ve switched it
over to camping mode, and the step will stay down. So that saves the life
on the step on the motor, so nice little feature to have. When you’re camping,
put it on camping mode. And when you’re not,
leave it on travel mode. Couple other nice little features here, brand new screen door. For closing the door, I like this, we run some aluminum struts
across the side here. So if you have pets, they’re not gonna come
through the screen door. And a nice new handle for
opening and closing the door. Inside here we’ve got all of our controls for our porch lights. I can turn my porch lights
on and off, all LED lights. We also have a built in light
here in the assist handle. So, I love the assist handle, easy for getting in and
out of the motor home. Fiberglass fender skirts,
absolutely beautiful. The Transit chassis is on dual wheels, so we have dually wheels at
the back, both sides of course. 110 electrical plug on the outside. 16,000 BTU furnace, so different sources to heat the motor home. We have a heat pump on
the air conditioner. We also have a 16,000 propane furnace to keep you nice and warm
on those cool mornings. Now this is nice, this is the Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater. That’s standard for 2020
on all Wonder models. And what makes this water
heater so fantastic, comes out of Germany, is this little reservoir that when you have it on Comfort Plus, it keeps that water nice and hot. So when you turn on
one of your hot faucets from the kitchen or the
shower or in the bathroom, you have instant hot water. As it uses that one liter of hot water, the heat exchangers
continuously get hotter, and gives you continuous
unlimited hot water. So Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater, standard on all 2020 Wonders. Now we have our optional
LP generator, 3.6 kilowatt. When you order the optional LP generator, you get auto-gen start on
all the Wonders for 2020. And what that means is you can set it by temperature or by voltage. For example if you have
pets in your motor home, you’re going for a walk, it’s a hot day, you’re a little concerned about ’em. You can set the generator to come on, have your air conditioning on, it would cool down the motor home. Same if you have batteries. You can also set it for time if a campground has certain times where you can run a generator,
not run a generator. You can have it come on at
10, turn off at 11 at night or whatever the hours are. So when you order the optional propane
generator, auto-gen start. Next to the generator we have
our propane quick connect, if you have a little gas barbecue, you can plug it, run it off the
main 13 gallon propane tank. We’re at the back of the motor home now, you can see our full fiberglass rear mask. Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Fully insulated in the back. We got our built in backup cameras, LED lights for backup lights. As we work our way down we got our LED lights at the back bumper area here. We also have our receiver hitch for towing and our seven pin connector right there. So on a Wonder FTB and NB, you
can tow about 3,200 pounds. So that’s the rating from Ford, what we call the GCWR on
the Ford Transit chassis. So let’s take a look at the service center here on the outside of the motor home. This one is equipped with
the optional Macerator pump. This is a nice little option
to have for dumping your tanks. You can actually dump uphill,
everything’s all connected. It also comes with the accessory here to plug into a three inch dump station, but be very careful. Make sure you take this knob off the end, otherwise you’ll be that movie RV, you’ll be the feature
presentation on that one. Over here we’ve got a
black tank and a gray tank, remember we always dump
our black tank first. And then our gray tank
that washes it clean. We also have a connection here
for an outside satellite dish if you have one that you carry with you, you can plug it in here, cable connection. Black water flush for cleaning
your black water tank, but if you’re gonna clean
your black water tank, make sure that you have
your hose connected, you have the valves open,
and then you flush the tank. Very important to have. Over here, run up through here, we’ve got our fresh water
fill for our fresh water tank, and you can fill your water
tank or pressure water. Outside shower, really important to have, you’ve got your outside shower
hot and cold running water. Very nice to have. And our winterizing
bypass valve right there. So we have kind of everything right here. This is a nice little
feature as you can see. I got a little RV antifreeze coming up. So this is how I would
winterize my motor home. I have RV antifreeze. I can put it into the jug and I can suck the RV antifreeze
up into the motor home. Or if you’re dry camping,
you can do the opposite where you can put water into your fresh water tank using this hose. So that’s a great little feature to have. We also have a little button over here for turning the water pump on which is a nice little feature to have, because if I wanna use my outside shower and I forgot to turn on
the water pump inside, I just turn it on here and I have hot and cold running water. My entire service center
is all in one place. I can do everything I need to do, dumping the tanks, filling up the water. Exterior shower,
everything is right there. Don’t panic if you order
the Macerator pump, we still always include the
three inch dump hose as well. Everything is right here, so convenient. And as you can see everything closes up, looks absolutely fantastic. And over on the driver side, look how beautiful this
beautiful curved wall is. This is vacuum bonded, Vetrolite
fiberglass exterior skin. Boxed aluminum welded framing throughout the entire motor
home walls, roof, and floor. This is how you build a
motor home, vacuum bonded. Over seven to 20 pounds per square foot. Nothing is built like
a Leisure Travel Van. And this is a small motor home, so storage is always a premium. The smaller the motor home gets, the worse the bathroom is, the worse the exterior storage is. But not on the Wonder FTP, look at this. This is some serious storage area. Open this up, I can even fit
myself in here, look at this. Hello. Now that is some serious storage space. Also in this beautiful storage area, we have the optional exterior table. Look how fantastic this little table is. All kind of holds together,
kind of like a briefcase and we have our beautiful built in mount to put the optional cable on. Two legs, just lock in place,
and connect it right in here. Lock it in, there it is. Beautiful outside table and super strong. If you dry camp, and you
don’t have a camping table like we are right now, I have
my own portable camping table. Also you can see here, we got our 30 amp shore
power connection right. So it’s all connected together here. Easy to put on and off the motor home. You can actually just
lock it in place here, or you can leave it down. An absolutely great storage area, plus it’s got a built in LED light. As we work our way down, we got our 30 amp shore power connection. We keep the shore power cable in there. Underneath here we have our propane tank, 13 gallon propane tank right here. Easy to fill when you take it
to a propane place to fill. We have a gauge on the outside and we also have a gauge on the inside, so they know when your
tank is full or empty. Look at this, more
storage underneath here. Great little storage area. Work our way down into
this area and look at this. Another huge storage area. Once again built in struts on the door, so it’s not gonna fall
and hit ya on the head. Galvanized sheet metal compartments lined, all insulated spray underneath to protect it from any road damage. As we work our way forward, we got our beautiful fiberglass flares, to tie in the body into the
chassis, all integrated as well. This is nice too when
you’re filling your fuel, two little features here. We have our built in diesel fill here, so you can use up to 20%
biodiesel on the Ford chassis. So that fills right there, so you always wanna close
the door and then fill it up. And we also have our DEF
right here, very convenient. So you can fill up your DEF tank, cause these are all clean,
running diesel engines. Hey, please make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel
for all the latest updates, all the latest videos,
all the latest information that we have about Leisure Travel Vans, and we do wanna thank
everybody for subscribing. Wow, this is one incredible motor home, the Wonder FTB, Front Twin Bed model on the Ford Transit chassis. Only 24’9 long, and it
gets great fuel economy, great interior, great exterior storage. Biggest bathroom that we have, biggest shower out of
any of our motor homes. Twin beds in the front that
convert into one queen bed. Tons of interior and exterior storage. A gorgeous motor home. If you’ve never seen the Wonder FTB or any of the Wonder models, make sure you go and see your local Leisure Travel Van dealer, or come and see us at an RV show. Go and get yourself a Wonder FTB and you should be enjoying
this out in the wilderness! Dean from Leisure Travel Vans! You can actually build and price any of the Leisure Travel Van motor homes. Exterior colors, interior colors, options, all the standard features
are all right there. You can build and price it and know exactly what your
motor home’s gonna look like and what your motor home is gonna cost.

79 thoughts on “2020 Wonder Front Twin Bed

  1. Still looking forward to 2020 Unity IB video (at the top of our short list). Or has there been no change whatsoever from 2019?

    As always, thanks for these wonderfully detailed videos!

  2. For the price you shouldn’t have to get a upgrade on a inverter or batteries also why are there legs on the awning that’s from 2015 you have to pay extra for auto gen start it’s just greed very disappointing

  3. I really like the openness of this floorplan with lots of windows on the camping side. And this model Wonder also has the best tank sizes of the lineup…

  4. Why isn't there an option for lithium iron phosphate batteries yet? They seem better in every way except initial cost. Is the 2000w inverter able to properly charge lithium batteries? Or will I have to swap out the inverter and the batteries?

  5. Almost perfect, if the driver’s seat turned, like the European Ford chasis does, then this would be perfect to me. Anyway, I like it a lot.

  6. A full decade of Dean .. Leisure Vans wouldn't be the same without him… (10 yrs and still praying to one day own one of these beauties)

  7. Super smart place for storage of your chairs -and I love where you put the switch for the awning.. the more and more that I look at this video ,I tell myself I need this in my life LOL

  8. How high does that lip go in front of the shower? Can you sit in it and make it a bathtub? If you sat in the storage closet, why didn't you sit in the shower to show us?

  9. Holland Motor Homes in Michigan will do a retrofit of Leisure with the Volta system. 30 amps with no cord. Run AC for 10 hours on battery. Run everything simultaneously on battery. Throw generator in trash can.

  10. What a beautiful, well thought out van! I think this would be my perfect van, if it could be 4×4. Comments? Quigley or will Ford be building a 4×4 for LTV? I’m just thinking out loud here. I could totally see myself using one bed as a lounge/workspace and the other as a made-up bed. My inflatable kayak would fit easily in the driver’s side storage.

  11. I'm just here to listen to Dean! I mean this guy could sell the Koran to the Pope! But really, this is my fav so far! I love this motor home. I wish they would would change the fantastic fan to the other one that you can use while raining. It would make a huge difference when cooking. How much is this thing? 100K?

  12. Curious as to why auto gen start is not available for the diesel generator? can anyone answer these questions please, also are the tanks heated making this a four season unit ?

  13. I finally got to meet dean at the alameda country fair grounds last week and it’s was like seeing a celebrity. Thanks dean for the photo and see u next time

  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7tRz6BJo8K/?igshid=1p762h12mo4qx Hi! it seems to me you have a brother in Russia! 🤓😁

  15. Cheap, poor wood (ha, faux wood) work, made on a very low budget, very poor use of space, bed's poorly designed, cheap back cushions, cheap looking plastics, the mods and elecs are ok, but way out of place in this 1980's model, what a shame! oh and stop f*cking shouting, use a decent mic! This is a sub 10K model and that's mostly for the electrics.

  16. Haven’t seen you in a while Dean, looks like some weight loss, good for you. I kept waiting for your classic “ Dean likey “!

  17. Hi Dean, I’m from Washington. If I order this from Canada, will it be US compliant? I’m wondering if it will be an issue to service it in the states with Canadian parts.

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