24 Hour Overnight Camping Challenge Cancelled at 3am!! (Mystery Monster Spotted in Our Backyard)

(loud thump) – What was that?
– Go Grace, go.
(scared rambling) (beep) – Hey Sharers what’s
going, welcome to the vlog. So if you just came from Grace’s channel, make sure to smash the like button. – We um, are camping in the backyard. And it was going well until, something happened. And right now we’re super scared because we’re pretty sure someone’s outside the tent. We saw shadows walking around the tent. We heard noises. And we don’t have our
phones on us or anything because we were trying to camp with no electricity for 24 hours in the backyard. So right now all we got are
these battery operated things. And these sticks. I’m gonna go explore, Grace is too scared to go out. – After what I saw, I’m not going out there. – I’m just gonna go by myself. – Okay just be safe though. – All right.
– I don’t know if it’s a good idea. – I don’t hear anything right now. We thought earlier was
a bug flying on the tent and I think it was, but then I think something else came by because I’m pretty sure literally right in this
section here we saw a hand. So I don’t know. I haven’t heard noise for about two minutes or something. But here Grace, I’m gonna zip this up. Just so if someone is actually out there they can’t see in okay? Make sure that yours
is zipped up too right. – Yeah mine’s zipped. – Sharers we’re going
outside, let’s do this. You ready Grace? – [Grace] Please be safe. – All right, I’ll be back okay?
– Come right back. – Let’s so this. Remember Sharers, we’ve filmed this live so we
don’t always see everything that’s going on. So if you see something suspicious, comment down below in the comments. But right now it’s as
quiet as a mouse sound. I don’t see anything, but I’m gonna go check the pool because, we heard a noise coming from this section. So keep your eyes out. Come up this way. I don’t see anything, there’s
just a huge mess that we made. These are from all the
underwater challenge videos. So if you didn’t already see those, make sure to click the card right here. You can check them out, they were so much fun. We like lived underwater for 24 hours. We walked across the bridge for 24 hours. It was so cool, okay. Let’s go check by the hot tub back here. (dramatic tune)
Hold on. Oh these are my shoes
form earlier, we’re good. False alarm. Let’s go back here and just check the pool area. (dramatic tune)
(gasps) What is this, ew. All right, that is suspicious. I don’t know. Yuck, I don’t know what that is. That could be a sign
of some sort of animal. Comment down below what kind of animals they have out here in Los Angeles. That looks really weird. I don’t think there’s anything up here. Just all hills up there. Let me just check back
here behind the pool pump. All right here we go. Three, two, one. Nah, we’re good. Comment down below if you’ve been seeing. I haven’t seen a single thing. Other than that we just
gotta check the other side over here. But I think it’s all quiet
on the western front. I think we’re pretty good. (dramatic tune)
Wait a second. Sharers the back door’s open. Hold on, come down quick. Shh. (loud crumpling noises) Bubble wrap. I forgot we had bubble wrap. Sharers come this way, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. All right, we have one slight problem. Grace and I locked
ourselves out of the house because we were doing a
24 overnight challenge. And that door is open. I’m just gonna go and close that door. So no one should be inside the house. Let me just peek in real quick. Hello? Maybe it just blew open
in the wind, I don’t know. I think we’re good. Lock that just in case. Yep doors are locked, we’re good to go. All right. Did you see that? Hold on we got a problem. Quick, back to the tent. I’m almost positive I saw someone. No joke, I’m pretty sure I saw someone. Hold on, hold on. I’m gonna check with Grace. We gotta go back into the tent, make sure Grace is okay. Quick, quick, quick, back to the tent. Grace. – You scared me. – Did you see anyone go by? – No I, I’ve been laying like this. – I’m pretty sure I saw
someone walk behind the tent. It went that way in the backyard. – What do you mean a person? – I’m pretty sure a person. – Who?
– It wasn’t you? You didn’t see anyone? – No, I’ve been here the whole time. – I’m gonna go explore. If we zip up the tent and we both know that we’re
together, it’ll be better. – Um. Okay. – Okay, come on. Sharers we’re gonna do this together. Sharer Fam strong Grab your lantern. – Alrighty. – Let’s go explore, you ready? – I guess so. – All right come on, we gotta go feet out. I’m pretty sure someone’s in the backyard. – We gotta get them out of here. – Okay come on, this way. Let’s go. The person I saw was over this way. – Okay. Uh, you think this is a good idea? – Yeah we gotta go, behind the tent, behind the tent. – Okay, it’s really hard to see out here. – Camping is dark. – [Grace] Okay. (animalistic growling)
What? – [Stephen] Pretty sure
someone right behind the house. – What could it be, who could it be? – Quick.
(clanking noise) You heard that right? – Yes I heard it that time for sure. – All right let me see your flashlight. – Do we have a net or something to like trap them? – I’m gonna go first. Sharers follow my lead. Grace come on, follow my lead. – [Grace] Okay. Watch the ropes. (Grace gasps)
– Chairs are moving. – What is that?
– The chair’s moving, do you see the chair moving? (ding)
I’m pretty sure, look, look, look, look, the chair’s moving. Did you see that? – Stephen this is not a good idea. – We need something. Just grab some sticks and hotdogs. – Hotdogs?
– Yeah. Quick grab some sticks and hotdogs. Sticks and hotdogs.
– Hurry, hurry, hurry. I’ll get the pack of hotdogs. – Okay. Maybe like in here, I’ll take two, you take two. – Okay. – Here two, two. – Okay.
– Yuck these are filled with water. – These are slimy. – So Sharers the idea behind this is if it’s an animal, you can literally, hiyah! Throw it.
(animalistic growling) – What was that? – That’s what I’m talking about Sharers. No animal stands a chance against us. – Oh yeah, because if it’s an animal, we can like, trap it with this, because it wants this meat. – Bait for capturing (mumbles). – I can not believe you just did that! – That was nasty. – Stephen. – Quiet.
– These are not cooked. – Sorry I got hungry. I was getting hungry. I need a new hotdog. I’m gonna grab another one. Sorry I’m goofing off
though, we gotta be serious. You ready?
– Got my hotdogs, let’s get going. – Come on. There’s definitely, okay. 100 percent there’s something back there. – Yes.
– Shh, let’s be quiet. (dramatic tune)
(thumping noises) Oh, shh, come on, come on.
– What is that? That’s it, that’s it. Right there.
– It’s gotta be an animal. It’s gotta be an animal. It threw a ball. – Oh it threw a ball.
– Look it’s a, it looks like an animal right there, right there.
– It must be an animal. – Look.
(animalistic growling) – I think it wants to play. – It’s probably no, it’s probably a deer. – Deer?
– I think they have deer in LA. – Do they? I don’t think they do. – I’m gonna throw my hotdog. – Maybe it’ll come after
it and try to bite it. – Three, two, one. (thrusting noise)
(loud clunk) All right, hotdog going down. (hissing noise)
– I think it wants to, oh! – Gah, get, get back, get back. Hide, hide, hide. Shh, shh, shh, shh. What was that? It must have really wanted that hotdog. – The hotdog is gone. – Is it? – Yes. It ate the hotdog. – It ate that hotdog, gone crazy. – Throw another one. But a little bit closer so we get it out of that corner. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Like bait it, so we can see what kind of animal it is. – Throw it again. – It’s like a deer, look you can see the outline. That’s not good, see oh. – What happened? – The light just turned off. There must be a motion sensor in the back. – Here throw another dog, hotdog. – All right I’m throwing another hotdog. Ready?
– Yeah. – Here we go. Three, two, one, go. – You threw it in the same spot. – Shh. – Kchh. – Shh, shh, okay. We’ll try to film and see
what kinda animal comes out. (roaring)
(dramatic tune) – What? – Is it a dog? – It’s another ball. (growling)
– It did not sound like a dog I’ll tell you that much. (whistles) (pucker noises) – Ruff, ruff!
(whistles) Doggie come here, play fetch! – All right, I’m gonna
throw another hotdog. – ‘Kay.
– Ready? Three, two, one, go.
– Throw it closer. Perfect. – All right that’s closer. Hopefully it will draw it, it will come out of the
corner a little bit. – Just get the camera ready because this animal’s gonna come out very shortly. – I wish that light turned back on. – I know. (loud clap)
Oh! – That sounded like an alligator chomp. – Did the hotdog go away? – I can’t see it, it so dark out there. (growling)
– It’s moving, it’s moving, it’s moving. What do we do? – I don’t know, we have two hotdogs left. – What kind of animal is it? I don’t want to get too close, it actually sounds huge. – And like we still have
many more hours left of this challenge, so. – What are we supposed to do? There’s gotta be a way we can figure out what this animal is. – I guess we’re not sleeping tonight. – What are we supposed to do? How do we want to capture this animal? (growling)
– I don’t know. That’s a little kids chair. – Are you sure that’s an animal? Sharers what do we do? Comment down below your crazy ideas. (dramatic tune)
– Oh! – Shh, look you can see, the light just came on. It must be motion sensored. What kind of animal is that? – Looks like a turtle. – No it can’t be a turtle Grace. – Why? – Look how big that thing is. – Yeah a major huge turtle. – I’m gonna go closer and share some hotdog.
– Wait, whoa, whoa. – I have no idea what this thing is. (growling) (panicked mumbling) – Ah, that it, oh wait that’s a football. – [Stephen] That’s a football. – [Grace] What the? – What kind of animal–
– What? – Throws footballs? – It’s moving again.
– All right. We need to go back to the,
I don’t know what to do. – If you go back inside and you cancel the challenge that means you get no 10,000 dollars Stephen. – Okay Sharers, I’m gonna do what the animal wants us to do and throw this thing back. You ready? Here we go. Three, two.
– Two. – One, go. (swooshing noise)
(loud thump) – Oh gee pfft. – I missed. I gotta go get it. You stay here Sharers. – Stephen careful. – I’m gonna grab it really quick. Okay ready? – Okay. – Three, two, one. (swooshing noise) I got it.
– Hurry Stephen. – Okay quick, quick.
– Hurry, go, go, go, go, go. – Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. I’m gonna throw it this time. All right, I used to be a
quarterback in football. I can do this, I was just sort of rusty. Here we go, ready?
– Okay. – Three, two, one. Hiyah!
– Go, go, go. (roaring) – What was that? – Okay? I think it might be happy.
(roaring) – It’s. – Maybe try throwing the other ball. – Three, two, one.
(swooshing noise) (crashing noise) I missed again. All right, let me get it real quick.
(roaring) All right let’s get a little closer. – [Grace] Closer? – Yeah. – Okay, I still have two hotdogs left if you want to use them. – I got this ball. I’mma throw it back there. I’m not gonna miss this time. Ready? Three, two, one.
(swooshing noise) (clattering noise) (roaring)
(panicked rambling) – Shh. – It came back. – What do we do, what do we do? – It came back. – We just gotta peek around the corner and see what this thing is. – No we gotta throw it. We gotta throw it. (swooshing noise)
(smack noise) – Grace you missed, you hit the wall. – Throw it again Stephen.
– I don’t know what it is. Let’s go, let’s go peek around the corner. Shh, this way. We gotta figure out what this thing is. I’m gonna hold the hotdog, hopefully it takes this as the bait. Oh wait, go get a stick. We’ll put the hotdog on a stick. – Yes, good idea. – It’ll be even longer.
– Okay I’ll be right back. – Quick. Hotdog on a stick, even
better idea, come on. – Stephen here’s the stick. – Hotdog on a stick. It’ll make it super long and we could hang it around the corner. Perfect.
– Okay. – That gives us like another foot. – Yeah. And so now your hand is protected, that’s really good.
– All right hold this just in case.
– Okay. – Okay, let’s go back.
– Go back. – We got this monster, come on. Here look. Watch your step. Hotdog’s on the stick. I’m gonna stick it around the corner and see if we can get
that animal back there to eat it. – [Grace] Okay, hold it far out Stephen. – Take the flashlight
on it, so we can see it. – Okay.
– You ready? Three, two, one. Hotdog on stick going around the corner. (surprised shrill) Whoo, whoa, whoa, whoa. – What, it ate that in one bite. – All right stick another one on. – Oh no, this is our last one Stephen.
– Okay. We gotta lure this thing out. This thing is hungry. All right you ready? – ‘Kay. – Here we go. – [Grace] Scoot a little closer. – Okay. (inhales sharply) Here we go, you ready? – Yeah.
– Shh, shh. shh. Shh, shh. – [Grace] Okay it’s moving, it’s moving. – Okay, here we go. Three, two, one.
– Go. (shrieking)
(both scream) – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – It literally eats it so quick. – Okay, this thing must be huge. So it’s an animal, it’s big, and it’s hungry? – All right, it’s eating it. Whatever it’s doing, it’s eating it. (growling) – What was that? (loud thump) What just happened?
– Go Grace, go, go, go! This way, this way quick. (fearful rambling) Inside, inside. – You scared me! – Shh.
– Ah. – Okay. – What? – We got an issue. – What? – I don’t know if you heard that, but something was up on the hill. – I heard that. – There was something in another distance. So I think there’s two animals. They might all, we baited the area. We baited the area with hotdogs Sharers. Whatever types of animals these are, there’s obviously more than just one.
– There’s hotdogs all over the yard now. – There’s hotdogs all over the yard. This is not the smartest
idea that we’ve ever done. – No, no, that was not smart. – Okay, this challenge got a little bit out of hand. – Yes. – 24 hours overnight. You know what it is Gracie? It must be 3am. – It’s the camping overnight 3 am.
– It’s gotta be 3am. (growling) – Stephen. – Shh.
– Quiet. Don’t make a noise. – The animals are gathering around. Look, look. (dramatic tune)
(growling) – Don’t make a noise Stephen. – Don’t make a noise. Don’t make a noise. (intense percussion music) – It’s eating the snacks out there. We left the snacks out there. – Oh we’re snah. It’s probably a bear. It’s gotta be a bear. – I don’t know, I don’t think they have bears here. – You’re not supposed
to leave food outside unattended. Shh, shh!
– Okay. We need a plan Stephen. – I think we need to
cancel this challenge. This is get out of–
– We’ve never canceled a challenge before though.
– This is getting out of hand. Shh. It’s right there. All right Grace, when I say go, we’re
gonna make a run for it. We gotta go back inside. – What, we can’t cancel the challenge.
– Shh, do you see that? – We can’t cancel the challenge.
– Do you see that? It’s right there, it’s right there. We gotta go back inside, we gotta go back inside. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. All right on the count of three, we gotta make a run for it. – [Grace] You think? – We gotta go. You ready?
– Okay. – On the count of three get ready. I’m gonna open the door, let’s go. Sharers on the count of three. We’re running for it, we’re
going inside the house. Straight to the house, you ready?
– Okay. I’m gonna run as fast–
– Three, – As I’ve ever ran.
– It’s literally right back there, it’s literally
right back there. – We gotta go now. Now’s our chance.
– Shh, shh, shh. – We gotta go, we gotta go.
– Do you see it? It’s right there. Ready three, two, one.
– Go, go, go, go.
– Go, go, go! – Go, go. (Grace screams) – Inside, inside, inside, inside, inside, inside, quick. – Hoo.
– Okay. (Grace breathes heavily)
I think we’re good. – Oh there’s our camp. – All right, good news is, we made it inside. Bad news is we’re gonna
cancel the challenge. This just got way out of control. Comment down below if you have any idea what that animal was. – Yeah.
– It’s gotta be a bear. – We gotta think of a
new challenge Stephen. – I didn’t realize camping with food–
– We gotta redo this. – Outside does not mix. – No we’re not good at camping. – We’ll see you tomorrow
when it’s nice and sunny out. – Alrighty.
– So until then, – [Both] You know what to do. Stay Awesome. And share the love, peace woo!

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